Meet The Uber-Kommissar: Germany Expands European Domination Plan; Will Enact European Budget Supervision Panel

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Greece was the beta test. Now Germany, whose plan to enact a European fiscal pact in exchange for soaring Bundesbank and economic support of the PIIGS has so far delayed the inevitable, is seeking wider powers to "supervise" European budget compliance with the terms of Merkel and Schauble's fiscal pact. Spiegel writes that "Schäuble plans to propose creating independent panels of experts at both the national and EU level, who would monitor fiscal policies in the member states, the euro zone and the EU as a whole. They would be responsible for sounding a warning if they see governments' budgetary policies straying off course." Those in charge of the panels? Academics - the same people who are in charge of the Federal Reserve (with stunning success we forgot to mention). Because having a Ph.D. is sufficient and necessary to be a central planner. As for the role of the uber-commissioner? He would be able to implement EU regulations (proposed by Germany) "without the other commissioners or the Commission president having the right to object." And there goes sovereignty, without even one shot fired.

More from Spiegel:

The panels, which would be composed mainly of academics, would also be charged with checking "the compatibility of national fiscal policies with European and national requirements" as well as the "implementation of national and European regulations," according to the Finance Ministry document. Those regulations would include the tougher EU stability pact, which was adopted at a summit in March 2011, as well as the new fiscal pact, which 25 EU countries have agreed to introduce.


In addition, Schäuble's ministry is also proposing that the role of the EU's economic and finance affairs commissioner, a position currently held by Finland's Olli Rehn, be strengthened in the future. According to the ministry document, the commissioner should be able to implement EU regulations "without the other commissioners or the Commission president having the right to object."

Translated - a German run continental dictatorial regime. We can't wait to see just which countries will follow in Greece's footsteps and promptly comply with this annexation, as ceding sovereignty in exchange for a few Deutsche Marks indicates just how bad things truly are at home.

Unfortunately for the Krugmans of the world, this means that reckless spending will also be at the behest of Germany, which at least superficially is all about austerity... For others at least.

Improving member states' budgetary discipline has been a recurring theme in Chancellor Merkel and Finance Minister Schäuble's efforts to fight the European debt crisis. Berlin put pressure on other countries to sign up to the fiscal pact, which will introduce tougher rules for budget offenders. The pact will oblige countries to incorporate a German-style "debt brake," which forces governments to more or less balance their budgets, into their national constitutions. The treaty now has to be approved by national parliaments, with Germany's Bundestag expected to vote on the issue in May.

As many have expected, Germany is well on its way to controlling Europe once again. But this time it will be benevolent. Because this time it's different. Naturally any alternatives to the proposed regime will immediately result in threts of the end of the world and other Mutual Assured Destruction caveats that we know so well from the Greek case study.

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About Wolfgang Schäuble's office -

In Berlin, today's German Finance Ministry building, was originally the headquarters of Nazi Reichsmarshall Hermann Göring and his Luftwaffe, Hitler's air force.

No doubt, 'good office space'.

Scalaris's picture

Prime real estate by any means.

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Hate to say 'I told you so':

Wed, 11/09/2011 - 13:23

(a few edits included)

The other, perhaps planned, goal of all this is to make the entire situation so bad that all involved are begging for a coherent answer. This is when the EU will 'suddenly' realize that they can not make the Union work while there are so many different governments and budgets all working in opposite directions. Just when everybody is about ready to jump off the Tower of Pisa they will announce a 'new' plan to combine all governments and all fiscal houses into one 'government'. A ruling council will be created (hand picked) that will be filled by perhaps 2 reps from each country (or by a number that represents population/GDP of each country). The council will be chaired by a member (most likely German) of the council that was selected by the rest of the council. So, there you have it; the Germans or somebody from Germany will govern Europe without a shot being fired. The plan all along.

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q99x2's picture

How do you say Nazi in Pig Latin?

brewing's picture

looks like merkel will finish the job hitler started...

i-dog's picture

Budgets? We don't need no stinking budgets!! Just send us your money ... you nazis!

Ghordius's picture

LOL - best comment here, by far!

story and commentary all focus on the source of this initiative

who is the current ECB Prez: an Italian. who is the current holder of this post to be expanded: a Finn. but no, for everybody it's again German domination (is it a fetish thing?)

ze Germanz have a right and a duty at the moment to make proposals, and the rest have a right and a duty to say yes or no.

I find it astonishing how so many commentators who bitch endlessly about overspending (which leads eventually to monetization) have an issue with a Budget Office that forces EU countries to 1) deliver the budget earlier and 2) poses some nasty questions about if big deficits should not be mild surpluses...

which is about what can be achieved as an end-deal - with 27 parliaments endless trashing over it's real necessity...

AnAnonymous's picture

US citizenism relies on institutional power,not personal power.

That is the substance of the institution that matters, not the person in charge.

As Germany builds an institution whose substance is to serve German best interests, who is in charge, who cares?

Ghordius's picture

An *european* institution, for *european* interests.
And we do care.

i-dog's picture


"How do you say Nazi in Pig Latin?"

Omnes viae Romam ducunt!

DormRoom's picture

lmao.  The EU Treaty was to reign in Germany, but now Europe will be molded in her image.  Germany is already setting up a monetary ideological state apparatus.  I hope you're teaching your kids to speak German.

Don Diego's picture

I am afraid Arabic will be more useful.

5880's picture

teach them to drive an M1a1 instead

hoos bin pharteen's picture

I think for a "union" of this depth to take place there needs to be a much bigger catastrophe.  When most nations drive off the cliff of totalitarianism, they do so as a nation. Groups of nations would seem to be a trickier proposition.

misterc's picture

We pay, so we call the shots, bitchez!

(Imagine the Euro without Germany, what would it be worth? -60% ?)

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Yep, and sooner or later this will have to take place in the US as well. The Supercommittee proved that even it couldn't get the job done.

Taxpayers on both sides are adamant that Congress learn to live within its means. Shipping off different people to take part in a broken system has proven conclusively not to work. Sooner or later they will have to create an entity insulated from the political entertainment industry that has some teeth and can keep fiscal policy in line.

LukeWorm's picture

Money talks. Without money, no sovereignty.

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Der Spiegel also writing this:

EU Fiscal Pact May Breach German Constitution,1518,825166,00.html

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"It [the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe] is only a Court with one opinion, whereas we have another opinion.”
- Angela Merkel

kito's picture

and yet the citizens of every downtrodden nation in europe continue to accept the whipping because the alternative is to be independent (see todays zh post on slavery from alt-market). the fear of having their own currency (gasp) and leaving the comfort of the eurozone is too great a cross to bear....better to continue to take it in the ass from merkel the piggy......................

SheepDog-One's picture

Not only that, but the 'citizens' of Europe still walk around with their noses in the air! I stumbled across a Blogtv channel last nite which was apparently full of Germans, they were bragging about how stupid americans were because they have this crazy president and govt and theirs in Germany is so great and theyre doing so well and all. It was pretty amazing sight to see, total idiots. Well, Eurotrash has always been like that I guess.

Ghordius's picture

you are right, they should stop having military bases in your country... send them home! ;-)

now seriously, do you really think we don't have idiots here? or that some of your presidents look sane from here?

GCT's picture

I have not seen it posted here in the USA but the slog has a story about the German banks no longer accepting the PIIGS bonds as collateral anymore.

Can anyone verify this story?

Yes the Dictatorship of Europe is almost complete without a shot fired.

jayman21's picture

Democracy is dying.  Parasites 1, Common Joes 0

Dr. Engali's picture

We never had a democracy. We were a representative republic. Now we are a fascist state.

AnAnonymous's picture

a representative republic.


Really? Since a republic is a form of government based on representation, what is a representative republic?

Non representative republics? Do they exist?

More US citizen cheap propaganda.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous staggered out of an opium den to post:

Non representative republics? Do they exist?

Peoples Republic of China

Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea

More US citizen cheap propaganda.

More Chinese citizenism stoned-on-opium propaganda.


nmewn's picture

Only agents...citizeninsm's of, the Peoples Republic of China have direct access to blob up into the outside world. Our chinese dishwasher friend here is going to have to step up his game lest his superiors find his work less than productive...with all those attendant consequences ;-)

libertus's picture

This will not work. Ph.D's in economics are about as useful as a whore in a church. Wait...Ph.D's are less useful than that because at least the whore will stimulate the economy through increased economic activity. The Ph.D's will just destroy it...Europe liberation will soon be upon you. 


KratosNikeBiaZelus's picture

Germany is a land locked country with a huge economy. How else are they going to take over the world, but to take over most of Europe and all its fertile land, its oceans and people?  They have plans to rule and they will rule.  No more guns, just BS laws, which in fact are laws for the rich to protect what is against the law for everyone else.  Take the ability away from the people to conduct what those in power can do and you now have total control and leverage to do whatever your plans want.  Everyone is sleeping and those who are awake are robbing everyone while they are in deep sleep.  By the time people wake up, they will find all sovereignty has been stolen and they have been imprisoned with shackles of the new corporations they are going to deploy throughout Europe. 

Too bad those around Germany have lack luster economies and complacent European people that just want to enjoy freedom and the natural wealth of their lands.  That is all sold now and watch for brick and mortar industry to move in and destroy all freedom and natural wealth.  Destruction and Control = Evil German Plans

Good bye to the free and beautiful Europe we once knew.




Anglo Hondo's picture

Germany landlocked?   With a coastline of almost 1500 miles, I think not.  Where do you think they launched all their battle cruisers of WW2?


SheepDog-One's picture

Germany 'landlocked' whaaaaaaaaa?

AnAnonymous's picture

Hopefully, there was that mistake, else...

Not much to argue against...

Dr. Engali's picture

How can these people so easily fall into and accept a tyrannical state,just a couple generations after the destruction of a tyrannical government? Shit some of this tyranny has been destyoyed  in my lifetime. It is unbelievable to me that I'm watching people accept it.

GeezerGeek's picture

"It is unbelievable to me that I'm watching people accept it."

Are you talking about the EU and Germany or the U.S.A. and the NDAA, Executive Orders, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, etc.?

Speaking of Obamacare: Is Germany trying to become the EU equivalent of Obamacare's death panels? They decide what countries' economies live and die?

Dr. Engali's picture

I'm watching it world wide and I can't believe it.

SheepDog-One's picture

It is kind of amazing that people just accept it, then again when you talk to Europeans you see theyre as stuck up and arrogant as ever. Eurotrash. No better than ameritrash though, lets face it people everywhere are idiots.

Maxisaxon's picture

Looks like this board is full of haters of Germany. This is understandable as these are anglo-american-phobes. As a US citizen who was born in Germany and as a child experienced the devestating destruction of WWII, I am thankful that Germany is firmly imbedded in the EU which has brought decades of peace and economic opportunity to the EU states (if they wanted to take advantage of the opportunities), because if Germany was a country standing on its own there would be shrill voices, like those on this board, anglo-american shrill voices augmented by sympathetic Germany haters, which would call once again for the destruction by any means of the German economy to eliminate this pesty competitor once again from the world economic scene. If the British hate the EU and Germany so much, why the hell don't they get the hell out of the EU andn start their own economic union with Unites States and Canada, linked to the so-called commonwealth. That's the way to screw Europe in general and Germany in particular without the killing of civilians, especially the children and the helpless old people like it happened in the streets of Dresden on Feb 13/14 1945. The UK only joined the EU to get welfare after the UK nearly went bankrupt in the 60's.

Oh, what's the use.


GeezerGeek's picture

I always wondered why killing tens of thousands of Japanese with atomic bombs was considered by some to be immoral, while the fire-bombing of Dresden, which had no military value if I remember correctly, was ignored despite being far more costly in terms of human life.

More to the topic, I have a problem with any government that wants to impose the will of the elite on others. It does not matter one bit to me if the government is in DC or Berlin. Those paying the piper do get to call the tune, however. Perhaps it would be better just to stop borrowing money to pay the piper. In other words, just tell the beggars to get a job, there are no more handouts.

_underscore's picture

I think simple research will show that the atomic bombs dropped on Japan killed about 230,000 on their 1st days & about another 200,000 over the next 5 years - hardly comparable to Dresden (terrible though that was) with a maximum estimate, by all parties, of about 25,000 in total.

The Dresden bombing, according to the literature, was a strategic target as it was a largely untouched rail/communications centre that may have been a significant aid to the 'Battle of the Bulge' when the German forces re-grouped & counter-attacked the allied forces pushing east through France & Belgium. The argument was that its attack shortened & forestalled much further German resistance & brought the (effective) war in the west to a speedier conclusion.

Re the germane question though - I don't quite see the 'this was the plan all along 4th reich by other means'  argument. The plain & simple facts are that the Eurozone (apart from Germany, mainly) is a basket case & needs the help from Germany. All the vibes from Germany over the past 70, post WW2,  years have been of a country almost too 'gentle', almost supine, despite its great social, cultural & economic power. I think races & countries do learn lessons & I have no uneasiness about a more prominent German euro leadership role.

smiler03's picture

Hi Max, I'm British and would prefer to leave the EU, largely because it is not democratic but it has many good points, such as easing trade. I'm not anti Germany, never have been, in fact I have always admired the country.

The UK will never leave the EU because British politicians won't let it happen.

I would be EXTREMELY against any union of any description whatsoever with either the US or Canada, I'd rather we partner with North Korea than either of those two.

I think your cheap point about Dresden is just ridiculous. Most of us have moved on considerably since then.

The UK has always been a net contributor to the EU. In fact in 1980 it was the largest contributor despite only being the seventh in size by GDP per head.

YouGov took a survey of Danes, Germans, Swedes & the British in March 2012. Lots of facts but I think these answer a few of your questions:


  • If there was a referendum on membership of the European Union, of those who would vote:
  • The majority (60%) of Germans would vote for Germany to remain in the EU, as well as more than half (54%) of Danes
  • Of the Britons who would vote, 48% would vote to leave the EU while 30% of Britons would vote to remain a member
  • 39% of Swedes would vote to leave the EU, 39% would vote to stay


The "so-called Commonwealth" has never had US as a member, it is also nothing to do with economic matters, purely a historic leftover of what was the British Empire.

I think your views are way out of date, ill informed and resentful. I think you're more Americanised than European.

_underscore's picture

Perhaps not a complete grasp of the facts Max in amongst that rather muddled view, imho. The UK has always been a strong supporter of the common market, it only stopped short of EZ currency membership - for very good reasons as it turns out! Far from being a nett recipient of 'welfare', the UK has always been a nett contributor to the EU, i.e. it has paid billions of pounds over the years more than it has ever received - uncomfortable though that may be for you to digest.

The links to the Commonwealth, due to EU trading membership/legislation etc, have been increasingly eroded & any preferential trading arrangements are now firmly a matter of history. Bombs, unfortunately, dropped by whomever, will kill indiscriminately - that goes for Luftwaffe too, as witnessed by the Blitz over the UK from 1940-43, and later with the 'terror' weapons the V1 ('doodle-bug') & the supersonic ballistic missiles of 1944-45, the V2; the latter two being aimed exclusivley at civillian targets. . To pick out one bombing campaign is a little disingenuous & misleading in the overall scheme (and devastation) of things, imho.


PaperBear's picture

The fact the guys proposing this happen to be German is neither here nor there, this is the international elite enforcing their rule over their slaves.

i-dog's picture


"a position currently held by Finland's Olli Rehn"

Bilderberger Olli Rehn? What could possibly go wrong?!