Marine Le Pen Refuses To Cast Vote This Sunday For A "Simple Worker Of The ECB"

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As the runoff round of the French presidential election approaches, the only hope for Sarkozy who was trailing Hollande by a 9-10 point margin was that right winger Marine Le Pen would endorse his candidacy. If at all, she was expected to do so this morning. She did not. Instead, she told her followers to cast a blank vote, in essence cementing the fate of Sarkozy, and setting France and Germany on a big showdown over the fate of the fiscal union, and Europe's austerity. Of course, this is for the cameras. What happens behind is quite different, and usually coincides with the wishes of he, or in this case she, who pays the bills. Yet it was her assessment of the "choice" presented to the French people that was very much dead on: "Who out of Nicolas Sarkozy or Francois Hollande will be most subservient when carrying out austerity politics? Who will obey to the letter the orders of the troika: the IMF, ECB, European Commission?" It is he who shall be elected.

From Reuters:

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen told supporters on Tuesday that she would cast a blank vote in a presidential runoff between the mainstream right and left but said she would not advise them on how to vote.


Le Pen, whose surprise 17.9 percent score in an April 22 first-round vote has made her supporters key for Sunday's runoff between Socialist frontrunner Francois Hollande and conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy, said she could back neither of them.


"On Sunday, I will vote blank," she told the National Front's annual "Joan of Arc Day" rally, a nationalistic display of patriotism where she had been expected to make a second-round voting recommendation. "I have made my choice. Each of you will make yours."

And the kicker from Euronews:

Le Pen rounded on both candidates in her speech on Tuesday:


Who out of Nicolas Sarkozy or Francois Hollande will be most
ervient when carrying out austerity politics? Who will obey to the
letter the orders of the troika: the IMF, ECB, European Commission?


“On the 6th May, it will not a president who will be elected but a
simple worker of the European Central Bank
,” cried Le Pen to cheers from
the crowd.

An oddly spot on assessment.

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BHL will be cryin' on his cock shaped pillow tonight.

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Forget the election predictions,


Who wants to predict how big Dom Chew (Bloomberg) is going to be by years end?

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i do find it hysterical that cnbs and bloomberg each have a pineapple...

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Make the Rothschilds pay for what they've done!

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The problem, as I see it, is that what she says is true.  And we ... here in the US ... face the same issue.  Who ... Obama or Romney ... is least in bed with the banksters (domestic and global)?

No lesser of two evils here

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" "Who will obey to the letter the orders of the troika: the IMF, ECB, European Commission?" It is he who shall be elected. "


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Evidently the MSM uses "far-right" or "far-left" as more or less interchangeable smears against whatever politics go against designs of TPTB. The media’s “confusion” is somewhat understandable in that both the “left” and the “right” agree about so much that is wrong with the current regime. Or maybe what’s needed are new terms, and a new paradigm to better describe our current political reality.

Imperialists vs. Autonomists perhaps? (per Webster: Autonomy= self-governing ; self-directing freedom and especially moral independence).

Anyhow, what some might describe as Le Pen’s “far-right politics”, others would call her politics “far-left”. It would seem the paradigm mostly just confounds political discourse.

She said she would lift a freeze on public sector wages, except for the highest earners, and increase pensions for low-earners. She would slash fuel tax by 20 percent, funded by a surcharge on oil companies' profits. "Enough talk ... We need to use a serious weapon: corporation tax," she told a news conference.  

The National Front’s political platform states that in a Le Pen administration, legal immigration would be reduced from its current level of 200,000 legal entries a year to 10,000.  

Pull France out of NATO (which she has described as a baby-killer organization) and the EU.

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Not surprising to see CNBC ratings down. They are totally out of touch with Main Street and continue their cheerleading ways. I don't know when the likes of Cramer, Pisoni, Maria, Kirnan last spoke to average people on the street, but it's been an awful long time.

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Hollande can talk all the hope and change he wants, but the fact remains the best time to provide euros for a controlling interest is after the crash.

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I admit I know very little about French politics, but this Le Penne seems reasonable from the bits I've seen, is she labelled "far-right" and "nationalist" just because she doesn't trust the EU and ECB?

Freeman-S-Stratos's picture

You are accurate in your assessment.

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I was wondering the same thing. Funny, I work for a French company and virtually none of the people I work with have any interest in this race. It's almost as if they get that given the "choice" before them it really doesn't matter.

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Kinda like us. Barack O'Romney is our choice this year. Ron Paul's votes stolen away from him numerous times, no chance to speak during the debates, little to no MSM time, etc, etc. I mean seriously how much proof does anyone else need that our electorate process has been totally co-opted by thieves and criminals. Nobody cares though since after all that smoking hot POA Maria Menuous girl got a perfect score on DWTS lastnight...

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is she labelled "far-right" and "nationalist" just because she doesn't trust the EU and ECB?


No. She inherited her party from her father and that line is a new addition to her platform to divert a frontal assault of the core message.

US citizens work in pair, good cop, bad cop, things like that.

Loukanika the riot dog's picture

I don't think being "NICE" is going to win anyone any votes in the forthcoming elections in Greece or France

youngman's picture

I have to agree with her....I wish there was a "None of the above" on our ballots....

agent default's picture

That's because you are not allowed more than two presidential terms in the US.

midtowng's picture

Le Pen voters were never a big fan of Sarkozy

AnAnonymous's picture

It is no surprise.

As it follows demands by US citizen politics. US citizenism determinism.
The other day, a US citizen posted that she was the closest thing to Ron Paul and another came to say no and posted her platform.

From that point, it was easy to figure out she could not back any of the candidates. US citizen typical calculation.

This US citizen woman is part of the establishment and she inherited her political party from her father.
Yet she brushed up the outlook as the central message (racism) of her political party was diminished to expand on other topics like:

-No to expensive foreign wars (US citizen Sarkozy spear head of the war against Libya)
-No to NATO (US citizen Sarkozy is the one who brought France to NATO)
-Return to gold standard (US citizen Sarkozy pushed forward for ECB credit emission)
-No to European supra national State( US citizen Sarkozy overrode the referendum to sign a certain european treaty)
and a few other points that, each time, are the opposite stance of the US citizen french president.

At the exclusion of racism.

If she endorsed US citizen Sarkozy, she would undo all of her work to shed a different light on her party. All her PR work would be wasted.

She cant do that. Even better, as she does not do that, her party gains the wished status as one party that is more than a racist party. Else she would have backed a candidate.

The other interesting bit:
Now the two other parties got 25 pc each, her party got 20pc. They have to pander to her electors to be elected.

So where to do they overlap? Already answered.

Sarkozy is the most uncomfortable here. He can not back any of the other points as he implemented them. It would be self indiction and self indiction is a big thing in US citizenism. A big no, no.
So not only you could know that she could not back any of the candidates but that the other candidates would try (and trying) at the moment to perform their racist dance. No surprise here.

It shows how racism is central to US citizenism. US citizens would like to sell the idea that they can grow beyond racism but racism is inherent to US citizenism. US citizenism can not part from racism, it was built around that.

Racism is the glue that keeps US citizens together.
As shown by this US citizen political campaign, even when US citizens are opposite on so many crucial point, their common point, their rally point is racism.
It has been such since US citizenism inception.

US citizen nature is eternal.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous said:

It is no surprise.

Surprise is that you gave fairly reasonable analysis, even though you got some basic facts wrong.

"US citizen" Sarkozy is actually French Guianan citizen who, as a young man in 1978, narrowly escaped Kool-Aid massacre in Jonestown, Guyana.

Francois Hollande is actually Dutch Rhodesian citizen, smuggled into France in 1979 when British control was reestablished over Rhodesia.

Marine Le Pen is former French citizenism citizen secretly converted to Chinese citizenism.

The purpose now of Chinese citizenism citizen trying to broad brush paint her as US citizenism citizen is because even with support of Chinese citizenism, she only got 20 pc of voters being election voting in.

Self indiction is a big no, no, in Chinese citizenism, but bigger no, no, of Chinese citizenism is losing of one's face. The shame of Chinese citizenism backed candidate Le Pen must be denied and diverted, blaming be heaped up on US citizenism, because of Chinese citizenism face savery.

It is no surprise.

Face savery is central to Chinese citizenism. Face savery is the glue that keeps together the dung ball of Chinese citizenism. Face savery is the common rally point of Chinese citizenism up-blobbery. It has been such since Chinese citizenism roadside excretion.

Chinese citizenism dung beetle nature is eternal.


AnAnonymous's picture

Yes, another exhibition that US citizens can not handle reality without mediating with fantasy.

The best is that the fantasy has to have racist innuendos to hide how racism is central to US citizenism.

That is US citizenism.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Yes, sure. Next will you be telling us that Chinese citizenism treats fairly the Uighurs, the Mongolians, the Tibetans, and other ethnic non-Han citizens?

Quite a story being sold here.


lolmao500's picture

If Hollande can kill the EU (which he won't do) it would be nice... But IMO, there's no way in hell he does that. What will come out of it will be a bigger, stronger EU...putting France in more and more debt with less and less sovereignty and then, in the next election, LePen could win the election... and then the party will start.

Rip van Wrinkle's picture

Farage gets it. Le Pen gets it. Do I here any more?

ArrestBobRubin's picture

And both of zee French "choices" for "president"..... Jewish. Oy, ya can't make this stuff up. If it were a fiction novel, it wouldn't sell due to the level of suspension of belief it would require the reader to give.

Surely, this is just a coincidence in an overwhelmingly other-than-Jewish country (read: Vassal state), right?  Yet another one of those funny (if 1000% innocent) ironies in the ongoing, totally random series of events and outcomes that constitute the process we all know as  "history".

No guiding hand whatsoever, ever. Let's all face it: the thought that the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world might plan to maintain and grow their status is simply the MOST ludicrous idea that has ever come  out of the fever swamps of "conspiracy theory". Yes, that and all the hundreds of direct quotes from the lips of the conspirators themselves over the years: so silly to think they weren't just joking! Lighten up People, these dudes are just hilarious!

See, we all know (and firmly believe) that all manner of crucially important stuff that might impact the main beneficiaries of the existing status quo just.... kinda... happens. Now what possible interest would the global elite have in interfereing with any of that?

Treason Season's picture

Coincidentally, the two recent contenders for the British Labor Party were Ashkenazis. Win/win or lose/lose depending on one's perspective.

caconhma's picture

Marine Le Pen is just a Zionist whore and a demagogue and a provocateur.

She is neither a conservative nor a “liberal”. She has no economic program.

As for Sarkozy, the France owners are just looking a less disgusted face leaving everything else as it is.


lolmao500's picture

You know how I know you don't know a goddamn thing about LePen?? The fact that you called her a zionist whore.

Go back to school.

theTribster's picture

Lepen isn''t a serious candidate, she is there to supply a different perspective given the illusion of choice. Hollande will do what he is told as will Romney or any other "elected" official otherwise they do not get in the game. That simple really, Everything is controlled here and especially in Europe.
Nigel Farage is the real deal just as Ron Paul is the real deal, France has them but they were washed away in the media - sort of like here. The only legitimate candidates for the people are the ones that u don't hear about...
Everything is fixed and manipulated, I do mean everything especially elections....
Look at our senate if u want to see fixes - like Americans would vote for these pinheads 40 years in a row! Complete joke, John McCain wouldn't get elected to run a lemonade stand let alone be a senator - he is their established war munger dickhead. I hate the senate, they and the president are the biggest fixes in politics anywhere in the world - it is quite literally a joke to vote - wasting ur time every time....

Sandmann's picture

Fatuous comment. Hollande will certainly not do as he is told. Sarkozy was the American puppet - check out his father-in-law and exactly what he was doing

Le Pen is quite clever. Endorse none of them Simply waitr for the Assembly Elections in July and go for a block of seats and agitate. Let the narrow victory of the President make him weak as crowds take to the streets and pull his strings by showing his Prime Minister has no majority in the Assembly.

Tribster hasn't a clue. Nigel Farage isn't in the game - he's a former Conservative MP and Metals Trader who is a great self-promoter but destroys any other competent party member as a rival. He stood in BUckingham as an MP and was trounced. He is a man with far fewer supporters than Marine Le Pen  - she will have more power in Europe than ever Nigel Farage

Iwanttoknow's picture


Thanks.Excellent link.

GlobalCtzn's picture

Amazing read (link above). That shows me once again that I really do not know shit about shit! And I am more awake than 99% of the people I meet........

ArrestBobRubin's picture

And just look at the crap Joo Tube just pulled...

See, if you ain't one of their whoreboys, this is what you get:

- First RP gets locked out of (Jewish-owned) "media" "coverage" and shat upon non-stop by Wolf Blitzer and every other media Yid

- Then, just as soon as RP says he probably won't throw his support to Mossad's hand-picked candidate Mutt Rimjob, he's also shut out on YT.... for, get this, "copyright infringement".

Folks, who is it that has so aggressively interfered in the Home of the Free and took it upon themselves to deny us our rightful choices in so many critical areas, including our own "leadership"?

Yes, you got it: it's those heathen Iranians again

RonPaul2008dotcom Channel Terminated! By Silver Shield, on May 1st, 2012
falak pema's picture

the canary in the coal mine today is the Libyan affair that hangs like a potential hangman's noose around the neck of Sarkozy. It will be a hot potato in the ONLY TV debate tomorrow leading upto to Sunday election. Lets see if Hollande can use it to good advantage. 

Sarkozy's Re-Election Campaign Could Be Doomed Thanks To These Potentially Bombshell Qaddafi Links - Business Insider


The Guy who holds the key to this deal, is a red labelled Interpol felon who is wanted at home by te new government for gross fraud. He happens to be in France under police protection since 2011...For the head treasurer of the Q-daffy sovereign fund, conveniently living in protected hiding in france, this is an embarassing development for the man who wants to be relected having taken out in bloody fashion his ex-boss, whose dire enemies now want this french refugee's head. What is he doing under french protection since 2011??

We will watch Sarko wriggle out of this one, something he is very good at! 

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

I wish we could just leave religion out of it here in ZH. Sure there are Jews and Christians and Muslims, and for geo-politics that's important. But for financial politics, it's banks and governments versus people, regardless of religion.

I know they're related (financial and geo). But if we're going to be bigots, let's define the right category to oppose. Religion is a distraction, the politics of money is the real issue. Get people understanding that issue and leave the religious hatred out IMO.

Cathartes Aura's picture

. . . ahh, but "religion" (aka belief in the inherent superiority of "your" elevated FatherGod over other's imagine-ing of theirs), is central to "geo-politics" and nationstate loyalty, etc.

one cannot leave it out, and this is why most arguments devolve (revolve?) around this issue - the defense of the Father's reality is the main reason for existence for many. . . and if not defending the Father, then the nationstate makes a good stand in (for God, for my Country!!) - what else is man's existence for?   being made in "His" image gives one a job to do in life, and that job involves righteous power over others deemed lesser - how "government" is that!

and the "politics of money" is only important to those who have meme-orised how to play the game, gaming the system for riches so as to be seen as elevated (gods) above the common people - oh, and to buy "bitches" with.

(I do realise it is an important lesson to learn how fiat pays for government's existence, and maintenance via military volunteers ^^ - but once that is learned, it does help to pick apart the rest of the myths, as I'm sure you understand, lest the same mistakes continue to make up the history books)