Meet Greek Austerity...At Long Last

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Riots in 3....2...1.....

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Forget riots.

This is an outright declaration of war by the francogerman (via their puppet G-Pap) banking mafia upon the greek population.

Time for Greece to declare war on SarkoGela.


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Load of bollocks.  The wages of public sector workers in Greece is often as much as 30% higher than in Germany.  When you actually work in out in terms of wages plus bonus and benefits per hour of work, it's more than double.  However, most public sector workers live in urban areas and the rents have risen dramatically, which is why they haven't seen a significant rise in standard of living.  Those who own the properties find ways of evading property taxes (you claim the property is unfinished) or paying tax on the rent (through dubious expenses claims). 

The problem for the Germans is they cannot intervene on domestic matters, such as tax code and collection standards, so the strategy is to make life unpleasant enough for the average citizen that they demand a change in the culture.


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And we thought the Irish got boned.

1000 Euro/month isn't luxury by any means

something Freudian about Greece "remaining the hard core" of Europe

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I don't get how the Greek government is still in power?  Why have their not been massive recall elections by the population?

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Riots serve to unleash anger.  It when you don't see riots in situations like these, that's when you should brace youself for outright war. 

I am going long 5.45x39 and RGD5

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"Woof, woof!!" ~ the greek riot dog

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Green for you, sir. Maximum green for Riot Dog.

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Yeah, Riots and then Compliance.

That is exactly how it will play out, here and there.

Keep watching that tv and listening to the spew. Your brain will conform, sooner or later. Or you die.....

Greece is the ant in the realm of elephants. Wait until French banks default in regards to Belgium obligations.




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The ratio colleted taxes / GDP is smaller in Greece than in Switzerland. What does this tell us? They pass laws and do not enforce them! So all this austerity is just on paper. Not even Excel savings, only ppt savings....

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50% reduction in vaseline use between men and boys.

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"one riot gyro coming up"

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Does that come with teargas tzatziki and a molotov to wash it down?

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Sweet incentives to live in greece... So about a year from now we'll be replacing the word 'Greece' in the is article with 'USA' right?

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40% less food stamps for all.

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Yeah, all the people we know collecting $1150 on SSI: dropping down to $1049 immediately! 

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And Greece is still in the game!

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Welcome to Debt Slavery dear Grecians.  One might consider a move to Sparta.  On second thought, Iceland would be a better move.

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Your new overlords(IMFecked) are here with a plan!

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If you think going back to the Dracma and taking the hit that way would be better, just ask the Wiemar Germans or the Zimbabweans.

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It's going to suck, regardless.  But, that would be the only way to get out from the iron grip of the banksters.

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Opa!! I'll have some flaming cheese with that

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Harcore man, really hard core... grandpas being forced to take a 20% cut and return to the laboral market making 40% less... in the meantime Goldman Sach Greece will raise the Christmas bonuses for the architect of this disaster another 20%

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Nobody is taking a 20% haircut. The 20% applies to amounts over 1,200 euros. I would guess many pensioners wont get a cut at all.

This is going to accomplish next to nothing. It's no different than US politicians announcing cuts that sound impressive on the surface, but when digging into the details, aren't cuts at all.

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Okay, sure, nobody is going to get a nominal haircut of 20%, but you tell me how Grandpa Milos and his wife Elena, 67, on a 2000 euro pension, will survive with 1840 euros, after he has to pay the new "solidarity tax" on top of all the other taxes, leaving him with around 1400 euros when you are having near double digit inflation in Greece.

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Double digit inflation?  I would think they'd be suffering from massive deflation?

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For food, I am just talking about food...

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Yes, but it is a bit difficult to spend significant amounts of money on food! Unless you want to weigh 200kg

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Now apply those same cuts to both Congress and the Executive Branch.

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Time to come back from sunny beach back to work at least

for few hours a week :)))

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Pensions for those UNDER 55????

Are we talking current pension payments or their planned pension payments?

If the first, how many Greeks UNDER 55 are eligible for pensions at this time?


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I think its basically saying if you're under 55 forget about a pension... and if you're not born yet don't bother ;-)

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put another way,  if your a Greek cop expected to hold back the rioters, it's time to mix gas cocktails in your basement with the peoples.

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Must mean - projected pensions for those under 55 or `future entitlements`

After Italy, France Portugal etc etc have all been `bailed out` the above list will be aplied to all the citizens of Europe - in the interests of harmonisation. Except of course the beurocrats in Brussels will not have any of their fantastic, tax free, lifetime benefits reduced - at all.  


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I don't think so. It means that if you're pushing 55 and think you can retire, think again.

Let's wait for some clarification. The 20% cut on pensions over 1200 Euro is hardcore. I understand the reason behind it but that is a tough decision. That 20% cut is not going to come back into the economy which of course is the double whammy and the crux of all austerity.

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i'd screw it and stop paying and accumulating at all

shadow economy will get a huge boost

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Work 20 years, retire by 38 with a full pension.   Sounds good to me.  I could have retired about 20 years ago...  

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This is COMMON practice for US Police,Fire,Fed,etc,etc,etc....................

Start at 20, retire 100% bennies at 40, and start a second career at 40, for a double dip.

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In the U.S you can get a pension much younger than that. Retired Military??

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Ahh, finally my vacation to pleasant, quiet and sleepy GREECE!

I smell Greek Bullshit.

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Lol, these "words" will/can never be implemented. Anyway, default is postponed to december. This is all political theatre to give ECB/EU time to develop restructuring plan for the Greece (and EU) banking sector. The default will come this year.

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just a matter of time until austerity finally makes its way to the US

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glad to see all the worlds problems are fixed. what a relief huh?

wait a you smell that?...what's that smell? smells familiar...I'm sure I've smelled this before...yes i do know this's BULLSHIT!

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Time for a coup d'état. What the hell is the greek military doing? Military coups we can believe in.

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Busy looking at Turkey who are there to remind them not to screw up the bankers plans.

This all encompassing.  You don't just say "haircut" and that's it. You don't just say "drachma" and "opa" and that's it. Should the Greeks revolt, leave the Euro etc. the bankers will make their lives a true, actual and literal hell.

Watch the correlation between how Greeks are progressing with the Troika and Turkish aggression.