Milan Bourse Says Will Not Resume Futures Trading On Thursday For FTSE MIB

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Just in case there was any wonder what the outcome of the refutation of the short selling rumors was, here it comes courtesy of Reuters, which informs us that the Milan Bourse has decided trading will not resume on Thursday for futures on the FTSE MIB. We doubt this is due to concerns of an explosion in buying. If Italy opens close to limit down again tomorrow, and the contagion once again spreads to France, expect an imminent resumption of a short selling ban, only to be refuted yet again 10 minutes before market close, concurrent with a day-long halt in all futures trading. And so on ad inf.

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........only to be refuted yet again 10 minutes before market close, concurrent with a day-long halt in all futures trading. And so on ad inf.

The best tricks are the old tricks. Unless you are desperate. Then the best tricks are the only tricks.

jus_lite_reading's picture

They are trapped!! There is no way ut for them!! GAME OVER!!! 

What we see now is their final desperate move... but the checkmate has already been called!

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More to my point.  They aren't banning short selling.  They are banning selling at all.  Manipulation medication til the end.

Smiley's picture

Come on out and play you pussies!  You can't hide forever!

Fazzie's picture

Nope Italy is upset no one beleives they are going to get all Austere suddenly. They denied, cried, and then got mad and took their baseball home.

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Do people REALLY need one more reason to "invest" in Au/Ag?

Glad I bailed out of the markets over a year ago!

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This should be good for a least a 60pt move in the snp

Catullus's picture

Ha. Can't short sell it if no one can buy it! Touché.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

The lesson of the past two years.

Governments Will Do Anything To Keep The Juggled Balls In The Air (including murder : Gadaffi)

If the markets don't do what is needed, there will be no markets.

If the people don't do what is needed, they will be eliminated.


OpenEyes's picture

Broken markets.  

jus_lite_reading's picture

What a fucking farce!!!! LIARS!


Is this bullish for the markets??

Racer's picture

Invest your money in markets where they can close it at a whim? You are kidding... safer under the mattress if not in gold and silver

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God Bless Us Everyone! We are a Broken People Living Under Loaded Gun!!

JW n FL's picture

Look!! Nazi Pigs!! are the same ALL over the World!!

Little kids.. riding their bikes get beat by PIGS! with Clubs!

If it was my kid! they would be DEAD!! and I dont mean my Kid! I mean the Nazi Pigs!

JW n FL's picture

here is the side of the story that Cable News.. Corporate America is NOT going to put into heavy rotation for the sheepeople to be brain washed by!

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Economics is sexy.  Long live Tyler.  Thank you for making my world bigger


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 A certain scene in Blazing Saddles with the new sheriff comes to mind.

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Italy needs their own Charlie Gasparino...  Wait, let them have ours.

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It's like studying a ticks immune system.

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