Market Snapshot: Financials Finish Weak On An Unchanged Week

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in other words.. more plans of the plans by the plans from europe this weekend.

And hopefully euro will open with the gap down, i need another 60 pips down to close the trade.

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Stop hunting algobots in action-

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I think Monday may go up, the summits will announce some other planns...

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and...cue the PrimeX for "the weekend problem"... week?  FEAR, BiCheZ!

L0L!!!   too soon?

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<-- YES

<-- NO

That was fun:

GS 92.69 -5.24 -5.35%

C 24.63 -1.39 -5.34%

BAC 5.90 -0.38 -6.05%

WFC 24.54 -0.83 -3.27%

JPM 30.70 -1.68 -5.19%

XLF 11.83 -0.44 -3.59%

MS 14.24 -0.94 -6.19%

I had a vision back in 2008 of all the above stocks selling for ~ $2. C would almost be there if not for the split. BAC is closing in.

And I saw a pale horse, and the name of him who sat upon it was Death...

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ES closed with a nice red doji after a three day run up on light volume...may mark short term trend reversal (selloff) like the ES dojis on 7/22, 8/17, 8/30, 9/19 and 9/20...also check out the series of ES lower highs & lower lows since 9/01...imo...

time for a cocktail

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weak and unchanged = strong in the new normal.

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But at least MBS prepays picked up in September! For FNR 4.0s, but what the hell.

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