Moody's Sells Out As Usual: Leaves US At AAA, Puts Outlook On Negative Not To Appear Overly Corrupt Or Incompetent

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well no suprise with Moody's - now I wonder if S&P has the balls to!

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S&P will cave too. Anyone who wants respect from the masses always caves to the state.

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are you tards paying attention to the TLT?  I mean, shit bonds been goin up up you can call these types of yields OTHER than AAA is beyond me.

The ridiculous yields of USTs warrant a AAAA rating, IMO.  And, yes, I am fully aware that we are fuckin bankrupt.  The market will set the paper price, fuck the raters.

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Come on now.  America won't be AAA forever.  The rating agencies will give you fair warning of AA status a full 2-4 hours before financial armageddon and complete collapse into a Mad Max scenario.  Just don't make the mistake of being asleep more than 4 hours at a time.

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Just don't make the mistake of being asleep more than 4 hours at a time.

Good strategy.  I think i'll see if i can get on Moody's email notification list. 




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Doesn't Moodys still have Confederate war bonds rated Aaa?

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Are they including tranches of BBB and CCC sub-prime treasuries into the mix and rating them AAA regardless ...... AGAIN? 

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Charades:  Smells like....

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And Gold still climbs...

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Well yea it does. You should have heard Rush and Hannity today. They were on fire! Repubs(with means) who object to the passage of the bill are going to put pressure on the markets. Hannity had a guest on today telling listeners to buy used cars!

Holy Smoke MsCreant. Fireworks before my very eyes! They are going to force the second down leg using various media and subversive messages.


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used cars are harder to find due to Cash for Clunkers, where they junked a lot of the potential used car supply.

Another dipshit program from Obama

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Hmm, I wonder if could get a collector to part with a Deusenberg (Speling?) for some AU...

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the debt is transitory

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The Empire is transitory.

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Moody´s stock is still up arround 20 % this year...

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The economic outlook already deteriorated... The S+P 500 dropped below 1250

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Now that they got the debt ceiling raised they can concentrate on getting QE3 started.  Can't do that with indices at multi year highs.

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the 3 mos. libor keeps going and going and going......won't be long

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So the ECB was right when they called the rating agencies corrupt, criminal, lying dens of cheap prostitutes?


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  And that was " Candy coated".   +1

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I'm trying out my kinder, gentler, imperial executioner persona.

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Dens of cheap prostitutes?
Warren Buffet still owns one of them brothels! 

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These ratings agency prostitutes are NOT cheap.

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Insert "takes one to know one" here, but yeah, theyt were right.

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Hey Moody's- What's our consolidated sum total "liquid asset"? 

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And the CNBS teams are saying "We've been long on silver for a long time" and Cramer just said gold has a long way to run as only 1.5% of people hold gold.  Cramer said gold about 1660 times.

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  Cramer is TURD BURGLER on a wafffle iron...   





                                                                   Watch him silzzle in SOROSVILLE!!!

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So, gold is about to be pimp slapped all the way to the sub-basement?

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 Leading indicators...  SPX, RBA, DXY.... Stay sharp!

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Zandi was probably the biggest winner in the dept ceiling debacle.  AAA can't be cheap.

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Don't walk - RUN to buy more gold and silver...the farce is becoming too blatant for even the most self absorbed American to notice (ok, that's not true, as they are on their i-pad, pod, w/ $800 Skullcandy earphones)...but maybe their parents will start catching on (ok, that's not true either) way Americans will notice a fucking thing till long after the smell of smoke has passed and finally flames are leaping around them...then, maybe then, they'll get it.

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I wonder how they'll rate the US when rates are at 15% on the 10yr.


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Rate the US?  Nobody's gonna be left alive when rates go to 15%.  Hell, the whole fucking world's current debt burdens are barely servicable at current rate levels.... re: Greece, et. al....
And all the solutions worldwide to too much debt are to take on more debt?
This don't work in the end.

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S/D Watch the  cyn/usd revalue...  The truth is right in front of us...!

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well, the Egyptian 3yr is almost there, same rating and guaranteed by by the same Mob.


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Moody's is not going to downgrade the debt rating unless they get the go ahead from JP Morgan and GS, who will be short treasuries of course. Check out the new video here .

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OK.  I’m gonna tell you somethin’.  Good Old Boy Warren Buffet’s Moody’s Invented Rating Services tries so much as to seriously fuck with the AAA of the Good Old United States of America anymore, gonna be some conversation like this from Pulp Fiction, with Timmah a-jumpin’ ‘round in the Gimp Suit screamin’ that Warren’s effective tax rate is not fucking gonna so much as see that of his secretary's on it’s way to 117%, retroactive to pre-1492, but his ass is gonna be way long time in front of so fucking many congressional committees he ain’t never ever gonna see Omaha Fucking Steak City Nebraska AAAgain in his life time.



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haha....all is return to your posts peasants! breaks over.

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we're triple a see...and we'll remain triple a understand..see...

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Edward G. Robinson always creeped me out.

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When is a crisis reached? When questions arise that can't be answered. 
- Ryszard Kapuscinski 

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Did not know that US "guarantees" Israeli debt paper. Not surprised, tho. As usual, tail wagging dog.

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I was wonderin' where all the joo haters were hiding.

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They are busy getting in shape for the annual fall Intafada season.

Gotta burn off that glossy look from living off western welfare for most of the year.

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Is it difficult to type with that hood on?

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fuck this looks like a the gaps on Au and Ag...

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I like trading gaps especially when they gap down in an uptrend because it will close the gap and usually keep climbing overshoot  then sometimes you get a short short in AU or AG even better.