Meanwhile In San Diego...

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... Keynesianism is already having an effect after all 1.4 million customers of SDGE are currently without power. We expect the president to announce he will rebuild all the lost electricity any minute now. We also expect half the S&P will blame their missed earnings on the "Great SoCal blackout of 2011"

From the LA Times:

San Diego utility officials said they are trying to figure out what caused a massive power outage affecting large parts of region.


"We understand power is out, we are working on the cause and solution. We do not have a restoration time yet," San Diego Gas and Electric said in a statement on its Twitter feed.


Across San Diego, businesses are closed, traffic is snarled and the trolley system is down. San Diego International Airport was on backup generators.


There were reports that power was also out in southern Orange County, Imperial County, Tijuana, Arizona and Palm Springs.


The city of San Diego has set up its emergency operations center.


Sheriff's officials told Fox 5 San Diego that many of its substations were without power. Utility officials are trying to figure out what cause the outage.

And from the SGDE website:

There’s a major power outage in the region. SDG&E crews are working as quickly and safely as possible. We don’t have an estimated restoration time. The power could be out through the night and into tomorrow. The outage has affected street lights. Please drive safely and treat the street lights as a four-way stop. If you have a personal family emergency plan, please activate it now.

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of course this is obamas fault /sarc

pods's picture

Gonna be a real long ride home if every street light is treated as a 4 way stop.


TwelfthVulture's picture

of course this is bush's fault - obama


there.  fixed it for you.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

The more we centralize the grid, the safer we are, right?

hedgeless_horseman's picture

Texas has our own grid.

Fuck y'all!

Pool Shark's picture

Don't look now, but I think your grid is on fire!

zerohandle's picture

Keynesian would say that. 

Dyler Turden II Esq's picture

No, not Obama's fault, it is all KEYNES' fault!  If it weren't for that old bastard, we'd be living in a land of milk and honey.

sabra1's picture

terrorists struck before 9/11/11! all alarms are silent, i'd go and check your gold stash, like, NOW!!!!!!

Spirit Of Truth's picture

Looks like al Qaeda might have recruited some former Enron executives...

10 Years Later: Was Russia Behind 9/11? 

jmc8888's picture

Well given that the Russians warned us before time of shit going down, I'd say no.

seek's picture

A different source cites a ham radio operator saying two conventional plants are down, and LA Times reports San Onofe nuclear plant had two units go offline due to grid issues. There's claims it's affecting areas as far east as Phoenix, but I'm there and nothing noticable so far.

TwelfthVulture's picture

That shouldn't matter.  Isn't California mandating alternative sources like solar and wind.

traderjoe's picture

I'm hoping your being sarcastic. Solar and wind? Useless liberal babble.

H H Henry P P P Paulson's picture

What's their Motel 6 motto now?

James's picture

...............and we'll leave the candle lit for 'ya!

RockyRacoon's picture

In Lincoln's day, when a strong wind blew through, did everyone go out on the porch to see if the neighbors candles went out too?

falun bong's picture

as they used to say at the convent: "lights out at 10; candles out at 11"

fuu's picture

"We also expect half the S&P will blame their missed earnings on the "Great SoCal blackout of 2011""


It should also make an appearance as a strawman for a future unexpected unemployment increase.

knukles's picture

fuu fuu....
You got it, dude!
The Street's next excuse!

 Mysterious Tranistory Power Outage,
 Probably Fault of Bush
 Need QE3007

Hulk's picture

Energy payment check to Arizona from California bounced...

mikmid's picture

Fired up the teleprompters and bam, sucked up all the power.

PulauHantu29's picture

Snakes....a snake probably crawled up into the power box shorting out the system. Happens all the time....mmm...maybe a racoon ....on second thought maybe a gopher.....or.....

Jasper M's picture

So . .  

"There's M*therf@cking Snakes on this M*therf@ching Power box!" 


RockyRacoon's picture

I hear that fried coon is good.   Or not good, depending upon your point of view.

BTW  Raccoon has 2 "c"s.   As I've been told many times.

SparkySC's picture

It's called a Solar Flare. Get used to it, we're entering a huge cycle of Solar Activity.



Cassandra Syndrome's picture

Solar Cycle 24 is the weakest in 200 years. Sunspot number was only 60 yesterday. It should be 3 times that amount at this stage of the cycle as it is entering its maxima period.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

I agree.  Being socially active and having normal advocations is overrated.  Have you considered bartending school?

Sofa King's picture

Can't wait to hear the expert rhetoric from all the people that know shit about Power Distribution Systems.  Always good for a laugh.

Trimmed Hedge's picture

It's pretty obvious that the PDS in this case is experiencing a faulty Johnson rod somewhere within the grid.

Just a hunch on my part, which usually turns out to be correct in most of these situations.

blunderdog's picture

I think you're right, but you may not know WHY.  I've been a regular follower of that other website where they cover all this stuff.

It's obviously a false flag sabotage attack on the Johnson rod pre-subinertial magnotronic oscillator tubes.

If only Nixon had maintained gold convertibility, this would never have happened.

Sofa King's picture

Nah, usually a squirrel.  They probably forgot to install one of these:

Hulk's picture

Squirrel slingshot:

currently working on the Racoon model...

RockyRacoon's picture

I think you got me mixed up with that flying squirrel fella.  This coon stays on the ground.

James's picture

Probably copper thieves

knukles's picture

Betcha some Great UFO photos start making to them sites... along with Dutchwhatever's HAARP radar radians, earthquakes, tsunamis and maybe even a Project Blue Beam Book of Revelations Appearance of God.
Or maybe more Chinese missle launches!
Or Homer Simpson asleep at the control panel, again... Ah, dreams of Marge with her blue hair down....
Or maybe just a fried squirrel.

Smiley's picture

That's what happens when millions of people all try to change the channel at the same time!

Buffet's Jet's picture

Praying for my San Diego brothers and sisters in these trying times.....In San Diego.......where it's 80 degrees with a cool breeze and always sunny


Hulk's picture

Emergency power diverted to Lambeau field, kid rock brought the BIG speakers !

Jordan Sparks singing the National Anthem, yummy!

Deepskyy's picture

Jordan Sparks fucking up the National Anthem you mean.  Why do singers feel they need to "make it their own" when singing the national anthem? 

Yen Cross's picture

I'll second that motion!

jmc8888's picture

Probably because she sings it a hundred times a year.  Not saying it's right, just saying.


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Better hold a congressional hearing. Give the blowhards some TV time.

b_thunder's picture

Al Qaida or chinese hackers?