Moody's Downgrades Japan From Aa2 To Aa3

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Race to the bottom, bitchez!

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"The current government now forecasts a primary budget surplus (excluding interest payments on government liabilities) by 2020, versus the former Koizumi government's target of a budget surplus by 2012."

US govt budget surplus by 2077, bitchez! 

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well played Buffett to do it using Moody's. As long as US has higher rating than all others, despite the absolute rating, US will preserve reserve status. Now waiting for European soverign (France, Germany, + UK) debt down grades....perhaps after Greek default.

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Well said sir...

As for

Ol Warren he now sleeps easy knowing he will never get audited for the rest of his days....

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Fire the CEO and install Andy Fastow in his place.

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Moody's downgrades Japan. But isn't Japan the model that the U.S. is using?

The U.S. is now following in Japan's footsteps by not writing off bad debts, keeping 

interest rates artificially low, and working hard to debase their currency.

If U.S. is AAA then Japan must be AAA too. Moody's must be confused.

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I used to operate a rating system similar to this with my ex.

Every time she wouldn't take the dog for a walk I'd give her a minus point. Then she'd give me 2 minus points for emotional blackmail and dog-based chastisement. Then I'd give her 3 minus points for not making the dinner that time I had a bad cold, as well as interest on still not walking the dog, the outlook of which was cause for concern. Then she'd mark me down for passive aggressive girlfriend cruelty and inaccurate ratings. I'd respond with a reasonable, fact-based assessment, and mark her down for toxic co-dependency and unshaved legs. She'd subtract points for unkempt eyebrows and a stray nostril hair, just poking far enough out to drive her nuts. We got to negative million in about five minutes.

Unless America and Japan start tickling one another fast, shit is going to get real.

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You are right.

If Japan is not AAA as US, why has JPY getting stronger over past 30 years. 

If Japan is in such a bad shape, they should sell all their US bonds they own ( $100-1,000 billion? who knows how much.). 


Every time Japanese gov. spends Japanese tax payer's money and buy US$ to intervine the USDJPY currency rate, they use that US$ to puchase US bonds. 

which means

Japanese gov. currency interventionhard= Hard working Japanese tax payer's money invested in US bond. 

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Moody's, S&P, Fitch have it all wrong.  It's not nations or companies that should be downgraded...but certain segments of societies that do not control the monetary or fiscal policies.  Seem the ratings agencies should  simply downgraded the poor and middle and upper middle class of the world to junk given the tax obligations and inflation burden they must bear to maintain the status quo for the top 1%. 

No lobbyists in your employ should earn you an immediate junk status!

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CEO resignation to follow. On a seperate note....LIBOR RISING

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LIBOR soon to be double the 2yr T???  .4 vs. .2%???  Ummm, that seems odd.

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looks like someone is going to be replaced with a Japaneese banker

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let me slap you three times with a wet noodle, Japan....


what a crock...they don't have the balls to do the they turn, and O WHAT COURAGE....downgrade, hold my heart....Aa3....

take that Japan!!!! take that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


another serious profile in courage...jesus, we are screwed.

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I can't believe you were junked that post was a thing of beauty especially the "Profiles in Courage" part lmao! +1

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Very true. Kicking a country when it is down, out, and radiating at the mouth. Moody's knows which side of the bread gets the butter.

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let me slap you three times with a wet noodle, Japan....


what a crock...they don't have the balls to do the they turn, and O WHAT COURAGE....downgrade, hold my heart....Aa3....

take that Japan!!!! take that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


another serious profile in courage...jesus, we are screwed.

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Let me guess... Bullish for yen?

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Moody's, what a bad joke.

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"What do men like on a piece of pie that they don't like on a piece of pussy?"


Now, that's a bad joke.  To call Moodys a bad joke is an insult to every bad joke ever told. 

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note...the Japanese are so terrified, the yen is getting stronger......sort of says it all, doesn't it?

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Huh?  It's good for a 2 hr pop on USDJPY!  Dive in!

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It almost certainly sets up for some dollar strength in the short term...even though, as Tyler points out, the basis for the call is undermined by the hypocrisy of the call.

Perhaps Moody's also needs to lose its CEO all of a sudden like.

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If Japan is Aa3, how in the fuck can USA be Aaa.

Also, what horseshit these ratings are. Aa3, Aa, A -- vapid letters so that bankrupt governments and corporates can have an "A" in front of their name, and Moody's can continue to earn fees slapping a worthless "A" on their shit paper. Fuck the rating agencies.

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You sir have vented well.  Thank you for sharing what we all feel.

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Okay, just for that I'm downgrading you to Aa-

On negative watch.

Now you better buy me a beer or else.

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A beer?  Are you kidding?  For such a great ratings job you usually get a Lamborghini or a pad out in The Hamptons.  You are asking for a beer?  Fucking rookie. 

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Olde English 40 (w/ optional brown bag) on the way...atta boy.

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USA is an empire with fiat currency backed by oil from Saudi + Iraq + soon Iran.

Japan is an ex-empire with fiat currency backed by US military.



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The only reason that you have a ratings agency is so you can overrate some piece of shit to a sucker. The market will tell you what it is worth by demanding more or less interest.

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On other news hurricane upgraded to AAA+

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A "wing and a prayer" I know, but wouldn't it be nice if this act was setting the stage for Moody's to do the right thing... and downgrade the US.

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Oh man I laughed so hard. The dead pan deliver the earnestness. Well played sir.


Wait you WERE joking right? The Shill of Omaha won't be biting Uncle "sweet heart deal" Sugar's hand any time soon.

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How can Japan have lower rating than US if they hold $1 trillion of US bonds??? They could sell them before defaulting!

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Shhhh...don't try and bring logic to a worldwide bullshit party.  Best to just drink the shots and go along like everybody else.

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You sir, just hit it out of the park. The entire system is utter shit. Total, utter, unmitigated BULLSHIT.

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Like this: Because anyone holding $1T in US bonds and having no nuclear weapons of their own is toast.

Or something like that.

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Don't count on Japan not having nukes.

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well, no one else bothers piling up plutonium on top of reactors

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Moody's == Corrupt.

USA == AAAAA++++++++

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People flee on the yen as safe heaven (nuclear safe heaven) and it rises... the japanese banks are less in trouble than the US banks... the japanese people are saving money while America is hooked on credit... while the US economy is a big ponzi scheme, the government is corrupt to the bone and the fed is run by madmen... and JAPAN gets downgraded? Mwahahahaha

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I still rate sushi AAA.

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Just as long as it didn't come from the Gulf Coast or Fukushima.

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why is Roubini so keen to start a fight with Tyler......? keeps irritating all the time on Twitter...

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you are a weak, pathetic, corrupt, powerless, piece of anacrhonistic filth

Dude. I thought we were buds. So no Burning Man this year?

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I hope so i got my ticket and car packed !

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Bragger. I'd wish you a happy trip and days on the playa ... except that I cannot but help hating you for your good fortune.

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Just in time for the delivery of the new 787 Dreamliners to ANA. 

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Do I look fat in this debt?


"And if she says something's not funny, you better not be laughing your ass off" - HJS

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So, Gold 2000 by Friday right?  That's about the way I see it happening...