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Game Over. And in the meantime, we get the following report from a media source: "CME’s acting like the MF Global thing just happened.  They’re haphazardly locking traders out who clear with MF, blocking access to the floor of not just MF Global employees but people who clear through them.  As a result, nobody wants to leave the floor and nobody who still has access wants to trade just to get locked out."

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Another one bites the dust!

And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust!

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Poof !!!

The sound made when another $ billions of overleveraged debt disappears from the system.

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Another jooish ponzi scheme down the drain. Where is Bernie Madoff when you need him.

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I just got the notice from TransAct

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Another multibillion dollar failure courtesy of your ex-Goldman/ex-Government friends.  Timmay, Corzine, Paulson are the poster childs of corruption and lunacy in the USA.  Blankfeinf for president anyone?

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Their principal creditors are JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank.
Good morning, idiots!

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Silver bitchez!! (No counterparty risk!)

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Get back to me when you see ACTUAL silver bullion vanish from your personal vault because someone else filed bankruptcy or declared them worthless.

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but that reporter from Calgary said gold isn't backed by anything, so she declared it worthless.


My physical instantly disappeared when she said that.

damn counterparty risk.

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The powers that be have fixed the price before.

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And how do all price fixing schemes end?

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I wonder what MHFT thinks about his favorite firm biting the dust?


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If it says "Super Duper" on the package, think OPPOSITE!

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The doctor prescribed the wrong drug, Corazine doesn't exist in the PDR.

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I think they died of a Havidol overdose.


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Did you see what he risked this company on...?

Greek, Portugese, Irish bonds.

That Corzine fella was so high on HOpium its really FUBAR!

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Only the first of many to do a fine impression of Mamma Cass eating a ham sandwich.  Especially if the ISDA rules the Greek default not to be a default.  Go out of business now sue later.

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LOL, she was my favorite "special guest" when Scooby-Doo jumped the shark.

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture


She actually asks the audience to KISS HER? That I call guts!


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...aaaaaaand AAPL rallies on the news as they announce their new iBankruptcy app.

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$3.99? Can I pay with my credit card?

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See ya on the golf course suckas



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Looks like corzine has finished Gods work

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If there is any justice in the world, the board of MF Global will pay Jon Corzine his severance in euro bonds.

Sarcasm aside, Corzine, who single handedly destroyed the firm, will walk with around $12m in severence and 3200 employees will get??????

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The same thing all MF'ers get...

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The 3200 will get a "Corzine for President" button. After all, he now has a lot free time.

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This cinches it for Corzine, you know.  Once Timmay is finally deposed / quits to spend more time with his family; Corzine just enhanced his CV a Billion-Fold....he's a shoe-in for O'bummer's next Treas. Sec.

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They should have new titles for the criminals not CEOs but

Con Arranging Bankruptcy And Looting

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Glad to see everyone is on top of this, lol.

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but they are sooooo small

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Billions to millions in a few years, like only a Global Banking House can!

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MF investors made millions! Unfortunately they started with billions...

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Ahhhh Skeet Skeet Skeet... Who's next?

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Like shooting fish in a barrel.

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Phew! Wolfman made it back.

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No biggie. In other news, it's the FED fault for not regulating their own damn primary dealers.

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So I should just wait here then?

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So is this a "credit event" or was the filing for bankrupcy voluntary?

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I believe the term of art is "Transitory".

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LULU keeps climbing, unfazed by the world's financial woes.