Market Is More Fragile Now Than Pre-Lehman

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The significant rise in global systemic risk that occurred in 2008 remained until mid 2010 when it began to subside a little as Jackson Hole and QE2 seemed to allay fears somewhat. However, in the last year or so, BofA's market fragility index has soared higher alarmingly signaling higher systemic risks than in the peak pre-Lehman era. This confirms the massively elevated signal for global systemic risk that credit markets are also sending.

Systemic Risk inferred from equity market variance decomposition...


and Global Systemic Risk from the credit market...


But it appears we have become Pavlovian in our learned response to any systemic risk as the chart below shows. The Fed has acted each time 5Y5Y forward inflation expectations drop below 2%. We were well on our way to this just a week or two ago (red arrow) only to have our own reflexive expectations of a Fed-Save drive inflation expectations back up (green arrow) and thus removing the possibility of QE in the short-term.



It would appear that while systemic risks are at peak levels, the Fed needs the 'public' to believe it is not always there to save the day in order that when it does save the day, its effect is more than transitory.

Finally, for those curious just how it is possible that even with trillions in implicit backstops the market is now less stable than with AIG, Lehman, Merrill and all the soon to be failed banks, the answer is simple: back then the market was in the hands of the, well, market. Now it is solely controlled by a few politicians and a even fewer academics. In other words, whatever can go wrong, will.

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But the TV told me this morning we are in a "recovery"?

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They meant in a recovery room, with condition still critical.

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The Fed has painted itself into a corner, and now it's almost out of options ... and the marginal return for the remaining options is becoming increasingly infinitesimal.  It's been a fun ride, but the endgame is approaching.

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Only question is, is the Fed going to print before or after the crash. I'm betting on after.

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The only recovery I've seen in the last 4 years is after a night of heavy drinking.

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Don't forget your towel. 


Anyone wanna get high?

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Everybody else is smoking so much hopium I'm already contact high.

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There is no question. The Fed will print. The only question is when and how much during this round of easing.

"Dear God. Will someone stop me from writing bad checks?"

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Yes budget cuts required CNBS and Sesame Street to merge and the overlap is still being worked out.

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Steve Liesman to be replaced by Big Bird.

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I think they meant to say "But the TV told me this morning we are in a "re-cover-up"?

It may mean now is a good time for individual investors to get back into the market.

In other news:

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Noticed the Media timings for the prez and the ben seem to correspond to the ftse close - about time they figured that out.

Somethin's gonna go "pop" really really soon.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Time to get together a secret meeting at Jeckyll island.

Bastiat's picture

. . . and call in an airstrike.

francis_sawyer's picture

Admirable, but too easy...

I'd vote for hemming it in as some kind of Papillion style prison camp... Make 'em eat centipedes for a couple of years... The only way out is a coconut shell raft in shark infested waters... Pretty much the same treatment that they're inflicting on the ROW at the moment...

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Unfortunately you can walk off of Jekyll Island.

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They will do QE3, Because it is an election year, and  Israel is  going to nail Iran. Notice how that story has not been talked about in the last couple of days. The lull before the storm...

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My feeling is the whole drama with Iran was to give China access to cheap oil or else China was thinking about dumping USD denominated assets.

Actual war with Iran would be WW3, the whole region being already tense and volatile. It just wont be Iran.

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I wouldn't agree on your Iran - China statement, but you're right about the magnitude of such a conflict.


The fuse that is the Middle East is lit, now it's only a matter of time:



edit: I didn't junk you...

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Munich '72 ~ London '12 (don't think that somebody upstairs hasn't thought of it)...

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Timmy G's pushing Euro tarp.

LOL!!! They're stupid enough to do it!!

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I hate always feelig like we are on the edge....then poof..nothing happens. Get it over with already.

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I see you quiver with antici............................................................pation.

But maybe the rain isn't really to blame,

So I'll remove the cause - Heh... Heh... Heh...

But not the SYMPTOM!

canardo's picture

Same here. I wish this bloated zombie of a global system would finally fall apart, so we would know where we stand and we can start anew. Also, there are some open accounts with various bankers and politicians that urgently need settling.

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Great...this time we're trying the balancing at 16 trillion since the fail at 12 trillion only managed to break some bones.  Now, let's try this ALL IN.

Conman's picture

Markets fine, jsut have the PPT  push up the market on low volume days and well be to Dow 20000 in no time.

Hohum's picture

Just a check:  How much is the DOW up this year?

Answer: between 2% and 3%

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No, Joe said it is "The Summer of Recovery"... oh wait, that was last year... never mind...

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CTRL-P is the only solution...mark my and silver up fivefold is preferable to civil/social disobedience and bloodshed...

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History is not on your side.

oddjob's picture

History is written by the victors.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Precisely, and it always involves social unrest and bloodshed.

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So, ipso facto, history is always written by those willing to engage in bloodshed who happen to be doomed to repeat what they've not understood.


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I'm inclined to agree but don't forget those 450 million rounds of hollow point 40 cal recently ordered by DHS:

canardo's picture

Wasn't that for "target practice"?

BlueStreet's picture

If BofA says it, it must be true.  

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Markets are fine.  There's only one direction that they can go and that's up...

BLOTTO's picture

Drop by Drop

Drip by Drip...

-'They' carry out their illuminati agenda...we are being held captive by the old and now the new scientific-technological elite.

It gets worse every single day.

Today was worse then yesterday...but tomorrow will be worse than today.

It really is very sad that our society has been totally hijacked...and worse, the masses are in denial and dont care...

tocointhephrase's picture

They will when they wake up. Blue pills have a long lasting effect!

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Which ones - xanax or viagra?  /s


They will first wake up after TSHTF, when the medicines supply is cut and there's no more fluoride in the tap water.