Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all

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A contribution:


Merry and happy to everyone in the ZH family; thank you all. 

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Happy Holidays to the ZH team!!

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Thanks, ZH & Tyler, for all your great work.

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Cheers Tyler... lets do this again in 2012. we are all working towards a common goal with ZH leading the way. 

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Yes, I learn so much more here beyond economics. Merry Christmas to ZH and all its favorite site!

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Merry Xmas every body. I'm looking forward to the new year when all the 2012 doomer conspiracies can finally be disproven and libertarians will be discredited once and for all.

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And Merry Christmas to our most special troll, sunshine!

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Merry Christmas and God bless, ZH and posters.

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Cool Yule to everyone.

As we celebrate the holidays we can rest easy knowing that the interventions of our politicians and central bankers will bring a new perspective of our challenges to all.

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Be safe out there everyone, don't get captured.

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Merry Christmas, bitchez!  May your nog be spiked with good booze, and may your presents be full of gold & silver!

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Merry fuckin Christmas everyone.... enjoy it while it lasts...

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Happy X-mass Z H ! Thanks for all your insight and Truth that is told witth style and Flair!

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Ouch, that really is rugged. Lolz.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to The All-Star ZH Team.  Please keep up the good work of keeping us informed.

Go Ag!  Go Au!  

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Thanks Tyler(s) for ZH. Malagayan Pasko!


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He He....wit ya there Bonus!

So yu finally came outta the closet and joined us Huh?

Everybody knows that the big dog doomers are the Hank Paulsen and his Eurocrat doppeldangers, who constantly predict that the sky will fall less we all bend over for the BANKSTERS! 

and of course, when BIGSIS state withers away, next year, and we all can get with buyin and sellin and stuff without constant interference, we gonna be able to dispel all those libertarians myths too- right>!?

Good on ya gonna luv the company!

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I still can't believe anyone takes Bonus seriously. He is the king oftrolling for suckers. I love the sarcasm AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

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Seconded. MDB is obviously being sarcastic. The "tell" is the use of numerous absolutisms in his text. It's amazing how many people who read ZH just don't get it. He's up to 37 junks as of this writing - probably from victims of public education.

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BDB you are the best!! Keep em coming!!! Lol


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I hope your right Million dollar bonus....but if we're right that million dollar bonus won't buy you a happy meal at mickey Dees in 2013!


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Merry Fucking Christmas Bitchezzz.... Here's my little christmas prezzie for you all...

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Agreed! ZH is one of the most informative sites on the 'net.

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No doubt.  Notice how easily the MSM switches to the story where they cover NORAD tracking Santa?  They don't miss a beat because they are all just actors reading from a script.   I even saw a general on one of the news programs (yes, Fox), discussing the Santa tracking just as if he were discussing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.   Gotta love those little reminders that it's all a show for the masses.  Thank you ZH for the reality program!

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At a time when "Truth is the first casualty of War", Zero Hedge is wonderful; thank you all so much. Keep up the great and insighful work. God Bless you all Tylers...........

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I made a video about Ron Paul. If you love Paul, love rock, and hate the banksters' police state, you'll like it. Please share it with friends and family. Features one of the great unknown rock anthems of all time:

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Happy happy, you freaks!


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Yes, and a merry Christmas to all, even nonchristian and atheist friends. Surely there can be room and a time for goodwill to all.

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Próspero año y felicidad, Beetchez!

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Cheers to ZH and Tyler, for giving us so much great information, and making us the smartest guy in the room over Christmas:)

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Merry XMAS have taught us so much.............


Thanks, Nakedempire

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Well sad, Eireann. Anything that makes us contemplate the truth of a matter helps us all. Cheers to you!

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Happy Holidays to all ZHrs.. Thx for all you do Tyler et al..

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2012 could be a very tricky year and we'll need all we have to not get fucked over.

Sparking one for ya slewie.
happy holidays ZH and all who sail on her.

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Up all  night putting toys together bitchez...

;- )

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Merry Christmas ZH, Tylers, and all my favorite peeps.

Greg Lake says it nicely.


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Yeah Merry X-Mas... & Happy X-nukkah too... Or for that matter, Happy X-zaa..

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Don't forget us pasta lovers - we're totally on board for the whole peace on earth and goodwill toward men thing...

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Happy Christmas to all at fight club :-)

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Merry Christmas to everyone here.

Hopefully Santa brings each of you what you want - even if he's let me down. I wanted 17 new European currencies.

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A couple of the reindeer had the stomach flu last night. Slowed things down a bit. Your present shall arrive shortly.

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Last Christmas.
And then:

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noooooo, not teh george michael!!!!

that was subtle KlausK, and well placed.

happy whatever you celebrate ZHedgers - and thankyou to the Tylers all, for keeping it at a pace that can leave us slightly gasping for air at times, but always nourished with information - what we each make of that info is our own task, but it is a GIFT nevertheless.

/bushmill's black bush, neat.

oh, and alabama shakes! nice - one for y'all -

Phosphorescent "Wolves"

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Whoo Hoo. Spiked Egg Nog.

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Well, in that case, I've got the holiday trees for everyone. Who's got some fentanyl to complete this trifecta?

Merry Christmas everyone.