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Mark Spitznagel On Ron Paul's Grand Shi Strategy

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by Mark Spitznagel of Universa Investments LP; first published in Forbes,

As the Republican National Convention approaches, the shouts of victory resounding in the tents will easily conceal the broader political forces at work in the party beyond this fall’s hopeful decisive victory.

The strategy of these forces are visible in the past Republican presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul. To some, Paul’s stubborn persistence in the campaign has been just that: a stubborn unwillingness to lie down and die despite evidence of sure defeat. But what they have missed is a common misperception of a subtle yet powerful age-old strategy at play.

The strategy of the Paul campaign, explicit or not, is the archetypal shi (pronounced “sure”) strategy expounded and employed by Chinese philosophers and military strategists for thousands of years.

Shi has no single, obvious translation, though the best seem to be strategic- or positional-advantage, or potential energy. We might call it cultivating the influence of the present on the future. Shi has been traced back as far as Laozi and the Daodejing, the fourth century BC political treatise attributed to him, with its counterintuitive processual and indirect approach to conflict. Over the centuries that followed, it gained more military-specific development starting with Sunzi.

The quintessential metaphor for shi is water, flowing ever downward in the most naturally powerful and effective way, ultimately overcoming everything in its path. Paradoxically, it is one of the softest and yet strongest forces in nature.

Shi’s antithesis, li, is the strategy of decisive victory in each present battle, typically a more natural, comfortable, and coherent approach than the greater subtleties of the shi approach. While li is seen as a very western world view, it is that forward-looking strategic-advantage orientation of shi that has been the basis of the advancement of western civilization itself—from capital investment and production to the ceaseless pursuit of innovation and, as in Paul’s case, freedom. Rarely have these advantages been realized immediately, while their costs typically have.

Throughout history, perhaps the clearest and most pedagogical example of shi at work has been in the Chinese board game weiqi (pronounced “way-chee”). In this simple yet most complex and calculated of games, opponents (one with black stones and the other with white) each try to surround the most territory on a square grid. The obvious initial strategy is to dive for the corners (the easiest territory to surround) in pursuit of immediate points. The extreme example in this picture shows that li strategy’s allure yet great disadvantage.

White is far ahead in terms of tangible territory right now. But black has established a strategic advantage and intangible edge by moving into the center to command the rest of the board. Black, employing the indirect and circuitous shi strategy, seeks future opportunistic potential, rather than applying direct force like the chess player bent on annihilation. Although white has scored at least 13 points out of the gate, and black has scored nothing, black is well-positioned for an eventual, but patient victory.

Thus, the future-oriented shi meets the present-oriented li—and wins. It requires a profound understanding of the Daoist concept of how current loss leads to eventual gain—or, as Laozi said, the soft overcoming the hard.

We see the shi strategy of Ron Paul in the great patience and nonaggression that favors the slow buildup of influence and strategic advantage over the decisive all-or-nothing clash. First, in the evolving GOP economic platform, Paul’s promotion and teaching of the Austrian school of economics and its business cycle theory has made the destructiveness of Federal Reserve interventionism a constant point of discussion in the primary race, which perhaps has been far more significant than the number of delegates won. Consider, for instance, Mitt Romney’s support of Paul’s current “Audit The Fed” bill, as well as his recent position on the inefficacy of further (as well as past) Fed quantitative easing; it remains only a question of degree with Romney, but a position that nonetheless would have been unlikely without the pressure from the Paul campaign—especially given Romney’s otherwise very simplistic Keynesian-leaning views.

Second, we see the shi strategy in Paul’s ever-expanding influence at the local and state level. Rather than winning at the GOP convention, the Ron Paul shi strategy has been to accumulate delegates in more and more caucus states, and thus control the states’ party apparatuses; from that base it will influence and back future like-minded libertarian-constitutionalist candidates for many years to come.

More than anything else, we can see Paul’s greatest shi advantage in his outsized support among the young. What better representation of the weiqi image than the potential in these well-positioned “stones” on the areas of the board of so little current consequence? Although undesired by political opponents today, their development will provide tremendous influence and advantage to Paul’s cause later.

In this society of immediate gratification and winning right now at all cost we need to ask ourselves: why should future elections and platforms matter so much less than the current ones? There are powerful cognitive biases at work—among them the temporal myopia of hyperbolic discounting, or excessively undervaluing the future, while focusing on the nearer term—which make fuzzy in our minds the importance of victories in the years ahead (a view that is promulgated by the media).

Romney wins the current decisive battle for delegates, and his fight with Obama will be critical, but a protracted campaign will continue to be waged. The ultimate war is against intrusive, burgeoning government, in the ongoing insurgencies of the battles yet to come—Ron Paul’s grand shi strategy.

Mark Spitznagel is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of California-based Universa Investments LP.


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Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:41 | 2662007 dwdollar
dwdollar's picture

Is that why Rand endorsed Mittens? Part of some "Shi Strategy" that we're too dumb too understand? Sounds like any politician could make that argument.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:45 | 2662014 bigdumbnugly
bigdumbnugly's picture

yeah at the time i thought that was some sort of Shit Strategy.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:47 | 2662021 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

I hope his delegates, bith official and in other camps do more than shi all over the place.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:29 | 2662132 Precious
Precious's picture

shi ...   li ...

Unfortunately Chinese philosophy never answers the deepest question.

why ...

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:12 | 2662276 strannick
strannick's picture

Paul's politics of principle shows these sham little conventions for the grand poobah rah rahs that they are.

Paul is a statesman contending with a clown -Romney- and a punk -Obama.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:00 | 2663069 LowProfile
LowProfile's picture


Unfortunately Chinese philosophy never answers the deepest question.

why ...

Why not?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 22:43 | 2664050 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

The Chinese are very pragmatic; why waste time on a question that only God can answer?

Even so, read the book of Judges for God's response to Gideon's question of why...

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:46 | 2663236 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

I see why this was published in Forbes.

The next article will claim Ron Paul is a shi-ite.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:51 | 2662032 battle axe
battle axe's picture

He is setting it up for his son in 2016.....

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:30 | 2662140 dracos_ghost
dracos_ghost's picture

Or put Ron Paul as head of the Fed and agree to the audit.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:45 | 2662187 Redneck Hippy
Redneck Hippy's picture

If only his son wasn't a nitwit.


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:46 | 2662191 Redneck Hippy
Redneck Hippy's picture

If only his son wasn't a nitwit.


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:05 | 2662243 Daily Bail
Daily Bail's picture

It looks like the mutual back-scratching has begun.

I agree with the author's point about the more subtle gains by Dr. Paul for the overall cause of liberty.  Yes, Ron has lost the 2012 battle and Rand capitulated and endorsed Romney.  But here's some good news:

  1. Audit the Fed might be put into the GOP platform.
  2. During the debates, millions heard Ron Paul's views on the U.S. war machine.
  3. Ron Paul's supporters might still raise hell at the GOP convention.

The big battle was lost (2012 election), but small-to-medium victories for the side of truth, justice and freedom.  All in all, not a horrible result from a campaign that was never given a chance by the mainstream media.

The real test comes in the next few years as we see whether a new voice for freedom will emerge to replace that of Dr. Paul who is gone from Congress come January.  I think Rand might have already hurt his chances to be the replacement voice given the reaction to his endorsement of Romney.


HELL FREEZES OVER - Romney Tweets His Support For Ron Paul And 'Audit The Fed'; But Youtube Clips Demonstrate His True Love For Bernanke


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:39 | 2662758 graneros
graneros's picture

Mitt and the GOPe are not stupid people.  You don't have to like them them but to think they are going to let the Libertarian Party/Paulistas  usurp they're candidate or convention is just wrong.  The GOPe will have such tight security at the convention that the first outburst of the Paulistas will be brought up short very quickly.  But methinks they have a far better and easier way of silencing the RP crowd.  One the RP folks will like.  They will let it be known prior to the convention that RP will be Romney's choice to replace Ben when his appoiontment is up in 2014. 

Of course this begs the question would Romney follow through with said nomination and would the Senate confirm RP if he did?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:18 | 2662303 JR
JR's picture

Rand Paul is not presidential material.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:43 | 2663225 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

Compared to what we have, he's the second coming of Christ.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:24 | 2662120 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Van Rompuy writes one Haiku a day and look where he's right now. He didn't even needed to be elected!


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:21 | 2662308 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:32 | 2662328 dogbreath
dogbreath's picture

the bernanke's great grand pappy visited the orient?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:33 | 2662330 Daily Bail
Daily Bail's picture

Nice work, WB.  That one is going into the picture files for future use in a story.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:02 | 2662399 tu-ne-cede-malis
tu-ne-cede-malis's picture

What's even more hilarious about this, WB, is that the Chinese were the first to create and use paper money.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:20 | 2662475 ATM
ATM's picture

And the first ones to dump it for hard money.

In the West the first paper money was issued by a bank in Sweden who became over-extended and needed a government bailout......

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:46 | 2662788 graneros
graneros's picture

Lost me. So what does Chinese paper money have to do with WB pasting Ben's face over a Japanese martial arts master?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:02 | 2662400 OneTinSoldier66
OneTinSoldier66's picture

Awesome work! Got a great chuckle from this one.




I would think it must have took a great deal of time getting the facial hair melded just perfect(!), or maybe that part was easier than it looks at first glance.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 14:38 | 2663006 JR
JR's picture

Bansai: If it were a just world, you would be the billionaire and Lloyd Blankfein et al. would be in prison.  Your work is beyond measure, priceless…Chinese proverbs and all. Thanks for being here... in the fight club.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 20:34 | 2663840 Clever Name
Clever Name's picture

The cruel tutelage of Bai Bei?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:42 | 2662182 Lionhead
Lionhead's picture

Reading the comments here, it doesn't look like there are many Libertarians around. Did you all forget about the Libertarian Party, Gary Johnson? Some complain of no choice, when a choice for Constitutional conservatives is available. That tells me most have not really studied Libertaranism or Austrian Economics. Sad.

Here's a link to some remarks on Ron Paul by Lew Rockwell a real libertarian. These are supportive of the post above. Go Here:

To all that are serious about ending the duopoly red pill / blue pill parties, there are no silver bullet solutions. Your first & best step is to educate yourselves to help others understand & bring them to the educational resources. Ron Paul supporters have a viable choice in November; if he's not selected or denied any convention privileges, continue his fight by joining us Libertarians. Live Free!

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:07 | 2662265 Lost Wages
Lost Wages's picture

That's why I refer to Ron Paul as a "messiah," because for his followers, it has to be Ron Paul or no one. There can only be one. And make sure none of you change anything about your lives or stand-up for anything in your day-to-day life, because all we need to do is get some politician elected and that will solve all our problems.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:44 | 2662350 Lionhead
Lionhead's picture

The problem is not to rely on one man, but rather build the Libertarian Party of many men & women, many of whom can carry the torch for successive generations. We can't have a zero sum solution to defeat the duopoly. It will take folks that support the Constitution & Austrian Economics to support any candidate that believes the same things. I urge all Dr. Paul supporters to consider Gary Johnson if Paul is not nominated in Tampa. If Johnson can poll 15%, you will see him in the Presidential Debates. To waste that opportunity would be tragic.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:56 | 2662374 UGrev
UGrev's picture

Considering the choices between pure, fucking, evil and a lesser demon (Mittens).. FUCK YEAH.. you bet your ass RP is the "only one".. 

Stop being delusional in your struggle to understand those of us who would rather support RP than constantly letting lesser evil's into the oval office. 

Why is that so difficult for you people to understand? 

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:00 | 2662388 tu-ne-cede-malis
tu-ne-cede-malis's picture

I pretty much stopped considering Gary Johnson after listening to Bob Wenzel's interview with him here:

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:52 | 2662220 hoos bin pharteen
hoos bin pharteen's picture

I didn't like that he did it, but Rand's move was definitely calculated as a gesture of peace to the GOP.  The trouble is, the price of their support at the Presidential level is not subject to change.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:21 | 2662480 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

You are right, the repubican party is a real piece (of shi*)

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:41 | 2662008 Pladizow
Pladizow's picture

Are you shi?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:44 | 2662013 Mercury
Mercury's picture

The Republican convention could actually get ugly this year.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:59 | 2662051 Roandavid
Roandavid's picture

That would be my fondest hope.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:14 | 2662093 kridkrid
kridkrid's picture

Wishful thinking.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:03 | 2662254 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

I wouldn't say 'ugly'.  I'd say 'real', as opposed to the scripted infomercial it has been since 1992.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:22 | 2662486 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

That it goes chaotic is our best chance at this point.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:45 | 2662017 malikai
malikai's picture

+1000 for references to Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu, and an implicit reference to Chuang Tzu.

Paul has certainly become familiar with the great works and employed the strategems.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:49 | 2662027 Biosci
Biosci's picture

Or, perhaps he simply believes in an idea, and is unwilling to compromise his beliefs.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:57 | 2662048 malikai
malikai's picture

The man is in politics, which I think we can agree is the most dirty business on earth.

Plenty of people are as you describe but have not had the success Paul has had influencing as wide a range of people by employing their idealism alone.

What I am saying is that you cannot acheive those results unless you know how to operate in the environment by knowing and outmaneuvering your opponents, for the long game.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:41 | 2662177 Biosci
Biosci's picture

Yes, politics is a dirty business.  But Paul comes from one of the most stable districts in Congress, and hasn't had a serious primary challenger since the 90s.

What is Paul's widespread success?  He has preached more or less the same philosophy for the last 40 years.  Only recently has he attracted a national following of any significance, and that following skews young.  Now which is the most likely explanation for that:  a grand political strategy, or a massive economic dislocation that has prompted American youth to begin to recognize how their standard of living isn't going to be what they were promised, and to question the status quo?  And who's had a more consistent, ideologically pure message than Paul?

What I am saying is that you cannot acheive those results unless you know how to operate in the environment by knowing and outmaneuvering your opponents, for the long game.

What I'm saying is that Paul has achieved nothing.  He is who he is, and that has made him more attractive as the Washington/Wall Street farce has become more openly visible.  Sometimes the simplest explanations are best.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:10 | 2662273 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

In times like these disaffected youth turn towards a new voice promising radical change.  We are fortunate that the voice is Ron Paul and not some neo-Hitler.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:18 | 2662302 Biosci
Biosci's picture

I wholeheartedly agree, but the night is young.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:01 | 2662392 UGrev
UGrev's picture

Would you call the peacemaker that picks up a sword to fight for what he believes in a soldier of war? of a soldier of belief? It's not like he went into politics because he WANTED to be a politician. Remember, he was/is a medical doctor (OBGYN) first and a politician second. 

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:27 | 2662125 azzhatter
azzhatter's picture

Paul can look back at 60 years of failed policy where the nation has become more and more dependent and less and less independent. Why would you compromise your beliefs when the opposite has been proven to be a failure?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:04 | 2662060 PiratePawpaw
PiratePawpaw's picture

Sun Tzu said "fight no battle unless you can win, and have no choice but to win"


Im not sure this battle can be won anymore.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:17 | 2662295 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

We cannot escape the field of battle.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:40 | 2662339 MrPalladium
MrPalladium's picture

Only the dead have seen the end of war.   Plato

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 16:09 | 2663295 g speed
g speed's picture

its not one battle--it's a hundred years war.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:49 | 2662018 tbone654
tbone654's picture

whew! for a minute there I thought we were all flocked!

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:50 | 2662025 Segestan
Segestan's picture

Obviously worked well in China.... a nation taken by revolution and communism. Me thinks the author reads to much into Bix Weird.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:52 | 2662216 DeadFred
DeadFred's picture

He presents valid insight into the difference between Chinese and Western thought patterns. I probably should bookmark this post for the next time some bozo says the Chinese would never do anything to upset the US because they need our business. They care less about next quarter's report than about next decade's positional gain.

As far as whether shi or li is a better strategy we'll need to stay tuned to see how it plays out.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:19 | 2662306 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

In the West I believe we use the term "delayed gratification".  While this is seemingly unknown to most Americans, the elite is fully capable of practicing it.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:40 | 2662763 Oh regional Indian
Oh regional Indian's picture

Shi Li you are joe King Mr Repairman!


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:52 | 2662034 nevadan
nevadan's picture

Spitznagel makes a good argument but it assumes no losses great enough to end a chance at eventual victory in the meantime.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:20 | 2662270 Cyrano de Bivouac
Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

I don't get this article at all. Ron Raul has ideas that are dangerous to TPTB. The TPTB used the media to ignore or isolate RP which equals another total victory for the TPTB. What's the connection with Lao Tze? 


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:52 | 2662035 BLOTTO
BLOTTO's picture

'They' own both sides - to control the outcome of course.

We have no choices when it come down to it...

The ILLUSION says we have a choice...

When the REALITY is - 'heads' they win, 'tails' we lose...


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:53 | 2662036 yrad
yrad's picture

RP delegate here. Nice article. Most of us did not think our man was on his way to POTUS, but we all beleive our cause is a future cause and one worth fighting for.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:06 | 2662068 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture

I hope you pull something off, but going into it expecting him not to win is not a good strategy.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:37 | 2662335 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

One step at a time.  The convention hall will have plenty of Ron Paul supporters with signs and Ron gets a prime time speech.  All of this on prime time national TV.  So Ron's ideas get thier biggest platform ever.  Romney knows he has to get Ron Paul's voters in the general election or he's beaten.  Is Romney stupid enough to disrespect Ron?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:28 | 2662514 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

To be blunt, who gives a f*ck about signs and speeches. We need the Paul delegates to take a stand.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:50 | 2662508 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

Do not give up on nominating Paul. Until the fat lady sings, there is still a chance. We are in uncharted waters, and you Paul delegates (stated and unstated in other camps) are our best chance now. Be sure that every Romney, Santorum, etc. delegate knows they can vote their conscience. Be sure these other delegates understand what is actually at stake. Don't play this "our cause is a future cause" nonsense once you are seated as a delegate. Fight like a tiger.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:07 | 2663093 OpenThePodBayDoorHAL
OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

If Mittens wanted to win he would choose RP as VP. Instead he's gonna do some really dumbass thing that shows how out of touch he is. Even Cheney said Palin was a disaster choice, she didn't meet the first test: can she take the top slot? Especially with Fossil McCain at the top of the ticket. Mittens will either pick some Dan Quayle idiot inexperienced woman, or else an "electoral map" choice like Rubio...also totally unqualified for the top slot. What a friggin disaster all the way around.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:53 | 2662039 New American Re...
New American Revolution's picture

One of the best articles I have read in a long time.  Kudos Amigo.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:40 | 2662169 Zero Debt
Zero Debt's picture

Love the reference to the game of Go. Once you have played Go, chess starts to look more like a slaughterhouse. Go is a game of strategy where you must learn to both conquer and co-exist. In Go, players rarely eliminate each other completely from the board. Chess is a game that should be left to political parties while go is a game of ideological conquest that is only well played by statesmen and thinkers.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:10 | 2662430 UGrev
UGrev's picture

Yes indeed. The first time I played Go, I got my ass handed to me. In fact... I got it repeatedly handed to me until I got it through my skull that I couldn't play it like chess. It was only then that I started to hold some ground. Still lost a lot, but I didn't get crushed like a bug. 

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:53 | 2662040 onlooker
onlooker's picture

I started playing Weiqi in 1960 but it was called GO by the buddy that introduced it to me. The Art of War, Go and Chess starting in the mid teens to early 20s are excellent educational tools.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:53 | 2662042 cherry picker
cherry picker's picture

IIt may be a good idea to have a former medical doctor as a president versus lawyers or bussiness types or actors.

Like someone once said, we may end up with a "kinder gentler nation" instead of a homeland security/TSA police state akin to what countries immigrants used to flee had working for them.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:30 | 2662142 azzhatter
azzhatter's picture

Ron Paul has a message that would have worked years ago. The nation as a whole is not brave enough to be truly free of the shackles of government. People are so weak they cannot fend for themselves. The need the titty to suck on. They can't imagine a life without Uncle Sugar. It's really sad

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:39 | 2662340 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

Hard times are an educator.  Let's just be sure RP guides educating.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 14:16 | 2662926 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

When your survival is threatened, people re-examine their strategies for survival.

Unfortunately, they are likely to choose survival through more government.

That's why RP is needed.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:54 | 2662044 apberusdisvet
apberusdisvet's picture

Just as the progressive/marxist disease has incrementally destroyed America, so too must the cure be incremental.  But don't be surprised if the upcoming election will be the last one in which an electorate may participate.  The dark forces are all aligned:  the TSA as this century's Gestapo clone, the militarization of local police forces, Executive control over whether any individual lives or dies, instantaneous authority to flick the internet kill switch, and the ominous purchase by the gov't (outside of normal military procurement channels) of 100s of million rounds of high caliber ammunition.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:55 | 2662045 CrimsonAvenger
CrimsonAvenger's picture

Interesting perspective. I work on education reform, and had one grizzled vet tell me that we weren't working to reform the current system, but instead setting up a structure we could move to once the current system collapses. Maybe Paul realizes it's too late for the current political system and is trying to set the context for what follows.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:23 | 2662117 kridkrid
kridkrid's picture

Whether or not Paul realizes that it's too late is irrelevant. It's too late. The optimist in me is trying to like the article, but the nihilist in my finds it to be a waste of time. The nihilist is leading.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:57 | 2662047 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

I will write in Paul and sleep well, like many others.  All eCONomies are local and becoming more local by the second.  That's for "sure".

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 14:50 | 2663040 mbarido
mbarido's picture

Here in Texas, unless at least one third party candidate gets on the November Ballet as a write-in, it is over, Texans will be unable to write in Ron Paul. Per county voting officials

Make no mistake, no write-in, no vote by me.  I WAS 60 on `July 26, 1952, and I have voted every general election since I could first vote at 20 (oversseas absentee twice)

No write-in for the only man that has any idea of the constitution or sound money, and I am out of here quickly.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:57 | 2662049 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture

He is controlled opposition.  How do i say that?  During the campaign, Paul did not do things that a person who would want to be presdient should have been done?   For example, during the Maine vote stealing Paul was silent and did not cause any complaints.  He took the loss while the party did not count his votes.   Being president requires you fight to win, Paul never had it in him or did not want to win.    I belive he did not want to win even though his supporters are genuine.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:15 | 2662067 optimator
optimator's picture

 Dr. Paul could have won if he wasn't so honest.  All he had to do was bite his lip and make his first trip to Israel and the Wailing Wall.  A few photos with Natan Yahoo, and a whisper in his ear, "I am yours to do with as you please"  and "Which one of your neighbors would you like us to bomb".

He could have gotten the nomination, and then changed his mind, but the guy's too honest for that.  The main objection anyone had with Dr. Paul was his "Mid East Policy".

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:11 | 2662087 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

So honesty and integrity is now "controlled opposition"- That's a good sheep, now go back to sleep.  Being president requires you to lie and be comfortable doing so. - FIXED.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:15 | 2662094 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Getting purpetual emails asking for money when he did not challenge the party on votes not getting counted is actually a little dishonest ..yes.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:56 | 2662233 LawsofPhysics
LawsofPhysics's picture

and so you agree that the left/right bullshit is just that, bullshit.  Nothing short of a revolution "fixes" anything at this point.  Too much moral hazard to put back the genie back in the bottle and no real consequences for bad behavior remains the status quo.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:43 | 2662348 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

If there is a revolution, what do you want the guiding principles to be?  Mere nilhilism?  This could be RP's greatest contribution.  I'd like to avoid Hitler or Lenin.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 09:57 | 2662050 Jim in MN
Jim in MN's picture

Hey, the man did more than triple his numbers from last time.  And the electoral sphere is just one arena.

Kind of reminds me of some bit of research that just came out saying that people are overconfident because it's impolite to tell them they are not actually that funny, or smart or persuasive.  The researcher's lesson?  People should be more honest with feedback even if it makes society ruder.  My thought--what about a little humility?  Especially for the alpha dogs who are generally wrecking the place. 


Perspective, folks, it's all about perspective.


And now for something completely different:  What the drone pilot's day job is like.......



Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:00 | 2662053 PiratePawpaw
PiratePawpaw's picture

Shi is a long game strategy. It works well when you know you have time to employ it.

But positioning oneself for the 2016 election is of little value if the shi-it hits the fan before then.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:37 | 2662161 cycloptron
cycloptron's picture

Or if you are 76 years old?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:44 | 2662184 malikai
malikai's picture

I remember you.

Nobody turn your backs on this guy.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:09 | 2662066 Wakanda
Wakanda's picture

Ron and his admirers are perfectly poised to catch the big wave that is just starting to crest.  Cow-a-bunga!

Regarding POTUS election 2012? 

It ain't over until it's over.  Neither Mittens nor O are fit to lead.

The Second American Revolution - unfolding now in a neighborhood near you.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:06 | 2662069 busted by the b...
busted by the bailout's picture

Interesting discussion on Chinese philosophy, but I think Ron Paul's intentions could be summarized more succinctly: he is educating Americans about libetariansim, and that is a long term goal, not a short-term one of winning the presidency to satisfy his own personal ego. 

The presidential primary process and the number of delegates he has is irrelevant to his long-term goal.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:16 | 2662102 Clint Liquor
Clint Liquor's picture

Agreed. The seeds of Liberty, once planted, will bear fruit.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:59 | 2662239 PatientZero
PatientZero's picture

We've reached a point of no return. We're beyond the event horizon in which liberty lovers can legally change the system.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:09 | 2662076 EcoJoker
EcoJoker's picture

Does anybody see Ron Paul as the running mate to Mitt?  

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:44 | 2662186 CrimsonAvenger
CrimsonAvenger's picture

They'd let Ru Paul be the running mate before they let Ron Paul.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:47 | 2662355 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

I'd like for Romney to pick Ru Paul.  Then Romney can tell everyone he's increased his appeal with blacks and women.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:09 | 2662078 gaoptimize
gaoptimize's picture

Three things weigh against Shi:

1) Ron Paul's age, unless you can point to a successor, disciples, or organizational infrastucture that won't schism.

2) The near term economic collapse that will drive a desperate majority to collectivism.

3) Some of us are tired and the long fight doesn't have much appeal as we continue to loose our freedom.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:10 | 2662084 Hobbleknee
Hobbleknee's picture

This campaign, more than any other, should have made it clear to everyone that elections are a sham.  The only way change will ever come about is through a revolution.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:27 | 2662124 PatientZero
PatientZero's picture

A revolution will never ever succeed. EVER. Do you honestly believe the government, in the face of certain defeat, will surrender? Do you honestly believe they'll be willing to transfer control of nuclear arms, bio-chemical weapons, nuclear subs and other world-killers to liberty loving patriots?

They'd sooner launch world armageddon against its own people than give you that ability. The powers that be are psychotic sociopaths and don't care about you and me.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:33 | 2662146 PiratePawpaw
PiratePawpaw's picture

Not that I'm advocating anything, but I'm sure similar statements were made before every other revolution in history.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:49 | 2662200 PatientZero
PatientZero's picture

No other revolution in history, with the exception of the Soviet collapse, involved a nation that has nuclear and biological weapons. The government would never let you have them. They'll make something up and give launch orders to their subs and guys in the holes to launch against Russia. And Russia will retaliate. End of revolution. End of world.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 19:23 | 2663733 Hobbleknee
Hobbleknee's picture

So what's the alternative?  Roll over and die?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 22:45 | 2664055 PatientZero
PatientZero's picture

Definitely not advocating that. Fight but realize the gubmint will likely use scorched earth.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 20:37 | 2663844 jerry_theking_lawler
jerry_theking_lawler's picture

I would prefer an 'EOW' scenario versus a 'boot to throat' scenario....

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 22:43 | 2664052 PatientZero
PatientZero's picture

perhaps you are right. As I said before, we need our own ZH citizens militia.








Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:41 | 2662171 tbone654
tbone654's picture

supreme court is tipping us off to start hiding weapons NOW...

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 17:54 | 2663608 Amagnonx
Amagnonx's picture

The higher up you go, the more corrupt - however, they will need someone to obey their commands if they want to do anything at all.  A revolution occurs when people stop obeying commands, and for successful revolutions - these are people in the military, police and justice system.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 20:07 | 2663804 Shell Game
Shell Game's picture

A revolution will never ever succeed. EVER.


LOL!  Haven't you been paying attention to Iraq and Afganistan? Three words, friend - Fourth Generational Warfare.  One of my top 10 'must read's is John Robb's Brave New War, explains why TPTB absolutely CANNOT win and keep power. 

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:22 | 2662114 PatientZero
PatientZero's picture

I think we are way underestimating how far the powers that be are willing to go to prevent any sort of patriotic liberty movement from gaining any meaningful control.

The DHS, for example, has recently put in an urgent order for riot gear and all kinds of military arms, equipment and armored personnel carriers. Somehow I don't think those are meant for the sheeple or the establishment types.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:15 | 2662287 Cthonic
Cthonic's picture

Volunteer for the fusion database, order under your own name and watch "A Noble Lie".

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:24 | 2662119 TahoeBilly2012
TahoeBilly2012's picture

The "war on terror" has morphed into a coming war on Moscow! The Neocons have shown their hand, and it's what Hitler wanted, but with more lying involved. The mass of the public are brainwashed across the board. Republicons think Obama is a communist, Democrats think the "troops are coming home". The Country is on red alert for "brainwashed" contagion.



Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:01 | 2662387 jumbo maverick
jumbo maverick's picture

The "war on terror" has not morphed into a coming war on moscow it has morphed into a coming war on Anytown USA

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:26 | 2662123 UP4Liberty
UP4Liberty's picture

RP has crafted a very wise strategy which has kept all political opponents and the entire main stream media off balance - and this is why they are so frustrated.

No man, no army - and no government - can stop an idea whose time has come.

In this humble individual's mind - Ron Paul has already won.

Think about it.

He has vastly increased AWARENESS OF and CONVERSATION BY the general public and politicians of the negative consequences of the currently CORRUPTED  Federal Reserve monetary and Military Industrial political system.

No other government official since Louis T. McFadden, Charles Lindbergh, Major General Smedley Butler - or even Wright Patman - has achieved as much in this regard as Congressman Ron Paul.

ALL AMERICANS owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Ron Paul for his efforts during his close to 30 year valiant and virtuous effort to bring these topics to our attention.

Kudos to Ron Paul - and may we be so fortunate as to be able to help defeat both Romney in August - and in turn Nobama in November.



Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:38 | 2662162 pods
pods's picture

Had to vote you up simply for referencing McFadden and Lindbergh.  

They KNEW what was up right when it was happening.  


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:28 | 2662126 Lost Wages
Lost Wages's picture

That's right, delusional followers. There is still hope for your messianic leader's ideals to come to fruition long after his death, even though he's had 30 years to convince other politicians of his platform and hasn't been able to do it. I guess you were finding it way too depressing that Ron Paul had left the presidential race and needed to drum up some more delusion to get through the day.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:02 | 2662249 Overfed
Overfed's picture

Yup. For real hope and change, stick with the establishment darlings, i.e., O'bomb-a or Romoney. The outlook for the future is truly great with Ron Paul out of the running. /s

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:10 | 2662275 Lost Wages
Lost Wages's picture

Ummm, HELLO. Ron Paul IS an establishment darling. He's not even willing to leave the Republican party, when it is obvious that party no longer shares his ideals. His excuse is that it SHOULD share his ideals, that it USED to share his ideals, so he's going to stay. Well, if he's such an anti-establishment rogue, then the Republican National Committee will never elect him in a million years. The party is locked down.

Like the guy above says, how about you all grow some balls and vote for that Gary Johnson dirtbag to rule your lives? Stop whining about Ron Paul and for fuck's sake stop acting like he's some kind of outsider.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:11 | 2662437 Overfed
Overfed's picture

What would leaving the Republican party accomplish? 40% of the morons in this country are going to vote Republican in November, no matter who it is. Another 40% of the morons in this country are going to vote Democrat, no matter who it is. The other 20% are going to hold their nose and vote for what they see as the lesser of two evils, or make a protest vote for a different party. It's that way every election cyle.

For the time being, we're stuck with the red/blue paradigm.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:42 | 2662550 AmericanFUPAcabra
AmericanFUPAcabra's picture

You mean 40% 40% and 20% of the 51% that actually vote right?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:36 | 2662154 cycloptron
cycloptron's picture


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:42 | 2662178 beaker
beaker's picture

Seriously, I am constantly amazed when a political discussion arises how many people say they endorse Ron Paul as the only person who would kick the ass that needs to be kicked. But then it always follows with, "too bad he'll never get elected".  WTF?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:44 | 2662183 gbresnahan
gbresnahan's picture

I love Ron Paul more than anything, but who is next to carry his torch?  Or is his replacement yet to be seen? Personally I would not support most of the big names that were mentioned as his potential running mate.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:52 | 2662366 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

This is about ideas not icons.  Ron has made great strides in creating grass roots for his ideas.  There will be hundreds of local replacements.  And if you take action, you could be one of them.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:40 | 2663216 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

You have nice long term vision, but unfortunately what you seem to miss is that there is no next time. The collapse that started in 2007 (earlier actually, but in 2007 in obvious terms), has been put on hold for 5 years by printing triollions of dollars. This will not go on until 2016. IT IS NOW OR NEVER.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:49 | 2662189 pherron2
pherron2's picture

 the learned elders of zion may have a bit of a head start on Dr. Paul with this shi philosophy. Only time will tell. never the less, come november, for shits and giggles, and because wtf does my vote mean anyway, I'll just pencil his name in

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:00 | 2663070 mbarido
mbarido's picture

Here in Texas, unless at least one third party candidate gets on the November Ballet officiallyas a write-in, it is over, Texans will be unable to write in Ron Paul.  Per county voting officials.

Make no mistake, no write-in, no vote by me.  I WAS 60 on July 26 and I have voted every general election since I could first vote at 20 (overseas absentee twice)

No write-in for the only man that has any idea of the constitution or sound money, and I am out of here quickly.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:46 | 2662194 Stuck on Zero
Stuck on Zero's picture

To come ...  We are sorry.  Technical difficulties have prevented broadcast of Ron Paul's speech to the Republican Convention.


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:55 | 2662371 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

I wonder if they'll have the guts to do it.  If it happens, Romney's candidacy is dead in the water.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:50 | 2662205 Moe Howard
Moe Howard's picture

Whatever. I'll be writing in Ron Paul if the elections take place. Enough said.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:52 | 2662217 BroCharlie
BroCharlie's picture

I sure as Shi hope so

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:54 | 2662227 Miss Expectations
Miss Expectations's picture

----->Mitt will re-appoint The Bernanke

----->Mitt will appoint some other Goldman Sachs guy

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 10:56 | 2662232 reader2010
reader2010's picture

"If you're not inside, you are outside. Okay?" - Gordon Gekko

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:07 | 2662257 ATG
ATG's picture

We are postulating a revolution in the RNC at Tampa that can benefit Ron Paul and all Americans, not just Mitt Romney and his "Corporations are people my friend."

MR does not really have the 1144 delegates needed to win GOP nomination in Tampa this August, despite CNN, NBC, NYT and WaPost corporate media reporting he does. 

Thus the apparent MR friendliness with the Pauls and even the Rand Paul endorsement of Romney to retain access to GOP machinery:

Recall Rand Paul was not backed by the old guard of the RNC and still won.

Gingrich and Santorum delegates may vote for Ron Paul.

Numerous State Delegations were taken over by Ron Paul people, why RP dropped out of the Primary beauty contest to win more delegates, a fine electoral point missed by MSM who misdeclared him dropping out of the race.

The delegate strategy so infuriated the MR camp they tried to create shadow RNC Committees in some states with large numbers of Ron Paul delegates. Think AK, IA, LA, MA, ME, MN, NV, TX, WA, even UT.

How embarrassing would it be for MR traveling to Israel and the Olympics to lose MA and UT to RP delegates in another classic failure of ramrod top-down RNC Republican leadership not representing the people by nominating another inelectable candidate like John McCain?

Poll after poll found Ron Paul beats Obama, MR does not.

As more GOP admit that, there could be a Ron Paul landslide or riots at the GOP Tampa Convention if the handlers refuse to allow Democracy as they have done in several States already.

After first denying Ron Paul his event, the GOP leadership faced reality and caved in to the truth.

The truth is that if Ron Paul calls for all delegates to vote for him, they can.

RNC Rules 37 and 38 from former RNC Chair Michael Steele allow Delegates to challenge State and National party leaders with a roll call vote for Ron Paul on the first round from MR delegates, who in fact are unbound by RNC rules that allow delegates to voite their conscience.

O the humanity of it.

Imagine what the Ron Paul Love Revolution can do for our country:

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:38 | 2662336 nevadan
nevadan's picture

I was a RP delegate to the state convention during the last two cycles here in Nevada.  I am hearing the same thing from the diehard supporters here.  I am not to sure that Paul really wants the presidency but would exchange his support for a position in Romney's cabinet, say Sec of Treasury.  This is just my own hunch.  While it is true he could call for his supporters to revolt I think he has been trying to influence the debate more than anything.  His failure to address what would come after calling the troops home if he were elected president is the glaring weakness in his campaign.  He surely has to realize that a large segment of the population is conditioned by the cold war mentality that the US is legitimately the "worlds policeman" which has been so deeply ingrained into the American psyche.  By not addressing what would be the result of ending our "military empire" as he calls it, the resulting power vacuum and what would fill it looms as the great unanswered question of his policy.  Asking the American people to take it on faith that downsizing our military and reducing our presence in the world is not a winning argument without some vision of what the consequences of that action would be.  Not addressing this vital question left him open to being dismissed as a kook by the MSM.  He surely has to realize this and that makes me doubt that he is really trying to win the presidency. 

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:32 | 2663186 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

What would you do?

Unwinding a century of insanity is not an easy job.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 17:56 | 2663613 nevadan
nevadan's picture

Obviously I think he should address the issue of what would result from "just bring them home".  I am agreement with most of Paul's ideas, especially economic and monetary.  On the military question I agree 100% that we are way overexposed in the world.  However, as you say, it is not easy unwinding a century of insanity, and "just bring them home" is too simplistic.  It took a long time for the situation to get to this point and it won't be undone overnight.  A major step in the right direction would be to say that we will begin as a matter of policy to unwind our position over time and do things as a country that lend credibility to that statement.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 20:28 | 2663831 Clever Name
Clever Name's picture

Bring the boys back home  

Bring the boys back home

Don't leave the children on their own, no, no

Bring the boys back home


-Pink Floyd

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:01 | 2662385 Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman's picture

The only "rioting" I've seen so far has been by operatives of the Republican party "leadership" in situations where the high number of Ron Paul supporters threaten the leadership.  If there is rioting at Tampa, it will be instigated solely by the leadership.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 17:16 | 2663518 g speed
g speed's picture

set up the cameras now--the inside FBI/BATF/CIA/FED MARSHALL assasination of RP  is primed and ready. 

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:43 | 2663229 Joe Sixpack
Joe Sixpack's picture

ATG- now you're talking!


Can the delegates vote for Paul even if he does not call for it?

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:11 | 2662278 JR
JR's picture

The incredibly corrupt two-party system is on spectacular display this week. First, there’s the crooked high pressure maneuvering of the “presumptive” Republican candidate for president, Romney, in his state by state drive to keep the nation from seeing his most serious competitor, Ron Paul.

Ron Paul’s strategy of electing delegates rather than focusing on the media beauty contest of primaries has given him powerful wedges in this election year. In state after state, from Louisiana to Massachusetts to Nevada, legitimate Ron Paul delegates have been pushed aside by the Romney money steamroller. The latest is a disgusting display of corruption in Saturday’s challenge of Maine delegates.

Meanwhile, Romney is raising money for this steamroller campaign in Israel, showing the world what a pandering leader of the free world would look like. Antiwar’s Justin Raimondo shows this dual citizenship kind of duplicity from Israel in today’s column. Here’s a sample paragraph on the Romney fundraiser in Israel attended by such boosters as GOP kingmaker Sheldon Adelson :

“Adelson’s wife, Miriam Adelson, is a dual citizen of the US and Israel: why are we to assume she has the best interests of the US at heart when she contributes a hefty sum to the Romney campaign? Her husband has been one of the most outspoken advocates of a US military strike against Iran, and Romney’s public pronouncements on this issue seem calculated to appeal to the constituency she represents. How many attendees at this Romney event in Israel are also dual citizens — and, no matter what their citizenship status, how many put the interests of a foreign country over and above all other considerations?”

Pro-Ron Paul Delegates Challenged in Maine | Economic Policy Journal | 7/29/2012

A pro-Ron Paul slate of delegates from Maine to the Republican National Convention is being challenged, reports the Boston Globe.

Peter Cianchette, a prominent Republican leader, and Janet Martens Staples, a Maine representative on the Republican National Committee, filed the challenge to 14 pro-Paul delegates and alternates on Saturday, the last day they could be challenged.

Staples told the Maine Sunday Telegram that there was no quorum at May's Republican state convention when the delegates were elected, that illegal votes were cast and parliamentary rules were broken.

One of the challenged delegates, Matt McDonald, said the challenge is "utter foolishness".

This comes on the heels of the Louisiana Republican Party last Friday afternoon certifying the Republican National Committee its slate of delegates to the party's national convention in Tampa, filling Ron Paul slots with supporters of Mitt Romney.

It's a rigged game.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:23 | 2662311 Lost Wages
Lost Wages's picture

On Romney: Umm, yeah, he'd better hope no one researches the Church of Latter Day Saints before the election, because that is one fucked up cult. I just want to warn you that the Mormons out here are always ripping each other off in financial scams. In fact, I have not met a Mormon who was not involved in either some sort of fraud/graft or some Maury Povich-type lifestyle with friends and family stealing from them, fucking around on them and making their lives a living hell. It seems to be a church of liars and thieves, who at the same time act like you stabbed them in the heart with a knife if you say the word "shit" in front of them. They make sure to be home by 6PM every night for family time (where they argue over whether they should take their friends and family to court or snitch them out to the minister and let him handle it).

I hate to be anti-anyone or come across as a bigot, but I'm telling you, this guy Romney is up to no good. There are those traits on the surface that make Mormons seem happier and more holy, better than your typical W.A.S.P. But I warn you today (not expecting you to actually listen), the Mormons are even worse than the white shoe boys, if that is possible. Obama is the only thing standing between the rich people and the pitchforks, so as an anarchist, I support a Romney election, because things will descend into the wrathful chaos I crave and the deceitful, theiving rich will finally get what is coming to them. I dare that pig to put tariffs on China and cut food stamps. When the people are starving, all my dreams shall come true.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:27 | 2662317 Extremist Tan
Extremist Tan's picture

Excellent post.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:32 | 2662325 Vet4RonPaul
Vet4RonPaul's picture

That article was great and would make the writers at the Telegraph and NY Times take notice.  I do worry what will happen to the Revolution when Ron Paul himself fades away.  The movement is compelling in its own right but Ron really serves as a great focus point to further it (eg. just google ron paul and you can stay up to date; without a leader like that, it will be more difficult).  Finally, I"m almost done the book Bailout by John Barofsky; omg!  He clearly shows how not only the initial bailout was bad enough but how it send billions to the same criminals that caused the collapse in the first place.  The criminals won twice, in the trillions, at the expense of current and future US taxpayers.  Really, crime and treason are not too harsh an accusation for the Treasury and Fed.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:05 | 2662635 Mysteerious Roo...
Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture



"I do worry what will happen to the Revolution when Ron Paul himself fades away.  The movement is compelling in its own right but Ron really serves as a great focus point to further it (eg. just google ron paul and you can stay up to date; without a leader like that, it will be more difficult)."  

I think we can reasonably expect Dr. Paul to be around--and very visible and vocal--for another ten years (easily). And fifteen is by no means out of the question. He is leaving Congress in January, not the country or the world. He will be going on the lecture circuit and will be working hand-in-glove wirth the Campaign For Liberty. And it may be that once he is no longer in office, he will speak even more forcefully about the things that really matter. There is no reason that I can see to think that he is going to "fade away" any time soon.



Mon, 07/30/2012 - 15:39 | 2663214 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

How about Campaign for Liberty setting up a shadow government?

Show the world how a constitutional US government would act.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 11:41 | 2662344 PatientZero
PatientZero's picture

Ok, let's take bets on what will happen at the RNC.

Here's what I think will happen:

Ron Paul delegates will try to make their presence known and will go according to the rules. The chair will not recognize the rules and have Ron Paul delegates removed and arrested. Ron Paul delegates will not take this and fight back. Brawl erupts. DHS, TSA and police intervene. Brawl turns into riot and spreads. Tear gas, SWAT teams and shots getting fired.

Mitt appointed as candidate as GOP suspends the rules and disqualifies all Ron Paul delegates.

At that point, we have a decision to make. And I think you know what I am talking about.

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:11 | 2662439 UGrev
UGrev's picture


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:48 | 2662802 CVfriendship
CVfriendship's picture


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:33 | 2662527 obewon
obewon's picture

"The strategy of the Paul campaign, explicit or not, is the archetypal shi (pronounced “sure”) strategy expounded and employed by Chinese philosophers and military strategists for thousands of years."

There is no such Chinese word "SHI"; whatever the word is (... and it's probably "ZHI"), it can't be pronounced with an "R" because the Chinese do not use the letter "R" in pronouncing any words.

There are supposedly 36 different Chinese strategies, all of which are rather interesting. For a more comprehensive discussion of these strategies, go here:


Mon, 07/30/2012 - 12:45 | 2662560 bankruptcylawyer
bankruptcylawyer's picture

this post was pretty cool in a way, even though seemingly devoid of specifics. 


here are some specifics. ron paul getting the vice presidential nomination. ---or ron paul running as gary johnsons vice president. 

or==ron paul setting up a libertarian candidate for winning in 2016. 


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