Money, Macro And Markets Update By Sean Corrigan

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Its all about kicking the can down the road just a little farther...just like the CFTC with position limits.

Bart Chilton publicly ripped his CFTC colleagues over their stall tactics on implementing position limits Thursday....anybody think he is for real?

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Another dog and pony show. Yeah like anyone is listening Revolving door.

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revolution bitchez!

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Too long, man, and you could ad least write a conclusion....

<====== Bash me

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Seriously Sean, I really would like to read what you have to say, but your convoluted, orotund style makes me lose the will to live.  If someone can re-cast your undoubtedly interesting prose into something more clear and readable they'd be doing everyone a huge service.

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Just read the charts....especially the CFO survey....yikes.

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Agree. What a load of crap. LSD writings

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It was obviously sent through google translate.

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And what's with the ?'s . Someone should slap your editor.

A lot of show, not too much meat.

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Old news. I'm making a call on what you all may now officially plagiarize as "The Fukushima/Arab Spring hiccup." The economic recovery is underway. Chaos in Europe is it's spark. It's going to start gathering steam in November and we're gonna have one of the greatest dog-fights in political history between Mitt Romney and the incumbent President Obama which will only serve to push the economy more and more towards growth. I still recommend the idea of lowering the age of eligibility for Social Security for this Administration as a "crass political vote getting scheme" which has the added value of instantly generating economic growth.

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Speaking of China...

"Global Times: "Time to teach those around South China Sea a lesson." "

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Chilton is playing good cop to the other bad cops; nothing more to see; still a criminal, corrupt regulatory body.  Our only hope in the further separation of the physical and paper markets; incrementally happening, although not fast enough.

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A good deal of leverage has been shaken out of the system, of that there can be little doubt.

Oh yes there can be doubt about the amount and degree to which leverage has been shaken out of the system.  Sean, you're not reading this and certainly are not going to respond, so this comment is rhetorical.

I would suggest the leverage hasn't disappear, please show me which aggregate debt levels are falling?

Debt is leverage.

I would suggest the opaque leverage is growing, and is less visible.  Derivatives employ huge amount of leverage, buy a CDS for some amount of bps above an index or a swap rate, and receive huge faux insurance for debt (leverage) for pennies on the thousands and millions of currency units.

Derivatives are leverage.

TimmyG and Madame Lagarde, other systemic supporters continue to advocate loans and leveraged loans as bailout mechanisms for other debt and leverage turned sour and going bad.

Ponzi leverage to prop up a failing system of excess leverage wherein the prior losses have not and cannot be recognized, lest the entire house of cards fall flat.

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 How many times and in how many ways can it be said? and ??       .1%=boiling the water.     99.9%= frogs.

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"so being bearish is not operationally straightforward, even if being bullish seems perverse "

In other words.. it's tricky shorting the market because it is rigged, but you can't go long because it is a burning gas tank ready to blow. 

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