Market Snapshot An Hour After Speech

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Volume picked up significantly after Bernanke's speech was released, providing little (if any) new fodder for QE3 equity-market-hopers and once again pressing for Congress to act. ES has dropped around 1% led by financials.

Financials lost ~1.2% and Discretionarys ~1% from the release of the speech

And perhaps the Treasury market understood this better than the equity market as early as yesterday morning

Of course, DXY is making new highs, Gold near highs and oil near lows of day and over in credit-land HY is 15bps wider and IG 3bps wider with financials notably wider on the day.


UPDATE: by request - Dollar Index FX Majors performance today (up is stronger dollar)

Charts: Bloomberg

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QE D.O.A. 

Bernanke is clearly stating it for his friends who have ears.

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Obama Guest List for Jobs speech tonight:

The White House invited several guests to attend President Barack Obama's speech to the nation on jobs:

JEFFREY IMMELT -- Chairman and CEO of GE; chairman of President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

STEVE CASE -- Chairman and CEO of Revolution LLC and co-founder of America Online; member of President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

DARLENE MILLER -- Owner of Permac Industries, a small business in Burnsville, Minn.; member of President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

KENNETH CHENAULT -- Chairman and CEO of American Express; member of President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

RICHARD TRUMKA -- President of AFL-CIO; member of President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

GOV. MARTIN O'MALLEY -- Maryland governor; chair of the Democratic Governors Association.

MAYOR MARK MALLORY -- Two-term mayor of Cincinnati.

MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA -- Two-term mayor of Los Angeles.

DR. ALBERT GREEN -- CEO of Kent Displays, a small business in Kent, Ohio.

JAN HEISTER -- President of Premier Tooling and Mfg, Inc., a small business in Peosta, Iowa.

PHILIP MAUNG -- Owner of Hissho Sushi, a small business in Charlotte, N.C.

GRACEY IBARRA ---- Certified nursing assistant and mother of two children.

JOSPEH KIDD -- U.S. Navy veteran; studying pre-nursing.

JOHN RAFTERY -- U.S. Marine Corps veteran; CEO of Patriot Contractors, a construction firm.

NICOLE GENTILE -- Third grade teacher in Cleveland, Ohio.

KELCIE FISHER -- Senior at Open High, a public high school in Richmond, Va.

HECTOR SEALEY -- Corporate director of safety, risk management and compliance officer at Fort Myer Construction.

KIRK BERGSTROM -- Project engineer with Denver Transit Partners.

DAVID CATALANO -- Co-founder of Modea, a digital advertising agency in Blacksburg, Va.

DANNIE AND SABRINA MANGRUM -- Dannie is a Maryland corrections officer and Sabrina is getting her teaching degree. Parents of three children and anticipating adoption of three foster children.

JESSICA PICKETT -- Firefighter and medic with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department.

MARLENA CLARK -- Systems engineer at Maryland IT company and graduate of Anne Arundel Community College.

TAMARA WASHINGTON -- Single mother; obtained a job through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Emergency Contingency Fund.

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That murdering SOB Trumpka? (see Eddie York killed by Trumpka's thugs)...are you MUCKING KIDDING?

JW n FL's picture

thank you for the info..

how about the youtube link for Eddie York??

Union officials from 56 affiliated labor unions have decided to make Richard Trumka Big Labors new Top Boss.

Let me tell you a story about the AFL-CIOs new top man:

In spring 1993, Trumka ordered more than 17,000 miners in seven states out on strike. His objective was to force miners to pay union dues as a condition of employment. From the beginning, Trumkas strike was rife with violence. Thugs vandalized homes, fired shots into mine offices, and trapped 93 miners underground by cutting power to the mine.

But that wasnt the worst. No doubt, the wife and three children of Eddie York will never forget what Trumkas troops did on July 22, 1993. On that day, Eddie wasn't as fortunate as the trapped miners. This husband and father of three was shot in the back of the head as he drove past militant Mineworker goons.

Eddie never got the chance to hold his children again.

Eddie died that day just because he wanted to provide for his family.

To make matters worse, Trumkas goons pounded would-be rescuers with stones keeping them from trying to help Eddie.

Trumka's public reaction is as chilling as it is revealing.

When, shortly after Eddies murder, Trumka was asked about the union orchestrated violence, he said, if you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you're going to burn your finger. Youre going to get burned?

This was brutal violence including a murder that Trumka was talking about so casually.

In June 1994, a federal jury found Mineworkers strike captain Jerry Dale Lowe guilty on conspiracy and weapons charges in the death of York. York's widow filed a lawsuit against Lowe, Trumka, and several other Mineworker Union officials charging that Trumkas strike tactics and directives had contributed to Eddie York's death.

For four years, forced union dues paid lawyers to zealously fight Widow York's wrongful death suit. But it was a judges order that federal prosecutors release evidence from Lowe's criminal trial that turned the table.

After that bombshell, it took Trumkas lawyers just two days to reach a secret settlement. Until the very day of the settlement was reached, Trumka and his cohorts defense strategy was to insist that strike captain Lowe was innocent even though a previous Mineworkers-financed appeal had been dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Union lawyers apparently couldn't afford to concede that Lowe had committed the crime and claim that he had acted alone. Why not? Perhaps because there was overwhelming evidence, now buried as a result of the settlement that proved Lowe worked with other union bosses not alone.

CoolBeans's picture

Thank you for sharing this data - very disturbing and a story that must be told and told and told.

Thanks for posting.

Hedgetard55's picture

Expect that times a thousand in the next 15 months.

Sancho Ponzi's picture

'Bernanke "puzzled" (lol!) by weak consumer spending'

That is pathetic, is it not? 

Forget demand, Ben. Forget 'slack in the ecoomy', Ben. There isn't a liquidity trap, Ben. You've got cause and effect backwards, Ben. The US is in a balance sheet recession. Consumers and small businesses are broke. What is so hard to understand? What is wrong with that knucklehead? 

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DXY making new highs in what, other collapsing fiats?

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That's why DXY is a joke.  Instead of being a basket of other currencies, it should be a basket of commodities.


EscapeKey's picture

Personally, I like the rising value of my scratched CDs relative to broken records, though they're not doing too well compared to smashed windscreens. I wish I invested in them instead.

redpill's picture

Is that the broken window theory?

Belarus's picture

The only tool is an  empty, outdated and tired smith and wesson without bullets. The market has long woken up to it. the only thing keeping the market from crashing for the moment is the algo-hfts. 

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USDCHF 1.99%

USDDKK 1.41%

USDSEK 1.17%

USDNOK 0.74%

USDCAD 0.56%

USDJPY 0.26%

EURUSD -1.40% GBPUSD -0.05%
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wow that Fiat is worse than USD? Incredible

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Fuck Bernanke.




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Consumer Credit report at 3PM could be the nail in the coffin for today. Watching for $DXY break above $76.35 and it's off to the races.

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Consumer credit increased at an annual rate of 6 percent in July 2011. Revolving credit decreased at an annual rate of 5-1/4 percent, while nonrevolving credit increased at an annual rate of 11-1/4 percent.
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it's like having our 911 early  

JW n FL's picture



they all have to go.


they will make you go.

until you figure out for yourself why this is in fact true, nothing will change.

mfoste1's picture

the market just said "ehhhh fuck it"

wherewasi's picture


See Bernank enjoying the laugh about the CNBS moviie and being played by Paul Giamatti?   Hillarious, right?


Hey douche-hole... did you forget about the millions unemployed and homeless?  Keep laughing asshole.

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If Bernanke does not want to do QE3 there will be no QE3.  Until about January that is, because there is simply no other way to finance .gov. The maths don't work. This sucker might go down. Mission Accomplished.....etc.

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Hey Tyler, what's with the changing of the ratios on the S&P vs the 2/10/30 butterfly? For the past week S&P ~ 1190 translated into a hopium value of ~75; today it's ~57???

Qa's picture

Looks like Tyler uses the e-mini continuos contract @ES. It could be that the calculation shifted from the September delivery ESU11 to December ESZ11 today. When this happens, it is common to adjust the entire series by the cumulative adjustment factor so the current price of the series is the same as the current price of the current contract.

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Just another insane afternoon. Dow down -190, gold up 2%+, silver up 2%+, USD Index up 0.7, Euro down -2.0...

Bots, algos, PM manipulation... something's coming folks...

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All i know is there is one hell of a spread running. And with the euro trouble, Athens down 4% + somethin aint right, i agree.

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Anyone watching the clown act with the USDollar?  Godam markets atre so courrpted its just laughable.