Meltdown - The Conclusion: "After The Fall"

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Previously, we brought you parts one, two and three of the Canadian must see documentary "Meltdown." In this final episode "After the Fall", we hear about the sheikh who says the crash never happened; a Wall Street king charged with fraud; a congresswoman who wants to jail the bankers; and the world leaders who want a re-think of capitalism. As one world leader handles the crisis through denial, other leaders try to re-think capitalism. Even though the causes of the 2008 meltdown are now clear, there is no magic formula to stop it from happening again. The world has to start planning for the next crisis, even as we recognise that this one is not over yet.

Courtesy of Al Jazeera

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Monedas's picture

Rethink Capitalism, my tail feathers ! We need the courage and wisdom to explore it for the first time on a systematic and commited basis ! We need to give Capitalism 5% of the Leap of Faith invested in Socialism and the New Deal !'s what's for dinner ! Monedas 2011 Nothing good will happen until we get our minds straight !

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Monedas is becoming one of my favorite posters here, please have some green !

Yes !  Let's give Capitalism, in its unperverted form, a chance.  Will it happen?  Not soon...

Bearing Rolling Jihad Comedy Tour !

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Amen. A perfect system doesn't exist and any system that claims to serve it up is a vile deception. However, the Free Market, (I don't use "Capitalism", it's a perjorative coined by Mr. Karl "the asshole" Marx), is the most fair system that can be devised, especially when it exists in a civil society that values philanthropy and honesty.

I always laugh at the Radical Libs that claim that they want to foster social systems that honors nature and "survival of the fittest", ala; the wildly discredited Eugenics concept. However, a free market really is performance-based survival of the fittest and it's evil! Huh!!!?

Worse, the Governments that Collectivists create always amount to "a tyranny of those who declare themselves fittest", and 10s of millions die at their hands despite their compassionate, huggy-feely rhetoric. They love you, just don't get in the way of their plan or you will end up with a bullet in your head.

sigitasp's picture

in my oppinion fair is just expression, only thing real, is universal laws,  he/she who can addapt to enviroment the best survives, everything else is jus human indulgence.. So the the free market is only "fair' real system which can work and be "fair". So as comrad lenin said he who do not work do not eat... it was only resonable expression he made...

snowball777's picture

Have you considered that you've never seen an 'unperverted' form of capitalism....because there isn't one?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Thank you for posting that. Saved me the trouble.

mtomato2's picture

I love Capitalism.  I believe in Capitalism.  I understand Capitalism.  I am a Capitalist.

And, unfortunately, Capitalism, like Communism, will never work.  People are innately evil, self-centered, short-sighted, greedy little shits who will NEVER understand that, in the end, taking is ALWAYS less productive than giving.  Taking consumes.  Giving produces.  Remove taxes and see what happens to charitable giving.

But the quest for all-consuming self-centered power over others will prevent anything in this world from EVER working.

Mark my words.  We are doomed, have always been doomed. It's not negative.  It's reality.


"Ever since the fall of man, things have been tough all over..."  Robin Williams, "The Best of Times" 1986


Hugh_Jorgan's picture

You're right, people are inherently evil in varying degrees. However, we need to encourage fighing those tendencies rather than embracing them as today's society has. We can't give up teaching our kids to do the right things, even if it hurts us to be honest. We started giving up on those ideas in the 1960's and it has landed us in deep trouble.

As Americans with the privileges we enjoy, we owe it to future generations to do the hard work, especially when it is so obvious that it is do-or-die time. A glacial movement got us here, we can slow the movement and reverse direction if we keep pushing and pass on the fight to our kids. Fix yourself and then lead by example.

BTW, were you aware that Americans give more than $300B in voluntary charitable giving each year, during a recession?

snowball777's picture

How many of them did so without taking the tax deduction?


mtomato2's picture

Meh.  Tax deduction, schmax deduction.  Not my point. 

My point I hold true as axiomatic:  You get more when you give than when you take.

Remove taxes, and charitable giving goes through the roof.  Because you get more back that way.  From every possible perspective.


sgorem's picture

"From every possible perspective".   that's a 10-4 'mater...........

mtomato2's picture

'funny how everybody measures wealth in dollars...

Incubus's picture



And, unfortunately, Capitalism, like Communism, will never work.  People are innately evil, self-centered, short-sighted, greedy little shits who will NEVER understand that, in the end, taking is ALWAYS less productive than giving.  Taking consumes.  Giving produces.  Remove taxes and see what happens to charitable giving.

But the quest for all-consuming self-centered power over others will prevent anything in this world from EVER working.

Mark my words.  We are doomed, have always been doomed. It's not negative.  It's reality.

However true that may be, people love a good story; they're interested in good drama--in a lively show. The sale is all that matters to them. During my time on ZH, I've been preaching the same thing: ultimately, all effort will amount to nothing because of human nature. But that doesn't get people like some good myopic motivation does.


Rise up and fight the great evil! We will prevail and right the wrongs of society and every man will be totally free to whore himself through various acts for money!

Yep, that's freedom, isn't it? I get to do shit I don't want to do to accumulate subjective wealth that's supposed to somehow stand as a measure of my freedom, but never does?

Sorry... I'm not very good at this motivational thing.

You assholes, go find someone else to sell you a good bit of drama in which you're all wholesome crusaders of the just that'll prevail, no matter what. Everyone fails to realize that it's not power that corrupts people: power is a mechanism that just enables what's already there, and there is no good man on the face of this planet. Give any man enough power, and you'll see just how corrupt he can be.


I think that's a great slogan:  Capitalism: a society of whores and hedonists.


We're all a bunch of nasty, dirty motherfuckers.  What won't we do for a paycheck--steady income--and then more income, and more, and more, and more?  Whores--all of us.

AnAnonymous's picture

Makes me laugh. The way US citizens picture the whole humanity through their narrow biased US lens never ceases to amaze.

Chuck Walla's picture

What Capitalism? The one that bought GM? Or the one that controls healhcare?

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Maybe you should finish reading the post before chiming in...

11b40's picture

The one that bailed out the banks?

itstippy's picture


We need to form a Blue-Ribbon Congressional Committee to rethink capitalism.  They could get verbal testimony and written input from the nation's leading economists.  Put our nation's best and brightest minds on the problem.  Imagine what we could accomplish if we got the Secretary of The Treasury, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, members of the Securities and Exchange Commission, etc., to all work together rethinking capitalism.  It would be like another Manhattan Project! 

Just the thought of it leaves me breathless.

mtomato2's picture

I think you mean "without breath..."

Roger O. Thornhill's picture

I wrote this about the last part - I like that they are doing this documentary as it exposes the madness, but I sense the CBC has a different answer - they are calling for more regulation, more global financial power, etc. - and on the surface their argument makes sense - but the real issue is that government, the SEC and the FED let this happen - so here is a reprint of what I wrote as I am too tired to re-write (so copypasta):


It's actually simple - the system we fight against is not capitalism per se - it is collusion.

Collusion between governments and the TBTF banks/financial institutions.

Anti-Trust laws were supposed to prevent this (at least in the USA), but govt is bought out. If you think bigger govt will fix this you are wrong. It will be BIGGER collusion, regulations that prop up the monsters and destroy the small banks, and then we'll get IBTF banks (Impossibly Big To Fail).

Break these institutions down into bite size pieces, then they can never hold us hostage again. 

I'm a libertarian mostly - but monopolies are NOT free trade, or a free market. Smaller is better. That was point of the US Constitution -> de-centralization.

What I fear is a false paradigm is being floated here - that we must have a tighter relationship between big banks and big government via 'regulations' that favor the TBTF's. And that just gets us sovereign defaults, and that can destroy the world. Or usher us into the most hellish scenario - one monstrous, unanswerable global government that there is no defense against.

BTW, may I just add... Fuck the Fed.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Green!  Yes Roger on all of your points.  Nicely explained, bravo!

Roger O. Thornhill's picture

I just have to add, that it was the govt that DID NOT allow 'to big to fails' - to fail. Paulson (R) (treasury secretary) bailed out AIG, and that money went straight to Goldman. Govt gave in to the crooks, and continue to do so via little Timmy Geithner (D).

So who are the enablers of crooks? Washington DC and the FED.

Goldman's gambling would have blown up in their faces, if not for our elected leaders. If Govt had just stayed out of it there wouldn't be a Giant Squid (Goldman) today. A lesson would have been taught. Good players, smart players would have won and we'd be in the process of real recovery. Too many think there are fantasy good guy politicians - if we have any hope people will finally stop believing in a nonsense, fairy tale, govt authority and their enablers in the FED, IMF, etc.

Further proof of malfeasance, where is the SEC in any of this? There is a Democrat appointed SEC head - has she gone after any of these people? NOPE! The left/right paradigm is a joke.

And you trust a bigger corporate/government/progressive system to fix this?

Don't hold your breath.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

SEC, the Department of Justice, the Treasury and the FED still must have access to all that great internet porn I keep hearing about...

More green for excellent and coherent comments.

Captain Benny's picture

You remember watching that really good one with a secretary wearing glasses all dressed up in business attire?  The office worker walks in asking for files on Goldman Sucks... as the audio fades out, elevator music starts, and clothes come off?  That was filmed at the SEC's World Trade Center office... so DUH! They totally got the best porn.  Its filmed onsite and streamed live to their desks.

Whats that you ask?  What about their huge fiber conduits from the exchanges?  Oh, yeah those.  All that otherwise dark fiber is being used by NANEX to actually catch the criminals and do the SEC's job as best they can without legal ability to bitch slap the trading firms.

DaveyJones's picture

good posts roger. this is about corruption not capitalism, the removal of good regulation, the unwillingness to enforce the decent ones left and the enabling of insane regulations crafted by the very criminals who benefit from them. This may be more a lesson of laziness and dumbing down. democracy and capitalism take constant work        

sigitasp's picture

the fuckers always do that, they just turning everything upside down

AnAnonymous's picture

That was point of the US Constitution -> de-centralization.

No. That was not the point of the US Constitution. The point was centralization.

In those times, there were much less centralized systems than the US advocated by the US constitution.

The US started as centralized as it was possible in those times. Certainly not as the least centralized it was possible.

AllegoryOfTheCave's picture

get ready for ONE WORLD PAPERLESS GOLD "BACKED" SYSTEM and the RULING STATE OF ISRAEL that will follow the RULING STATE OF USA. Glen Beck sells his house in Connecticut and moves to ISRAEL and is telling you that YOU will NEED to make a choice ....are you FOR or AGAINST Israel. 2012 will be the opportunity of a lifetime to rile up the masses before the transition. If you think this is just about money , you are only scratching the surface.

tim73's picture

Hey, they let you to use Internet too! Ain't this place great or what! But be careful, the Big Jew in New York is watching and I think one of the doctors is also one of "them" know who I am talking about.

buzzsaw99's picture

the big joo is wall street's santa claus. funny satan, santa, hmm, the bible warned me about the synagogue of satan clause.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

You need to re-tune your tinfoil hat there dude. You have a new Islamic Caliphate forming. They have the radical left helping them and both parties are bent on destroying Israel for different reasons. They have the formidable armies of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Russia, and probably China arrayed against them now sans brutal pro-western dictator. Israel doesn't exactly have the world on a string, so I'm not sure how you came to your conclusions here?

Hate the Banksters, hate Beck? Fine, we judge them for their deeds and what they say (if you actually take the time to listen to a complete thread, and NOT just log in for the fast food, soft-serve opinions on HuffPo). But don't include every Jew in your cross-hairs when it is <1% of their population that fits the greedy dirt-bag mold. We should be able to get beyond using generalizations to justify our inner bigotry these days. There are probably more receptive boards than ZH to bait for antisemitism. May I suggest a white supremacist site?

AllegoryOfTheCave's picture

what makes you think the international ''jewish'' bankers are really jewish, i.e. people who love God and practice the 10 Commandments (thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill)... i am not talking about the people. i am talking about the government and banking institutions. very distinct difference.  you should check out why a satanic symbol of the occult is on their flag. please look up the history and significance of the six-pointed star, it is anything but the so called ''star of david''. 





Green Leader's picture

The vast majority of 'Jews' in Israel are NOT semitic people, they are Ashkenazi (Japhethites, see Genesis 10:1-3)

I am 100% Hebrew: Xuete, Sephardim & Hebrew-Celt, a disciple of Yahushua.


AnAnonymous's picture

They have the formidable armies of Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Russia, and probably China arrayed against them now sans brutal pro-western dictator.


Hyperbole is cheap in this US driven world.

Green Leader's picture

"If you think this is just about money , you are only scratching the surface."

Look up Noahide Laws.

tim73's picture

This decade is turning out to be so fucking happy one! Or they changed my meds again without my knowing. I hate when they do that.

medicalstudent's picture

fluorosilicic acid bitchez.


drink up.

Yen Cross's picture

 You have a post " valid" comment.  I respect your life saving abilities.

Voodoo-economist's picture

ffs all other 3 parts are unavailable :(

disabledvet's picture

I think these folks have the dialectic down pretty good!
scary to think this is what we have coming our way for real.
I do not recommend this solution:

PaperBugsBurn's picture

A question for the Tylers:

Sat, 10/01/2011 - 09:49 | Setarcos

Al Jazeera!  A tool of the NWO based in Qatar.

Qatar is a dictatorship FYI that funds Al Jazeera and is in bed with Washington/Wall Str.

Right now Qatar special forces are on the ground in Libya, along with regular Washington/NATO mercenaries for Wall Str/City of London/banksters.

No!  This is not just a rant.

Qadafis main crime was bucking the IMF, etc. and so this, if you can bear to watch what is being done to Libyans:

I know Libya - I have lived there.

I DARE you to watch graphic footage of how Washington/NATO is 'saving lives' ... you will never see it on Al Jazeera, CNN, etc.  What I am offering you is real ... impossible to fake.

Sat, 10/01/2011 - 12:33 | Careless Whisper

I'm calling Bullshit on this movie and ZeroHedge for promoting it.  In my opinion it is a propaganda piece and I wouldn't be surprised if ZH is engaged in a paid promotion, cross promotion, or other type of scheme. Or maybe it was a couple of box seats for the World Series, who knows.

I'm not going to waste my time disecting the entire part 2. Just a few points.

First, (and it was so obvious), during the introduction of the movie we are told "Only now are the key players being held to account." Oh really? I missed the part about the indictments and the handcuffs.

I don't think the word Fraud was mentioned once in part two of this thing. We do get to see a clip of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptor telling foreclosure defendants to "resist the sheriff".  A few minutes later... cut to riots in Europe.

No mention of the infamous 3 page bank bailout proposal by Secretary Paulson, which contained this gem:

Sec. 8. Review.

Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency.

The piece of garbage (my opinion) spends about 8 minutes trashing Iceland for not allowing the foreign Banks to perform another financial coup d'etat. No mention that Iceland's unemployment rate dropped from a high of 9.3% about two years ago to its current 6.7%. The thing ends with something about China's economy collapsing because they engage in "brutal capitalism" where factories are allowed to go bankrupt and close down. Of course the main theme being, we musn't ever let that happen to a big global bank.

As for the title, Meltdown... pffft. There was no meltdown, there was a robbery and a coup d'etat as Max Keiser described it a few years ago:

As for the title of part two, with its focus on some of the European sovereign debt, I would go with Full Tilt Poker European Style.

Why is this propaganda on ZH?

On a related note, I detect a bit of Stockholm Syndrome coming from ZH these days. 

Repeat after me:

 I love the zionista NWO!

Heil Nutanyahooooo!  (very deeply ironic as Hitler was a bastard Rotscum)  


One more question:

why no coverage of tbtfs reducing their gold and silver shorts?

AnAnonymous's picture

Qatar is a dictatorship FYI that funds Al Jazeera and is in bed with Washington/Wall Str.


Qatar is peopled with US citizens. No surprise here.

ivars's picture

Pls check this post in TF metals:

They allow posting pictures, and thus post becomes much more informative.

stirners_ghost's picture

"The world has to start planning for the next crisis"


Planning created his mess. Blind to the non-Gaussian, central planners have just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

Stop planning/meddling/governing/getting-what-you-want-by-pointing-guns (government is the business of market distortion; all political means amount to extortion). Stop fucking with things that are fantastically, dynamically complex beyond your comprehension--you'll only make them worse.

Or... keep coiling that spring... ensuring the snap back to market equilibrium decimates civilization as you know it. Every ounce of sweat you've extracted from me via force will be taken back doubly--from your hide--by natural forces. That's a thermodynamic gaurantee.

Gohn Galt's picture

What's up with the Queen quote "If you're so smart, why didn't you see the whole thing coming?"

I seam to remember Coutts / RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) sending a memo to all their high net worth warning of the collapse 1 -2 quarters before.

snowball777's picture

You see, the only people claiming "it" was coming were Marxists and economists with PhDs...we've been so used to using them as contrary indicators that we could never assume that they were 100% correct in this instance.


buzzsaw99's picture

qe infinity can fix anything.