MBIA Soars Following BTIG Initiation With $22.50 Target

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$8,96 playing along. My target is $100, for dreaming is not (yet) forbidden by TPTB

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making good money eh Tyler? anti-tilson and MBI

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It was really a pair trade with BAC.

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Heres a nice pairs trade. Short market long cash.  Yes yes , THEYRE PRINTING MONEY!!

Get over it. You can worry about the price of bread and eggs in 2015. Buy physical gold with your profits. Welcome.

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Short the market when they're printing like there's no tomorrow?

My pairs trade, Buy Silver, Buy Silver. Because saying it once just wasn't enough.

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If you think theyre printing enough to counteract the credit destruction then you havent been paying attention. Theyre barely printing enough to stand still.   If they even think about printing enough to get back on that exponential curve we all need to stop mad max coming to town , well , oil will be at 300 and mad max will pay us a visit anyway AND they lose control of their fun and games as a consequence.

Theyre doing just enough to stay in control of the levers and that means a controlled deflation. It doesnt mean gold is going down so all you gold bugs dont freak out , youre gonna be ok. Silver - not so sure. Poor mans gold. Kinda pointless. Just buy a smaller gold coin.

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I thought the Court would have issued its ruling on MBI v BAC regarding the causality issue around Nov. 17.  That still may be coming, which continues to make MBI a binary trade.  There's around $2bn in the balance. 

As to the pair trade, most days, MBI shares have been lumped in with the banks... had to look away.

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Great, another company writing CDSs that cannot be covered....

Fucking mono-lines are a great example of exactly how fucked our financial system became...

And to think I used to work for one...

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I would be cautious:

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If they can beat the fraud charges, and hell freezes over, and pigs grow wings...

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any options on this one..a leveraged way to play upside  ?

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Thanks for the update Manal

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What is it Fezzini said you aren't supposed to do to a Sicilian?