Monti's Double-Speak On Welfare But Sure EFSF Needs More Juice

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While the technocrats cling to their vision for a European Bloc (amid a tumbling 'stable' EUR), Italian Prime-Minister-in-lieu Mario Monti is spreading the good word. Presented with little comment, via Bloomberg headlines, from a press conference in Rome, the Goldmanite builds the bridge to nowhere that the Socialist construct is unsustainable, yet the EFSF needs more funding to ensure the unsustainable social welfare model remains, err, unsustainable?


Oh and this...


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Give unlimited money to the banks already so they can loan money to every fucktard with no job out there.

Let's end this party with hyperinflation!

Also what will get NO ATTENTION from the MSM (Netanyahu and the warmongers in Washington will be pissed) :

Mossad chief: Nuclear Iran not necessarily existential threat to Israel Tamir Pardo says Israel using various means to foil Iran's nuclear program, but if Iran actually obtained nuclear weapons, it would not mean destruction of Israel.
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Monti understands that social welfare programs are needed for the common good, and that moral principles should be upheld even of the sky falls. We cannot abandon a basic moral principle like wealth redistribution, which has lifted millions of people out of poverty by boosting the economy and creating jobs. We need smart politicians to allocate resources according to NEED, not supply and demand. Politicians are elected to lead us and make tough decisions about our lives FOR us, and they need to borrow what is necessary from future generations to be able to do their jobs.

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We need people like MDB to admit their socialist policies have been an utter failure. Good luck with that huh.

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Those are fighting words MDB and unfortunately accurately describe most sheep I meet..

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Problem is "NEED" is decided by someone and guess who? Politicians. And when in trouble, JP Morgue likes to get some monies "according to their NEED". A recipe for disaster.

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But politicians are BETTER at making decisions about our lives - they were elected because they are the best of the best. Sorry if I sound extreme but I think the economy should be run by the creme de la creme of society, not the general rabble.

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Man is that isn't sarcasm then you are a full fledged retard.

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He describes how it SHOULD be...who wouldn't want the smartest people running government? Only their motivation is what counts...for the general good or for yourself.

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I'll take care of myself , thank you very much. I don't need nor do I want anybody "taking care of me". Maybe if more people thought that way instead of relying on guberment then we would be in a better place.

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A) The only "wealth re-distribution" is from the poor via their labors and the middle class via their taxes to the very rich who neither works nor pays taxes but play leverage and market manipulation games.

B) The USUKs (US+UK, my term) have worked overtime to destroy EU and EUR via GS/Wall Street rigging EU with garbage paper and thin air derivatives to keep the unproductive US Empire bankrolled

C) The USUKs loves China - their 'new' co-dependent partner in imperial insanity: the structural remaking of the USUKs themselves into gamblers, con-artists and mafiosi and China into the off-shore manufacturing machine and slavery driven plantation - following historical tradition; Early USUK EMPIRE used African American slaves in the US, post-colonial financialization globalist empire uses Chinese slaves in China (cheaper and looks better than importing them to US)

D) Continental EU will thanks to its prioritization of relative equality and concern for its weakest citizens i.e. the old, poor and sick always be morally superior to USUKs who prioritizes concern only for the very rich wlite to whom all wealth, assets and fiat monopoly privileges are re-distributed.

E) The morally corrupt, always, inevitably, eventually collapse - hence the USUKs will collapse via its own, self-made structural and elite prioritization and elite value-system - whereas continental EU and EUR will prevail via its creed and institutions of equality and brotherhood - the principles absent in the US Constitution - and only morons don't know that "justice" - is bought for pennies thrown at US judges.

Good luck, UK'ians, US'ians & USUK'ians - you need it badly as your focus is forced back toward yourselves. 

Happy New Year - and Cheers in Good Ol' Anglo Ale - Bitchez!

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Ah yes, the arrogance of big government who knows what's best for everyone.  From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.  And I thought we defeated that form of government last century.  It is alive and well on the left in the US. 

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Well done MDB, your posts almost always crack me up. Such deadpan delivery, too.

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Seriously, what kind of trollery is this?  I thought maybe MDB was being satirical, but I went back through his history and all his comments are pablum.

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HE IS BEING SATIRICAL. Come on people...

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The twilight zone saga continues....

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Social welfare used to be back in the Byzantine empire (today Turkey) and they used to give free bread and free water and access to local circuses in Constantinople (today Istanbul) just so that the peasants wouldn't rebel and free wine off course

it would make the most sense for Monti to print print print their local lira so he would have to rely on ECB and people would be making more much much more like thousands and millions in a day....


Italian society is so ready for it, you got mostly senior citizens and "youuuuth" without any skills whatsoever and byrocrats and almost no more kids hurray

As far as future generations of Italy ??? hmm, i have been going to Italy since 80s and I can tell you that in 40 years the future "youth" will be mostly from China and Africa, its gonna be a paaaarty time all the way to Gladiators in Colosseum, now that would be the real "circus"

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You are my Hero. I will willingly give you all my money and assets to stand for Democracy anywhere in the world.

I love you.

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It's a long MF year Monti.  A long year for peddling crap.

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MuF .. not not the bunga bunga kind, but the missing unaccounted for kind

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You are exactly right Monti; it should be a helluva lot higher.

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Nothing "justifies" the current spread??   Do markets need justification, Generalissimo Monti?  

'Funny that when bankers become central-planners they suddenly forget that Mr. Market doesn't follow directions. 

Prediction for 2012:  The utter arrrogance of those that believe they are in control of the situation will transition from "simply annoying" to "truly hilarious".



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Mario Montilini and the new fascism. Next up, full employment through hidden deficit spending and debt accumulation to be followed by inperial projects in Libya.

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Time to load up the barca then...just like you should be doing with these very real, Rolex watches here which happen to be offered at a substantial discount....

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It's just going to make the finale that much more spectacular.

Fair disclosure.
Long: Poli-spin
Short: Reality

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Mouthing off is now the only way to move the 'market' or so he thinks...

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PMs breaking down on a technical basis.

I agree with the fundamental bull view - but if you are not taking notice to what the current gold and silver prices are telling you, then you are a fool

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While America sends aircraft carriers in the middle of fucking Iranian war games.... totally not trying to start a war uh?

US aircraft carrier 'spotted' in Iran wargames zone
A US aircraft carrier entered a zone near the Strait of Hormuz being used by the Iranian navy for wargames, an Iranian official said Thursday amid rising tensions over the key oil-transit channel.

"A US aircraft carrier was spotted inside the manoeuvre zone... by a navy reconnaissance aircraft," Commodore Mahmoud Mousavi, the spokesman for the Iranian exercises, told the official IRNA news agency.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

They just wish to be included in the games what's the big deal?


Non Passaran's picture

Who gives a shit. Stay on topic or do us a favor and stop bothering us with off-topic crap.

Dr. Engali's picture

Yes because war has absolutley nothing to do with financial markets.

lolmao500's picture

Indeed. Totally bullish :

Saudi Arabia says will produce more oil of Iran supply cut (Haaretz)

Iran senior commander: U.S. not in position to tell Iran ‘what to do in Straits of Hormuz’ (Reuters)

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Forgive me Non-Pass this is a bit off topic, or not.

December 28, 2011

How Draghi Rigged the System The $600 Billion Ripoff



Try to wrap your mind around the amount Draghi gave away just last week; nearly $600 billion! Apart from TARP, this is the biggest heist on record, and yet, people still can’t figure out what’s going on. I’ll tell you what’s going on. The people are getting fleeced bigtime. How much more do you need to know?

This is no “debt crisis”. That’s a diversion to make people think the problem lies with the states. But the only thing the states can be blamed for is surrendering the control of their own currency, which was a very big mistake indeed. There’s no way that one can protect one’s labor force or public assets, if they don’t control their own currency. That’s the big lesson of the present crisis.

This is what we’re up against; a small group of obscenely rich people who have totally rigged the system and who are grabbing more and more of the wealth for themselves while they preach austerity to everyone else.

Even so, it’s pretty amazing when people get ripped-off for $600B and it doesn’t even make the headlines.

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+1  Nice link Dan, much appreciated, it's good to see plain English, no sarcasm intended :O)

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EFSF downgraded to A+ by Peterssen,

Keep talking Monti

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That's the highest grade, you know? ...  In grade school at least. Toddlers run the world...

RobotTrader's picture

Wow, another beating overnight.


Investors in "physical" probably wish they had never been born.

Captain Kink's picture

Unless they are in sub $500.

SheepDog-One's picture

Hell even sub 1,500 buyers are doing far better than anything Robo has. 

Lets see, his 2 big announced 'all-in' calls this year were the debt ceiling resolution at DOW 12,700, and the Santa Rally at DOW 12,350. And then theres NFLX. So sad.


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Oh my God, you're right. I'm going to slash my throat then I'll never worry that I was born. Bullish on steel.

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I get it.  They can't give up the "model" of social dependency on the state, but that this level of spending to sustain their dependents is too high. 

It's basically what people in this country refuse to understand about welfare spending.  The people are on it are dependent on it and the state is trying to figure out ways to give them less, but not give up how dependent those people are on the welfare itself.  It's a policy of continued impoverishment without loss of control by the state.

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Silver and gold  down again today. Great opportunity to grab more.  Good thing my time horizen is longer than two days roboturd.

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Wasn’t this greaseball put in by the Goldman Tribe?  Pretty well says it all!  FU idiot!!

scatterbrains's picture

Speaking of goldman, didn't they say buy buy buy gold not too long ago?

This reminds me that I need to hold my fire on buying pm's until Goldman issues a sell gold call..  or GLD hits 1200.


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Ok, sure. We can't stop spending, no matter what. Also, it is impossible to afford our spending. Oh, and, never mind those spreads. I mean, how fucking STUPID are the motherfuckers that run this world?!! As pessimistic as I am, their complete and utter corruption, incompetence and stupidity surprises me on at least a weekly basis...

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Double-think meets inflation, becomes Triple-think!

The Alarmist's picture


He may as well have them carry his throne down to waters' edge so he can show them by commanding the tide to not come in that he really has no power.

nathan1234's picture

Monti says

He maybe an Ass

But not an Asshole


Monti says

He is right

But we are not wrong


  • "Chi la fa l'aspetti."  to Monti


    • Translation: "He who wrongs someone has to expect something in retaliation."
    • Idiomatic translation: "What goes around, comes around."
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That's right Monti, that spread is fucking stupid.

It should be multiples wider you dumb fuck.

Cone of Uncertainty's picture

Monti you dumb cunt, did you down vote me, or is that just another blow hard zerohedge loser that thinks they are a BSD, but has no clue about jack fucking shit.

monopoly's picture

This market looks very scared. We break 1,535 on the downside with gusto, it looks like we may move below 1.500.. Oh to find the bottom and complete my purchases. And no Robot none of this bothers me. Just another buying opportunity. Must admit holding confetti is paying off.....for now.

And one here thinks our politicians are intelligent. Oh My God! Now, I have heard it all.