"Margin Call" - The Trailer

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Wall Street 2 was an epic disappointment, and massive failure due to a totally mangled mishmash of a script (and how could it not be after some rather prominent, literally, bloggers were asked to provide screenplay input) for a movie that was supposed to encapsulate the Great Financial Crash of 2008 (we won't even bring up that straight to premium Lifetime fluff piece by a liberal name-dropping OpEd columnist). Yet where the sequel to the quintessential Wall Street (hence the name) movie failed, a new one may take its place: Margin Call. We have not seen the advance screening yet, but it really can not be worse than the "other" GFC movie - at least here they can afford Bloomberg terminals.

Complete just released trailer below.


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Secretary:     Mr. Cohen, Mr. Margin is on line 1.


Cohen:        Tell him I'm busy and will call him back.


Secretary:    Sir, he told me to tell you that he waits for no one.

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The movie Rollover is probably far and away more realistic. Rollover has the typical oil interest, Saudi not wanting dollars for their oil and buying gold instead, currency collapse, etc.

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Acually The Other Guys was the most realistic. At least the end credits explanation. Shitty movie though.

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trading places was the best imo

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@ 1;18

You're selling something that you know has no value.

So that we may survive!

If that's a reference to Timberwolf I don't think it went down quite that way.


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You're selling something that you know has no value.

So that we may survive!


Is that what ZH is doing now that it's advertising for a movie?

C'mon. Your better than this.


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the story is labeled "fluff piece" afterall...

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Comments like this are so gay.

Why dont you start a website so we can all read about your opinion on what articles ZH posts?

1 article in like 500 that has any form of mainstream context and you shit your pants and go all hipster on us.

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Advertising for hollywood is what this is and a little ZH critique has clearly caused YOU to shit YOUR pants.


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when you see Tyler do this you can always go visit reggie if you need a quick graph fix. ahhhhhhhhhh feel......much......better.....ahhhhh.

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Don't click on the article if your afraid of being "sold" something dimwit

It's extremely relevant to the content of this blog and welcome as far as I'm concerned.  Is a movie that much different than bringing a great article to our attention?  I pray this blog has some decent revenue steams because as far as I'm concerned it's one of the smartest on the web.

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.......more accurate than most others....

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SEC - The Call Girls....somebodies going down


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I love how everyone is judging how realistic or good the movie is based on a trailer.

But yes, Rollover was very good.

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Does Demi Moore play the aging prostitute and former trading desk harlot?

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Friggin' Hollywood leftie loons...

This has potential to be a lot worse than Wall Street 2.

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Traders don't make movies (unless experimenting with Final Cut Pro is "making movies"). They make trades. Movies about traders will always be some dumb humanistic left-wing blackwashing. That's hollywood.

Dumb as a sack of rocks. 

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Almost like movies about "hackers" who are, for the most part, just script kiddies. Besides anyone in that knows anything knows crackers are the real people behind hacks.

My co-workers and I always laugh -- they portray it like you're swimming through a videogame and you just have to push the Big Red "Hack" button to get the "Garbage" file and then click "DECRYPT" on the weird-ass out of imaginary land computer operating system that they always seem to have built specifically for that day of "hacking"

Don't even get me started on the 1 "super kid" in the group of criminals who has his tiny smackbook that can hack entire FBI mainframes in seconds with his "bruteforce algorithm"

Shit cracks me up every time... or how about that scene in like every movie where the "undercover" agent sits at the big evil bosses computer and guesses his network password in 3 tries.

Anyone tried to guess their OWN goddamn password that you forgot? Much less a password you have no idea where to even start on... Shit's not that easy.

It still makes me laugh to this day though.

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At one time I had 250 insurance loafers on a network in two small offices. Anyone above account manager couldn't remember their username much less their password.

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Anyone who even saw the movie was looking at Angelina's hoots but she had a LOT of plastic surgery after that flick. Poor Jonny Lee Miller married the biotch.  He was good in Trainspotting.  

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Hey! H**ker legs at 1:30! Then that must be a true story. I hope they did not forget about coke and repo 105. But but but ... to paraphrase the Bernank from today.... the "original" movie was much better!

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The problem is that ZH readers are so educated on this subject that whatever hollywood puts out will fall short of our expectations. The general public not so much.

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Well, as poets say: Life is a bi...ch!

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The general public has no idea what a 'margin call' is and the movie was given the title deliberately to keep people away.  I can envision the asshole that wrote this movie thinking he was putting something together that was going to stick it to the 'banksters' only to see the plot watered down, cast like a made-for-tv movie, and given a title that makes the average citizen yawn.  I'm betting the original title was "Fuck the Masses...How Wall Street Really Works" only to be given 'Margin Call"...yawn.   

Plot? - Look for one evil ne'er do well and everyone else to have a heart of gold honestly trying to do God's work.  Look for the ne'er do well to be white christian revealed to us when the scoundrel goes to church (preferrably Catholic Church) to pray with all the good people all the while planning to steal their money...and given just 'hint' of Republican ideology to be revealed when he places business above people's well-being.  Is he carrying a concealed gun for protection...even better!!

How long before on Netflix?  It probably took you longer to read this than this movie will be in the theaters. 

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The problem is that ZH readers are so educated on this subject 


Oh really? I doubt more than one in a hundred know anything about the subject, given some of the clueless drivel that is posted here.

The general public not so much.

The great LIE of banking is that banking is complex and mysterious. The truth is, not so much.

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Oh really? I doubt more than one in a hundred know anything about the subject, given some of the clueless drivel that is posted here.

 Well I would disagree. I have been reading ZH and the comments for 2 yrs. and whatever the ratio is I am sure ZH readers are higher than the general public.

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Oh really? I doubt more than one in a hundred know anything about the subject, given some of the clueless drivel that is posted here.


well i love this blog but the truth about ZH commenters is that they have a natural tendency to form contrarian fractal patterns.  Hundreds of users will jump into a thread trying to one up/out contrary the commenter before them like an ever expanding clusterfuck-fractal pattern.




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Will Paul Bethany slice anyone up (literally) on the trading desk.  He play really good psychos.

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Wall Street I does have the classic line.  No, not "greed is good", but rather perhaps one of the worst and most poorly delivered lines in the history of moviedom. 

It was when Darryl Hannah says, "watch out for Gordon, Bud; he'll crush you".

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I want a blood and guts Wall Street movie, with traders jumping out of windows after dousing themselves with gasoline and igniting it. I want to see Bernanke lynched by the Norwegian grandmothers who got fucked out of their retirement money. I want to see Hank the Shank Paulson hit by the D train after falling over drunk off the platform.

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Guillotine:  The Wall Street Story

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D Train? I'd rather see him fall off the G Train platform. A train I'm pretty confident that he's never been on before in his life.

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I'd like to see this one. Based on true story "GS EVIL ALGO 666" -  or this one "Algo gone wild" the trailer  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppEJ8r7bQ2o&feature=channel_video_title

I'm sure "the margin call" is a nice whitewash of what really happened in 08!

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I bet it was number one hit at Guantanamo base!

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make it good and they'll come

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Jump, You Fuckers [No, really - Jump]

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I'm flattered.

And everyone knows "Amercian Psycho" was the best (and by far the most accurate) Wall St. movie ever.



Jump! You Fuckers!

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Tell us how you really feel.

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I wouldn't even wait for the DVD. Sallie Krawcheck played by Amanda Knox. Casey Anthony as Mary Erdoes.

Imagine the interactive video game!

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This really would not be difficult to do at all----making a move about the truth and what the consequences should be is really not at all difficult----requires very little creativity to "tell the story".  The problem is money, not the script.  The script has been written, the problem is the kleptocracy has a vested interest in not seeing this happen, and thus, it shall not be.   

The only way you would ever see a movie with truth and consequences would be if a billionaire got kicked out of the "boyz club" and was mad enough to make the movie.  Then, the "boyz" would say he just had sour grapes and buy off the New York Times and other corrupt media outlets to give it bad press.

Bottom line is good movies can rarely be made in kleptocracies----only stupid movies void of any realism.  In all Wall Street movies the bad guys always go to jail.  As we know, this NEVER happens.

Speaking of movies, the move "Idiocracy" is appropriate since that is ultimately what our nation has become.  We may not worship gatorade due to the "electrolytes" yet----oh wait, actually, the sheeple are much worse than that since they worship "hope", "religion", "sports center", handheld "electronic devices" and ridiculous ideologies that have nothing to do with our real problems---THE BANKERS!

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......I want to see a cut to the SEC enforcers glued to their computers as midget porn is displayed....you know, some realism.

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J. Clifford Baxter kills himself in "The Smartest Guys in the Room"

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they should wait a couple years and make a movie about what the fucks going on right now