Mike Krieger On Why He Supports Ron Paul

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of KAM LP

Why I Support Ron Paul

Now consider that an ideologue is not necessarily a fanatic.  What he does is adjust most of his ideas to circumstances, without recognizing the opportunism latent in such ideological adjustments.  The opportunism of a great statesman, on the other hand, rests on principles.  What John Morley once wrote about Edmund Burke may be applied to Churchill: “He changed his stand; but he never changed his ground.” Or what the aged Metternich once wrote: that an idea is like a fixed gun in a fortress, ready to fire and to hit error in one straight direction; but a principle is like a gun mounted on a fixed but revolving base, capable of firing at error in all directions. 

- John Lukacs in Churchill: Visionary, Statesman, Historian

Ron Paul

I hold a deeply held view of Ron Paul as an honorable, genuine and trustworthy American statesman.  In fact, I cannot really think of anyone else in the tepid cesspool of American politics today whom I could even remotely categorize as a statesman as opposed to a run of the mill politician (or ideologue as Mr. Lucas puts it).  Mr. Lucas moves on to explain that to an ideologue it is current ideas that matter, while to a statesman it is certain principles that matter.  He states that an ideologue’s view of the world and its inhabitants is political, while to a statesman it is historical.  These simple sentences are what I believe inherently separate Ron Paul at his very core  from everyone else currently running for president.  This is merely what separates the man’s character from the others.  This is reason enough to consider him, but not reason enough to vote for him.  His ideas about liberty, war and economics also separate him from the pack and it is his strongly held principles on these subjects that in my view make him the only one capable and with enough conviction to help heal this country’s wounds, get us back on the right and moral path and foster real change as opposed to a campaign slogan.

Why the Elite Establishment or TPTB Hate Ron Paul      

In case you have been asleep under a rock for the last few months let me fill you in.  The elite in this country that control all forms of mainstream communication in the United States as well as both fake political parties are having a panic attack in response to Ron Paul’s surging popularity.  There is a simple reason for this.  On the important issues, the issues that affect your freedom and economic future he does not tow the party line of TPTB.  As I have written about endlessly for almost five years now, the Federal Reserve is the mechanism of American empire and this institution’s policies are the primary reason the middle class in America is on the verge of being completely destroyed.  It is the mechanism for transferring wealth and power to a smaller and smaller faction of the population through persistent inflation.  As Keynes wrote: “Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” 

Remember, the Fed creates dollars out of thin air and then forces countries to accept this counterfeit, backed by nothing, and consistently devalued money for their resources.  While many people now understand this concept, what most U.S. citizens still do not seem to understand or want to accept is that it is not in the national interests of other countries to accept this certain to be vaporized currency for their hard produced goods.  Fortunately for us, there is a solution to that.  Support (or install via coup) if necessary despotic puppet regimes around the world to accept this monetary system.  Our Federal Reserve system and indeed our way of life is supported through the barrel of a gun pointed at every other “sovereign” nation on the planet.  If you step out of line you will be deemed a terrorist state and we will single you out and fight for sanctions on you and then if none of that makes you fall in line we will start bombing you.  We will say that you commit atrocities against your people and you probably do (although we were also probably your ally recently despite the atrocities).  Make no mistake about it.  Every country we every go after militarily relates to defending the Federal Reserve system.  Since oil being priced in dollars is the key to the system, we are always on the verge of invading oil producing countries that we do not already have under puppet control.  Israel is merely another U.S. colony.  We defend it so vociferously not because of the Jewish lobby but because they are a strategic asset in the oil rich Middle East that we use to defend the Federal Reserve system and the American empire.     

If you Attack the Federal Reserve you are Racist, Anti-Semitic and Possibly a Terrorist 

Let me fill you in on a little pattern that I have noticed.  In American politics you are allowed to criticize pretty much anything except the Federal Reserve system.  This is the third rail of American politics.  Why?  Because this is by far and away the most important issue on planet earth.  Republicans will run around yelling about cutting back on government and preserving “freedom” but they NEVER EVER attack the Federal Reserve.  The only time we have ever seen this in recent memory was this political season in the Republican primary and that is only because opportunists like Rick Perry saw it was a popular issue.  Ron Paul on the other hand means business when it comes to the Fed.  He has been criticizing it for decades and it is not just talking points.  He is the only one out there that actually understands how the monetary system works and how it is destroying this nation.

So isn’t it interesting that whenever a popular movement with anti-Fed elements comes out it is not attacked based on the ideas, but it is immediately categorized as racists or anti-Semitic.  Why?  Because TPTB want to be able to turn people off as quickly as possible.  They know that if people actually do a little research they will see the truth.  This is why the tea party was branded that way immediately by the mainstream media fake left.  This is also why Ron Paul is being attacked the same way.  They do not want to talk about the substance of ant-Fed arguments.  They want the whole thing to disappear as quickly as possible. 

What also has been very interesting to see is how the mainstream media fake right went after OWS.  OWS is a huge deal in American history because it was when elements on the other side of the political spectrum really started to attack the Fed and banking system for the first time.  Sure many, many of the ideals behind the tea parry and OWS are totally different, but what is far more important and dangerous to TPTB are the similarities.  Both are against bank bailouts and have anti-Federal Reserve elements.  Thus, the media had to attack them as well.  They used the “lazy, ignorant, imbecile meme” for these guys. 

Ok, so now we have their entire playbook. Any popular movement is not to be listened to.  If it comes from the heartland it is to be categorized as being dominated by “racists, anti-Semites and survivalists.”  If it emerges from the urban areas on the coasts it is to be deemed as being dominated by “ lazy, unemployed, morons who are probably high on drugs and want free stuff.”  Most important to TPTB is that these two groups remain separated and the goal is to create as much animosity between them as possible so they never realize they agree on the key issues.  Divide and conquer is being used on American citizens in America.  This tells me one thing.  The criminals in charge on Wall Street and Washington D.C. are afraid.  Very afraid.     

I am Jewish and I Support Ron Paul…There are MANY of us

When I saw this http://www.businessinsider.com/morning-joe-there-is-2011-12 the other day, where Joe Scarborough basically labeled Ron Paul supporters as anti-Semitic I became infuriated.  First of all, I have been a Ron Paul supporter for years and I am well connected to many of his key supporters all over the country.  I think I might have an idea as to whether they are anti-Semitic or not and they are certainly not.  Meanwhile Scarborough hasn’t been in the Ron Paul circles but yet…“On Morning Joe this morning Joe Scarborough revealed that he's always heard from friend who support Paul that there is an underlying strain of anti-semitism to Paul events, which some in the past have tied to Paul's anti-Wall Street, anti-Fed views.”  Huh?  This is journalism?  Some anonymous friend says Ron Paul rallies are anti-Semitic?  Who is this friend and why doesn’t he come out publicly?  This is like a middle school rumor-mill. Sadly, that is what the mainstream media has devolved to nowadays.   

When I saw this clip I felt the need to respond.  These sorts of tactics are going to backfire big time.  It got me so riled up it inspired me to write this email as well as to make the decision to dedicate much more of my time this year to politics rather than the markets.  2012 is a year to fight these guys in that realm and I plan on being relentless.  This clip was an insult to me as someone who is Jewish and to all of those Jews I know personally that support Mr. Paul.  What is so ironic about this whole anti-Semitic argument is that the guy that is seen as the most influential figure in Austrian economics (the economic perspective that Ron Paul adheres to) is Lugwig Von Mises.  Guess what?  He was Jewish.  How about Murray Rothbard, the economist that  popularized Austrian economics in the last couple of decades?  Also Jewish.  Then during Ron’s 2008 run his economic advisor was Peter Schiff.  Another Jew.  For an anti-Semite this guy sure surrounds himself with a lot of Jews.  To those that hear something on mainstream media or read one of the newsletters and become turned off I ask one thing.  Read his books.  They are short.  If you still feel turned off at least it is on the actual issues and then I can live with that conclusion.

Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Views are “Dangerous.”  Dangerous to Who?

There is one issue where the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) will actually engage Ron Paul on the issues and that is foreign policy.  They try to portray him as an “isolationist” but in reality he is Anti-Empire.  He believes in strong national defense he just doesn’t believe in constant preemptive war.  He also points out that it is hypocritical to support one totalitarian regime while bombing another.  For these rational views he is attacked vehemently by the likes of Gingrich.  The dirty little secret however is that some of Ron Paul’s strongest support emanates from the U.S. military.  This makes sense.  At the end of the day, most of these war mongers in both the Republican and Democrat party have never fought in a war and they know their kids would never be sent overseas to die, yet are such tough guys and war mongers with OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS.

The fact that the military is strongly supportive of Ron Paul’s foreign policy is so terrifying to the elite cowards in this nation that CNN resorted to outright censorship the other day. When this active duty soldier who has been serving his country for the last ten years in war time started to discuss his criticism of American war mongering he was immediately cut off.  See this incredible clip here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TSxm2V8aVQ&feature=g-all-u&context=G2989....

Oh so you think this guy is a one off?  Nope.  Check this out.    http://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/contriball.php?cycle=2012  The armed forces are Ron Paul’s three biggest supporters.  Look at who is backing Romney.  Wall Street has clearly made a bet on who its next puppet will be.

Why Ron Must Run Third Party

I support Ron’s attempt to get the Republican nomination even though I recognize that hell will freeze over before the Republican establishment allows him be chosen.  Nevertheless, it is a smart move as he is exposing the lack of ideas amongst the Republican field and exposing them as the empty suits that they are.  Other than him, they will all be puppets of TPTB just like Obama.  I think that simply his running is changing the debate and converting more people to his perspective.   

So the big question is what should he do after the Republicans choose their new Wall Street puppet Romney.  In my opinion, he must run as a third party candidate.  No matter what he will not be returning to Congress so this is really his last shot and I actually think he can win as a third party candidate.  Just imagine a debate between Romney, Obama and Paul.  How will they respond to Paul’s strong defense of civil liberties.  Or his attacks on the Federal Reserve system.  Or his anti-preemptive war stance?  They can’t and it will expose Romney and Obama to be the same guy on the important issues at play today.  They will be shown once and for all as the empty suits that they are.  Even if he doesn’t win, turning this whole thing around will not happen overnight.  It is a process and him running as a third party candidate will further expose the two party system as the sham that it is and further accelerate the demise of both parties.  In fact, I already think that by 2016 the Democratic party will be essentially a shadow of its former self and the Republicans may be as well if they continue on the path they are on much longer.  To paraphrase Shakespeare.  The tides in the affairs of men are changing.  Neither political party can comprehend it.  

Finally, let’s remember that it is both bought and paid for parties that hate Ron Paul and that is because he is the only genuine threat to the establishment.  As soon as this man topped the polls in Iowa the mainstream media went into total freak out mode.  Watch this clip that shows how both the fake right and fake left media portrayed the Iowa caucus in 2008 and now 2012.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soHAOVZzXtA&feature=watch_response

Finally, Jon Stewart several months ago joked about how the media systematically ignores Ron Paul.  http://www.infowars.com/jon-stewart-scolds-media-for-ignoring-rep-ron-pa...

Welcome Aboard    

In conclusion, I want to welcome the hundreds of new people on my email list.  Those that are joining come from all over planet earth, in every field imaginable and I believe represent key players in helping to create a new and better world.  So welcome all of you to the list and feel free to forward this and every other email I write to as many people as possible.  We have a moment right here and right now.  Let’s do some good.

Peace and wisdom,

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flattrader's picture

Truly useful idiots ignore the BIG fact that the "libertarian" candidate desires to place more than 50% of the population under the thumb of state enforced pregnancy.

Statism is statism no matter how you define it...apparently you think the threat doesn't apply to you...yet.

He and his Christian Reconstructionist buddies have plans for this country...under the guise of freedom and liberty.

When facism comes to America...

Urban Redneck's picture

The "right to life" idiots are just as much tools of their masters as the dumb cunt voters.  But either you didn't read what I wrote carefully, or you are one well trained dog.  "State enforced pregnancy" is either a misnomer or a non-sequiter, unless somehow the State is going to become a party to the conception, and then prevent its termination.  If you are concerned about "protecting" the legal precedent set in Roe v. Wade, I would actually be much more concerned with the judicial than the legislative or executive branch, as the very notions of "privacy" and "ownership of one's own body" that serve as the basis of the Court's opinion have been nullified and revoked by subsequent legislation (incl. the Patriot Act, NDAA,& ObamaCare) - so all it takes one skilled law team and one rich "Christian Reconstructionist" footing their bill and you precious single issue is taken away from you regardless of the outcome of the election...  And neither Obama, nor his bitches- Kagan and Sotomayor, are going to move to shit can their recent Statist "body grab" if that is the choice they are cornered with behind the bench...  

So, like I said, it comes down to the lesser of two evils, anyone who can't clearly see the evil on both sides doesn't have their head screwed on right.

flattrader's picture

>>>"State enforced pregnancy" is either a misnomer or a non-sequiter, unless somehow the State is going to become a party to the conception, and then prevent its termination.<<<

What nonsense.  Women can be impregnated against their will through rape and incest.

Without any recourse and a state ban on all abortions for any reason, it IS then state enforced.

You want to play word games and split hairs with liberty and freedom.

Paul is a joke to true libertarianism.

Urban Redneck's picture

You are playing word games- a State ban on performing abortions is not the same the thing as State enforced pregnency, either as matter of the English language, or the simple fact that such a law would not prevent someone from traveling to a different jurisdiction if they so choose, unless they are incarcerated in a FEMA camp, prison, or GITMO.  Women can just as easily, if not more easily, be imprenated through rape in prison or the their local FEMA camp.  Additionally, if you incarcerate large numbers of women in penal colonies, the number of them who get raped will statistically be higher than the number otherwise would be with a non-incarcerated population.  My point has nothing to do with Ron Paul and everthing to do with the priveledge and obligation of chosing between the lesser of two evils- and if some BULLSHIT AND NARROW-FOCUSED "right to choose" ranks above life and liberty, without which- the former isn't even possible, then you are simply irrational, or worse.   

widget's picture

Ron Paul 2012. Justin Amash 2020.

I see that you did there - nice.

Freddie's picture

I always liked Krieger's guitar playing in The Doors.  I loved the part where Jim sings "girl would couldn't get much higher!"

Ignatius's picture

One clear and distinguishing characteristic of Ron Paul:  he's the only candidate advocating the reduction of executive powers for the office he seeks.

bob_dabolina's picture

Ron Paul is 74 years old and is ON POINT. He may look like that guy who ran that cult out of Rancho Santa Fe (what was that called? Heavens Gate or something) but the guy has rock solid principles and his honest. 

Romney reminds me of a meth head and flip flops on everything.

Perry is on pain killers or something strong...maybe just drunk all the time. 

And Santorum looks like he's constantly constipated with boulder sized hemorrhoids. He's that grain of sand you get in your eye on the beach that just doesn't come out.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Perry literally is on pain killers. He supposedly has a very bad back.


Other than that, he would sound no different off of them.

bob_dabolina's picture

Well his handlers need to give him some cocaine to even him out before a debate or speech because he's just off balance.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Of course he is off balance. He's Rick Perry. With or without pain killers or coke...

Robot Traders Mom's picture

I'm actually pleasantly surprised there is a Rick Perry troll on here downvoting us. Either a Perry troll or his fucking disgusting wife...


Please show yourself! You might be Perry's only supporter left!

bob_dabolina's picture

I think the voting system on ZH  (or any comment board) is kinda' sophomoric. 

I've posted comments that have gotten' -30 down votes and the next day I'll copy and the paste the same comment and get 30 up votes. 

Posting here is about sharing ideas, disagreeing, and hearing the thoughts of others from around the world. I think 'up voting' or 'down voting' is kinda' silly, there's no prize for most up votes so who gives a shit? It's like.... oooooooo I'm so mad at that comment I'm going to down vote it and show him how stupid he is. 

fuu's picture

You actually pay attention to the arrows?

bob_dabolina's picture

Well they do normally appear before the first word of someone's comment so it's kinda' hard not to notice them. 

Pants McPants's picture

Awww, Bob is a sensitive guy.

(FWIW I did not down arrow you)

Socratic Dog's picture

It's good enough for Yahoo, that bastion of enlightened, cutting-edge journalism, so it's good enough for ZH.  I guess.

dtwn's picture

I think it is an easy way of saying 'I agree', or 'I disagree' without writing it and further cluttering the comments section.  Do we really want to see someones comment followed for example by 40 'I disagree' ?  Sometimes people want to show support (or not) for an idea without verbally expanding it.  Yes, the up/down arrows have their weaknesses, but it is something I actually would like to see in the comment sections of other sites, i.e NYTimes, and other forums.  Some forums I read are utterly filled with garbage and makes reading them a chore.  I think in this way the writer can get some form of non-written positive/negative feedback.  In this way perhaps they will be motivated to refine their future statements.  Communities work better when there is a dialogue between the giver and reciever of information and ZH is a community.  That said, some individuals just don't seem to recieve many up arrows.  MDB?

Pants McPants's picture

It's been said many times, but I come here for the articles....and stick around for the comments.  The quality of this site is unmatched - there are some very intelligent people posting here & I've learned a ton from the "elders" on this site.

I cannot read HuffPo, Politico, CNN, etc. for many reasons, but mostly because (like everyone else) my time is precious and I've decided to stop wasting my Internet hours on garbage.  Of course, like someone on a diet, I cannot resist a little junk food every now and again.....but ZH is my "true north"

smiler03's picture

Well said! The comments are the best bit and agree about the intelligent people. One or two (hundred) exceptions though keep the comments entertaining as well. 

StychoKiller's picture

I used to comment regularly on cbs.com & cnn.com, but there are far too many Progressive/Socialists on both sites that believe that Obamatron can do no wrong and Republicons can do no right.

NEITHER site has anywhere near the in-depth financial reporting that ZeroHedge does.  Sorry, Decepticrats, but Obamatron's sh!t do stink.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

@BobDab-Completely agreed. I really don't think anyone on here has insecurities about up/down votes. It was the start of a thread and everyone who bashed Perry got a quick downvote so it stuck out...It is funny to know there is a Perry supporter on the face of the Earth!

kito's picture

im in therapy for too many red down arrows................

my puppy for prez's picture

I've started CUTTING as a result of down arrows...lol

StychoKiller's picture

When you can't even remember yer own campaign promises, I don't care how good a guy you are, you cannot be trusted with the red button -- end of story.

bob_dabolina's picture


BigJim's picture

Now you're just asking for it.

StychoKiller's picture

"Stick and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me!" -- :>D

Thomas's picture

Bob: In a sense, they are simply disagreeing without throwing any flaming arrows.

The Heart's picture

" Hey Huntsman, we have found your one vote"

StychoKiller's picture

Rick Perry is gonna have to go back to Tx with his tail tucked after failing to make a decent showing in NH & SC.  Ya heard it here first!

cossack55's picture

Perry is still floating from his last groveling session at the Bilderburgers.  Romney bit the dust when he was on stage with John "The Happy Nazi" McCain.  Santorum.....PLEASE!!!!!! Like voting for Schumer or Pelosi.

Temporalist's picture

He's actually 76, not that it matters, he's healthier than people 20 years younger in many cases and his biggest vice if fucking chocolate chip cookies...

bob_dabolina's picture

I don't care if he's 176 I'm voting for him in my states primary if he makes it to Super Tuesday.

Temporalist's picture

Clearly my point was missed.  You can look back at any Ron Paul post to see where I stand I was making a factual correction nothing more.


Incidentally you should consider that the reason you get so many down votes is because you're an asshole.

bob_dabolina's picture

You clearly missed my point which was that I stated I was voting for Ron Paul. I wasn't disagreeing with you.

I don't give a shit about votes. You must have missed that too. When I said gold was gona' sell off when it was trading @ 1900 I got 130 down votes. I simply could care less about votes. 


Temporalist's picture

I only posted below you to keep the continuity of the thread. I was responding to my down votes. Either way, we are both supporters of Ron Paul I wasn't trying to get into a head to head bout with you.


I up voted you to show that I care.

StychoKiller's picture

Folks, step aside and let the loving couple find a room...

my puppy for prez's picture

or just write him in regardless!

JW n FL's picture




National Defense Authorization Act

Please call your congressmen and tell them they should be ashamed if they voted for this bill. I encourage you to stand up for your freedoms. We are fast losing them. Soon we won't have any. Ron Paul 2012



centerline's picture

The walls are closing in. Article today about a DHS unannounced showing at a social security office in Leesburg (FL) of all places. Rifles and K-9 units and all. Geeze. The guise that this done for our own protection is getting stupid thin.

my puppy for prez's picture

to be exact, they were SUBMACHINE GUNS!

gettin' the peeps used to what they will see when they come to complain about not gettin' their checks...

Miss Expectations's picture


Did you notice Rand Paul's expression during Ron Paul's speech (sans teleprompter) after the Iowa Caucus?  Seems to me that he realizes that his dad was robbed.


Pants McPants's picture

Interesting to note Ron Paul did not vote on NDAA.  Has anyone heard an explanation?

I'd like to think he was on the campaign trail and/or otherwise occupied....but you'd think voting no would be priority numero uno for a man committed to civil liberties.

smiler03's picture

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I understood that Ron Paul always abstains on any issue affecting the constitution? (or something like that).

Hanging By A Thread's picture

So, what you are saying is that you would like to have Barack for four more years - the benefit will be that the Ron Paul message will be more loudly stated.  While Romney signed the Cut-Cap-Balance pledge - you apparently do not believe him at his word.

cossack55's picture

Correct. He is a lying scumbag. Thanks for joining the conversation.