Market Commentary: Not Much To Add Since Yesterday

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No problem, see we got this here 'Messiah' who is going to announce pot hole repairs later today. Alright back to sleep everyone.

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You must be confused, the Messiah is a caucasian male with flowing blond hair and deep blue eyes.

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Take the pot out of the hole and sell it .

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My man Peter (T)chir-opodist, taking the footprint of the market.  Give the market the boot, man!

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Any care to venture a guess at why, again, REITs are defying gravity in a market collapse?

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On days like today I turn to CNBC with popcorn.  To his credit, Cramer is telling viewers that "this is not the bottom."  Melissa Lee gives pained, disapproving looks to the camera.  Quick, go to commercial - then on to the miniscule bounce in NFLX.

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The best SEC investigation (with porn) would be CNBS and Cramer!

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Not much to add?  Presumably this was written before the CHF pegging to the Euro?

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I must say I am getting tired of turning into CNBC popcorn in hand waiting for the collapse and each day the movie is sorely disapointing.

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BUY BUY BUY~! Or something like that. CNBC is like a trainwreck today... can't stop watching.

/passes the popcorn around

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To add not only Belgium

but also Malta, Cyprus, Hungary.


Bottom line:  PIIGS -->  BIG PIS  -->  BIG CHIMPS