The MK2 Grenade: Mike Krieger And Max Keiser Take On The World Of Financial Crime

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There is a reason why WWII legendary "pineapple" grenade bore the initials MK2. Those who enjoy the works of Mike Krieger and Max Keiser are in for a treat, with this 2 for the price of 1 (technically for the price of zero) interview of Krieger by Keiser, as the MKs of the world unite, and take on financial fraud.

From Mike Krieger of Libertyblitzkrieg:

In case you missed it, Josh Brown recently published a list via the Huffington Post of what he believes are the 25 most dangerous people in financial media.  He definitely got the first two slots correct.  At the very top are Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, who unrelentingly publish their “Financial War Reports” daily here.  At the number two position, is Zerohedge, the best financial site on the web.  I have been fortunate enough to have collaborated with Max, Stacy and Zerohedge for the past two years and it has been an extremely rewarding experience.  To get to the point, below is my just released latest interview on the Keiser Report.  I think it’s the best one we’ve done in a while.  Enjoy!

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Seize Mars's picture

I thought Mike Kreiger and Max Kaiser were the same thing.

BlackGoldTexasTea's picture

Max Keiser is Mike Krieger's Tyler Durden.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Krieger ain't shit.  Just because Durden, who only publishes people who are or were once known to be in finance, gives him a page does not make his articles worthwhile.  Krieger writes long winded boring tomes with no absolute action.

Keiser on the other hand takes action.  Yes he does!  He uses other people's ideas and calls them his own.  He thought to boycott coca-cola.  How did that work out?  Then he admittedly uses the idea that I came up with, "Buy Silver - Crash JPM"TM but doesn't give the whole picture.  Does he talk about how silver trades with oil 1:1 which trades inversely the dollar which would take the dollar and all of finance down with it, including the MIC?  No.  Does Durden ever mention who really came up with the idea?

These men are not financial warriors, they are children running around spinning in circles yelling "I'm dizzy!".  They don't fight the good fight.  When has Tyler ever backed the Movement?  He hasn't.  When has Keiser admitted he is a fraud?

Why don't we have some more bullshit articles on Zero Hedge about how stocks do this or that, and how awesome Krieger and Keiser are.  That will help our cause.  Yeah, that's the ticket!

LowProfile's picture

Fuck Google - and every other company that benifited from starting here that doesn't stand up for the rights of the citizens of this country.

These assholes are proving as clueless as the media companies.  THEY didn't stand up for our rights, and instead encouraged and colluded with TPTB to erode our rights.  Now they want us to stand up for THEIR intellectual property rights?!?!?!  FUCK YOU.


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Marginal Call's picture

That's quite the rebuttal to Hendrix's post.  He made a bold statement, with some merit that is quite worth of debate.  And you have added to it mightily.


Thread jacking makes for unreadable comment sections and breaks down real discussion. 

Short Memories's picture

Sounds like someones got a case of the Monday's!


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

No, I just know what it feels like to have someone jack your idea and do a worthless job explaining it.  And all you bitches that are junking me need to man up and fight me if you got any nuts.  I'm right here.

Also it is funny listening to Max Keiser talk about people stealing.  LOL!  Max Keiser!  What a hoser.

Ivanovich's picture

I just junked you because it's obvious that it's driving you nuts :)

peekcrackers's picture

why mark down Mr lennon Herdrix ?

I think he has balls to make that claim , Marking him down in my eyes is being a bitch . Give him a debate.


francis_sawyer's picture

no junks from francis_sawyer...

From my perch (in the basement), LH gets the nod for the BUY SILVER campaign... Irrespective of what's transpired since, the idea still has merit...

LH = 1

MK = 0

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Why are you bitches junking me and not fighting me?  What did I write you don't agree with?  You think Krieger says new stuff?  I am listening to his interview right now.  Bla bla bla this, bla bla that.  And Keiser is a carnival barker.  Do you worship a carnival barker?  Do you worship any man?  Why are you junking me?  SPEAK UP!!!

Mike Krieger still has a lot of contacts on WS.  LOL, no wonder Tyler loves him.  Tyler, do you like to have contact with Krieger?

LowProfile's picture

Dude, I like Krieger.  He has a good blog.  Want something new?  Try this

Now STFU before you piss me off enough to get up from the keyboard

Oh regional Indian's picture

He does have a point though. I remember the Buy Silver start, right here. And of course even the alternative media is a mafia.

Seems as if mafioso-ness is endemic in any structure having more than 3 people in it.

And much as I like this site, it's hardly Fight Club you know? When your absolute physical safety is assured, it's easy to be a tough-guy. 

Perhpas 2 of the posters here might open their junking mouths if they were in the presence of the target of their ire.

Everyone here neds to get over this Fight Club shit. It's bull-shit. It's just a blog. An excellent blog, but just a place you come and type stuff and read stuff others have typed.

Plus, everyone is pretty much on other people's throats here. Else, such a gathering of "financial wizards" should surely have coalesced to DO something, no? 

It's just a frigging blog. Get over your "I'm an internet's Muscleman" bravado.



Conrad Murray's picture

I junked you for whining about what ZH posts. ZH provides a very open venue, with ever-increasing visibility (which does have it's downfalls, such as HuffNPuff mentioning it, thus bringing in a drove of Commies), for all of us to say whatever the hell we like. That is a lot more than most people are doing.

I don't much care for Keiser or Krieger one way or another, but I respect that they are putting forth issues many others won't touch, even if they aren't original.

I understand you may be upset someone has "stolen" your idea and run with it, but I don't think it's worth flying off the handle over. Spreading the idea is far more important than being credited with coming up with it, IMHO.

If you want to see it elaborated on, write an in-depth article. Post that motherfucker everywhere. Hell, if it's good, I'm sure there are plenty of people here who would help post it all over the tubes.

FEDbuster's picture

Conrad nice Fight Club reply. 

francis_sawyer's picture

Nice reply ~ But the bottom line is that (in my experience), nothing ever gets done by being polite anymore... If it's afternoon tea (& you ain't invited), all you have left to do is to piss in the lobster bisque)...

Project Mayhem bitchez!

JR's picture

We are living in an age of Pravda, and there are a only a few voices that you can hear through the den. As for commentators and columnists, there are thousands who are on the path of the oligarchs. They are traveling with the power, making their money by withholding the real news.

What do Krieger and Keiser do? This video is a perfect example. They point out major criminal activity, and if that is more same old same old, then we need more same old same old.

Akrunner907's picture

I think you need to have your meds adjusted.....either that or get laid.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

While I happen to be of the opinion Keiser is a carnival barker and Kreiger is just young enough to still believe he has unique thoughts and insights, I don't quite understand your indignation about your "Buy silver-crash JPM' notion.  First, I don't think it can be done, because I don't think most people understand the nature of JPM's position (a COMEX hedge to offset their Commodity Desk's mine production purchase guarantees and large physical holder hedge writing).  The more important question, however, is what is your motivation for the Buy Silver program?  Is it to actually take a shot at TPTB and bankstas, or is it just to massage your own ego and have people fawn over you?  Even if you did think of it first, so what?  You expect someone to give you an estate next to Lloyd Blankfein's out in the Hamptons?  You expect a gaggle of young nymphets to swoon in your presence and be unable to keep their legs crossed?  You expect to be the new Dictator of the Land of the Great Reset?  If it is a good idea and will yield wider society a benefit, as you believe, is that not enough reward?  Frankly, you sound as if you'd have been a banksta if life had given you the chance to be somebody.

francis_sawyer's picture

What difference does it make if a "Buy silver-crash JPM' notion" is far fetched or not (in terms of it's purported viability to produce an outcome)...

Every fiat dollar that is traded in for an ounce of silver is wealth that is saved & removed from the banking system which is run by criminals... It is one of the only ways I can think of for an individual to have any input whatsoever (which equates to freedom) without chopping his or her own limbs off in the process...

Element's picture

@ Lennon Hendrix

I listened to this video about 12 hours before it appeared on zh and thought to myself, hmm, not much here.

But the discussion preceding it, with Stacy Herbert, was much fresher and more informative.

The interview with MK was OK, I wouldn't mark it down, it just didn't serve new insights.

No matter what you think of Keiser and his habit for melodramatic pantomimes, there's no question that he's right about the big banks being nothing but organised professional criminal guilds.

Gringo Viejo's picture

I didn't junk you son. You're not worth the mouseclick.

Roandavid's picture

I junked you for your own good.

Clearly you are suffering from great angst.  It was and is my hope that you might from frustration at having been junked, back away from the keyboard, run out the door out of frustration and get about the business of finding a hooker in your price range that will enable you to achieve some temporary, but still real piece.

You'll feel a whole lot better.

BlackGoldTexasTea's picture

Whoa, settle down bud.

It was a joke.

You realize Tyler Durden is a character from a movie, right?  Tyler Durden and the Narrator are the same person.

What exactly is "our cause", anyway?

My cause is to make money and enjoy my life.  Sure, this is all gonna completely collapse soon; however, that has much more to do with oil than anything else.  When I can no longer walk across the street to the grocery store because the shelves are empty, I'll know I'm done with this world.

The sheeple have had 100 years to eliminate the Federal Reserve.  The flaws inherent in the euro were pointed out from the beginning, yet most Europeans celebrated the euro.  There has always been a ruling class because most people actually want to be ruled over and enslaved.  They just want their bread and circuses.  Oh, they'll bitch about things on the Internet, though.

cossack55's picture

Damn, I'd like to slap you around a little but I have to agree with most of your thoughts. Our causes differ (fuck money, enjoy life), but that whole enslavement indictment is spot on. Plus you get a point for being a Texan.

Gordon Freeman's picture


You still here?  I agree w/ your assesment, but how are you different?  Still a little unclear on that...

Floordawg's picture

Did you invent the Internet too?

Lucky Guesst's picture

That was Al Gore, right? lol

Inthemix96's picture

And what exactly have you done for the cause then Mr Lennon?

Posting on an anonymous blog under someone elses name?  When I turn on the TV and see you arrested for some big shit taking down a CEO of goldman, then spool your shit.

Until then big man, shut the fuck up.

bankruptcylawyer's picture

It's funn you say this. 

I've lived with a bunch of occupy wall street people who consider themselves 'active'. they are a bunch of 25 year old morons who simply want to smoke pot all day and then bitch about how they want to control the federal government for their own myopic socialist agenda. 

I tried engaging them for months about 'banking' and how the system 'works'. 


you have a point though. there are people who organize action---and many of them are morons uninterested in understanding the truth---and just interested in gettting attention and eyeballs regardless of the fact they are outpowered by the stazi and co-depedendent on the debt funded welfare system handing out food and money to the underclasses. 

then---there are people who are just interested in UNDERSTANDING. the problem is the hubris of the 'action' types , the warrior types, usually shuts out the input of people who are interested in knowing and understanding. at the end of the day. the action types usually ruin everything unless they can be controlled. 

there is a reason the CIA AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE IS ON TOP OF THE ARMED FORCES. the 'action' junkies are usually just emotionally self involved know nonthings who's main strength is providing the unquestioning forceful desire to 'change' by any means necessary. 

the question is-----what kind of 'CHANGE' are you action junkies looking for? Most of the time there is a standard line. "we want x,y,z'. the reality is most people who just want to be a 'leader' or part of a 'movement', regardless of their understnading. 



Eireann go Brach's picture

Jealous prick! Grab your ball and go home!

Buck Johnson's picture

Essentially your correct, also Max Keiser has these guys numbers to a tee.  He knows how they operate and where they are going.

caimen garou's picture

I believe Zero Hedge is #1 my stop here  for the REAL news first and for exposing the BS going on by central planners!

Ray1968's picture

Welcome to the party. Shoulda been here years ago.

caimen garou's picture

 I have been visiting this site since 2010 and just joined a few weeks,makes my day. 

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

What have either of you done for the cause?

porkdrippingsleavestains's picture

When I go to the bank I convince them that my kid needs to use their bathroom and then we leave an upper decker.  I do this at least three times a week.  That is my contribution to the cause.

fonzannoon's picture

I bet that upper decker idea takes down jpm before the buy silver crash jom idea does. I can't convince too many people to buy silver but I bet a few of em would dump out just to shut me up.

This may get some traction and may even leave some skid marks.

Rasna's picture

Great Idea,

Let's all go in, roll some logs at JPMC and maybe Jaime, Timmah and Sacks can get some OJT before changing careers and moving to the Northwest to become loggers themselves.

cossack55's picture

What cause? Chill, LH.  I follow your posts and generally agree, but ya know, an enemy of my enemy shit does apply.  I'll worry about their agenda when this whole FED/banksta/Dem/Repub scheme is Carthaged.

RockyRacoon's picture

Define "cause" and I'll see if I can come up with an answer for you.

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nyc-based FC members presently or in past involved in the financial sector and/or have finance/econ degree(s) and are ready to urinate in the creme of mushroom soup: 

There will be a meeting upcoming. You will be thoroughly vetted. It will not exist. Nor will you. 


Project Mayhem me.



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Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Nice.  The coke head is still saying he is Tyler Durden lol.

slaughterer's picture

A sincere question: are Max and Stacy fucking one another?

Lost Wages's picture

Presumably. He just proposed to her not too long ago. ;)