Market Snapshot: Financials Flop, Credit Collapses, S&P Closes At 2011 Lows

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Doug Kass can't be happy right now.

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james altucher cant be happy either

jm's picture

Frankly, I'm not all that fucking happy aboutg today either.

I did trade down into some of that spread blow-out.  We'll see.

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my agro stocks took a big hit but i also bought three 100 ozt JM & Engelhard bars over the weekend. holding them is so empowering!

AldousHuxley's picture

feels like 2009.....


no safe haven except money markets.

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How can Ben not committ suicide. Look at the carnage he has caused by running IWM up last year. Now 87 to 61 in 2 months. Nice price stability Ben. Go fuck yourself. Hope you all didn't get burned

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Today's markets have given us lehmans, but there's still no way to make lehmanaide out of this technical, across the board, chart break.  My screens are pointing way down 5% plus.

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Would love to see Goldman go under.

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Biggest Blatant HAIR ON FIRE day in a long time. Insert WB7's Jamie LIFE cover here. Total BS.

UBIGDummy's picture

Your right.

I expect the very same headline as this article, repeated for several days this week.  ESPECIALLY the part where it says  S&P closes at 2011 lows;)

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I would expect most people on  ZH would be happy today--since gold went up  2.22% and silver went up 1.74%.

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i heard he likes having his bottom penetrated

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"Nothing could surprise us.."

It is nearing time for another short-covering rally.

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I wouldn't be surprised if we see a slow hypnotic grind lower into the 1st circuit breaker followed by a 2nd day of slow grind down into another circuit breaker (this time loading the bear trap) In the 2nd lock up they announce printing where upon we don't even bother to open as we re-lock this time on the upside.. by the time real trading takes place all Bears are boiled alive. 

reader2010's picture

Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction finally arrived.

AldousHuxley's picture

banksters (aka. financial terrorists) already detonated it, but Fed tried to contain it with paper dollars. Well that failed and now we have clusterfuck of a society.


Lone superpower self destructs from her own stupidity.



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or his ass.

<Hey is that Liesman up there?>

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We penetrated his bottom?

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so after all these QE the us dollar is still the strongest currency in the world, it didn't lose that much, it isn't trading @ 0.5 euros

AldousHuxley's picture

fiat vs. fiat.


compare fiat vs. metal



redpill's picture

DXY should be a basket of commodities, it would be a lot more meaningful.

Esso's picture

No kidding. Comparing failing fiats to other failing fiats is just stupid.

It's like the people on the stern of the Titanic saying, "Those idiots on the bow are really in trouble!"

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S. O. 

Beautiful, standard oil would be the biggest company in the world if you were to put that humpty dumpty back together again. I love that story, PS its about DIVIDENDS.......

redpill's picture

The US Economy is fine.



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Cramer shoudn't take a triple-dose of crack + meth ice + caffeine before he goes on. He looks like his head is gonna explode from blood pressure.

CharlieSDT's picture

That would be the only reason to watch that garbage program.

AldousHuxley's picture

I like Cramer because he tells you WHAT NOT TO DO.

You know he is a shill for banksters who are either trying to unload at highs or load up cheap.

so when Cramer says to buy BAC, wall st. insiders are trying to unload their positions.

When Cramer says to sell BAC, insiders know bailout is coming and they are trying to get in lower.


I'd be curious to know what is the alpha on a portfolio trading on exact opposite of Cramer's recommendations VS. another portfolio on all of his recommendations.


He is a journalist btw.....talker/entertainer speculator. Real traders trade and hide their secrets even within firms.



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I'm thinking that with Operation Twist, there is also an "Untwist" ala the hedge overlay unwinds.  Potentially, some violent traps are gonna snap in here.

Intended or unintended consequence? 

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Why are health care stocks getting slaughtered? Doesn´t make sense to me. They should be holding up like consumer staples...

razorthin's picture

If this is indeed the big implosion, you expect any equity to be spared?

SwingForce's picture

Your avatar is awesome. If we implode, Ron Paul will be elected President. 

CClarity's picture

They're liquid and can be sold.  Offsets for things with less liquidity.  

Really ugly 1st of month and quarter.  Doesn't auger well for rest of year, though there will be some brief spectaculr dangerous rallies.

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What's more liquid than Tbonds? Where's the most profit? 

335 of 500 S&P stocks now pay more than the 10 yr Tnote. That's 2/3's.

SPY pays more than 10T, XLU pays 1.5x 10T, IYR for chrissakes pays 2x 10yrT AUGH!

john39's picture

how can the gov or individuals pay for outragously expensive (and largely useless) healthcare if both are broke?

jm's picture

Hospitals and such--they carry huge amounts of debt and Medicare reimbursement rate cuts have screwed their business model.  Then you can see why they aren't going to be leasing a $10 mil/year robot surgical suite.  It all rolls downhill.

AldousHuxley's picture

all equities and even bonds are taking a hit. also commodities, except gold/silver and for some reason Nickle (up 5%)


economic depression (aka. reality without Fed)...portfolio asset rebalancing...


even funeral parlors (SCI) are down....


Get Low about a funeral party


"people are dying in bunches everywhere but here"

"What are the odds of a funeral home going broke?"

"You have a business that everyone on Earth needs. If you can't make that work, it's you, right?"

Financial_Guardian_Angel's picture

One sentence summary: "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine."

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Latest rumour:reverse split for Citi

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Tag: Investment Grade


Right.. countdown there.

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Good thing I bought SPXU yesterday. 

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banks/insurance, MIC, Health care, all govt supported all in trouble.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Any update on how the Fed will inject the 400 billion.  Specifically will this be more POMO or some other event that we can front run? 

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4 trading days until Anon takes out the NYSE 

marcusfenix's picture

very, very suspicious them targeting wall street, an attack on the NYSE plays right into the federal govts hands while doing no damage to them. it helps no one as the NYSE is already sinking like the titanic anyways and all this attack would achieve is not allowing us to watch it go under.

an attack on a major civilian institution will strengthen the feds position on "cyber terror" and will pave the way for further internet censorship, control and regulation all in the name of security and safety.

I would like to believe anon is legit but this casts to much doubt..

I call false flag.