Market Snapshot: Equities Up (Led by Financials) But Well Ahead Of Credit

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OT: it seems is suspended page.. 

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Euro getting smoked.

All hail to the mighty, mighty, U.S. Dollar

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USD also relatively weak, fuknut.

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in the euro-bong?

the dollar is awsome, RT!  where tf's my flag?



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MMMMMMMMMMMMM Burritos and the Yoga pants you need to fit your gut are doing really well today.

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PM's and commodities swing today in whats now considered 'fairly stable range' of 'only' 6% or so....LOL anyone remember the 'good old days' of 3 years ago when golds normal daily trading range was .5 cents?

Total insanity!

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Yep, it's getting difficult to tell what the actual dip is -- 10 times a day.

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Well I dont know what everyone thinks of Lindsey Williams, but I look at all this and remember back to his last big interview at the beginning of the year saying when you see daily 3% moves in equities as the norm and PM dropping up to 50% and gyrating around in wild swings, youll know the time when it all collapses will be very near then, and it will happen on an upswing and 'good news'.

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Damn right, just like an earthquake - "look, nice oscillation!"


On a sidenote: mooooore rumors Germany wlll go back Reichsmark - this weekend (yes, again :D ). Where can I feed that to the HFT-Algos? =)

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Once again the market makes no sense. The Nasdaq went cliff diving with the S&P but the S&P brought along a bungee. Somehow the DOW was pretty much spared and still up a little over 1%.

Momo stocks like Priceline, Lulu, and Chipotle are getting killed but Linked is somehow going up. Hedgies taking profits? Although the Nasdaq may just take a 4% upturn just like a few days ago. You really can't tell when a rumor will break out.

Of course saying the economy grew a little faster than we last thought, but the same as we first thought, but in different ways than we last thought and in completely different ways from what we first thought, is somehow good for a nice jump in oil. Because we all know that previous growth is very bullish for future growth.

Somehow banks offloading bad debt to governments that can't afford the debt so the same banks can may risky new bets destined to go bad is very bullish for everyone. Even though the governments still haven't figured out how to buy the bad debt from the banks and they might not be able to anyway, still just the thought of being able to get rid of your debt and issue new debt is good enough, right?


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Since there has been some requests, I have made a comparison charts between my longer term silver and gold prediction charts and actual prices for correspondingly periods of March 13th-September 29th for silver, and May 4th-September 29th for Gold with explanations here:

Silver prediction chart and reality comparison -new chart

And here:

Gold prediction chart and reality comparison-new chart

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Wooo, sound the alarms - CONTAGION. It took a sovereign downgrade of a Pacific country to get the EUR back under 1.36. :) Everyone pile into that NZD short, most retail traders are (were) long, massive stops ahead! Yarr

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Time for CNBC clown to come up with another rumor of unicorns taking over Europe. Something needs to be done to pump the market, which is falling fast now.