As Of This Moment, Obama, Who Is About To Speak At The DNC, Knows Tomorrow's NFP Number

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While the fact that the stock market soared to new highs hours ahead of Obama's DNC speech may be a pure coincidence, we eagerly await to find out if while it is Bush's fault the economy is in the dumps 4 years after Obama took control, it will also be Bush's fault that the S&P just printed at 4 years highs. Something tells us that the answer is a resounding no. One thing we know for certain is that as of this moment the incumbent candidate knows precisely what seasonally adjusted nonfarm payroll number will be when it is announced tomorrow at 8:30 am. And since the TOTUS is very good at highlighting marginal moves in the economy, expect a leak or two during today's DNC speech. Then again, since the August number will not have to be discussed at the DNC, which ends this evening, there is a chance that the number of part-time workers added will be substantially below the 150,000 latest whisper number. Naturally, if whatever is reported tomorrow had any bearing in reality, the actual number would be negative. But there is an election to be won in two months, and naturally there are NFP reports after the election which can catch up with that trendline. In the meantime, here is why Obama knows precisely what only those select few other funds that are very, very close with the BLS, know.

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One kind deals with Leaks and the other kind well...

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You have to have SOME basis for pushing for another $1BB stimulus program.  After all, a crony HAS to pay back all those that helped him get re-elected to maintain the quid pro quo.

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You have to admit, Barry gave us something new and original...,

a first lady who hates America with a purple passion.

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You people are soooo cynical....

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I thought he wrote tomorrow's NFP number?

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Osama to take the mic, stare off into teleprompter space, and say "Now let me be perfectly clear........"

Grab the popcorn boys and girls.  The Nixon-esque entertainment is thrilling.


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AS II scheduled for October 12th.
Is the Choomgang going to ban this film?

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No need. Didn't that tank at the box office with the critics saying it was very poorly made, and even the director apologizing for it being a piece of shit?

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(Hell, why not?  This is America, ain't it?  The only thing we manufacture now is bullshit)

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The NWA needs to get his ass out of the WH.

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And the first non-human first gorilla.

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Typical, and obvious, right wing racist. At least you don't try to hide it, though I hate giving you credit for something so ignorant.

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Being politically incorrect in America, 2012, is like being a capitalist in the USSR, 1975.  Fuck the yids, their time is coming. 

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well since he's half white it could be an albino gorilla


What's funny about a fucking racist douchebag like you is that Michelle Obama could likely beat you to death if you ever had the courage to come out from behind your keyboard to spout your bullshit.  You are a little cunt.

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And fuck you too.  Maybe you two should get together for a nice hug.

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One of the things that lead me to support Mitt Romney in the upcoming Presidential election is his firm commitment to energy independence. America has been striving for energy independence for decades, and I think we now have a candidate who can finally do it, once and for all. If Mitt Romney becomes president of the United States of America, the days of oil dependence are over, and a new sustainable green economy will emerge. Mitt Romney has the strength to stand up to Saudi Arabia and stand by his commitment to developing green technologies. I truly believe that Mitt Romney has the strength and toughness to finally reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.  


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Ah crap. If MDB is voting for Romney then that has to be the wrong choice.

Or maybe that's what he wants us to think...

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I see what you, or was that MDB - I'm so confused, did there!

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If MDB is supporting Romney you know the Washington $126,000 a year bureaucrats are scared the fiat will die soon with Cloward and Piven running the freak show.


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I'd gone out of my way to be kind to you, referring you to Dr. Jack Kervorkian and he still awaits your call. 
You're messing with your credibility, pal.

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wow. you got some homework to do. All they have to do is stop the printing presses and the fraud. Crude will take care of itself. has nothing to do with said above.......

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Well Government Motors is selling all those cars to China..and they are not we better help them with some oil or we are not going to sell them know..keep the unions working...and the pensions superflush

BeetleBailey's picture's that Fartbook stock working for ya, Mr. High Delta Puts......LOL!

You fucking lying asshat


Don't let the facts get in the way of your narrative, asshole.

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It might have something with the fact she is always putting the country down. Funny thing is she sure loves to spend the people's money on vacations.

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Yeah, but Mrs. Obama just looooves that whitehouse gig.  She said she could get used to this FOREVER.

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Why bother with elections? Why not keep her there forever as a hectorer-in-chief, nagging everyone constantly? That and her vacations should add at least 1% to GDP.

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Four year highs? It's almost like there's a pattern here, or something...

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I don't think it really matters, not to us anyway.  Both are totally owned by basically the same people.  The more I learn, and more history I read, the more pessimistic I get.  Things are so much more unbelievably fucked up than even cynics like us on ZH even realize.  If you thought it was bad, well it's a lot, lot worse... 

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Even Trish knows by the way her dress is angled.  

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Hans has a stain on his not so blue suit.

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The way copper and oil finished today, tells me all I need to know.  Doesn't the Fed have some repos to do as well?

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Osama will say whatever Goldman told him to say. 

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Good thing Blankfiend has two hands.  One up the ass of each candidate.  Don't fool yourself for one moment that the banks don't have their hands in everything.

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I think the headline should read: Obama has already told NFP what number to print tomorrow.

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After today, I wouldn't know what to do with the number if i had it in advance.

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Don't worry folks, "the jobs are coming".

What a joke the two parties are.  They don't even pretend to give a fuck anymore as they laugh at us from their Ivory Towers of Epic Fail.

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Don't vote period. It won't matter. Any candidates that could right things for America are "killed" by msm. The sheeple know this intuitively. That's why voter turnout has diminished through the years.
OT.. Wall Street has "killed" the markets with these evil predator algos. That's why traders have given up as well.
No one gives a crap about appearances anymore.

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Not voting does say you agree on everything or you're simply not interested.

You need to vote different.

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when the time comes I'll vote with lead.