Minneapolis Fed's Kocherlakota Down, Two Dissenters To Go Until QE3

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That's a pair of vagina balls left...

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hehehe  those two zionists are still at it on that last Isntreal thread


shut the fuck up dirty zionist


everybody here should read Dope Inc (the book that drove Kissinger crazy) to understand how these drug dealing scumbags (Meyer Lansky was the Mossad/Rothscum) got so much power

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Will take a couple of more dismal data points.  Assclown keepers of the algos might to take the foot off the sailboat fuel pedal though.

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QE1, QE1.5, QE2, and QE2.5 did not work so we need QE3. The Fed is insane and shamefully inept.

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"Let me turn first to a discussion of FOMC objectives. Congress has mandated that the Federal Reserve set monetary policy so as to promote price stability and maximum employment".  

Bullshit (while coughing)...

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Kocherlatoka has stated that monetary policy can't fix many of the challenges of this economy.

Either he is lying, or a prudent reader would notice that monetary policy is being cast aside as a seriously limited tool.

Fed's Kocherlakota says deleveraging 'has to take place' Fed's Kocherlakota says using monetary policy to offset medium term movements in Labor force participation would be 'inappropriate'
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Market plunge (Operation QE 3) to commence on Sept 1 in preparation of the next FOMC.  Day traders can bet on the stock market rising today and tomorrow regardless of any bad news presented.  Friday will be bloodbath (non-farm payroll).  The market will probably save the worst drop for the day after Obama speech on his "jobs plan".

Oh, and you can also look for another CME hike as Gold is getting up there again.

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We still need a market flush before this qe3 can be sold. A decent pullback not this buy and front run up 10% a week shit.

Fuck, oil is about $90 again and it's all spec, no demand. Gas prices never fell from the spring run up, here's to $5 gas at Christmas.

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Going into a holiday weekend. Managers want to be net neutral. Since, as ZH has stated before, Short Interest at extreme high levels so they will cover and run to the beach for the long weekend. I'm looking for sideways to down chop for the next week or so until the "Official QE3" announcement.

There is no way Fed leaves Obama hanging in the wind going into an election cycle. The Fed has the crew they want in DC.

It's going to be a Viagra algo. Friggin disgusting.

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QE is very unpopular, most people now see it as a failure, and only benefitting Wall St as their own conditions worsen.

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I just remember this July 4th talking about this stuff at a friends BBQ(a good portion Wall Street types). Everyone was loving life that their 401(k) was back to 2008 levels or that their AUM was up and they could resume weekly Barbados trips from the fee boost. They could care less about all the systemic financial cancer rattling about and that the uplift in assets was just the biggest duct tape job in human history. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

Don't get me wrong, I personally think QE3 is just refuggindiculous. But I'm just another crusader screaming at the dark. Too many geopolitical time bombs going into 2013 not to prop up the markets at this point.

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And the daily dosage of msm bs is finally here:


U.S. Stocks Erase Retreat as Companies Linked to Economic Growth Advance


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'Stocks advance as they stop going down and start going up'....WOW THANKS MSM!

Gee and stocks were down SO much too! At one point the DUH almost down -70? Whoa!

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I was always in the "they'll do QE to infinity" crowed, but now it actually comes to it I can't believe its come to this. I mean this is really the end of the world now isn't it...

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if only the general public understood what is being done to them.

if they only understood one thing, it should be this: that when they are out of work and struggling, if the fed sees their cost of living going down, they will do all they can do to devalue the currency so that their cost of living goes up because that's good for wall street.

if they learned only that today...I suspect that all banks across the nation would be set ablaze before the night is over.

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I really can't see that the Goldilocks economy...or market has plunged? 


Is even for the year a plunge?


Maybe the algos should learn front running the Fed without prior consent can be hazardous to your vacuum tubes...?

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I see no plunge, in fact markets are looking rock solid and totaly calm only down 10%-15% from their all time record highs.

Yet under the surface, heroin junkie markets are squealing for MORE MORE MORE!!!

I think the few week ago market 'turmoil' was a test run, and a total flop which had to be totaly rescued by the FED and propped back up...any market plunge is met with huge selling pressure and theres no way they can control it.

So here we're left in Bizarro world where markets are totaly fine, yet begging for more free injections of smack.

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What's your take on a QE3 annoucement in September?  Yea or nay?

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I think the days of trillions in QE are over, the currency cant bear it! And in another post I said IF a QE announcement is made that is their signal its over and theyre pulling the structure.

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He obviously thinks QE2 worked ..even after stating:

"It’s unusual to see an increase in inflation and a fall in unemployment occur when GDP growth is so sluggish and when the outlook for real GDP growth has slipped so much".

which clearly shows it didn't


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## the disinflationary pressures of 2010 should soon reappear in the form of a sharp decline in current and expected core PCE inflation rates. ##


look at commodities  complex today... all up,, i think whoever is bidding for energy didnt read assholes from FOMC about 'disinflationary pressures'

what a bunch of losers.. who is this fukcing idiot.. ? why does he even in FOMC.. his name look like an Indian.. probably he is also big lover of dead bodies in filthy  river of Ganga


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Q: when did deflation become the enemy?

A: 1913.

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QE3 will in fact be the implosion trigger, so 20 days into September is what we have left then. 

Giant Squids calls for a 'MASSIVE QE3'...overnite prices will go thru the roof and the dollar will completely collapse, being on full life support as it is already. So really the FED's only answer is 'Implode the structure, pull it'...9-11 lingo.

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See what $1-$2m in PigMen fiat gets you?  Kocherlakota: from dissenting hero to complying zero in two-three weeks time.  Just two more to buy off for a nice consensus on Sept. 20-21.  Incredible ROI here.   

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Translation: China doen't want our paper so we have to buy it. Get your gold and silver now before it's too late.

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Yep, that basically is the condensed version of this article- 'No one is buying our debt anymore so we need QE to become the exclusive monetizer buyer of all our debt'.

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"all that would take for QE3 is another "deflationary" market flush" You don't get it, excessive liquidity is still in the system from previous QE1-2.

Check commodity prices is that looks like Deflation for
ya?? Corn, Beans near 2007-08 highs..

Keep bitching about: Markets going higher.. Manipulation and sh*t.. And don't need no QE for that. If they like stock prices 3 month ago, now they look even better. Besides FED won't do exactly the same this time, if anything. BTFD for DOW 14000.. Or keep shorting SPRD, which is 3$ above when you call for $2 price target :))))

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Right, they cant flush the markets because its all fake.

So now youll chase stocks higher, which still wont even keep up with the dollar collapse, after transaction fees and cap gains taxes youll have a loss no matter what.

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"It’s unusual to see an increase in inflation and a fall in unemployment occur when GDP growth is so sluggish and when the outlook for real GDP growth has slipped so much. It is hardly surprising that there might well be some disagreement about the appropriate monetary policy response to this conflicting mix of information."

Haha...  Only if you don't read history is it "unusual" and a surprise.

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cant stand those  guys.. they still live and die by  stupid works of that fag Maynard Keynes..


 It’s unusual to see an increase in inflation and a fall in unemployment occur when GDP growth is so sluggish and when the outlook for real GDP growth has slipped so much.



it seems its been  engraved in their stupid little brains that cant be inflation w/ high unemployment ..

i cant understand why its so hard to understand that inflation has nothing  to do unemployment..

people are being fired because of cost of almost everyhing that is dig out of earth is way way way up.. ITS CALLED COST OF PRODUCTION.. businesses cant pass along that incraeses , so in short run people get fired (cause its too cost of production) , but if you fire people, they cant consume so it  vicious cycle.


why is it so hard to understand? if you run up cost of basic stuff,, cost eventually move down the chain of consumption.. how long can you live w/out IPADS ( forever, i dont have one), what about food/gas.. probably couple days..




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A bunch of blather that basically boils down to the fed targeting banker bonuses. At least with Bush II some of the money made it to the people once in awhile.

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Fuck kocherlakota what a pussy. Ouuuu disinflationary pressures waaa waaa cry me a fucking river u bitch

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Transitory disinflationary suppositories all around. AHHHHH! That's the ticket.

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they might as well short every point on the Treasury yield curve up 100 bps and just start buying residential real estate at 100% of the TBTF & state pension fund's fully loaded investment + phantom accrued interest.  they are going to own the assets in the long run anyway & this will undoubtedly spark the inflation they want.

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The stock market in no way represents the real economy. It only serves to concentrate wealth in the hands of a select few who are in no need for more paper. When the crusty class hears of impending inflation they only understand that they need to confiscate more wealth in order to prepare for it. Buffett knows Fed policies will produce massive inflation but he has the means to position himself to benefit from it. The Wall Street elite class and the academics do not care about inflation because they can easily afford $10 a gallon gas and $15 ground beef. After all thier paper wealth will increase far beyond the increase in commodity costs.

In the real world retailers are scared stiff. Auto dealers are freaking out because they know they are going to need to liquidate the inventory they were forced to take.  got a letter from my local dealership telling me they will give me the retail value for my car on trade and with incentives i can get a new $20k car for $1000. They are willing to take in a trade and make no money on it just to get a new car off the lot.

Imagine what will happen to GM dealers when they need to ship 500k Cruzes off in one month. My local Chevy dealer is offering 0 down $99 36 month leases on a Cruze. In three years GM is ging to take a bath on the used inventory that comes rushing in.

Have you seen Best Buy, they haven't brought in a new model TV since May and are selling $2500 TVs for $1000. The real economy looks worse than 2008 but the Wall Streeters can only see the free money they hope comes their way because it will cause the cmmodity they buy to increase in value at the peril of all those people who actually matter.

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The Fed used to have mystique, and now it looks like some tired monkeys and a dirty football. QE only works with hope, and the Fed is shouting for Fiscal action because itself is hopeless.

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The boy who cried TARP and QE 1,2, is now crying again and it wont do a damn thing. Money to bankers, while the country implodes in on itself.

Theres no one left to fool.

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He clearly believes—as I do—that the United States has a decentralized central bank because we will get better monetary policy if decision-making is grounded in a wide range of views. I think that the chairman should be applauded for this approach to policymaking.


You wouldn't give your view unless you were allowed to give your view?  Clearly these pussies are not cut out for Fight Club.

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"..a decentralized central bank".  After reading that, I  gave up on the rest of this newspeak double-think. Don't think I missed much.

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Yesterday (Monday) the US market went up

as the FED pumped more POMO QE2 US3.15 billion into the Market,


and in the last 2 weeks the FED issued Auctions for 280 billion in US Debt at or below 1% interest.


 Now I would call that a major US Federal Reserve Stimulation and/or Quantitative Easing Operation...

most of you seem to have missed that, because you seem so fixated on QE3 that you forget that QE never really stopped.

This is what stimulus hopium addiction does to People,

it makes them lose all sense of focus and reality....


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Can I haz a plunge, pleez?

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I dont believe they can have a plunge without the next day staging a full recovery plus some more. Last time they did it a few weeks ago I think they saw disaster, any plunge met with huge selling so their only option was to recover it immediately. 

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QE at this point is suicide for Obunghole, dont foget that aspect in all this, he's already looking at very bad numbers on his watch. He wants to stick around there? Then no QE, or impose martial law and martial presidency. 

Thats all.

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Ogolfer is working on his Roosevelt-style stick-save bailout of under-water homeowners for September speech. Nobody told him at the 18th hole green that he has no $$$ or political support to fund any fiscal stimulus whatsoever.  Oh well, at least it will look as if he cares to his future voting public...   

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No coincidence here - Obama in Minneapolis for a speech today - did he meet with Kocherkolata last night and give him a talking to?

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"Look, Dr. Kocherkolata, let me make this clear..."

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I really really wish  inflation was just high for all the things I buy let alone medium!

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So, let's get this out of the way. When does Q.E. 4 drop?

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Gasoline is still 4 bucks.

And food at the shelf is as high as ever.

Fuck these guys.