A Modern Day Worker Revolt

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In a stunning and shocking turn of events at Lonmin's Marikana platinum mine in South Africa, Reuters shows this extremely graphic clip of police opening fire on striking miners. A Reuters cameraman says he saw at least seven bodies after the shooting, which occurred when police laying out barricades of barbed wire were outflanked by some of an estimated 3,000 miners massed on a rocky outcrop near the mine, northwest of Johannesburg. Marx is not dead. In fact, far from it.


and Via Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

Lonmin Plc (LMI) slumped in London trading after saying Chief Executive Officer Ian Farmer was hospitalized with an illness and it may miss output goals following a violent strike. South African press photographs showed at least 10 people dead today as police opened fire on armed miners.


A six-day work stoppage at Lonmin’s Marikana operations in South Africa’s North West province has resulted in rioting, and fatalities rose today as police moved in to disperse protesters, Johannesburg’s eNews channel reported. Lonmin also issued a statement saying Farmer had a “serious illness” and Chairman Roger Phillimore will take charge of the executive committee.


Farmer’s hospitalization gives Lonmin “a lot of problems,” Carole Ferguson, an analyst at Fairfax IS Ltd., said by telephone from London. Farmer has a “hands-on role” where the company has its operations, she said.


Lonmin, the third-biggest platinum miner, has lost metals output equivalent to 15,000 ounces of platinum at Marikana since rock-drill operators downed tools on Aug. 10, the Johannesburg- based company said in a separate statement. The workers, many of whom have camped out near the site, have been issued with an ultimatum to return by tomorrow or face dismissal, it said.

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That could never happen in America............... except maybe on college campuses in Ohio.

johnQpublic's picture

how can you run when you know....

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Such confrontations can only end in tragedy for both sides. See link below for another video of crowd versus cops.





FEDbuster's picture

Social Security Administration places order for 174,000 rounds of .357 Sig hollow points:


or if you "can't stand" infowars


Abiotic Oil's picture

FMJ for practice and HP for killing.

If you can't see what they are preparing to do then...

Comay Mierda's picture

this is how the welfare hordes will react when their gubmint checks cant buy anything thanks to hyperinflation

i-dog's picture

Then they stand to contract a "serious illness".

"Farmer had a “serious illness”"

Yep ... lead poisoning is serious!

Precious's picture

This video is NIED (Not Important Enough for Drudge)

rocker's picture

Just a observation. But the article says they were armed protestors. 

If so. Why did not one police cop go down. Not one. Hmmmm.

Michael's picture

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

gmrpeabody's picture

Ludlow, Colorado.... 1913.

It happens here!

Buzz Fuzzel's picture

Further proof the the 2nd Amendment is the 27 most important words in the entire US Constitution.  Yes, this could happen here but the guys in blue would recieive return fire and the out come of the engagement would not be decided before the shooting started as it was in this video.


zloty owadow's picture

I was wondering about that, too, so I watched the video again. Sure enough, each of those protestors had two arms; I saw them myself. What bothers me is, why didn't the police just shoot their arms off instead of killing them, if they were so afraid of them?

Taint Boil's picture



(Not Important Enough for Drudge)


Drudge – Ha, I check Drudge only to see what propaganda my masters want me to believe in. I wonder what will be the headlines for Drudge and Sean Hannity when Obama is gone. I’m sure they have another “Boggey Man” already picked out

Not Too Important's picture

Or when your taxes go straight up to pay for the wealthy to be protected from the 'masses'. You just don't realize you are one yet. How far will you go to protect the .0001% that want to steal everything you own?

We're all on the other side of that fence.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



Or face dismissal.   I think they really meant or face dis missle.

Simon Endean's picture

"FMJ for practice and HP for killing"

Common misconception.  Hollowpoints have more stopping power, in that they will transfer more of their energy into whatever they hit, so the target is more likely to be put down by the shock.  However, they aren't better killing rounds.  Most people who are shot die from blood loss, and Full Metal Jacket rounds tend to get full penetration on human targets.  2 holes = more, faster blood loss.  Plus, if you're firing at crowds, FMJ rounds can hit multiple targets after a pass-through; hollowpoints won't, far more often than not.  Hollowpoints are also less effective at penetrating cover than are FMJ rounds.  Thus, hollowpoints are considered "safer" rounds for all concerned in self-defense shooting: less likely to penetrate the walls of your house and hit your neighbors, more likely to immediately incapacitate an attacker, thereby saving the shooter, but less likely to kill the attacker, thereby saving him, too.

Freddie's picture

Hollow Points are also often called by the liberal media - "cop killer" bullets. 

prodigious_idea's picture

Interesting that of the SSA offices scheduled to receive ammo, the New Hampshire division is receiving 50% more than any other location.

monad's picture

Prepare to be annexed, Canada! Its a toofer.

GoinFawr's picture

why bother? Canuckistan already bends over backwards for 'asshole pay' anyway. Annex them and then you might start feeling responsible for them.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Not Too Important's picture

A billion bullets ordered in less than six months.

There's your timeline, folks.

oldman's picture


Also, the only two words you will not hear from either of the two troll government that emerges as the 'winner' is


Those rounds are for real---not for ssa         om

LowProfile's picture


"Such confrontations can only end in tragedy for both sides. See link below for another video of crowd versus cops."

Banner in the vid says DATANG, which means that probably happened in China.

Holy shit.

i-dog's picture

Indeed, or Malaysia. "Selamat Datang" means "welcome" in Indonesian and Malay.

Observer's picture

Totally misdirected anger. The unfortunate foot soldier is just road kill and the dumb hordes are just too f........g dumb to realise that. The extended family of one or some of those policemen killed was in all likelihood known (favourably) to some of the rioters and/or their families. F.....g thickheads. And yes it is Indonesia. That's what parliamentary democracy does in that part of the world. Won't happen in China. The cavalry will be there in no time and the families of the rioters will be toast. Harsh but the threat of that keeps them in line and is fair because when they have the right to vote people in..and out of office they buy obviously false promises and then get angry when they aren't fulfilled but still vote as a tribe for the same candidates. They deserve what they get. Come to think of it the allegedly developed world isn't that developed either. They behave exactly the same way except the violent reaction to their own idiocy...so far

midtowng's picture

The only reason people on ZH care is because it is in another country.

If it was union members in this country there would be cries for more blood. After all, labor unions are ALWAYS wrong except when they strike in communist countries.

Not Too Important's picture

We've been talking about this same exact thing here on ZH for years now. We care very much.

You don't spend much time here, do you? We've all been screwed by the same folks. Most of us just haven't lost so much that we're willing to walk into a bullet yet.

Give us time, when the food runs out . . .

OTH, the food, water and air is all radiated because of Fukushima (the Japanese are getting ready to abandon the faciity), the lethal genetic mutations have already begun, the death rates are steadily climbing because of bioaccumulation, and the health care system will not be able to do anything about it. Combine this with a completely failed economic system, and off we go.

You have no idea of the horrific death soon to envelop the United States, and the rest of the world with it.

midtowng's picture

Yes, we have all been screwed by the same folks.

And yet many people here are convinced that the people screwing them the most are Hollywood liberals, and "big labor".

It doesn't matter how many times its pointed out to them that its Wall Street doing the screwing, they aren't going to hear it.

gmrpeabody's picture

And Hollywood liberals, and "big labor" are the enablers, among many.

Stuck on Zero's picture

... and we'll keep shooting you until morale improves.


Mylegacy's picture

Of course it wouldn't happen in America - American workers would never risk their overweight, bloated, totally screwed asses by questioning the man - let alone actually trying to improve their conditions.

CH1's picture

I've improved my conditions a lot of times...BY QUITTING.... or BY MOVING.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Or in Oakland, New York, or anywhere in Texas. 

hedgeless_horseman's picture




"The Right Arm of the Free World"


.308 Caliber



resurger's picture

Do i get handgun with that rifle.

Dave Thomas's picture

Hedgeless, that's Belgian, I mean I know it's made in the USA, but somewhere Eugene Stoner's ghost is crying.

Abiotic Oil's picture

The only reason the FAL was not adopted as America's battle rifle replacement to the M1 Garand was corporatism.  We ended up with the M14.

Stoner's AR probably would have replaced that as well...

You should really have one (at least)  of each.  Every cop car in America has resupply of 5.56 and mags.


Dave Thomas's picture

Kinda crazy actually. They all have an M4 in the trunk nowadays, thank you north hollywood shootout.


Makes you pine for the olden days don't it?




FEDbuster's picture


Is there ever a "bad" time to buy a nice battle rifle?  Someday soon there may be a time when you cannot buy a battle rifle, so trade some FRNs today for one.

Simon Endean's picture

"The only reason the FAL was not adopted as America's battle rifle replacement to the M1 Garand was corporatism."

Huh?  The M-14 was more accurate at range, and the FAL is pretty much uncontrollable in full auto (not that many things are highly controllable at cyclic rates, but the FAL was a real bear).  It's a great design, but the M-14 was a better design.

Freddie's picture

Thank that prick McNamara.  He made it an MBA problem and they figured it was easier to hump a lot more .223 in Vietnam versus .308.  They also thought spray and pray was more effective in the jungle.  Also the more ammo the more supression fire one guy could lay down.

One Vietnam Vet told me the VC and NVA avoided the Aussies in Nam because they had .308 and FALs.  Most people have no idea the Aussies were even in JFK/LBJ's Vietnam War.  The main objective of Vietnam was to make LBJ richer.  

Freddie's picture

DSA are in Illinois.   I think the guy used to buy FAL and STG 58 (Steyr) kits where they had all the pieces but the receiver which the guy milled in Illinois.  I think he does that with the STG 58s.  The STG 58s are a bit cheaper.

The FAL clones, I think he builds and makes the whole thing now.   They are supposedly very good rifles.   The word on one gun group is that post 9--1, spec ops guys bought up all of the DSA's production for at least a year.  The U.S. military supposedly had an updated version of the M-14 in Afghanistan because .223 sucks in the canyons of Afghanistan.  They need .308.