Mayor Bloomberg Tells Newyorkers To Prepare For Evacuation

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Anyone living in New York may want to read this Bloomberg article as it is important stuff, unlike anything coming out of Jim Cramer, who told everyone an hour ago that "this is a turning point, Buffett's bailout marks the beginning of a massive multiday short-covering rally in the financials" - naturally the XLF is about to turn red.

Hurricane Irene May Require NYC Evacuations, Bloomberg Says

New York officials preparing for Hurricane Irene will decide tomorrow whether to call for the evacuation of low-lying areas in downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

The decision would be based on the strength, path and speed of the storm, Bloomberg told reporters today at a news conference in a flood-prone section of Queens. The city would offer “an enormous shelter system” for those without a place to stay on higher ground, he said.

“We don’t have enough information yet to make that call,”
Bloomberg said. “The timing is a bit up in the air, as it is with all these things. Sometime on Friday, late in the day. How many depends on how severe we think the storm is going to be.”

The mayor has the power to issue an executive order to force people to move, which he said he would do only in the “worst circumstances.”

Irene, the strongest Atlantic storm to threaten the U.S.
since 2005, battered the Bahamas today with 113 mph winds on a course that’s expected to take it near North Carolina this weekend and New England next week. Only five hurricanes on record dating to 1851 have tracked within 75 miles of New York City, the most recent being Gloria in 1985, according to the National Weather Service.

City officials are planning for a storm with winds of at least 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) accompanied by heavy rain, the mayor said. They expect the brunt of the storm to cross mid-Long Island, on the border of Nassau and Suffolk counties, to the east of the city, he said.

He advised residents to prepare “go-bags” containing water, non-perishable food, medications, important papers and extra house and car keys in the event officials declare the storm dangerous enough to evacuate. The areas affected include lower Manhattan, southeast Queens, Brooklyn’s beach communities including Coney Island and coastal areas of Staten Island, Bloomberg said.

The Police Department has 50 small boats to use in the event of floods. Sanitation crews are cleaning leaves and refuse from storm sewers and moving equipment to higher ground.
Hospitals have checked their emergency power generators, stocks of medicine and other supplies.

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Bloomberg better evacuate NYC and close down all stock exchanges tomorrow, cause when Ben takes the podium at Jackson Hole tomorrow, we are going to have a systemic collapse of global markets. 

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Back to attention whoring eh?

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Ray Nagin called in to advise Mayor Bloomberg on a "Mandatory"


"ah you know the big question I have ah,   the storm is going to hit to the west of us, is that correct?"

"actually the latest track takes it right overhead"

"right overhead? ah so which low lying areas should we be concerned about?"


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NYSE to provide Superdome like accommodations according to Bloomberg's spokesman.

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"Welcome to FEMA Camp Freedom.  While you're here there will be a few rules we should go over with you..."

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Good excuse for Bloomie to confiscate guns. The second amendment says you're not allowed to have one if there's bad weather.


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or a vet, or have an opinion, or don't like barry, or ben's hyperinflation, or ...

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@fuu--youre only one post below him i might add

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But he doesn't have tits in his avatar.

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I miss 'em


Something about them 'perked' my attention.

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Thanks for pointing that out kido.

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what's that Zamphir, would you prefer a big-veined pants flute?

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As well if the site is deemed to have adult content in Google searches ZH will not show up until you have parent guard turned off. (note that google has this option enable as a default.) 98% of people searching will not be able to ZH content.

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So use an approiate image...

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Yes that is what we need a politicaly correct site , and nothing can be said or done , then we can be like all the other sites out there, CRAP. Get back to work slave and stop bothering us 

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Slaughterer's perky breasts avatar - appropriate or not - is gone. Censorship by Tyler or Slaughterer himself?

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Obviously you don't understand the value of tradition around here...

And who said fight club was supposed to be easy to find?

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If they closed the Crapex for 2 minutes,

physical Gold would soar ...

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NYC and NJ - a lot of the communications infrastructure is below street level and did not exist the last time a really large storm surge hit.

In 1921 a 13 foot surge flooded all of lower Manhattan.

Way too much for the pumping system.

Something to think about.

I wonder if HFT's can skim water like pond insects?

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So the global econonomy is going "tits up"?

Abitdodgie's picture

At least we are keeping abreast of things 

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given that 6 sigma events are more common (thanks to  the Large Hadron Collider distorting  how the wave function collapses) , Irene will likely devastate NYC

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Can you translate the wave function collapsing link to Large Hadron Collider? Are you serious or kidding? It's just an interesting comment even if it's ultra-nerd humor.

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File it under nerd humor...

You have a pretty good chance of connecting Irene to a coal fired power plant in Texas....

Bob's picture

Hey, nerdmeister--we were talking about 3 D printers.  Check this shit out:

Looks like I may get that printed engine I've been wanting.  As long as humanity doesn't plunge into a NeoDark Age in the meantime, of course. 

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No need to be rude.... Hey, I've always  thought 3-D printing was a cool thing. Ain't gonna save te world though.

Bob's picture

Not meaning to be rude, Flakmeister, just breezily engaging.  Ah, the world--that would seem to be the big question. 

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Forget Nerd humor BtG, think about the temporal connect between the rash of 6 (and beyond) sigma events and the much delayed start of the LHC. i know the whole causality does not imply etc.... but it is quite stunning.

Especially large earth/weather events. And, because we live in a fractal world, all th eother 6 sigma stuff in terms of wars and collapses and the like. The LHC is definitely part of th emix. Never befre handled/generated energies, failing systems..... quite the recepie for disaster.


Flakmeister's picture

The earth has been smacked by cosmic rays that dwarf the center-of-mass energies of the LHC....


Oh regional Indian's picture

Come on Flak, that is just weak.

You should understand concentration vs. diffusion in terms of Energy and it's impact/controllability. Or are you saying yellowcake in the ground is the same thing as it's refiined form in the reactor? 



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You obviously have no idea what yu just regurgitated. Pretending to be smart around smart people will only further embarras you.

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Highest energy density collider is RHIC at Brookhaven.... the goal of which is to recreate and study the quark-gluon plasma....

At max luminosity, the LHC will have about ~25 collisions every 26 ns (I may be off slightly, been a while since I did any LHC related stuff)... effective maximum CoM energy between consituents is about 10 TeV (and those will be very rare

Pinched from Wiki:

The first observation of a cosmic ray with an energy exceeding 1.0×1020 eV (~15 J) was made by John Linsley and Livio Scarsi at the Volcano Ranch experiment in New Mexico in 1962.[1][2]

Cosmic rays with even higher energies have since been observed. Among them was the Oh-My-God particle observed on the evening of 15 October 1991 over Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. Its observation was a shock to astrophysicists, who estimated its energy to be approximately 3×1020 eV[3](50 joules)—in other words, a subatomic particle with kinetic energy equal to that of a baseball (142 g or 5 oz) traveling at 100 km/h (60 mph). It was most probably a proton with a speed very close to the speed of light, so close, in fact, [(1 ? 5×10?24) × c], that in a year-long race between light and the cosmic ray, the ray would fall behind only 46 nanometers (5×10?24light-years), or 0.15 femtoseconds (1.5×10?16 s).[4]

The energy of this particle is some 40 million times that of the highest energy protons that can currently be produced in any particle accelerator. However only a small fraction of this energy would be available for an interaction with a proton or neutron on Earth, with most of the energy remaining in the form of kinetic energy of the products of the interaction. The effective energy available for such a collision is the square root of double the product of the particle's energy and the mass energy of the proton, which for this particle gives 7.5×1014 eV, roughly 50 times the collision energy of the Large Hadron Collider.

Since the first observation, by the University of Utah's Fly's Eye Cosmic Ray Detector, at least fifteen similar events have been recorded, confirming the phenomenon. These very high energy cosmic rays are very rare; the energy of most cosmic rays is between 10 MeV and 10 GeV 

As an aside, the name Fly's Eye made me want to build an experiment to do a precision measurement (1 part in 10^5) of pion beta decay.... the name would be Gnat's Ass.

Bob's picture

Now that's amazing.  Perhaps Jimmy Hoffa caught one of those.  Or its big brother.

thesapein's picture

That was the kewlest thing I read all day. Thanks!

Oh regional Indian's picture

It's all quite simple actually.

If you trade, I hope you understand fractals. The rest, as they say, is all dependent on your angle of repose! ;-)


DormRoom's picture

yes,.. discovery of the Higgs Boson occurs in low probability world history branches.  So each time the Large Hadron Collider searches for the discovery of it @ higher energy levels, it phases (wave function collapse) our world time-lines to these low probability world timelines. 


And it is in these timelines where greater 6 sigma events occur more frequently.  rare events like an earthquake in Virginia.  A hurricane dissemating NYC.  end of EMU.