Michael Krieger On The Rebirth Of Barter

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Via Michael Krieger of 'A Lightning War For Liberty' blog,

Justice in the hands of the powerful is merely a governing system like any other. Why call it justice? Let us rather call it injustice, but of a sly effective order, based entirely on cruel knowledge of the resistance of the weak, their capacity for pain, humiliation and misery.
- Georges Bernanos


Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic elite which believes our Constitution is outmoded.
- Senator William Jenner
(1908-1985) U.S. Senator (IN-R)


The Final Act of the Uruguay Round, marking the conclusion of the most ambitious trade negotiation of our century, will give birth – in Morocco – to the World Trade Organization, the third pillar of the New World Order, along with the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.
- Government of Morocco
April, 1994   Source: New York Times, full page ad by the government of Morocco


The Rebirth of Barter
One of the most important articles I have read this week comes from Forbes contributor Gordon Chang.  In it he states that China is preparing to avoid U.S. sanctions on Iran by paying for oil with gold.  Not only that but he also mentions that China has already been bartering with Iran to get a hold of petroleum.  He states:

So how can Beijing keep both Iran’s ayatollahs and President Obama happy at the same time?  Simple, the Chinese can avoid the U.S. sanctions through barter.  China has already been trading its produce for Iran’s petroleum, but there is only so much gai lan and bok choy the Iranians can eat.  That’s why Iran is also accepting, among other goods, Chinese washing machines, refrigerators, toys, clothes, cosmetics, and toiletries.


The barter trade works, but Iran needs cash too.  As it is being cut off from the global financial system, the next best thing is gold.  So we should not be surprised that in late February the Iranian central bank said it would accept that metal as payment for oil.   Last year, China imported $21.7 billion in Iranian oil and exported $14.8 billion in goods and services.  As the NDAA goes into effect, look for Beijing to ship gold to Iran to make up the difference.

Thus, the leadership in America in its infinite stupidity has actually accelerated the demise of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  After its “kinetic action” in Libya succeeded in toppling the regime there, Washington’s geopolitical hubris grew and it has attempted to muscle Iran into a corner.  Instead, all it has done is alienated our “allies” that need Iranian oil to survive and in the process quickened a move away from the dollar to settle certain transactions.  Read Gordon’s article here.

In a similar move on a more micro level, the government of Spain in a similar desperation has banned the use of cash transactions above 2,500 euros (read this great article here on it).  How do you think citizens are going to respond to this?  People are already in the streets.  They are not pleased with what is going on.  Then the government is going to tell them they can’t use cash amongst themselves so that the authorities can track every single thing they do and bleed them with taxes until they are slaves on a banker plantation.  Everything is going to go black market and to a barter system.  It will happen country by country as governments get increasingly desperate and the authoritarian clamp down continues.  It will happen on an increasing level until all of these house of cards bureaucratic states fail and something new is reborn.  In case you haven’t seen it yet, this one town in Greece is already leading the way. This story outlines what will be a mega trend globally over the next decade.

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If the States ever succeed in enforcing their tax rates on top of Federal rates AND Amazon and Paypal margins, online is going to get crushed in my opinion. 

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What if you simply couldn't find anything they didn't want you to find?

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Last I looked, the majority of the internet is already oriented towards the ignorant and complacent. The wise minority will be dealt with accordingly.

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the majority of "internet usage" is working as intended, it won't take but a few more whistles for the herd dogs to direct the traffic into more compliance. . .

those who don't want to play will begin to self-censor as the penalties for deviant behaviours get more advertising - this is how cultures are managed, they're "policed" from within by those who believe in their own righteousness, or privilege, or whatever naming one wants to apply.

this has been working for centuries now, "authority" tells the special ones how special they are, whole wars are fought on behalf of fictive "nationstates" that are invented and destroyed at will, yet the conned-testants feel that special "patriotic" inner glow, rinse, repeat, history. 

look at the TSA, police forces, military, etc. - uni-formed & armed, fed their special secrets (and pharma) to justify their power over. . . this is the same game played out forever. . .

as for barter, the more prescient have long standing, trusted networks already in place, while the rest still keep their pixel fiat in banks and use their plastic monitoring cards all over the place, completely un-concerned.

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those who don't want to play will begin to self-censor as the penalties for deviant behaviours get more advertising - this is how cultures are managed, they're "policed" from within by those who believe in their own righteousness, or privilege, or whatever naming one wants to apply.

US citizens strive for conformity and uniformity.

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those that identify with their tag will indeed carry on with their existences, tagged.

as I'm sure is true in China, not every human living in amrka claims their label, nor supports the overlords and their Agenda.

but the truth is, the overwhelming majority do, as is true with most humans who believe in national boundaries and "cultures."

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There are monsters. You need to know the nature of humans to see them. But there are monsters.

I have a theory that the monsters depicted in horror movies & stories represent the most pressing fears about the people in society. Vampires, werewolves, zombies and so on.

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"No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity. But I know none, and therefore am no beast." - William Shakespeare ~ Richard III

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Good point; bad example.  The proposed Labor Dep't. rules, since withdrawn, would not have banned "farm chores."  Tucker Carlson, at Daily Caller, is taking advantage of the fact that most people don't know much about farm life anymore to muddy the waters to carry some political water.

Because of their past history as primarily family businesses, farms are exempted from child labor and overtime laws, and most safety rules.  When I was a kid on the farm, we did all kinds of things kids have no business doing.  A lot of us got killed or maimed, too.

The Labor Dep't. rules were clumsy and not very well-thought out.  They were trying to put some level of regulation on an area where common sense has not historically prevailed.  Plus a lot of kids are not working on "family" farms; they're working what should be adult jobs, for employers.  They're working for less than minimum wage, with no overtime or safety protection.  And they get killed at a staggering rate.  About four times the standard level of work-related death and injury.  So there's a less-than-malevolent intent here; less so that Tucker Carlson wants you to think.

There are other situations where THEY are trying to keep you from having a garden.  Many municipalities require homeowners to plant non-native grass in their front yard, using tons of chemicals and water to keep them alive.  At the same time, they ban native plants that grow by themselves, or vegetables, from yards except under very specific and limiting conditions.  There's your creeping totalitarianism for you.

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There's  your fed right there

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I'm sorry but you have set up a senerio that that is making the government folks 10 feet tall and all the people as dwarfs. And all these cops etc are all brain surgeons. Most of them will jump ship ASAP if they see even 5-10 % of the population has had it. The macho ones will go down first.

The problem will be in getting the people to respond in the first place. Any show of resistance and the SHTF.      Milestones 

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'Most of them will jump ship ASAP if they see even 5-10 % of the population has had it.' - and when in histiory has that ever happened?

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The former british colony- America.

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America is very much still owend by Britain , is just nobody looks into the corporation 

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That's a pretty daft scenario.  You are the one who is evil to dream that up.

Here's what the fema camps are for.  Eventually the US will "go Greece", i.e. unable to borrow.  When the welfare checks can no longer be paid, 40 million inner city zombies start to starve and riot.  In order to feed and water millions of unproductive, worthless and violent humans you need camps.

The bankers don't want productive people sitting around in camps.  They want them working and paying their taxes and debt.  You really need to think logically once in a while.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

FEMA camp in this scenario is tax-camp. The tax is as close to 100% as possible. Take all "income" split into 2 portions: if you lose portion A you die, portion B you are very unhappy - unless you think you're unable to get it without causing the loss of portion A. You will therefore in the FEMA tax-camp keep portion A (food, shelter, heat) and give up portion B (all your productive work). This "camp" will require you work to "function", you will be assured, and of course non-compliance is terrorism subject to immediate execution.

Hey, the scenario can be varied in a number of ways but I'm just suggesting you consider that one and think about how plausible it is.

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about the water subject in your post:


a film called water makes money. they desperately tried to stop the film...

how they poison the water with chlorinate, to avoid to maintain the supply system and meantime make it undrinkable.but there you see, people can stand up and fight. yes, we can.

and a friend of mine just came back from greece, where huge communities organize themselves with own money or no money at all, going back to a system, where the big ones have nothing more to say.

yes, we can. ;)

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if they try to take my garden, I will fight to the death

good to see you Cougar


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They have to outlaw poker before they can outlaw cash. They will never be able to outlaw poker. If you play you understand.

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I used to think that, but then how would the goverment make money from the drug trade?


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Helps explain why a paperback book by Ted Roselius (Black Market Operations) can't be found for under $60.

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Guess it's time for someone to start selling it... on the black market. :)

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That plus it's been out of print for ages (used copies are from 1979)

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Does this mean all money will eventually exist on a central bank hard drive?

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Does this mean all money will eventually exist on a central bank hard drive?

That would make the central bankers very happy.

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That would make me happy 

They can keep all the virtual 1s & 0s

We keep the food, and other real assets.

I will 'barter' with them,  A potato for a eagle or a leaf.


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We use the Barter System at my house.  My wife gives me nasty kinky sex, and I do whatever the fuck she wants for it.

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government already taxed you via marriage license fees and any sales tax paid for your wedding.


also barter participants don't get to take you to court later and demand alimony and child support for years for the services rendered prior.


she got you good.

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I feel ya, and they never want anything cheap like a new toaster

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What's your address? I'd like to barter with your wife.

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My wife likes to talk to me during sex.

Last night she called me from the hotel.

Angus McHugepenis's picture

Who junks all the participants in a good running joke-a-rama??? Fucking feminist fuck-tards... either that or the guy's wife and her friends really are members of ZH and are stalking us jokesters...

I miss Rodney Dangerfield!!

"My wife, she gives good headache".

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and I wouldn't complain but The Four Seasons? - shit 

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-1 on my post.  I see the wife is now on Zero Hedge.

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Finally a man here knows how it should work! :-)

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And how does she pay the neighbors ?


I'll trade lead for gold, no problem. Lead for silver, too. Lead for paper? Nope.

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When you've used up all your fiat to wipe your butt, and then you run out of toilet paper for the purpose, you can use a gold bar. Wash it off, good as new.

Of course you could also simply have used a stick. But then the joke loses something in the current context.

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When it comes down to it, I'll trade for your gold with the iron price.

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Hitler batered.. thinking on the lines of international trade when the monetary powers don't want to do business with you anymore.  Tis why the wars are fought.  

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I live in Toronto and we have a number of crooked cocksucking politicians that spend taxpayers money and don'yt give a shit so I stopped giving a total shit too. We exchange baby sitting, among other things, for oil changes, tire rotations, brake jobs and so on. Order stuff on the web to avoid provincial taxes and pay cash when that doesn't wotk. Of course none of this shows up in GDP calcs as nothing is recorded, thus GDP numbers in my view are as accurate as the gov't defined inflation numbers where they don'y count food or energy in this fuckin country and try and tell me it is 1 fucking percent!t

I stopped working full time because 50% of what I made was going to the cocksuckers in gov who LIE constantly and w/out shame. I am not palying their fucking game anymore. Good luck to all.

So....there's that

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trade you the oilers for the leafs....errr wait a minute on second thought how bout the flames

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Just FYI, Volts burst into flames not Leafs. We have a Leaf and solar,both subsidized by stupid f'ing government and couldn't happier. Yes it's a pathetic way for tax slaves to try and get some of our money back and I wouldn't be surprised if someone showed me the energy used to create those 2 items exceeded the savings of energy we will realize. Sorry but taking the subsidy was just too tempting.


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Just wait until you have to replace the batteries the day after the warranty expires.

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Isn't it the end of the NWO when a canuck declares his govt corrupt and resorts to barter?