Meet The People Bringing You Currency Manipulation On A Daily Basis

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Today's aggressive intervention by various monetary authorities to prevent the Swiss Franc from trading anywhere close to its fair value (yes "intervention", the same that happens each day in other capital markets, like stocks and commodities, read gold) reminded us once again that it is always and only a central planner's world. Yet while it is easy to assume there is some big black box doing all this manipulation, the truth is that the decision chain ultimately ends with carbon-based lifeforms, who push the buy or sell button, respectively: i.e., the human element. Which is why we wanted to present our readers the decision making chain expressed in flesh and blood terms, namely the people who over and over demonstrate to the market just who is in control.


So how did this happen? Well it all started with this guy.

Who works for this guy.

Who works for this guy...

Who in turn works for this guy, who runs the whole place.


And that's it. If you ever run into these gentlemen on the street, please thank them - after all, nobody has to make any market decisions any more. The 4 people above do it all for you. And they are smart. Some even have Ph.D's.

h/t Ron

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Ready the guillotine, (bitchez)!

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Come on guys ... this is getting embarrassing. You can't just blame every bad trade you make on "manipulation". These constant conspiracy theories and envy of people in powerful positions just has to stop. It's childish and ridiculous, and it's not conducive to thoughtful and intellectual discourse.

EvlTheCat's picture

Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle

P.S. You're not funny.

Seasmoke's picture

he was funny at one time........but somehow he lost his edge and is now washed up......i am very sad to see him fall

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Posted a few days ago (not by me, I hasten to add)......

1.2000 is the 'untouchable' level, with barriers and stops below that level.

If you feel the need to buy dips, do not leave stops just below 1.2000. You are begging to be stopped out if you do.

Better to leave a buy order below that level with a stop below 1.1950, rather than try to buy just above 1.2000 with a tight stop, in my view.

No need for conspiracy theories here: just a bit of common sense trading is enough.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Who's trying to be funny? I'm just pointing out that the ZH readership would rather accept conspiracy theories at face value rather than apply reason and evidence to determine the truth. I have always provided solid arguments for my propositions, and have I consistently adhered to principles of virtue in the face of the appalling verbal abuse I have received on this site. I hope to set an example for other commenters to help them learn how to take part in civil discourse.


crawldaddy's picture

I tend to agree. I dont believe there is some well run Legion of Doom running things behind the scenes, rather I think this market is  just one big cluster fuck built upon an entire culture of corruption.   Honestly I dont know which is worse.

Gazooks's picture

here, crawldaddy, this may help you decide which is worse


also, try Legacy of Ashes by Tim Weiner for Pulitzer grade, historic CIA cluster-fuck reportage

Genève Barbegazi's picture

and look who's about to be the next head of the World Bank....

my former school President Dr. Jim Yong Kim and former head of the WHO AIDS program...

All the ESF guys are Dartmouth Football Boys...Paulson....Geitner.....

Jim Kim lead us out of the tunnel every home game....

Big Green Football baby whuzzzup.....


jakshafter's picture


You are hands down one of the funniest commenters on any board i have ever read.

Dryness... I love it.


Harlequin001's picture

You haven't received any verbal abuse. As far as I can see it is entirely accurate and well merited... which makes it fair comment, not abuse...

Stop feeling sorry for yourself, maybe it's time for a new handle eh...

silverdragon's picture


Are you a highly paid economist, and that's why you say the things you do? Or are you the most sarcastic person to have ever walked this earth?

JimBowie1958's picture

I think he is hilarious...but maybe thats because I am not involved in the industry and am just a noob.

ebworthen's picture


Did you miss Mozillo and Corzine?

How about Paulson and Dimon?

NDAA and the death of the fourth amendment?

Supreme court KELO decision?

$16 Trillion U.S. Debt?


Chupacabra-322's picture

The fed will always intervene. The CFR pimps at the fed use the fed to prop up the ponzi scheme longer so that they can buy the world on worthess paper. once it collapses they will use the collapse to consolidate industries in a collectivised central planning national socialism state to shut off wealth creation and subjagate the american people.

But then again, I bet Million Dollar Bonus smells his own farts too.   

Uchtdorf's picture

Some say that MDB is the master of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, and I subscribed to that theory for a while. However, now his retorts are lacking in zing. I think he should retire his handle and re-emerge as another faux troll.

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Who here is blaming a bad trade on manipulation?  Strawman much?

Also, the fact that central banks -intervene, manage, manipulate, or <insert favorite equivalent word here>- in markets is not a theory. 

It is also not a conspiracy, as the connotation of conspiracy generally implies that is illegal or an act of wrongdoing. Central bank market intervention in today's world, is generally considered benevolent, necessary, and even an extension of their legal mandate. 

Why do you call this a conspiracy, and a theory at that? 


Ratscam's picture

Here's the headquarter of the BIZ

Interesting fact:

The BIS is on extraterritorial ground in Switzerland, thus entirely untouchable by Swiss Justice.

So do they have their own country? Their own passports? Do they pay taxes?

Do they need to show a passport when they exit the building? question over question!

Yousif's picture

Sooner, or later, the peasants will understand that passports are among the worst tagging systems.  It beggars the imagination that creatures with any level of intelligence would accept such a system.  What does it matter which peasant delivery port (maternal ward) or tax farm you were delivered in, consequently, what does it mean to be a citizen of a tax farm?  It still boggles my mind that homosapiens are still perfectly comfortable with being represented by trigger happy mass murders.  How did this happen?

Sovereigns don't have passports, they don't do any paperwork.  Why should we?  Why do they exempt themselves from all the chains and shackles they put around our necks?  They tell you it's to keep you safe, but do you seriously feel any safer that degenerates like these are able to act with impunity?

Something is wrong.  VERY wrong!

Colonial Intent's picture

I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair.

Then I thought, wouldn't it be much worse if life were fair, and all the shitty things that happened to me happened because I actually deserved them?

All your basel belong to us........


LongBalls's picture

Things get real when your profile is posted uh?

derryb's picture

Markets aren't manipulated? LOL. Why should PMs be exempt from the manipulation?

cbaba's picture

Yes, hang them High


LongBalls's picture

Float this article everywhere....... Make these men known!!!!! Should they not be known for such a service to humanity? <sarc off>

SeverinSlade's picture

We should pull a George Zimmerman on these guys' asses.

Too soon?

SeverinSlade's picture

Uh oh, the trolls are going to have fun with that one.  Queue me being called a racist anti-semite in 3...2...1...

JimBowie1958's picture

You;re a racist anti-semite in 3...2...1...

There, feel better now?

Eireann go Brach's picture

What's up with all the bald sociopaths? Do you really have to destroy all around you because you are ugly fuckers?...Bernanke, Blankfein, doucebag above, Hank Paulson, Greenspan...yes you all do indeed look like shaved asshole!

SeverinSlade's picture

So if I want to run the world, I just need to become bald and get a PhD.  BRILLIANT!

quartshort's picture

Cul-de-sac haircut for the win!

Conax's picture

Lizard men are jealous of our mammalian good looks, (and our hair) which is why they act like such pricks. They're not evil, just misunderstood.

Hug a banker today.

Kobe Beef's picture

What, no Dick Cheney? He's gonna shoot you in the face for leaving him off the list.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Pay-shuns grass hopper...

Riddle for you

Man fights nature. Nature fights harder. Who wins?

mac768's picture

Just ask one of the nice fellows if they would do this rather with their OWN money than with taxpayers hard earned bucks....

SeverinSlade's picture

Fuck the banksters.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Tell 'em it's almost Yen-tervention time, OK?

Mongo's picture

Maximus: The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end

pods's picture

FTMFW! I LOVE that line.


swissaustrian's picture

So sad that the BIS expropriated all their private shareholders.

Dr. Engali's picture

Hmmmm if I ever ran into them on the streets I don't think thanking them would be my initial reaction.

jbc77's picture

Fuck all of them.

Their day is coming along with the rest of the criminal elite. You know what son? The little people outnumber the crooks a gazillion to one and when we finally rise up your gonna feel our heat and your gated communities will do nothing to stop us.

We are coming.......



Gully Foyle's picture



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silver500's picture

"Holds and manages proprietry positiosn including gold" - Nothing to see here then

ABG LINE's picture

 "Secret Societies"

                         - John F. Kennedy