The Ministry Of Propaganda Declares Ron Paul "Unelectable"

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Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds

The Ministry Of Propaganda Declares Ron Paul "Unelectable"

The Ministry of Propaganda has chosen to suppress the only dangerous-to-the-Power Elites candidate by declaring him "unelectable."

The Status Quo's Ministry of Propaganda has a single political task for 2012: eliminate the sole threat to the Status Quo (Ron Paul) from the running, leaving voters with a "choice" of clueless stooges for the Power Elite.

That roster includes President Obama and the daytime-TV/soap-opera field of Republicrat contenders.

The Ministry of Propaganda has settled on a ludicrous strategy to eliminate Ron Paul: declare Paul "unelectable."

As with all propaganda, the basic idea is that if it is repeated often enough on officially sanctioned stages, it will eventually be accepted as "true."

Our Christmas-New Year's week of family visits took us to homes where the television is on all the time, and as a result I was exposed to the Ministry of Propaganda's preferred media, TV "news." Regardless of the channel or program, the message was the same: "The presidential race will between Obama and either Romney or Gingrich."

Despite the polls that find Paul and Romney with equal levels of support in Iowa, Romney has been declared the front-runner and Paul written off as "unelectable."

In other words, the voters don't even need to check in; the Ministry of Propaganda's army of toadies, lackeys and media apparatchiks have their marching orders: repeat that Ron Paul is unelectable at every opportunity, either explicitly or implicitly via leaving him off the list of "frontrunners."

The Ministry of Propaganda's campaign is easily revealed by two simple thought experiments. How would the corporate media characterize Newt Gingrich's "electability" if he was running neck-and-neck with Romney? Answer: the media toadies would be falling over each other to declare Gingrich "electable."

Now repeat the experiment with Rick Santorum or Michelle Bachmann. The answer is the same: since these candidates are on the list of Power-Elites approved stooges, a showing equal to Ron Paul's would instantly win them veritable tsunamis of media coverage, all focused on their eminent "electability."

Here is the second thought experiment: does anyone seriously think any of the Republicrat candidates are even remotely qualified to deal with the crises brewing on the horizon? What exactly makes them "electable"?

Let's consider them one at a time, scrubbed of spin, PR and propaganda:

Mitt Romney: the perfect player for a remake of "The Stepford Wives" entitled "The Stepford Politicos." Romney is the personification of the telegenic, wealthy empty suit, devoid of any ideas beyond retreads of Status Quo tweaks that leave the Power Elite--of which he is a member--safely in charge.

Romney's "electability" rests on the hopes that the hard drives from his time as governor stay safely erased and that zombified voters conclude that having a family and membership in a church are sufficient qualifications for President.

His handlers have carefully studied the political satire The Candidate and have not yet formulated an answer to the question, "What do we do now?" should the wealthy pawn of the Power Elite improbably win the presidency.

Michelle Bachmann: Imagine her wearing a witch's hat, it isn't hard to do; Bachmann is the ideal Wicked Witch of the West, but without the charisma. She does have a host of frightful winged monkeys, though--her handlers.

Newt Gingrich: Gingrich has a number of redeeming characteristics, starting with his famously unsavory "baggage" that reveals an appealingly flawed core. He is also the only Republicrat candidate that wouldn't bore you to despair within a few minutes, i.e. he actually strays from the canned scripts approved by the Ministry of Propaganda. Third, on occasion he actually reveals glimmers of awareness that the next 10 years will not be like the previous decade, and that America is at a critical crossroads.

Unfortunately, his canned ideology-as-"solution" ideas expired a decade ago and he has no coherent vision of a future that isn't just a slightly modified version of the Power-Elite dominated one that is now hurtling toward instability.

He has shown a remarkable ability, however, to hide his horns and forked tail.

Rick Perry: Another telegenic empty suit who hoped that having a family and membership in a church qualified him for the presidency.

Rick Santorum: Rick's ruthlessness has its charm, starting with his long and painful campaign to establish a simulacrum of intellectual "seriousness." Like all the other stooges, his version of "the vision thing" is a tepid edit of the Status Quo. Like all the stooges other than the refreshingly flawed Gingrich, he hopes membership in a church qualifies him for the presidency.

What all the candidates but Ron Paul dare not acknowledge because it isn't on the approved Ministry of Propaganda script is that the Status Quo is heading off a cliff at the direct behest of the nation's Power Elite. The only candidate that has "the vision thing" and that clearly enunciates exactly how the Power Elite's policies have led the nation off a cliff of insolvency and Imperial hubris is Ron Paul.

For this sin against the Status Quo and its Power Elite, Paul has been excommunicated, and the (pardon my language) smarmy army of corporate media whores cannot declare him "unelectable" often enough.

That is proof that he is highly electable, for otherwise the Ministry of Propaganda wouldn't be running a campaign of such transparent desperation.

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Jayda1850's picture

Ron Paul 2012 Bitchez!

slaughterer's picture

THE surprise of 2012 is that, despite all media mongoose spin, Ron Paul WILL WIN--by a slim amount, and to the chagrin of Fed/TBTF.  

lolmao500's picture

Yeah and they will off him. And then the shit hits the fan.

nope-1004's picture

The ministry if propaganda is missing one key aspect:  The internet and the power that it has bringing alternative news onto everyones lap whenever they choose.

My kids don't even watch the news, they get it all via the net.  And I can tell you that the info that comes to them is not from

Elections this year will be surprising.  The unemployed and underemployed need work and want this pig fixed.  Ron Paul is not "unelectable" when you have zero hope left in Osama and the other old boyz club.  Ron Paul will have a huge impact this year.


caconhma's picture

Ron Paul cannot ignore the electability issue.

He must address it head-on in his commercials by reminding that R. Reagan was also called "unelectable".


trav7777's picture

he should just say that "unelectability means they don't want you to vote for me."

kaiserhoff's picture

The Jew Yawk media loves Romney, because he is a Dim in drag, and another whore to Israel. 

They have been caught on this, and it will continue to fry their asses for years to come.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

“Chicago radio is reporting that the ballot counting for the Iowa Caucus will be conducted in Springfield, Illinois. This is a disaster for honest government and a sign that the political establishment is intent on throwing the Iowa Republican Caucus to Mitt Romney.” ILLINOIS IS THE STATE WHERE THE LAST 4 GOVERNORS ARE IN JAIL, SENATOR OBAMA IS FROM AND OBAMA’ FORMER STAFF RHAM EMANUEL IS NOW MAYOR OF CHICAGO !!!

Iowa GOP moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location': to prevent a Ron Paul victory.

whstlblwr's picture

Campaign says they're on top of it and confident election will be fair. Ron Paul should start off speech and address his bumbling style at every rally. Why WHO interview good, he acknowledged his poor speaking style, but message more important than messenger.

How many times did we hear that Hillary will win, that black man can't win in America. MSM is old news.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I don't remember that at all. Even the liberal media doesn't like Hillary much, everyone agrees she's awful. Frankly I seem to remember the media being in the tank for Obama right from the get-go. After Obama spoke at the 2004 convention, you had to step back from the TV and handle the newspaper with rubber gloves, otherwise you'd get liberal media jism all over you.


whstlblwr's picture

No, wife volunteered for Obama, and she complained about media bias against him, that he was unelectable.

JW n FL's picture




Ron Paul is the Grass Roots..

Purposefully (by the media) made to seem.. to be the ONLY! Hope for “We the People” AGAINST! The onslaught by the Rich!


1. Austerity, is nothing more than another Tax Break for the Rich. It doesn’t matter if the Republicans and Democrats CONSPIRE! To shut down Government because of an imaginary Debt Ceiling or Ron Paul’s idea’s. There is no difference because the end result is the same.

2. These Rich people who have sold the wanna be rich the idea that Starving one of the most well armed group of citizens in the World is a GREAT Idea! A Hellava Way to be able to save Tax Dollars! History is full of stories about Hungry Armed People

Now telling yourselves LIES! About how this is different than that.. because it makes YOU FEEL GOOD! Is what you have been taught to do.. by the 5th Ave. Media Machine since you were very young!


Austerity will make people hungry and thusly giver everyone the right to go Zombie Hunting! Right?

It doesn’t matter how the people are made hungry or how the language from one document to another varies! The end result is Hunger.


Ron Paul is a WET! DREAM!! COME!!! TRUE!!!! FOR THE RICH!

Why? Because the Taxes for the Rich will NEVER! Be Raised! (the Democrats Proved that already)

And the belt tightening / austerity will flow downhill like shit always does! Thusly hungry poor people with nothing to lose and the internet to find just enough erroneous information to make them dangerous! Like Blaming the Jews for doing the WASP’s bidding / dirty work and thusly being vilified!


Don’t get me wrong, anyone to blame should be hung for treason.. but dumb rednecks are not going to be able to tell the difference between Bernie Sanders (Jew) Independent and Joe Bidden ( ) thusly Good People get Blamed for what a Few Bad People have been set up to look bad for.. 400,000 Jewish Protesters! Who are trying to fight the Zionists! ( )


Jim-Bob in da woods is not going to give a rats ass about the difference.. and MOST! Of the information Provided by Google (Zionist owned) is that Jews (JOO’s) are BAD!

America is being Programmed to Hate America.. and when I say America I mean the majority of un-educated, ignorant Citizens of America are being Programmed (day and Night by Corporate Owned Media) to hate other segments and themselves. Good for Nothing! Government Assistance Receiving!! Sub 800 Credit Score Having!!! Wastes of Energy.


Once Iran is under control and the Sweet Lite Crude Supply is as stabilized as it can be.. there will be no use for all this extra stupid. The extra stupid will have played its part and it will be time to trim the fat. There is more Energy Conservation in getting rid of American’s and other 3rd World Un-Educated Trash than there is in Matching Fund Grid Scale Green Tech.. too be sure!


But once again! All of these facts don’t make anyone feel good!

We want to be right!

We want someone else to come in and save the day.. so we can watch dancing with the stars or post here on zerohedge about how smart we are.. as compared to the sheep!


America has a population explosion going on.. America is already a 3rd World Country for the Majority of Americans! I am guessing at least some of you have read enough to understand what the plans are for 3rd World, Population Explosion, Energy Consumers are.


Let the Ignorant Poor kill each other off! That will get rid of most of the Gene Pool that is tough enough to fight! And leave the more docile, easily controlled to manage!


The Rich will step in after the Poor kill enough of the Poor! Take their guns from them.. for their own protection.. saving them from themselves in the future! Thusly being the Saviors! Doing God’s Work! Protecting the sheep from the sheep in wolves clothing that was amongst them!


FEMA Camps maybe for the trouble makers after the Great American Kill Off! They wont have guns to protect themselves.. so off to the Camps!


Thank God for Wall Street Doing God’s Work..

Privatizing Prisons!

Privatizing the Army!


Thank God for Washington DC passing Laws that make all of this Legal! You Terrorists are worth almost $100,000 dollars a Year to House! PLUS!! The Free Labor that You Terrorists will be providing! No Judge! No Jury!! And Slaves! Lifetime Sentences without the Cost of a Trail!


And for all of you that won’t work! Well let’s see how tuff you are when they water board your wife or kids! You Terrorists will work! One way or another!


And for all of you thinking the Liberal Democrats were going to save the Country! With ALL THAT HOPE AND CHANGE!! Surprise!! LULZ!


AND!! Just for shits and giggles.. lets say Ron Paul.. does MAN! UP!! And do the right thing for the People of America.


JFK came from a Billionaire Family back in then.. a Good Family, with all the right friends and ties.. and the Secret Service stood down, still! ( )


But for some reason.. if Ron Paul could get around the Votes of ALL the Congress / Senate Lobby Whores! And do the right thing.. that he would Survive the Secret Service Standing Down?


You really think he would be alive for any real amount of time? Or long enough to cause any real damage to the system?


The top 0.01% of America provide 80% of the Lobby Dollars for Washington DC. Like George Carlin said, they long ago bought and paid for everything and everyone.. and they OWN YOU!

Rob Paul can NOT! Beat Congress and the Senate.

Ron Paul wants AUSTERITY!

And if Ron Paul did for some reason start to do the right thing? Or! If Rob Paul was Helping the Majority of Americans.. the Working Class and the Poor! Ron Paul would have his brains blown out! Just Like Kennedy, Martin Luther, Malcolm X...




Now go ignore the facts and spew your feelings of grandeur’ all over each other.. until you forget about all the ugly facts I just reminded you of.. cause I have not said anything that MOST! Of you here don’t already know! Providing Hope to People is a Nobel thing.. but I am fresh out of Nobel this Year!

Spastica Rex's picture

There are no rich people in America, there are only middle class job creators and middle class welfare deadbeats. If you're not in one of those groups, you don't exist.

FEDbuster's picture

When discussing who might drop out on CNN, one of their "experts" said Ron Paul will stay on till the GOP Convention.  This idiot said the reason RP will stay on, is to "raise money for the Paul family."  He made it sound like all the money RP raises goes straight into his retirement account.  I almost shot the TV, instead I just turned the channel.  These cocksuckers will say anything to dissuade the sheeple from listening and voting for Ron Paul.

redpill's picture

Front page Drudge poll, vote for Ron Paul please

Michael's picture

How about this threat I'm making;

Vote for Ron Paul or 100% guaranteed you get Obama another 4 years, then maybe Rand Paul in 2016.

That's your choice period, over, end of story. You don't like it? Tuff shit, cause that's what you are going to get. Suck it up.

The power of the Paul crew continues to grow. The people can now feel what it feels like to have that kind of political power coursing through their veins right now.

Hephasteus's picture

Fake threat. Obama is a bullshit facade. Pretense of reasonability. He's used up. He's gone. They want Mitt. They'll get MItt. Even if ron paul wins the votes. They'll rig the voting machines.

JW n FL's picture




ala' Bush v. Gore.

European American's picture

If "they" want Obama to go another 4 years, and they put him in the seat, you better believe Rand Paul would end up in a Guantanamo setting along with his dad, along with you, and me and almost everyone else who's posted on ZH.

flattrader's picture

I declare CHS too stupid to understand that Iowa doesn't matter for Republicans...except for the winner...who will likely be knocked outta the race.

Go Paul.


Socratic Dog's picture

Yeah, we also heard ad nauseum that the black man would be shot as soon as he was elected.  If it happened, it didn't affect his ability to read the teleprompter aloud.

Drop this "Ron Paul will be shot" shit.  More likely that, if he does continue as a front runner, others have more to fear than he does.

JW n FL's picture



Socratic Dog

Yeah, we also heard ad nauseum that the black man would be shot as soon as he was elected. If it happened, it didn't affect his ability to read the teleprompter aloud.

Drop this "Ron Paul will be shot" shit. More likely that, if he does continue as a front runner, others have more to fear than he does.

The "Black Man" who signed the NDAA? You mean Bush Part Deux?

The Hope and Change Machine?

thats why he is still alive.. he did NOT! Buck the System!

Wake Up!

Joseph Jones's picture

Me thinks you lie.  Me thinks you are a true supporter of the system you appear to hate.  Me thinks you are a Judaic troll.  

I've heard Ron Paul and read his belief system.  Ron agrees with G. Washington's dire warnings in his Farewell Address (available online).  Paul and Washington warn that the USA must have good relationships only with nations if/when said relations are mutually beneficially.  The way I see it is, we meet with nation X, each of us with a suitcase filled with trinkets.  We pick out several of their trinkets, they pick out several of ours, we say, "hey, nice doing business with you, we'll check back in a couple months", and we DO NOT GIVE A ROYAL CRAP WHATEVER ELSE THEY DO WITH THEIR LITTLE SELVES, EVEN IF THEY SACRIFICE TO WHAT WE CONSIDER TO BE FALSE GODS.  No policing the world, no spreading democracy, none of that ridiculous, painful, evil thought crosses our public minds.        

By GW's and RP's thinking, the entire concept of an "unbreakable bond" (Obumscrew and Hillary's exact words) with Israel is impossible.  Further, the current situation in which the USA outlaws government-based religion is only and purely contrary to sending money to, and instituting a nation whose entire existence is based on the false lying thought that there is an Israeli people whose DNA makes them superior to every non-Judaic person (actualy, they teach their DNA is the only human DNA, and goyim DNA is mongrel.  Orthodox Jews are happy to lie to your face about this Judaic teaching...Judaism teaches such hateful, racist lies and gets away with it.  Judaism is never accused of being what it, a hateful, biggoted, racist religion.  While any and every public lie about Christ (such as the Romans killed him, not the Pharisees) is wholly supported in public. 

I've said this several times: Plato (I don't subscribe to everything Plato) rates our repbulican form of democracy one step above fasicsm. 


BigJim's picture

...he should just say that "unelectability means they don't want you to vote for me."

Nice! Sometimes you really nail it, Trav.

NumberNone's picture

New media message on Paul to accomodate his followers "Love his fiscal conservatism, hate his foreign policy'.  If it weren't for his damn foreign policy stance they would be 100% on board with Ron Paul for President.  Sure.  If you love his fiscal ideas so much,how about pressuring the other candidates to adopt them? 

If you can't make him go away by ignoring him or calling him a racist, maybe at the very least you can placate with his followers with some pablum bullshit in the hope that RP goes away and then they will come to you. 

UGrev's picture

So the ELECTED to congressional office, congressman (who was elected by the way) is not electable ....because?  Sorry, I'm failing to make the connection here. How is someone who has been elected to congress numerous time, suddenly not electable? 


ultraticum's picture

Because blow-hard shit for brains O'Reilly said so, that's why.

akak's picture

And that's being unfair to shit!

Transformer's picture

That's the scary part, if he does win and continues to do so.  Somehow, they off him, and then what happens?  A violent civil war is the last thing we need in this country.  I'm afraid it could happen though.  Ron Paul has given us hope, and if that were to suddenly be taken away, who can predict what could happen next.

The MSM doesn't get it.  Their lies and attacks on RP only serve to make him more popular.  In their arrogant ignorance, they don't realize that more people get it than don't, so that when they attack and it turns out to be lies, they are just bolstering RP.  The MSM is discredited in the eyes of all who matter.  Only the most asleep, non involved of the sheeple still give the MSM any credence.

323's picture

Nah,  just make his running mate someone they hate even more. Like Bernie Sanders...

Vagabond's picture

If Ron Paul were to get elected and then killed, I think a lot of people would leave the country.  What other choice is there?  I don't want to take on the CIA... I'll be immediately deemed a terrorist and thrown in a concentration camp.  If RP gets killed, I'll have to leave the country, it's the best choice left.  If I was an  older man, I'd sit at home with my shotgun and wait for "them" to come, but I'm just getting my life started... I have no intention of spending it detained.

TPTB are far better off rigging the election.  So if that's what it takes, that's what will happen.  They'd much rather deal with the election fraud can of worms than the one that gets opened if he's shot.

tarsubil's picture

How much could Ron Paul change if elected? I'm convinced Ron's mission is first to get the word out. His growing popularity simply shows that media dominance enjoyed by the elite is eroding away. This corrupt system is unraveling. Ron Paul can't be defeated no matter what they do.

Voluntary Exchange's picture

Ideas are bullet proof.  RP has helped many to think about what truly counts, freedom, self-reliance, peaceful cooperation ,  and equality of rights for all.  Kill him, and their problems just multiply.  

I think they will try to throw the elections that they can throw, (about 80% of US votes counted by electronic machines last time I checked), and then hope people just forget about his ideas. That won't happen, his ideas will only grow as evidenced by the next generation. The dark ones have already lost. Their old tricks don't work any more so now its time for them to become desparate and try to upset the game board.  They are capable of anything, including mass murder,  so batten down the hatches, things could get surreal. 

Jena's picture

Ron Paul/Rand Paul.  How about that?

buyingsterling's picture

That makes huge sense on one level. But the sheeple would be convinced by the media that it's some kind of monarchy in the making (idiots).

Michael's picture

Did you know Dick Santorum took his dead stillborn baby home for two days to show his other children?

Alan Colmes, Fox News Contributor, Criticizes Rick Santorum For 'Crazy' Behavior, Then Apologizes (VIDEO)

DFCtomm's picture

You ever been in that situation? My ex had a stillborn and it was the most gruesome experience I've ever had, but if you're young enough maybe you'll get to see just how "crazy" that is. I hope you do.

Michael's picture

How about this threat I'm making;

Vote for Ron Paul or 100% guaranteed you get Obama another 4 years, then maybe Rand Paul in 2016.

That's your choice period, over, end of story. You don't like it? Tuff shit, cause that's what you are going to get. Suck it up.

The power of the Paul crew continues to grow. The people can now feel what it feels like to have that kind of political power coursing through their veins right now.

Joseph Jones's picture

I was once a pure, hate-filled, raving, neo-con, Bill O'Reilly/Faux "News"-loving, idealogue.  Now I truly love and endorse Bernie Sanders, and realize the entire R/L paradigm is the favorite tool of the elite, a tool that keeps them hidden behind their curtain of power.  Quite a turn-around, eh?

Ron Paul/Bernie Sanders would be quite the ticket.   

Alienated Serf's picture

Ron Paul/Bernie Sanders  FTW

BigJim's picture

...Only the most asleep, non involved of the sheeple still give the MSM any credence.

You need to get out more. You've just described the majority of US voters.

I would LOVE to see RP win, and have donated, but it would take a miracle... and, if by some miracle he was elected, how long before he died of 'natural causes'?

Still, if he's game...

miguel991's picture

I agree with you.

I watched the tonight show the other evening (first time in forever) because Dr. Paul was on. He was greeted by a exhuberant crowd that gave him a (lasting) standing ovation.

The mainstream "news" clearly does not represent the wants, thoughts and wishes of the popular vote.

Vagabond's picture

You discount the fact that RP's supporters feel an incredibly strong bond.  They follow him anywhere.  Whereever he speaks, it is not an indicative cross section of America.  Just saying, not hating.

miguel991's picture

sorry, hit the save button twice.

Hayabusa's picture

I agree with "nope" in that the younger generation is getting their news online, not TV.  One other factor that bears mentioning, is the Flynn effect... each generation gets smarter than the last one (evolution).  The newest generation is indeed smart, avoid newspapers, TV and ferret out their own news sources.  The younger generation dislikes authority and the status quo to begin with... when they see all the cronyism/corruption exposed online, but not on TV or the newspapers they distrust the establishment even more... my money says when humankind reaches the tipping point and the majority of people are smart enough to realize how they've been duped by elected officials, it's going to get interesting fast.  The older generation is operating on "old principles" and their media manipulation/propoganda is recognized by the newer/smarter younger generation... my guess is one day things will "tip" and then it's going to get interesting fast.

BennyBoy's picture

"The ministry if propaganda is missing one key aspect:  The internet and the power that it has bringing alternative news onto everyones lap whenever they choose."


The Ministry of Fantasies now has an internet kill switch.

caconhma's picture

It is close to impossible to expect free and honest elections in America. Presently, fraud and corruptions have prevailed over the Constitution or whatever left of it.

So, what Americans will do after realizing that their votes are totally irrelevant? Buy another iPod?


aerojet's picture

I don't know what to make of this.  Ron Paul's popularity is a pretty good signal that the situation is seriously out of control and regular people are waking up to that fact.  We should take our medicine now and not let chaos reign--Ron Paul would at least try to institute reforms whereas any other contender would be happy to just let nature take its dangerous course.  What I'm not sure of is whether RP could even be successful in any way.  We needed RP a decade ago.  It's really just too late now, but I'm all for trying versus doing nothing.

whstlblwr's picture

In New Hampshire people there say worried that if they cut government now it will make economy worse. So their answer to vote Romney keep spending and tnen what? At least with Paul we get things undercontrol and hard slog will be on solid foundation.