Merkel Reminds Europe Of The Golden Rule

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After a series of idiotic pleadings by Europe's broke insolvent countries that everything is now all fixed, Merkel decided to put some order into the house and reminder everyone who actually still has money:


Which is funny: because the Golden Rule is that he who has the gold, makes the rules. And the rule is, and has always been, that the "guarantee" for further bailouts will be even more gold. Physical not metaphorical.

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Its all bullshit, she will bail out all of Europe, end of story. 


Correction, she will bail out all of Europe in exchange for gold.  Cash for gold program on a grand scale. 

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As we all know, the Final Solution was all about getting the Jew Gold ... and now they may actually do it ...

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They're just getting started.  ALL the euro gold belongs to Angie.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Gold will not play a significant part in any decisions she makes.

What WILL play a significant part is her fear of not getting re-elected, and keep in mind she is the most reluctant to bailout anyone of any of the German parties.  Her "moving to the center" in German politics as an election nears would be her approving Eurobonds.

This is not good.

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NY Fed reminds Merkel "Possession is 90% of the law...bitch." (er, bithcez, as the case may be)

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No no, haven't you heard? Germany won't care because it's all tungsten! Tungsten I tell you! Ahahahahahahahawarrgarbleflx*sputter*

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What people can not realize is that they are trying to create an event that will allow for a "FED" of the EUSSR. Just as they created "events" in the US to bring the FED about.


If you wonder who they are, you are fucking morAn and will burn in hell.

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"Its all bullshit, she will bail out all of Europe, end of story."

My comments:

Perhaps she will let ECB accumulate more and more PIIGS debt and then finally agree to lowering the interest rate on these loans to near 0%? If the ECB holds a sufficient portion of a nations debt I guess that lowering the interest rate on this part of the debt may be sufficient to save that country.

The difference between Merkel and Hollande seems to be that Hollande wants print for consumption permanently just like the Federal Reserve does.


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Merkel is going to be in the stadium today for the big football (real football...not soccer yankie boys) game between Greece vs Germany Euro quarter final! Should be fun listening to all the Greek supporters sending some love Angies way. WB7 can you come up with something funny for todays game?

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Has anyone checked out the names of the German players? A lot of them are foreign names including two Turkish names. This is a new chapter in the German practice of guest workers.

As for Merkel asking for gold, we must remember that gold is only part of the solution and unless deficit spending, unmployment, underwater households and the like are dealt with, gold can only do so much for government.

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...the barbarians, who forced beautiful Europe to get down Zeus’ “back” and made her a prostitute.

...the unworthy Europeans, who in 1945 “took Europe down” from “Mount Olympus” and in 2012 relinquished “enslaved” Europe to the Phoenician loan sharks.


The German traitors of Europe along with the Phoenicians from Asia may have forced Europe to get down from the "back” of the Greek “bull”, but it remains to be seen how they shall pull it through with the “bull”.

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GERMAN taxpayers? how about GREEK taxpayers having any say in how their money is spent?
and, like merkel gives two shits about german taxpayers anyway. the whole thing is a scam in _every_ country.

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Greek taxpayers?

What Greek taxpayers?

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Damn, Merkel put a smack down on the market.

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Germany was foolish.  She should have been as prolifigate as the others.  Since the rule of the day is that producers should fork over their wealth to non-producers this would have shielded her.  Has anyone asked, if Germany forks over a trillion or so, what next?   When that amount has been blown what do the "Big Three" (hilarious) do?  Is there a plan longer than two days? 

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Can someone help me out with the investment thesis here?  Stocks are going up because governments will create inflation pressures, but metals get shanked because government hates them. 

So, everyone is banking on eternal blatant manipulation.  Is that about right?

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Blue Horseshoe loves the Bundesbank!

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You know, I'm tired of these analysts looking back and saying why something happened. Gold is down because the Euro is down. US$ is up because Euro is down. Gold up because of fear. Gold down because of fear. Gold is up because of weak US$. Both gold and US$ are up because risk is off. It seems that there are no rules and anything goes with them

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The day to day price fluctuations of Gold are really irrelevant.  think macro.  Where is all the money going to come from?  Who tells the entitlement receipients "NO more"?  Will you care if you paid 1800 or 1200 when the price is 5000?

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Fully agree fattail. The day-to-day nonsense is what's killing me though.

smb12321's picture

You got it.  They are banking on eternal borrowing and unlimited debt.  With shrinking  capital, the sure fire way of creating phony and temporary prosperity is by stealing from future generations.  In the end, countries that produce things - food, energy, resources - will come out on top.  It's the human condition.

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"You want the truth?!  YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!"

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GOLD, oder NEIN.  Wählen Sie. 

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Gold is getting cheaper with the crisis. It is not exactly what you want during a crisis. I am not saying it makes sense at all, but it is happening.

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PMs are exactly what I want during a crisis.
Of course I would also like them to go up in (fiat) price nice and smoothly, but that ain't never gonna happen, so I will have to try to enjoy the bumpy ride. At the moment a lot of the money leaving Greece, Spain, Italy etc is going to German banks, which are perceived to be 'safe' but eventually the penny will drop (pun intended) and they will realise that no banks are 'safe'.

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germany..what a country..the world blows them up (ww2) and they still keep coming back out on wonder hitler thought they were the "chosen race" givenin merkle..tell them they can eat cake..

Alea Iactaest's picture

No kidding. Rome was free from foreign invaders for roughly 800 years. Wasn't until the Visigoths got really pissed off that shit got real in 410. Has the world learned yet not to get on the wrong side of these people?


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No soup for you!  Come back tomorrow!

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A lot of people wonder if PM were a good investment in...2011, when the price was high relative to today. As their gains have been wiped out as we talk.

Which way now? WHen I first joined ZH silver was around 40+, gold 1500+. 
Ag at <27 now, maybe still heading south.  

Is Merkel putting the screws not just on Club-Med but also on commodities, to keep oil low?

Makes sense as Euro-USD is low and imports are essentially fossil fuels into eurozone. 

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your going to need USD cash, some food and bullets - gold is for guys built like Mr. T 

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Pretty much that.  The Bosnia survival blogs make clear you could trade ammo for a meal, but no one would take gold.  They would take non local currency like Euros or dollars, but they preferred ammo.

When the time comes and you approach a camp of people cooking canned soup they looted from somewhere, look around the camp to see if it is well armed.  If so, a handful of bullets will get you a meal.  Your grandma's gold ring, not really.

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Man, look at the idiots junking you guys. You offer plain evidence from real world events that gold won't do you a lickin' bit of good when TSHTF and *blammo* "how dare you, gold gold gold forever I junk you!"

"Hmm, you're looking a little pale there sir. What's that, your diabetes medication ran out? Well, I happen to have some on me, what you got in trade? Gold? Hm, sorry, don't really have any use for that... got anything else?"

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I don't pretend to know but I am trying to consider what would happen if Germany thrust the true value of gold into the media limelight by formally demanding it as collateral. When CNBS is forced to report that Germany has requested the "previously worthless" base metal as back up to billions in aid it could change peoples perspectives a little.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Except that Germany has formally demanded no such thing, and won't.

That's like saying . . . I wonder what my coal mining company stock would do if they discovered zillions of tons of coal in an obscure lease they hold.

Pointless dreaming.

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I don't see Germany doing that any time soon, especially since much of "their" gold lies outside their borders.

Too much pissing and moaning by the West isn't going to help, though. At some point Berlin may look east, much as Riyadh has begun to.

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You think it's over?   It's not even halftime.

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It's all about timing.  I purchased $100,000K of silver at $13/oz but if it goes to say, $50, then buying at $26 is a bargain.  You cannot look upon it as an active investment but as a hedge against inflation and financial crises.  Eventually, not right way but inevitably, folks will act on their already-formed idea that fiat currencies are phony.

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I wish Greece would give the banks the big fuck you. Somebody needs to finally say enough!

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Merkel, Merkel, Merkel..... she must feel like a opear minding spoiled rich kids. No you can't drive your dads ferrari. No, you can't do lines of coke of your parents dresser.

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Doesn't Angela Merkel look like Ms Doubtfire?

That's not a lady, thats a man. 

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    I don't understand this. If it is against the treaty why is she even discussing guarantees?

    I smell a loophole brewing.