Michael Krieger Summarizes "The Building Tension"

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From Michael Krieger of KAM LP

As long as the systems of control, crafted carefully over centuries by the entrenched elites, were able to sustain themselves within the illusions that they had embedded within the language, the mechanisms of control were possible. Stated another way for clarity; as long as the entrenched elite had control of the illusion, the illusion of control works for them. However, the opposite is also true, and this is where we find ourselves now; that is to say, at a point in time where the entrenched elite are using the control systems so badly that they are stepping outside of the inherent limitations imposed by the use of language as their primary control mechanism. Again, stated another way for clarity....when the 'prime proponents of democracy planet-wide (e.g. usa senators)' vote to 'legalize their war on their constituent populace' they are stepping outside of the inherent common consensus understanding of 'USA democracy' at such a level as to disrupt the illusion that allows them to control. Make any sense at all? The 'herd' is smelling the 'slaughter house', both metaphorically and actually. The stench of blood work travels on the air.

- Clif High


Building Tension

Everything seems extremely slow and boring right now.  After so much happened in bursts during various periods last year, we are currently in a gestation period.  We are in a period of building tension.  In retrospect, it seems that this period began in September/October of last year, thus it has now been building energy for almost five months.  This period of building tension happened after the last major release of energy in this Fourth Turning and that was in August/September, with the debt ceiling debt debacle, markets crashing, gold soaring and the emergence on the scene for the first time of a “progressive/urban rebellion” against bankster puppet Barack Obama from within his own set of perceived supporters.  Namely, the OWS movement. 

Yes, everything seems extremely slow and boring right now.  This is an illusion.  As I said at the time, the emergence of OWS was a huge deal.  Obama and his minions immediately attempted to co-opt the movement and create class warfare and that failed miserably.  Once that failed, King Bloomberg and other feudal mayors from all across the country went out and cleared them out in a coordinated fashion.  Let me ask you a question?  If this movement had publicly supported Obama and his dishonest agenda do you really think they would have been cleared out so aggressively?  I for one do not.  TPTB initially saw the movement as a way to divide and conquer the nation along the traditional geographic and “cultural” lines.  Once this failed, and they recognized that it actually had much in common with the angst of the tea party movement (demands for an end to crony capitalism, no bail outs or socialism for the super rich connected elites while at the same time free market capitalism and austerity for the poor) they shut it down faster than you can say 99%. 

There is a reason I put “cultural” in quotations in the above paragraph.  The reason is that the most powerful players in this nation that seek to control the sheep class (pretty much everyone that remains asleep, both rich and poor) through the old tried and true method of divide and conquer.  While Obama talked about bringing together red states and blue states during his speech at the Democratic national convention in 2004, as is standard operating procedure for this pathological liar he actually views everything from a divide and conquer standpoint.  So the story we are told is that there are “red” states and “blue” states and that we aren’t supposed to like each other and that on most of the important issues the various populations are diametrically opposed to each other.  They make it seem this way by never actually really debating the issues that really matter to our freedoms and economic prosperity.  They instead pick out divisive and highly emotional “social” issues, that while I understand are important to many, believe me are being used very deliberately to keep you heated and engaged in furious debate over these less consequential matters while they avoid talking about the stuff that really matters like the Federal Reserve and the counterfeit monetary system they run to bail out the richest and most connected, as well as the dissolution of your civil rights and the rule of law.  So indeed this “cultural” divide is patently false but it has held sway for so long because humans are inherently tribal creatures.  The good news is that Americans are now for the first time in perhaps a generation figuring out that we are indeed ONE culture and that culture is being systematically and intentionally dismantled right before our very eyes.  That culture revolves around the Constitution of the United States of America and its all important Bill of Rights, without which this country would never have become what it was.  TPTB are aware of the fact that we are rediscovering the common thread that binds us and they are flipping out.  OWS was the final straw.

So OWS came on the scene at roughly the same time the markets were crashing and gold was soaring.  These guys had seen enough.  While markets have been manipulated forever, what I have noticed over the last several years is that it gets exponentially worse at certain moments.  Something causes a freak out moment and they redouble their efforts to keep the populace asleep based on heavier doses of propaganda and market manipulations.  That is how we turned from massive tension release into this five month period of tension build we are now in.  It is winter and although OWS has been evicted, rebellion is certainly not dead, it is simply regrouping and to figure out the next best way to attack the corrupt house of cards.  Similarly, investors that are cognizant of what the Central Banks of the world are doing to destroy currency did not simply decide to buy IBM and JPM after realizing the futures markets have been killed following than ransacking of MF.  No, they too are regrouping and figuring out other ways to own physical assets as far away from the grubby hands of the casino operators as possible.

Tension Release              

The reason I don’t write about markets so much anymore is because I don’t believe there are markets any longer.  Sure there are flashing prices on the screens for various assets and those can be addicting to look at on a daily basis, but I think these “markets” are now merely a mechanism for government propaganda and a  method to ultimately fleece more money from the uniformed masses that play in it by the casino operators and their puppets in government.  It’s basically a hologram.  I have alluded to this in recent interviews, but I myself feel extremely uncomfortable being involved at this point in a way I have never felt before.  For now, I am still willing to play the game with some of my own capital but I fear I may regret this decision and that the smart thing would be to pull out completely and go entirely into hard assets as well as real estate abroad.  This game is not safe.
By definition, the longer the period of tension building the more explosive the release will be when it ultimately happens.  This period has already been going on for almost five months with only minor releases so I think we are already staring down the barrel of something horrific.  Should they actually succeed and delaying the release until after the election I expect the release scenario to be downright cataclysmic.  Should they succeed to delay it  that far I hope I am wise enough to pull the remainder of my assets out of this casino beforehand and get entirely physical.

Never Another Recession

The final thought I want to leave you with is perhaps the most important one.  While watching the criminals that run the nation manipulate, scheme and systematically dismantle our inherent rights as human beings is bewildering and frustrating, I believe their actions are representative of nothing more than rats scurrying around.  The much more important thing is that humanity is waking up and beginning to rise to the occasion.  These moves by them are last ditch attempts to preserve their system of control and their positions in society.  Unfortunately for them, we are in the midst of a mega cycle of structural change and everything they are fighting to save will end regardless of what they do.   

Here’s a personal story.  I was having drinks with three other people recently here in Boulder.  Every single person at the table thought the official 9/11 story was a total bunch of bull (building 7 anyone?).  I didn't even bring it up.  It was remarkable.  That never would have happened three years ago.  So my point is, every day that passes results in more people waking up to who the criminals are.  This has now backed them into a corner where they feel like they need to always avoid another downturn at all costs.  Historically, they always have used the downturns to manipulate public opinion and consolidate control further but we have turned their playbook around on them.  We are now waiting for the downturn to pounce on them because we know who they are and what they are up to.  They are totally cornered.   

To conclude, I recently taped another interview with Max Kesier on RT and it can be seen here.  I come in halfway, but the whole show is really hilarious and worth a watch.  Please take a look.


Oh and here is a little cartoon to lighten up your day!

Peace and wisdom,

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LawsofPhysics's picture

Fairly short sighted don't you think?  I can think of several other physical assets of value one might want to have handy.  For the record one should have been accumulating PMs their entire life, it has always been the foundation to a diverse porfolio.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture
The Proxy's Silver Proxie February 24, 2011

Last year I had a revolation.  In April upon hearing (from Max Keiser, and I gave credit where credit was due) just how many shorts the House of John Pierpont Morgan had against silver I called them out.  I specifically targeted JPM and said by buying silver we could force them to take their positions off.  I also said it would happen enevitably, because silver demand is rising industrially.  I said, by mid summer, the paper price of silver will capitulate, and silver would reach $36 by the winter solstice.

I made this call based on a few things.  First the prices of platinum, gold, and oil must be taken into account, and those movements were charted.  Then I decided that silver was the easiest for us to buy, and the easiest for JPM to short.  I thought this because silver is so cheap.  Once silver is not cheap, which it wasn't when it passed $21, JPM no longer wanted to short it.

Still though there are silver shorts, and there are many being held by JPM.  They have lifted some, but those have been replaced, some by China and some by other proxy banks (which I assume have direct funding from the PDs, or the President's Working Group on Financial Markets itself).  Still, these entities burn fiat at their sacred alter.  How much longer will they?

This is not how I came up with the slogan to 'Buy Silver' though.  That happened before I realized exactly what was going to happen with the silver market.  I wanted people to buy silver because I was worried that the government would confinscate gold.  I thought it up after reading The Wizard of Oz.  Silly as that might be, the silver slippers I put on worked just fine, and I encourage you to click your heels three times too.  There is no place like home.

That being said, even though I am a couple months behind, my price target of $36 is still in line.  It will be here by the Spring Equinox.  This last move should rip the heart of those who short silver right from their chests.  The Fed et al have many other problems they are facing, and only one of which is silver.  Besides, economists want a weak dollar, so a rise in the price of silver will make that happen.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture
by Mr Lennon Hendrix
on Wed, 04/07/2010 - 14:12
So Max Keiser is killing it and he cleared some shit up for me.  We have until $20.92 to buy silver (this is its nominal high), because that is when JPM should be done unloading their shorts (more specifically the shorts they inherited from Bear Sterns).  Once that happens, the whole market should capitulate, and then silver to the MOON (we have our own Argonaut, GET THE FUCK IN THE BOAT PEOPLE!) followed by gold and oil.  By my calculations we will reach $20.92 at mid summer, then the market should capuitulate for 2-6 weeks, depending on how bad peak oil is right now, and then KABOOM!  Anyway, my two sense...I could be wrong. MB anyone?
Also, a low of $8.88 during the "crisis".  They are saying something.  They are saying 'We will run this town for infinaty'.  I cry ISIS!  Then I go to war with these damn JPM "M"arket "M"anipulators.  Join me!  BUY SILVER! Silver Shell Game Over:


Oh regional Indian's picture

Nice LH. pre-scient..

ISIS indeed and word.


gmrpeabody's picture

You had me..., right up to the story about your dinner in Boulder.

I mean, Boulder..., is there anyone there that doesn't believe 911 was an inside job?

They all believe the moon missions were done at movie studios.

Long tin foil...

pemdas's picture

Instead of "Left" and "Right" in the cartoon they could have labeled it "Democrat" and "Republican".

Stax Edwards's picture

Absolutely.  There is a very big difference.

steve from virginia's picture


Gold ... silver ... I don't really follow them. I'm more of an 'energy/finance' guy. I'm not long crude oil, BTW.

$110/barrel is about what the market can bear right now. $120/barrel and the shack caves in. Last spring the market tried $128 and there was world-wide heartburn that hasn't ended. We don't hoard crude oil, we burn it up for nothing. All the oil we have every drilled, shoveled, mined, pumped out of the ground has been burned up and there is nothing to show for it but a lot of debts that nobody knows how to repay or even service.

The idea that crude oil will bolt is unsupportable by evidence. Crude prices are supported by credit which is shrinking. Instead of crude prices increasing, the ability to pay ANY price for ANYTHING is decreasing. The same amount of cash that would flow to crude oil producers is now being subtracted from crude oil customers ... the car business, the freeway business, the house business, the office tower business, the finance business, the retail goods business, etc.

Gold is still in a bull market but for that to continue gold must become a safe haven and pull in lots of cash from these declining business enterprises elsewhere.


whstlblwr's picture

Off topic, anyone watch the millionth debate tonight. It was very entertaining. Ron Paul made a comeback, he did a great job, we think he won the debate. In post debate analysis, CNN doing everything they can to make Romney or Gingrich look like the winner, LOL. Someone needs to start a new TV news because this corporate media is bullshit. Ron Paul called out corporate media too in debate. There was a great moment where Santorum calls out Gingrich and tell us insider shit. A couple of times, audience yells for Ron Paul when he gets left out of questions.

respect the cock's picture

Watched the RP highlights earlier.  He did a great job.

I know FB is a little hokey...but he is literally adding 10k new "likes" every day.  Don't underestimate the hivemind that is social networking...he will have a long term impact, whether he gets elected or not.

The Alarmist's picture

"They all believe the moon missions were done at movie studios."

How can you be sure they weren't? Been to the moon lately?

Hugh G Rection's picture

Never tried flying through the Van Allen radiation belt either.

If that was a lie I can let it fly, more concerned about the lie that killed 3,000 people, and resulted in the theft of our civil liberties, and perpetual war.

DanDaley's picture

I asked Van Allen about this personally, and he said that it is no big deal, about like getting an x-ray.  

DanDaley's picture

Past tense.  He was a very nice man, easy to talk to, and thought all of this 'fake-moon-landing stuff" was nonsense.

Stax Edwards's picture

Totally agree about the 911 loony stuff.  That kills the authors credibility.  Left and Right obviously do exist, but right now the laws have tilted in favor of the haves to the detriment of the have nots.  We currently have the best crop of politicians money can buy in DC. Obviously everyone who can be should be in equities at present if they have the stomach for potential risk and the time to follow their investments like a hawk.  The melt up is real money, and you cannot play if you don't put your chips on the table.  Risk to capital does exist, and the returns are not too excessive so I suppose the argument is that inflation will remain subdued and this money should make its way into the economy and the wealth effect should also play a role in helping to grease the wheels of commerce.  This market intervention is providing needed capital formation for our publicly traded companies, and I am sure the hope is they will expand their businesses and step up hiring.  Perhaps the latest numbers reflect that or perhaps it is all seasonal adjustment. 

I think the internet and free exchange of information make this more transparent (to many more people) than FED involvement would have been ever before, so perhaps this is SOP, but was not apparent to most when used in times past.  I know I for one cannot control the situation, so I respect the tape and try to make money.  I try to use more services and get that money moving.  Lets hope our corporations do the right thing and pick up hiring so aggregate demand will increase.  We shall see if the recovery continues marching on when Q1 numbers come out. 

The globalists have got us right where they want us, but it is a fools errand to think one alone can change things.  Not to mention we all gripe, but I see very few good suggestions of how to fix this thing.  It will either work or it won't.  I have to say the FED does seem to have inflation under control, and I hope they know how to withdraw this liquidity prior to inflation killing us.  Maybe we will see the sky high interest rates of the Carter administration.  For now despite my aversion to TBTF, I think if Bernanke really cares about his legacy, he will conclude that TBTF is not the way the world works and will push to break these behemoths up once real recovery comes.  If he is able to stimulate the economy enough to get it going on its own AND breaks up the TBTF into non-SIFI's at the appropriate time, he will have my vote as the FED president who turned the second great depression into the greatest recession, a noble achievement.  At least I think we can all agree that economic recovery and jobs for everyone that wants to work is priority number one.  For all of our mocking, I think Bernanke has done better than .gov up to this point.  Godspeed to you all.

KTV Escort's picture

"Totally agree about the 911 loony stuff.  That kills the authors credibility."

which, in turn, kills yours... anyone of sixth grade intelligence or above can spend 6 hours pouring over the wealth of info available online re: 911 truth and determine the official story is complete BS

That Peak Oil Guy's picture

Right, the most educated populace per-capita of US cities is a bunch of loons.  More likely they know bullshit when they see it.

Mike, Boulder is not like other places, so be careful.  We all get in a bubble living around here and we forget what the rest of the world is like.  Then you travel out of the area and see all the fat sheeple and you remember...

The Deleuzian's picture

God I'm glad I came back into this thread!

Mike...What TPOG said is so very true...Boulder is 'one of a kind'...It will always be so...Enjoy everyday there...Hell, I might move back...I miss it that much!!

Hugh G Rection's picture

Please watch WTC7 collapse into itself 25 minutes after the BBC report that it had collapsed..



Sorry for the brevity of the 2nd video, that has to do with the building falling at freefall acceleration.


Long blue pills...

chindit13's picture

I know what you mean about the BBC, since other than the Cheops pyramid outside of Cairo and maybe that wall thing in China, WTC7 was, well before 911, the most well known and recognized building on the face of the Earth.  For a grizzled old journalist to get something so patently obvious wrong on an otherwise quiet newsday is simply concrete proof that those conspirators slipped a press release to a foreign news organization a little too early.  Amateurs!

Heck, I've been watching all these videos taken on 911 that show firemen saying they don't have either the time or personnel to go into WTC7, which they say and clearly show in the videos has had a raging fire all day after debris from the north tower struck it.  Then about 2pm one firefighter tells his commander that WTC7 is creaking loudly and sounds like it's going to come down.  Obviously this is all dubbing and filmed at the same Hollywood stage where they filmed those bogus lunar landings.  They even try to obfuscate by having some fireman walking on the collapsed north facade of WTC7, which had fallen south during the collapse, as if to imply it was not in its own footprint.  Well, nobody said it wasn't walking, so its footprint clearly could be in front in the direction it was moving.

So nefarious were these guys that they had installed high powered fans near the strike points to blow smoke away just so everyone could see that the towers' collapse began AT THE EXACT POINT where the aircraft had struck.  They even set off the final demolition charges on the south tower first, even though it was the second to be hit, because it had been struck 15-20 stories lower than the north tower, and the theoretical stresses, due to the extra floors---would be that much greater.  Good thing they slipped up on the BBC thing to show us that even Lizard People are human and make mistakes.

But I've timed the collapses with my stopwatch and it's almost exactly freefall speed, give or take a few seconds, which amongst right-thinking people is nothing.  And we all know gravity is just a theory, like evolution, so speeds are approximate.  Putting little nano-rockets on some of the debris pieces so that they would fall faster than the towers was just to fool us into thinking the towers were not actually in freefall.  Optical illusion and mass hypnosis using HAARP Setting 377-B.  Bastards!

I'm still incensed about melting or weakened steel, too, as if Jet-A and office furniture could burn that high.  I mean, if you could create such heat transfer with Jet-A, then I could use something like a kerosene camping stove to boil water, like that is ever going to happen.  Or I would have to wear flip-flops or something at the beach on even a 90 degree day because the asphalt in the parking lot would get a lot more hot than 90 degrees.  Sheesh.  And why do you think you cannot find a blacksmith nowadays?  Because finally we figured out that it's a waste of time to try to work steel when you only have a 700-900 degree fire.  With only a hammer?  Steel?  Please.  Blacksmiths deserve to be extinct.

And then there's the way they try to muddle the finding of Mohammed Atta's passport!  They even produced driver's licenses and personal documents---all unburned---from other passengers on the flights, as if anything ever could escape that fire.  And all those Morgan Stanley documents that rained down like confetti all over Battery Park even though the second plane hit dead center into Morgan's south tower office.  No doubt it was those police and news helicopters flying around that just dumped those forgeries out the window of the chopper when nobody was looking.

You've got to hand it to THEM, however.  Having those trucks sneak in during the mayhem and drop one jet engine three blocks north of the south tower where it struck, and landing gear of the north tower strike about four blocks toward the water---all to imply extensive structural damage to the tower's core---just masterful.  That magic engine and landing gear reminds me of the magic bullet in Dallas, if you know what I mean.

What really bugs me is that now you can find videos on YouTube or at the AOPA.org website where they had a rank amateur fly a real jet aircraft simulator, having never sat in the left seat or had a single flight lesson in his life---and he supposedly LANDS the thing.  I mean, with that they don't even need to show that the four al Qaeda pilots took flying lessons, since landing is the most difficult part of flying (I have multiple ratings myself, so I know this).  These guys are thorough.

And that NORAD thing?  They try to fool us with that crossword puzzle appreviation---ADIZ---and tell us that before 911 those were all offshore and had NORAD's attention.  What about Payne Stewart?  It only took ATC forty-five minutes to find his plane.  Sure, they traced it because it had filed a flight plan and like most planes up there at FL410 it was on autopilot so on its filed flight plan, but I mean they could have tried harder.

Note:  No 6th grade or higher brains were harmed in the making of this post.

mvsjcl's picture

Normally, I'd attempt a dispassionate, fact-filled discourse to refute the basis of your arguement, but I'm not feeling very normal right now.



chindit13's picture

Stamina.  Stay the course, Moonbat.

TuesdayBen's picture

chindit, I wish you posted more often

Pleasure Craft's picture

Good links. Always good to see a refresher WTC7 video. Certainly discredits the official story. 

The Grip's picture

So there I was, in [Palo Alto, Cambridge, Evanston, etc.]...

You get it. Smartest guys in the room.

The Deleuzian's picture

TG...I believe technically you are correct...Palo Alto is first...Iowa City is second...Boulder is not far behind..Difficult to gauge the metrics with so much student population...Most likely the top 10 dance around each other from year to year...

owensdrillin's picture

Johnu, I was in Kalispell last Feb-March and I 've never seen people begging on the corners in that town until then. Everyone you talked to was as depressed as could be and the "official" unemployment rate for the Flathead Valley is 15%.

Most people were moving to or working in North Dakota as there is very little work at home. Sad to see as Whitefish/Kallispell was always a favorite of mine. The ski season at Whitefish isn't helping this year either.

Ceteris paribus's picture

He's right, buy silver, it's on sale!!! 

Silver is always on sale, it has been at $30.oo for about six months now, it will only go up when they want it too. 

taeonu's picture

The Secret of Oz


What’s the Movie About?

It is commonly known in economics academia that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 is loaded with powerful symbols of monetary reform which were the core of the Populist movement and the 1896 and 1900 presidental bids of Populist Democrat William Jennings Bryan.

The yellow brick road (gold standard), the Scarecrow (farmers), the Tin Man (industrial workers), the Wicked Witch of the West (Cleveland banker  J.D. Rockefeller) and the Wicked Witch of the East (NY banker J.P.Morgan), the Emerald City of Oz (greenback money), the illusory power of the Wizard in the capitol city (who monopolized power through deceit),  even Dorothy’s silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the color movie version -symbols of Baum’s and Bryan’s belief that adding silver coin to gold coin would provide much needed money to a depression-strapped, 1890s America).  Oz is a virtual forest of monetary reform symbolism, done by someone extremely well versed in the Populist monetary reform goals of the period (Baum was a newspaperman and author) – goals which have never changed - they are still valid today, they are needed now more than then.

The Secret of Oz

Watch Documentary:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI

Amused2Death's picture

For someone starting out, what's the best strategy to get into PM's?  Who are the reputable sellers?  Do you average out or make opportunistic buys when things are on sale (supposedly)

HungrySeagull's picture

You have to go back to the Hunt Brothers who tried to buy the entire Silver Market in the late 70's

Then learn about how boring Silver was at 6.00 and people stressed about a dime either way for years.

Suddenly we hit 15 then 25, paper burned still burning and here we are again watching paint dry in silver.

Nevertheless, I am in Silver. At today's price it should take 54 ounces to equal one ounce of Gold.

Historically this has gone up or gone down depending on many things.

Kitco is the main path to understanding in metals.


You can try this app that is being a demo to understand what it will cost you to buy metal at spot price and why everyone wants to buy at a cheaper price and sell higher.


You cannot really day trade Physical. However, speaking for myself I feel we are at 30 dollars hard floor as I said some time ago for this year.

If they find a weakness and find a hole in the floor like the two klutzes did falling off the staircase in "Home Alone" say.. 25.00 Silver or even 20 silver... it's going to be quite vicious and fast lasting only minutes.

Such a event will happen on your Kitco chart as a vertical line and be back to 30 dollars as soon as you process mentally and put in a order to buy at 25 or whatever.

Assuming you are even awake to see this happening in near real time.

The alternative is to send cash to a online account where you can buy metals and put in a order for a buy at whatever price you wish being good for 30 days or until trade executes. That way when you are asleep, you will probably catch the falling knife electronically.


Don't worry. There is a day coming..... The United States Dollar in Paper will be no good (Google Continentail money during Rev War and google Confederate Bonds Money) Hell we own a million on paper in Confederate, but it's worth less than the toilet paper you wipe the ass with.

Suppose you had PM from those days? Hmm?


One other thing. If you intend to get PM's (Physical stored for you or taking delivery) you need to consider home defense with a weapon or three. Because the zombies will come for you.

America did Confisicate Gold back in the 30's I think there were a few genuine gold coins turned up recently from that time period for Probate and they seized that too.

Silver Eagles is nice. A few Gold is nicer and 10 thousand dollars is a number to remember in silver.



Repeat after me.

Once you buy at X dollars per ounce. That is your basis. BOTTOM LINE. NEVER. NEVER sell at this price or lower. You may have to wait months or never sell at all, only accumulate.

I have some physical, and am always moving a little bit of Cash towards acquiring more. I am very aware that I am just a tiny little guppy in a ocean filled with barracudas, whales and sharks. But even I can find a ounce here and a ounce there.

It is easier to have... 500 ounces on hand and whatever you trade within a range is a mere flap of a butterfly. There are Nations who buy Tons of the stuff.

And there is the 5 dollar cost to dig it out of the ground as the ZH joke goes.

It will cost you 50 dollars to have it in your hand legally.


However. If the Market implodes and the US Dollar is no good, that Silver ounce or Gold ounce may go into the thousands of dollars/hundreds of dollars per ounce.

It would be easy to buy a whole city block with just a few coins free and clear. Hell even Trump took some gold in hand to close a deal from a buyer.

ebworthen's picture

I've been happy with APMEX so far, but you have to catch them when their over spot isn't high.

In the last price beatdown for Gold and Silver their over spot was good for the first day or two then slowly moved up.

I don't have a local dealer, would have to drive 1-1/2 hours to get to a reputable one so online works for me (shipping is break-even with gas price to drive).

Kitco has a good reputation, though they are under scrutiny by the goons and now have a minimum of $2,500 or so per order.

Nothing like the heft and feel of Gold and Silver, and for me it is a vote and not just an investment.

Joy on Maui's picture

Local dealer is best, if you can find a reputable one.   I have enjoyed doing online biz with Provident Metals.

Prometheus418's picture

Gainesville is cheap, but kind of slow.  Ebay can yeild good prices, but you pay for it with your time.

Caught a new local dealer today while he was open, and he seemed pretty straightforward, and the prices were fair.  Loads of 90%, but only a handful of Eagles.  I plan on revisiting his shop next payday.  As much as I like saving a few bucks/oz online, it just feels much safer to buy with cash and carry it out myself than to trust my metals to the tender care of the postal service- and it gives me the chance to cherry-pick coins when buying 90%.  I know nothing about numismatics, but I do knowthe difference between what looks nice, and what looks like it was beaten with a chain.  

I find it only slightly funny that every bullion dealer I've ever seen was a gun dealer as well.  If you're not armed, I suggest making the first trip dual-purpose.

ebworthen's picture

Aye, Matey.

Bud's has retired Police S&W .38 caliber revolvers for $269.

A good choice unless you have trained extensively with sem-automatic double/single action automatics which require enough practice to never fail to set safety off and chamber loaded to be effective, not to mention jams.


DavidC's picture

Spot on Mike.
Which is why, when this thing breaks (and it will) it is going to make 2008 look like a picnic. NOTHING has changed since then.


TuesdayBen's picture

More debt and derivatives today.

fonzannoon's picture

Days like today make me wonder if this will go on forever.

centerline's picture

Nah.  At some point the Sun will turn into a big red giant and swallow up the Earth.

HungrySeagull's picture

And that will be a small mercy.


The one thing I fear is a very large Gamma X Ray burst that is focused towards the earth. They show the Atmosphere and crust stripped away off the Earth facing the blast while the other side (Facing away) has a interesting problem which will still result in their demise.


The good news is you would pass from this life and stand in front of the Pearly gates with a Marine Gaurding it wondering WTF?

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Another day where we continue to be plugged into the matrix, sitting watching believing that something in the financial worlds is real...I have a feeling that 1929 is coming

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While I support Ron Paul, I think that even if he is elected we are still screwed.  Too little too late.

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Definitely too late. The only thing Ron Paul can do for us is possibly mitigate the damage and get us turned around quicker. Unfortunately, if he is elected, he will shoulder a lot of the blame for the pain we'll be going through the next four years.