The Media Admits To Ignoring Ron Paul

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Why? Because if "the unelectable one" were to become president, the financial kleptocratic, oligarchic status quo, which just so happens is the big legacy media's biggest advertising base, would be wiped out overnight. Next up: big media becomes very small media. The clip below from CNN explains it all.

As for the reason why Bachmann took first, one picture speak a thousand words:

h/t John and Travis

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RP: Buy Gold ...

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PLEASE KEEP CIA, Aig operatives away from RP...


Ebay Special GOLD Section


Gold and silver sales on eBay had already been rising steadily over the past several years -- so much so that eBay Inc. created a special area in May to make it easier for buyers to find sellers.

Now, activity on that part of the site, the Bullion Center, is intensifying as consumers unnerved by the economic uncertainty flock to gold in hopes it will be a stable investment.

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Thank you BaBa, this is another canary in the coal mine that I will track.

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I can't believe Randy Travis is such a whore.  That is... why that is downright un-American. 

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"Ron Paul will cause the next holocaust."

- actual quote from a Jew on an article yesterday

Why is Ron Paul unelectable, while Bachmann is a frontrunner? Simple. Bachmann is a traitor, loyal to Israel, the Jewish banking oligarchy, and the Jewish mainstream media oligarchy. Ron Paul is a patriotic American, who would prioritize the needs of Americans over the Jews.

Jews will use their control of the West to prevent him from winning, legally or illegally. And if by some miracle he wins... they'll do him like they did JFK--the last president to threaten the Jewish federal reserve bank.

Ugly truth, but the elephant in the room has been getting fatter and shitting on all the furniture. Can't sit comfortably any more.


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I'm currently working on an article about Ron Paul and have discovered that virtually ALL the hate groups endorse him.  All the groups that represent white supremacists and bigots love this guy. 

Anyone know why?  When certain groups associate themselves with a particular party, the reasons are usually obvious.  I can understand why Wall Street and evangelical Christians love republicans.  I can understand why union members and "the working class" love democrats.  And I can understand why constitutionalists and sink-or-swim, social darwinists love Ron Paul. 

But I don't understand why the hate groups love him.  Anyone got any insight on this one?


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A possibility is that Paul is the candidate for the pseudo out of the system wannabees... If those people think they are ignored by the system while they are within the system, then Paul fits the bill to be their candidate.'s picture

So calling for rule of law and adherence to the Constitution makes one a "pseudo out of the system wannabee?" Doesn't that strike you as a rather convoluted bit of reasoning?

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Actaully the Consitution allows the People to dissolve the bad and make a new Government.

But apparently left it up to the People the proper method for doing so.


And now I am hearing shit about the Electorate college being disposed of and super congress?

I think not.

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What hate groups endorse Ron Paul? Please name them so we can decide if we agree with premise.

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Anyone who questions the the position of the United States vis-a-vis Israel is a supporter of hate groups and probably a crypto-Nazi as well.

One look at Bachmann's reptillian eyes, shining with power, is enough for me.  Circle the wagons boys, the empire is in its last generation, right here.

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And haters who hate queers, fags, lizards, negroes and the rest are also no haters.

Feeling towards this kind of people are part of the human nature and therefore, any of these groups are unfairly labelled as haters.

In the end, no hate groupe support Ron Paul. Supporting Ron Paul is enough to dismiss the possibility of being a hater.

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It is pretty obvious why white supremecists or "hate groups" might vote for Ron Paul. He will respect their freedom of speech and their right to make whatever rules they wish to make on their own property. 

Neither I or Ron Paul supports the agenda of these people. But we do still believe their rights should be protected as long as they don't harm anyone else.


Anyways, go back to thedailyPoS and dickride Obama some more, trolls.

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Do you know of any republican or democrat congressmen who have voiced a desire to repeal the 1st Ammendment?

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All of them, more or less, pass laws which directly conflict with the first amendment. They appoint judges who will rewrite the constitution. (the senators)


They still prosecute federal obscenity cases even though it is obviously unconstitutional for multiple reasons. Also pretty much all the Democrats and Republicans voted to make posession of those "Crush Videos" a federal crime. The federal government still prosecutes porn even under president Obama who has a great deal of influence over the DoJ.


So, yes.


Also, your avatar is perfect since I'm sure your idol is FDR, America's pre-hilter proto-fascist.

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I kind of doubt that "crush videos" are what the foundings of this nation were thinking about protecting when they composed the 1st amendment.

I think they were trying to protect the right of people to protest the government and to practice religion as they saw fit.  The fact that pornography and sadism is being protected, but peopel have to be consigned to "free speech zones" and that political assemblies are being filtered is an absolute abmination.

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Nobody actually voices repealing it.

They just do it.



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Exactly.  Which of them has spoken out against the abomination that is the "free speech zone"?

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Ron Paul is just scum, He wants us out of the wars so we can spend our money here and not on the MIC.  He wants to shut down the fed so we don't have to pay the stupid Rothschilds interest into the next 5 generations,  He wants the money to stop inflating so that the raise I didn't get last year or the year before that doesn't affect my standard of living and run it into the toilet.  Ron Paul believes in freedom........ I tell you Ron Paul is a LOSER. 

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McCain-Feingold bill and all those who voted for it and the president who signed it, 'nuff said.

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"I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we’re in a war." - The Hideous Lindsey Graham

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Yes, anybody that signed the Patriot Act.

Which you obviously haven't read.

Actions speak louder than words.  Fuck it, the country is doomed, get over it.  In the next election, the country will just get another president that continues the status quo, whether they are elected or not, is immaterial.

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There are not many left on the wagons, they have been dead and buried along the great trail over the last decades as they lived out thier free lives bought and paid for by the blood on the tree.

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There was that Randy Gray guy and his group...

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Sorry, I for some reason got you mixed up with someone else, so ignore my below comments. ;)

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Probably for some.

It is clear that some people do think that the US achievements come from the application of the US constitution, not of a selective dismissal of it.

There has been no rule of law in the US other than US rule of law type.

US citizens have dismissed themselves the Constitution.

This, of course, since the beginning of the system.

So yeah, it makes these people think they are out of the system. They are only pseudo out of the system people though. But the appearances are enough for US citizens, arent they?

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DailyPoS is

that way -------->



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US citizens sense of direction and localization:

"We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

WMDs never to be found in Iraq.

Never trust a US citizen giving a location.

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No one gives a shit. Have fun when half of your democrat buddies jump ship and help us vote in Ron Paul for president in 2012!'s picture



I resigned my seat on the local Democratic Committee in 2008 so that I could register Republican and vote for Ron Paul in the PA primary.

AnAnonymous's picture

My democrat buddies? You mean the Obamaniacs?

Sure, sure.

funny how US citizens naturally associate speech with belonging to a certain group.

That is the way it is in this US driven world.

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Well considering you show up on every Ron Paul post it seems pretty obvious what your agenda is when you start vomiting left-inspired propaganda.

Maxter's picture

Wait wait,  "no WMD found in Iraq" is left propaganda??  Saying the Iraq war is a big farce is left propaganda? 

You know that Ron paul doesn't support all those wars ?

damage's picture

LOL Oops, sorry... for some reason I mixed up AnAnonymous with some troll...

That's what I get for not reading a comment before I reply to it!

I thought he was implying something else as I was speed-reading comments... no I do not think there were WMD's in Iraq... but I do think I need to read comments better before responding to them.

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Yes I do realize that Ron Paul is against the wars.  I also realize, which you seem not to, that Saddam most certainly DID possess WMD's.  The weapons inspectors were not just there to insure that he did not develop nuclear weapons (which he did not) but to also verify that the biological and chemical weapons which he DID possess were destroyed as provided for under UN mandate.  Those biological and chemical weapons were provided to Iraq by the US.  I'll say it again, we know he had them (wmd's) because we gave them to him.

AnAnonymous's picture

More cheap propaganda. So Iraq had WMDs. They destroyed. The US claimed it was not the case and there were WMDs. They were going to prove it. Result : no WMDs.

It confirms that just as Iraq said, they had destroyed WMDs.

US citizens know no limits and they still want people to believe that the origins of issues in this US world order should be unknown, ignored or cast on scapegoats.

TwelfthVulture's picture

Like many, you only remember the last talking point they gave you.  If you were really paying attention you would know that Iraq did indeed possess WMD's.  Remember, it was Ronnie Reagan through Donald Rumsfeld who sold them to Saddam since he was our proxy in his war against Iran.  You shouldn't be afraid that Bush started a war and didn't find WMD's.  You should be terrrified that Bush didn't find the WMD's.

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No one gives a shit, fuck Bush!


disclaimer: I did not read the above comment either...


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And another layer is peeled from the onion. It's amazing how well their propaganda works. I believed it when they said they had WMD and I believed it just as much when they said they didn't have any. Thanks for opening my eyes even further twelfth.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to was so much simpler then. But once your eyes are opened, there it's no going back. Exactly why we Ron Paul folks are so passionate and active trying to get more people to open their eyes to what is right in front of them.

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The British under Thatcher sold to both the Iranians and Iraqis. Her son brokered many of the arms deals in the ME.

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Outstanding! Thanks for posting that link.

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At about 2:38 mark when he says "thats because of partisanship" I could of sworn I heard parties 'n shit.

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We're not pseudo out of the system wannabees. And right now we both strongly support Ron Paul. Doing well, have jobs. We support Ron Paul because we are concerned about the country and future of the country.

What is your idea? What do you care about? Trash the dollar more? More debt? Come on, how are you in the system? What does that even mean?

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whoopsie whstlblwr!!  you forgot your persona, the broken english one. . .

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 Its miraculous how his english has improved in just a few days. Incredible!  Rosetta Stone?