Market Snapshot - Reaction To Wen's Ultimatum

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An hour after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao dropped all pretense of working together for the greater good, markets around the world are reacting more notably than many would have expected. With most talking heads still clinging to the line about 'helping the Europeans' and missing the quid-pro-quo of it all that we so clearly intimated from his speech, expectations of a risk-on 'we-are-all-saved' reaction have been dashed on a beach of the-trade-wars-have-begun.

ES is -13pts from the day session close (and almost 20pts from intraday highs), having taken out intraday swing support levels around 1154.


The USD is rallying as EUR lost 1.37 and 1.3650 quite quickly and JPY crosses are falling - most notably KRWJPY, ZARJPY, NZDJPY, and AUDJPY for now.

Chart: Bloomberg


Risk-assets broadly are being sold as is evident by the significantly weak reaction from the risk-basket CONTEXT indicating further weakness in ES may be to come overnight (unless of course more rumors miraculously appear).

TSYs are rallying, 2s10s30s dropping, and as the USD strengthens so Oil (<$90), Copper (<$395), Gold (<$1840), and Silver (<$41) are all losing ground. All-in-all, not exactly what the doctor ordered but we are less than surprised by the gamesmanship given the world's placing of the Chinese on a pedestal.


UPDATE: Just for good measure, its not just the Western world selling off, in the reverse psychological reacharound that is a wholly un-decoupled world, KOSPI is down more than 3%

Chart: Bloomberg

And a plethora of schizophrenic quotes abound from the Chinese, including but not limited to:




and this (from Bloomberg):

China shouldn’t buy bonds issued by individual euro-area countries because their leaders and the European Central Bank are in disarray, said Yu Yongding, a former adviser to China’s central bank.


“China has to wait until it can see a clearer road map by euro countries for solving sovereign-debt problems,” Yu, who is based in Beijing, said in e-mailed comments today. The nation is not a lender of last resort for “troubled countries,” he added.

and finally this:

PBOC Adviser: China Must Get Own Policies Right Before Helping Others; EU Must Make Pragmatic, Tangible Decisions On Fiscal Reform

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Lionhead's picture

Who cares anymore; the markets are broken, the politicos are idiots & the populace is too stupid to understand anything. The time has come to just let things play out & unwind naturally.

SilverDosed's picture

That can is getting awfully heavy and toes are being broken in every attempt to kick it further. If I were the chinese why in the hell would I bail these fuckers out? Let them fall and then buy up all the pieces for pennies on the dollar.

Lionhead's picture

That Bloomberg quote pretty much sums it all up. They will do exactly that after prices are at fire sale prices. TPTB have sown the seeds of their destruction. Rumors will not prevent the "Great Unwind" to come after the currency, trade & shooting wars. The time has arrived & the time squandered will not be subject to a Mulligan.

Are you kidding's picture

If "we" die...China dies right along with us!  What DO they have?  Really?  A bunch of debt?  Paper?  China holds that paper that won't be worth shit.  You think they're coming to physically take something?  They've got a big army to get past.  China is a loser in this game.  Everything will eventually get pawned off on those suckers.  After all...THEY funded our buying of THEIR stuff!  We got "things"...they got a bunch of computer 0s and 1s.  Who is the bigger fool?  And any shooting war that China doesn't back the "west" will mean debt to China becomes forgiven.  China going to war with the US?  With Europe?  Forget about those trillion we owe BETTER win...or you'll be left with nothing.  I don't think China will win.  China isn't ready to be a world power.  80% of the country still has people living with their livestock...right?  We keep our animals safely lockied up in the inner cities.

iNull's picture

Yeah, I have to agree Lion. We all knew this day was coming. Most of us anyway. We warned and now that it's here what are we going to do? Stand on a soap box in Hyde Park and say I told you so? I think not. Most of us are so disgusted with the apathy and ignorance that we just don't give a F.U.C.K. anymore. Like Jim Morrison said, we had our kicks, now burn the shithouse to the ground. Sorry young ones.

LongSoupLine's picture

whew...Marie Curie is spinning in her grave with all the rumor half-lives we're being subjected to.

zorba THE GREEK's picture

Years ago, individual stocks would trade radically up or down on the slightest rumor.

Now it seems whole markets are behaving that way. When stocks or markets are moved

by rumors, rumors will be spread by those who look to take quick profits from markets.


Yamaha's picture

When is the next telepromter addess from Nero?

Denver768's picture

Quick machines, everyone to the dollar.... Transitory BS rally while the rats on the sinking ship search for high ground...

...tick, tick...

Augustus's picture

It could be the futures response to the Dems and Soros losing the two Special Elections on Tuesday.  The New York one to replace the Goldenrod Rep will be pretty shocking for quite a few.  What Jobs Bill will they be counting on now?  Pillaging just got a bit harder.

kenneth's picture

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LetThemEatRand's picture

How sad that the Globalists gave these fucking Chinese bastards so much power.  They are neither Communist nor Capitalist.  They are pure Crony and even Blankfein would blush at their pure greed.

myne's picture

Everyone gave the Chinese the power.

Every single cent that was sent over there to buy random plastic crap over the last 30 years was a vote towards their superioirity.

Every cent we borrowed back from them only tied our future to them.

We screwed ourselves by failing to compete. We lived the hedonistic lifestyle and now we're all paying. Economics doesn't respect borders, ideologies, morality or race. It never has and it never will.

Don't blame the Chinese for playing a great game. Blame yourself for taking the path of least resistance.

On the up side, even their empire won't last forever.

Bobbyrib's picture

It's time to buy US made products whenever you can afford them and when they produce an American version of the product you want to buy.

"Economics doesn't respect borders, ideologies, morality or race. It never has and it never will."

People understood this years ago, but forgot it. We have a free trade deal with Vietnam for crying out loud.

chump666's picture

The Chinese are now adding super volatility to the mix.  Completely bizarre with no real motives (with schizo rhetoric), if it is to force Yuan buying...doesn't make sense the USD is bid and it will stay bid till the Fed 'reveals' Op Twist to the market, even then...

Something is seriously wrong.  The system is breaking down.

erik's picture

Greece 5 yr CDS rates rose 52% today alone.  Over 2500 pts in one day!  That is unprecedented, and shows no one is willing to write insurance against Greek debt at any cost.  Their 10 yr yield reached 25% today.


Drag Racer's picture

wow, 7254

it would be funny if it wasn't wreaking havoc on lives.

barliman's picture


... and so the Swiss franc peg to euro shows itself as a realignment to the new market reality. Who needs a friend like the U.S. (utlimatum: screw you, give us the account info)when you've got a "frenemy" like China positioned to conclude a takeover of Europe by Christmas. The Chinese leaders place a good deal of value on having someplace to keep their anonymous personal accounts. 

For the NKOTB, this doesn't mean there won't be wars. There are a lot of "natural resource areas" yet to be sorted out.

Anyone interested in starting a pool on how long before Hillary resigns as SecState and announces her candidacy for the Democratic nomination?


Drag Racer's picture

I would bet against the clit'on running due to too much crap on her that could come out in the open. the ptb don't want that kind of attention right now.

Yen Cross's picture

Well said chump66.  Lack of transparency and 3 Trillion buy a lot of financial " Volcanoes"!


  The markets have no correlations, and are trendless! " Like a blind man looking for the light switch on a "stair case" that leads to the basement!

chump666's picture

yeah it's not looking good. 

Absalon's picture

China's currency manipulation is and always has been a strategic diplomatic and military policy more than an economic policy.  Maybe the West will wake up to that now.

Bulleri's picture

Beware of massive correlation taking place and gold appears to be attached as well... hedged myself with DGZ today... double top is looking more likely by the day as opposed to my originally hoped for bull flag formation.

Augustus's picture

The selling is in recognition of the fact that Michelle Humpdat only has one night to comfort O'bummer.

Tomorrow he gets a Bris and a visit from Rev. Jackson for the castration.

The Jobs Program is next to suffer.

Yogibear101's picture

WalMart Pepper seasoned Pastrami $7.98/lb. thin sliced is a good snack for watching everything sell off...  My ziplock bag is empty.

Mauibrad's picture

Beautiful graphs.

Zgangsta's picture

Europe is apparently rallying around the news that the ECB is coming to the rescue of two banks.

Maybe we're all underestimating just how badly people want to go on believing the lie?  Maybe if everyone goes insane, we can all go insane together!  Maybe that's what John Lennon's "Imagine" is really all about!

Or maybe I need to get some more sleep...