The Mightiest Of Weapons

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Via Mark J. Grant, Author of Out of the Box,

“Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.”
                                                             -George Washington, 1753
Sunday marks the day in Greece, France, parts of Italy and Spain. May 6 will stand out perhaps as the day when the fortunes of Europe were reversed and if not reversed; re-programmed. There has been a lot of talk about this of course and a lot of speculation in the Press and, one would think, that it had all been discounted by the markets but not so fast. The discount will only go as far as the political implications are generally understood and I would submit that the particularities of the European elections are not well understood at all. I think the markets’ reaction is a first blush notion which does not get close to the more pressing questions of what some of the potential changes in power will mean past the revelry of the election night parties.
In France the markets have perhaps priced in the fact the Mr. Hollande is a Socialist and that term, perhaps well understood in France, rambles about in American minds somewhere between Eugene Debs and the American Labor Movement and Lenin’s view that Communism would overtake Capitalism in the end. The concentration has been placed upon the Socialist nametag and, in my mind, that is not the most important of attributes. Mr. Hollande represents a defiance of Germany, a desire to renegotiate the Fiscal Pact, a return to exerting power on the basis of the greatness of France and a significant lessening of some grand European vision concerning “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.” Mr. Hollande, in fact, represents the wave that is sweeping all across Europe which is a return to Nationalism, to tribal pride, to economic self-protection as the European Recession, as driven by the “austerity measures” and fiscal restrictions imposed by Berlin deepen both the economic travails and the reaction to finding your nation under the economic jack boots of Berlin. I suspect that when we look back, some years from now, that we will find that the imposition of German ideals and practices upon peoples with different social and cultural histories will be one of the main reasons why the grand adventure failed. The traditions of two thousand years do not wilt because it is demanded by Germany and no country, no people, wants to have an imposition of power, whether wielded on the streets with tanks and guns or wielded in boardrooms with bushels of Euros scattered about, mandated of them. It may be, in France, that May 6 is only day one of a transformation of power as June marks the Parliamentary elections and the voice of the Right, as led by Marine Le Pen, may well control a significant amount of the elected officials. In any event it appears that we will have a very different France, a Germany and France not locked-stepped but locked out-of-step and two distinct visions that may mark a European governance that is someplace between difficult and impossible.
What is also becoming clearer, with the passage of days, is that Germany is finding itself in an ever more isolated position and that regardless of her economic prowess that she is shunned because of her aristocratic attitude in trying to tell everyone else how to behave and how they must live. I was recently in Europe and there is real anger and the venom spewed by the citizens in other countries was not lost upon me. It is no longer the “Ugly Americans” but the “Ugly Germans” that bear the brunt of the Nationalistic push-back. In my opinion the days of Germany ruling Europe by fiat will be a short-lived affair and the end is now nigh and in sight.
In Greece it may only be Hades and Poseidon and a few of the old gods that know how things may go this Sunday. What seems certain, however, is that a significant amount of Parliamentary seats will be won by splinter groups so that it is impossible to effect real structural changes and that governance may be so difficult that chaos prevails. I have long asserted that Greece will remain in the Eurozone as long as the monetary spigot is left open but that the moment that it is closed; “goodbye, thanks for all the fish and have a nice life” as Europe reels from the default both economically and socially. In both Spain and Greece the math just does not work. You can live in the charade or you can pull the covers up over your head and pretend but, in the end, the arithmetic will prove that neither country can continue to pay their debts as their economies and banks cannot support them. The IMF, as pressured by the countries outside of Europe, may well be the first to fold as they inform Europe that no more money is forthcoming as the odds of getting paid back equate to winning at Three Card Monty.
Now all of my musings this morning is not just political commentary. All of the changes of guard in Europe are going to have a profound effect upon the marketplace in my view. There will be a widening of credit/risk spreads, a decline in the equity markets, a decline of the Euro against the Dollar as Fear climbs back in the driver’s seat and as uncertainty is the prevalent theme of each day. There will also be a sustained widening between bonds denominated in Euros and bonds denominated in Dollars as U.S. Treasuries continue on with their safe haven status and may possibly sink to yields that no one ever thought was possible as a consequence of all of the political changes on the Continent.
The mightiest of weapons is the truth and everyone in Europe knows that you are not allowed to enter Parliament with a weapon.

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Hitchhikers Guide to Greece

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No big deal that it all coincides with another Super moon AND a once in a century or three Venus Crossing of the Sun.

Carry on....


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Sylvia Browne wants her schtick back.

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None of you have obviously never been near a bunch of women when their cycles harmonize and the full moon is out.


I'm going to the pub and avoiding the house.

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dude, how many womens you got up in that house??

FYI, even the police & ambulance crowd know about the full moon effects - it's not just for the ladies.


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Right... Buy silver, get a gun and stock food,huh? Oh boy...there we go again.

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Always wear your Joo-Janta 200 Superchromatic peril sensitive sunglasses. I'm blind at the mo.

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Mulligans for Euroland.


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Mr. Hollande, in fact, represents the wave that is sweeping all across Europe which is a return to Nationalism, to tribal pride, to economic self-protection as the European Recession, as driven by the “austerity measures” and fiscal restrictions imposed by Berlin deepen both the economic travails and the reaction to finding your nation under the economic jack boots of Berlin.

Too bad people are being lied too...

gangland's picture

bullshit, hollande is another bait and switch.

hollande is obama. hollande is france's tony blair.

the same third way neoliberal clintonite DLC dems, thatcherism with human face, velvet glove over steel fist, washington consensus crap wrapped in 'socialist' or 'new labour' clothes. 

another post-modern vaccuous tabual rasa for the pathetic and desperate muppets to project onto.


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In the US it would be a given that Hollande would simply be another face of the same elitist con game. I'm going to be interested seeing if he is actually who he says he is or if he's just Obama done up in French, talking the socialist talk and walking the fascist walk. It would be nice to think that a vote actually meant something.

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It does mean something..... (if it's counted properly)..... it means that you liked some *person* the most..... you know, like those personality contests on TV.

"Policy" never entered it.... you do not get to vote for policies, 'cause the people you vote for, may legally change their mind about what they said, or decide to interprete their past statements differently. There is no legal obligation at all, for representatives to keep their word - they legally are allowed to lie and *misrepresent* as much as they like.

Which is to say: In representative 'mockracy, you get to vote on people not representing anything specific :-)

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Socialism...fascism...different ends of the same log of crap they use to screw us over!

If you ask me, all politicians and bankers ( except RP) should be forced to walk the plank into a pool of real crap so they know how the rest of us feel about their BS!

Hey, Obummeromneyholandemontisarkozymerkelblankfeinbernanke....Im taking a crap right now in your honor and saving it in your momma's tupperware for just that right moment.

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The wave of socialism marches on.


Charms and Beads

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Quelle taille est votre Jack Boot M. Hollande?

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oh well...Il est démontré, disait-il, que les choses ne peuvent être autrement; car tout étant fait pour une fin, tout est nécessairement pour la meilleure fin....


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as your avatar clearly states, "alles" is dependent in Euroland of Pax Americana evolution; how the cooky crumbles, when it crumbles, what happens afterwards, all depends on linchpin, kingpin, uber-alles configuration, fiat money Camelot. Don't let the subsets take yor eye off the main box of Pandora; its there and nowhere else that the fireworks risk to be the most impressive. 'Cos its there where all roads converge. 

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Sarkozy and Hollande are both Jews, I guess that says it all. France will then have had non-french presidents for 10 years :) fucking asswipes :)

frenchie's picture

im not sure about Chirac being so French... neither Mitterrand as well... so we can kick in another 15 years+

YuropeanImbecille's picture

now the jews are making it illegal to google if someone is jewish in france :) hahaha they are pretty cool destroyers of worlds

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I suspect about Hollande been a member of the Tribe but never found any proof, can you please provide?

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I guess he is circumcised but it could be from having it sucked by women with razor sharp teeth; you know he has had women of extreme political ambition as bed mates; not like DSK who only went for the sweet and toothless but not boobless. 

If sexual urge is any indication of subliminal splurge you could say Hollande is cheese to men and jewish dikk to hungry women. 

Tribal classification should also apply to women. If you want to understand why some men still have nuts while others are cracked so bad they could frack gas all night long, just look at their women.

Golda Meir would be the sort of woman who would have loved Hollande as cheese. After serving him the hors d'oeuvres to make him a true Tribal member by shaving clean his member's clubhead.  

I hope you have been enlightened, by my tongue in cheek.

falak pema's picture

don't take it literally and tribe rhymes with vibe and scribe. 

Cathartes Aura's picture

all good falak - I'm familiar with your musings, and realise authors utilise their imaginations creatively - but of course, it is my wont to be facetious!


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And your point is ... ?

Oh, that you have your head so deep up your arse, you can't see very far?

FYI, Hollande is not Jewish and Sarkozy is only half-jewish IIRC.

I would add 'Dumbass' here, but I am afraid that would be just redundant.

Your nickname, however, is quite appropriate.

Cathartes Aura's picture

a better question might be:  are they Zionists?

y'know, like the amrkn VP. . .

lolmao500's picture

That's what I was saying ... people are being lied to, Hollande is a goddamn liar... he's really a pro-EU, pro-banks shill.

AUD's picture

You forgot May 5

Chaos Day!

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'In both Spain and Greece the math just does not work.'

That is a good point. In the UK, US the math 'works' perfectly well.

Grant, you are to Euro politics what Brusca is to economics but somehow worse.


JOYFUL's picture are to Euro politics what Brusca is to economics but somehow worse.


nice, Gene.... good to know someone is lookin after da zoo while I complete the transition of moving da farm off grid. I can only check in here from time to time at the moment.

-looks like rabid "wolf" ritcher is returning to the 'grecian' fold in my absence in search of more easy pickings.. please search out n destroy U-boot 237, if not already on the case!

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In Greece it may only be Hades and Poseidon and a few of the old gods that know how things may go this Sunday.

The god of the underworld and the god of the sea...who is also the earthshaker. Brothers of Zeus both and not to be messed with, even by him.

Bring on the Euro breakup scenarios...
Should be pay-per-view worthy on Mt. Olympus.  In fact, it may just turn out to be The Illiad II

Hmmm, I wonder which party(s) will play the role of the sophisticated, wealthy and uber-civilized Trojans?

I might also add that Zeus, the supreme god, Hades, god of the dead and Hephaestus, the smithy/arms manufacturer are all relatively neutral in the Trojan War.  But Poseidon is  allied with the Greeks against the Trojans because Laomedon, an ancient king of Troy (and the father of Priam, its current king) once enslaved him and made him build the city's walls – and then refused to pay him.

Theta_Burn's picture

Am I missing something here with all this Germany bashing?

"Her aristocratic attitude in trying to tell everyone else how to behave"....  usually "loans" have strings attached. typical whinning bitches//don't like the "terms" of their bailouts.

Germany = damned if you do damned if you don't.

How much pissing and moaning would there be if they just said to all....good luck with that?....

hedgeless_horseman's picture



How much pissing and moaning would there be if they just said to all....good luck with that?...

...the only problem being that in Germany, "good luck with that," has historically been spelled, "Blitzkrieg!"

GeneMarchbanks's picture

We're back to this are we? It should probably be obvious by now to anyone in the Anglosphere with a functioning frontal lobe who stands in the background of that big bad wolf called Deutschland.

They have truly resorted to unprecedentedly violent tactics by publishing 'controversial' poetry recently and imposing monstrous austerity on those spend-thrifts in the Mediterranean.

Sandmann's picture

"Blitzkrieg!" is the tactic employed by US forces in Iraq. It is exactly how the US Marine Corps is used in combat with armour integrated with infantry and air power. It is why the US Marine Corps is configured as it is,.

earleflorida's picture

we as individual's [nations] have an innate survival instinct to place the blame on others, lest we lose our self esteem -- which already has been compromised by our latent complacency to always take the easy path -- whilst, reflecting upon ourselves on a merry-go-round of mirror's that portrays a dual profile mimicking don`quixote thrusting his mighty  excalibur through his benign sancho panza?

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Okay help me understand why this is all Germany's fault all of a sudden. It seems to me that the Euro countries put pressure on Germany to fund their deficits.If these countries are coming to Germany with their hand out doesn't Germany deserve the right to demand they get their act together?

Dr. Engali's picture

It pisses me off. I think they do it because do to history the Germans are an easy target to demonize. They fail to realize that the German citizens have paid a heavy price for the sins of their father's.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Euro countries put pressure on Germany...

Please remind me how Germany has always responded to this in the past.

Oh, I remember, they elect little Austrian paper hangers.

Maybe Europe always gets the Germany it deserves?

Dr. Engali's picture

If by always you mean once I guess you're right.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Invade us once, shame on you.

Invade us twice, shame on me.

Invade us thrice, we must be Poland.


Honestly, though, it sounds like things are going very, very, well in Germany.  Am I wrong? 

It is only the fucking bankers that are whining about losing money.  Privatize the gains, socialize the losses.  What is new?  We bail out the bankers always and everywhere.  They had their chance to eliminate the banking class, and they came up short.  Germans needs to get used to it.


Sandmann's picture

invade us thrice, we must be Poland.


You are thinking of RUSSIA perhaps or maybe AUSTRIA or even SWEDEN.............and what did happen to Poland in 1945 ? Rescued by the USA from Dictatorship or delivered into Dictatorship ?

centre.europe's picture

PL emerged as a country from the WWI. In 1921 it repelled the invasion of Soviet Red Army with asistance of France. In Vladimir Lenin's words, the Bolsheviks "suffered an enormous defeat". In 1939 it declined the offer from Mr. Ribbentrop to join the adventure with Mr. Hitler against USSR and sided with Anglo-Saxon friends and got butt-kicked due to simultaneous invasion of Wermacht. Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Red Army. During Cold War it maintained 2 million draft military. Now due to influence of Western friedns it disarmed itself and has 100,000 weak army.  It participated in Desert Storm operations and as a member of NATO maintains active contigent in Afganistan having captured many leading terrorists which was unreported by biased mainsteam media.

Winston Churchill's picture


Bismark,Kaiser Wilhem,Adolf.

Dr. Engali's picture

Check your history pal. Adolf was the only Austrian elected by the German people.