Market Responds To Coy Fed

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The initial knee-jerk response to a lack of Twist-extension or QE3 on the table was a notable drop in Gold prices, strength in the USD, Treasury yields rising (with 10Y popping back over 2%) and a big fat unch from stocks (and AAPL). The last 15 minutes have seen all of these markets pulling back from their abysses with 10Y now rallying back to unch from pre-Fed, the USD leaking back higher and Gold and Silver (testing below $30) pulling back off their lows. AAPL has leaked lower but the S&P 500 remains practically unchanged (though Energy and Financials are outperforming as Healthcare and Industraisl are underperforming) and VIX has dropped a little. EURUSD is now very slightly lower than pre-Fed. It seems the market would rather wait to look Ben in the eyes at the press-conference before really pulling any triggers.


Silver back to 3 month lows (but contextually not a huge move in eother gold or silver - yet)...

and while stocks are inching up broadly, energy and financials are popping while Industrials and Healthcare underperform...

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Are markets fully retarded yet???? YES THEY ARE and the bots are taking over...

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If you have dry powder use it.

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google "Matthew Owens Beating".

no mainstream coverage.

sorry for the highjack, but after all that trayvon crap, now this.

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Did you just see the bounce?

When a market is this insane you have to play it just as insane.

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Those Evil Natured Robots. They're programmed to destroy us!

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Nature ? are you a fed student? 

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The Flaming Lips - "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"... Check it out Squishi!

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now I want to dropKick ben in the face!

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Dennis Gartman is short gold as of 12:53pm. He will update again at 12:57Pm.


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Please do not speak on my behalf.  When I trade, I let people know accordingly (depending on how it turns out).  See below.  D. Gartman

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Just stick to what you know, Dennis, anything but gold.

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coy fed act nearly the opposite of fed coy

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You just killed my screen tyvm.

It now has coffee all over it because of the photo you posted.

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i think i peed my pants.

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are you an "anti-stimulus"

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What? The Fed didn't cut rates to -0.25%?

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An update on TARGET2

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Low rates at least till late 2014. Isn't it bullish enough for gold?

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DXY coming back down.. PM approaching pre release levels.. it aint happeing..

although i could be jumping the gun here as we are due the BB later.. but really.. i think thats all for this time folks

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So does this mean that the Japanese can impose austerity on the ink budget as long as the euro doesn't fall against the yen?

Just axin'.

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Awe, littol Chairsatan, Zero the Hero, time for a Tony Award.

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What Caterpillar said about weakness in China and Brazil is probably going to be more significant than the Fed's statements, which are a waste of time.

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Bots taking SPX to 1400 in one fucking day.  What a complete anal ripping this fucked up system is.

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Newt Gingrich just cancelled his campaign and the algos didnt like it.

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Has the unthinkable happened?  Is the market not going to implode every time easing is taken off the table?  I guess no one cares that half the Eurozone is in recession either, or on the horrible durable goods report...  

Buler, Buler...

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It's called shock. Hasn't sunk in yet:)

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Hopium, baby :)

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Anyone was really surprised by the sell off in gold? Come on... 


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Sometimes i wonder if the Bernank likes some "tradition" in his own portofolio too...

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Hey folks, you are being gamed by these liars.  They dont know what the hell they are doing, they have ruined this economy AND yes, they are still printing money and buying their own debt.  So for those suckers who buy their bullshit, I wish you well.  


Go long on ammo. Food. Firewood. Seeds. Tools. Fitness. Knowledge. Friends who think the same way. Invest in a new way of thinking. It will pay out a really good dividend. Oh, and invest in rope for yesterday's movers and shakers who got us here.

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