Market Responds To Market Response To Coy Fed (And Goldman's Take)

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It appears that more even than the Fed, the market, being a perfectly insane reflexive device, saw the 0.1% knee-jerk drop in stocks, and took that as a far greater THE NEW QE™ catalyst than anything just released by the Fed's printer. Gold is now higher than before the FOMC statement and QE-favorites Energy and Financials are notably outperforming.

And here is Goldman's take:

BOTTOM LINE: The statement following today’s FOMC meeting was largely unchanged from March and a touch more positive than we expected. No changes to the forward guidance and only minor changes to the description of the economy. Updated economic forecasts and Chairman Bernanke’s press conference scheduled for 2:00pm and 2:15pm, respectively.


  1. The FOMC’s post-meeting statement was little changed from the March meeting, as expected. The committee retained its guidance that the funds rate would likely remain exceptionally low “at least through late 2014”. Unsurprisingly, the committee decided to continue the ongoing Maturity Extension Program (MEP)—the “twist”—and said again that it was prepared to adjust its security holdings “as appropriate to promote a stronger economic recovery in a context of price stability”.
  2. The FOMC made a few small changes to its description of the economic backdrop. First, it removed the phrase that strains in global financial markets “have eased”. Second, the statement said that the unemployment rate “has declined” instead of “has declined notably”, acknowledging the slower pace of decline more recently. Third, it noted that inflation “has picked up somewhat”, mainly due to oil prices. All of these changes were in line with expectations.
  3. The statement included a few additional changes which were slightly more upbeat. It noted “some signs of improvement” in the housing market, before reiterating that the level of activity “remains depressed”. In addition, it said that growth should “pick up gradually” after a few quarters. The latter phrase is consistent with Fed officials existing forecast but a new addition to the statement.

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GOLD IS BAAD!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ben needs POG to rise as backdrop to his verbal diarrhea.

He knows, they know that investors are watching gold's reaction to his "speeches". Therefore, his lemmings are told to manipulate the paper price of gold upwards. The impression is that when gold goes up, the Fed is about to do something in terms of printing.

Don't get fooled.

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FWIW, we have been watching the algos sell JPM on strength and buy MS on weakness all day.  

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Yup! On the pre-Fed thread, I suggested silver would reverse the Fed Reaction (really, the dip before it).

Looks like Gold is doing a better job of reversing the silliness than silver:

Nevertheless, it could also mean silver has more upside, once we get past the paper shenanigans in COMEX.


Temporalist's picture

And the chart shows two attacks on gold today that were bought up very quickly.  Veird eesnt eet?

buzzsaw99's picture

In Amerikkka stocks sell you!

Quintus's picture

Nonsense.  Absolute nonsense. This market is an absurdity.

cougar_w's picture

Well actually there is probably nothing wrong with the market as such. However the market since Greenspan has become a second-derivative of the FOMC minutes and a thrid-derivative of itself, so it only looks like nonsense.

Derivates and non-linear properties are like that. Shyte comes at you out of the blue. Bad shyte.

Bastiat's picture

Gold HOD.  funny.

cougar_w's picture

Edumacate me: what is HOD?

cougar_w's picture

Probably. For some reason I was thinking it meant "Hell Out of Dodge"

The bunker mentality around here, must be getting to me.

xtop23's picture

 Bring in the dancing bears this market is a fucking joke

mt paul's picture

pole dancing

polar bears ..?

fonzannoon's picture

Dennis Gartman has been long gold since 1:03pm and takes offense to anyone misremembering that he was short gold at 12:53pm

Tyler Durden's picture

... OF gold

... in Vietnam Dong

dereksatkinson's picture

GDX:GLD ratio are signaling a change in sentiment.  This correction is very similar to the one in 2005.  The HUI more than doubled a year after it bottomed.


Another day of watching western gold go to eastern vaults.  

Cursive's picture

Algos gone wild.  If a<c, then buy...

VonManstein's picture

the market is coming to its senses.. algo did the selling now people with brains are buying the dip.

buy this dip.. and buy the next dip.. dont think there will be many more.

this was an epic failure on part of teh cartel (tempting fate)

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It's almost as if the markets are being manipulated to provoke knee-jerk responses.

Cdad's picture

It is.  Because "investors" are gone, the only nominal buyer of equities are algorithmic in nature.  As such, large banks mark them up to get the dumbest algorithm in the room buying from higher prices.

The market is as long gone as investors.  Cdad sending out a golf clap for Wall Street...managing to juice equities world wide on the back of one earnings report.  Bravo.

Nanex covers this phenomena daily, noting how quote stuffing [no need for actual trades even] is used to get the HFT moving.

Al Huxley's picture

I know, I was being sarcastic.  The manipulation gets more blatant by the day, either due to an increased sense of desperation on the part of the manipulators, or more likely, as a result of an increased sense of invulnerability on their part - sort of a 'fuck you, what you going to do about it?' attitude they're demonstrating more and more aggressively.  Occurring across the board - markets, tax collection agencies, 'security' agencies - all just getting increasingly brazen in flaunting any vestige of law and order under the banner of 'fuck you, what you going to do about it?'.

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Now we wait to see if dots move left or right. Fun!

nobusiness's picture

Once again I'm confused.  Is no QE 3 in the near future good or bad???  Market up after no new goodies for the banks?  What gives?

buzzsaw99's picture

If unemployment stays high then that will justify more banker bonuses.

Cdad's picture

Is no QE 3 in the near future good or bad???

Funny, isn't it?  The more QE is not given explicitly, the harder The Street searches for QE.  If not during the FOMC meeting, then in the press conference.  If not in the press conference, then surely in the next meeting.

These are the brain trusts in charge of the global economy.

SheepDog-One's picture

Like a dealer telling the crackhead he's out of crack....'NAW man come on I know you got a crack rock in one of these pockets man I'm sure of it'!

GlenD's picture




default = True;

USD = 0;

petrodollar = 0;

troops_in_foreign_lands = SOS;




USD = USD / 2;




GOTO If_US_doesn't_Print

SheepDog-One's picture

Markets unchanged now from the futures pumped open. Big deal.

DollarDive's picture

From the Desk of B. Bernanke
Federal Resrve Bank
Washington, DC


Please execute the following transactions :

1. Please BUY$20bb of ES Futures at 4:07pm EST
2. Please sell $2T of Eur/USD at 6pm EST and Buy $4T of AUD.USD at 9:00pm EST
3. Please sell  $10B Derivatives against our Maiden Lane II holdings
4. Please contact Goldman and JPM so they can alert other Primary Dealers

Have a great day,



defencev's picture

Actually, what is going on may be surprising only for those who are systematically brainwashed by this website. US economy had bottomed and now slowly improving (Marc Faber not me). Housing probably bottomed (Bloomberg not me). We may expect stabilization in stock market. The crash will come later with inevitably rising inflation and inability of Fed to rise the rates due to the huge US debt. This is not the first time I am making these points on this website but nobody is listening obsessed with their own paranoya. In this environment QE is out of question.

SheepDog-One's picture

Like telling a rock-bottomed out crackhead to just take these vitamin pills and drink a Keva lemon grass smoothie. LOL get real man, this 'market' was built on free money from a firehose to pump it back to near all-time bubble highs again, and your idea is it can just 'clean up' and be all fine again from here on out? Come on, man.

magpie's picture

You just have to look who is printing instead of the Fed.

xtop23's picture

Theyre already doing QE.

Nobody with any sense actually believes they will launch "outright" QE until after the election unless there is a total implosion that gives them the political cover to intiate it.

SheepDog-One's picture

Then it will show up in $5 gas by election time....and good luck with that in an election to whoever thinks theyll get re-elected.

xtop23's picture

I think TPTB want Obama out regardless. He's been a useful idiot but Romney will line their pockets even deeper.

Syria here we come !

walküre's picture

We may expect stabilization in stock market

Like watching paint dry on the surface. Underneath the paint is not taking and it's peeling.

The crash will come later with inevitably rising inflation and inability of Fed to rise the rates due to the huge US debt.

The crash is well underway. Look at a few individual stocks that aren't part of the propaganda ploy. Those stocks relying on real investors / buyers are in a steady decline. Investors have been herded into dividend paying blue chips etc. Those companies are catching some interest.

Some blue chips however are selling off because even with a daily fresh coat of paint and dumb money, the big boyz are selling into strength.

By the way. Who is washing your brain?

defencev's picture

 Why do you think I have to listen to fuckung idiots like you? The crash mean US Dollar crash. I do not expect crash in stock market (so does Marc Faber who recommends partial allocation into stocks). I am making money both in stocks and real estate unlike fucking idiots worshipping this worthless from investment standpoint website.

walküre's picture

You still here? I thought you'd be back to watching CNBC by now?

DavidC's picture

Meanwhile, even Apple acknowledged things might not be so good in the second half and retail sales were a massive miss....yup, things are getting better.


earleflorida's picture

crying wolf [ultra conservative forecast?] will catch-up to the [on a mediocre report] best, when the fleet footed stumble over a tortoise mistaken for a stone 

Nobody For President's picture

"He who knows. speaks not.

"He who speaks, knows not."


Banzai doesn't say a word - just posts a little picture and fucking nails the FOMC statement.

Black Forest's picture

Gold is now higher than before the FOMC statement

Tyler, the HFT robots have seen your graph

and decided to take immediate action.