More Greek Platitudes As IMF Faces Shortfall and Deflects Back to ECB

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...and here I thought it would be a rather boring week with no big acton until mid-October...this week might indeed be interesting.

"firewalls" around Greece Ireland and Portugal...clearly meant to try to keep Spain and Italy alfloat and the French from rioting....what I'm waiting on is the German people getting fed up...because when they get mad...they really throw down.

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It's like watching a bad game of tennis, except they are playing with our balls.

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More like "musical chairs" except that when the music stops, there won't be any chairs.

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They were just pretending there were chairs from the very beginning.  Didn't you get the memo?

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A combination of the EFSF and ECB!




Print at will and bailout at will.


Like I said, time for this FIAT to hit reset.

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They are just confused. They have no clue what to do to fix it and are scrambling but also trying to ensure the movie portrays them as trying all they could

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If they can't kick the can further they can at least kick it laterally into somebody else's yard.

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They know exactly what to do. Default. But they won't.

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First thought: Just trying to figure out what combination of WORDS will work. I wonder how many of them do snap polling pre/post each statement?

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the yet to be created EFSF, mind you

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you mean the ESM, the fully grown, hunchbacked mutant cranking up the presses

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They cannot do anything without running the printing presses.  Nothing.  The debts in the Eurozone, and I am not just talking about the PIIGS here are too large to be repaid. And if you include the unfunded liabilities over the next decade, the situation is hopeless.  They will eventualy print, but pretend they are not.

Not that the US is any better.

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I dont get it. IMF, WB, the Fed running out of money. Really! Who is doing the audits to keep everything honest? Is there a central clearing house for any of this shit?


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If they obfuscate a thousand times and hide the truth under a Niagra Falls of lies, they will go back later and say...yes, we told the truth....then scold you for being wet.

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Why they want to scare the markets? Is it the cornerstone of their economic model? To scare people? Really?

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Here Comes Global QE3! Pandora's Box Renamed Bernanke's Box

Given that The Fed is montoring all blogs, perhaps I shouldn't post such heresay!




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I think we should do the opposite. Every day have the Fed Thread, and unload on them. I would love to see what comes at their end, after their analytics process it. The word cloud with central word 'Fuck'?

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So. Who's the enemy again?

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The People.

It is the Keynesian Voodoo Economics at its best.

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September 29 : vote in the german parliament about EFSF.

Merkel could get the boot up her arse.

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"The ECB is the only agent that can really scare the markets."

Confirmation of the state of mind of the Status Quo. We will NOT fix anything ever until this ponzi collapses under it's own weight. We will resort to money printing and additional debt creation but we will NOT even try to fix anything.


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I"m wondering if they are waffling back and forth to create more uncertainty and more anxiety to push the markets even lower before announcing a massive bailout in order to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the bears.

Or maybe these guys are just plain stupid and have no clue.

Tough call.

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They are waffling back and forth because THEY ARE STUPID.  Would we be in this mess if they were not stupid? They have been that stupid for over 30 years.

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In ages past precious metals always provided a safe haven in turbulent times, surviving beyond fiat currency failures ..a real durable store of value. However this is not so in the modern digital  age of instant transactions, market complexity in finance has closed this emergency exit for the common man.

Recent metal volatility more than proves this to be true.

Also the amount of ZH's who have gone and sold their physical this weekend only acts as further confirmation..


If TPTB get metal prices down to pennies they will still not sell THE ABOVE ARGUMENTS ..

as long as PM's exist they will always adopt their traditional role in the absence of better candidates. PM importance has a real permanant inverse relation to perceived honesty and transparency in the financial system..

react accordingly, BTFD, UNTIL THE CURRENT system HAS SELD DESTRUCTED and time for reset has come

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A bunch of cooks are a room with a single exit.  The sound of sirens wails outside.  They ae sitting around a table showing brave faces and looking from one to another.  Just who will run for the exit first?

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The Greek parliament should man up and kick that Papandreou out of office.

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Awesome.. I wonder how many Algos are already going like:

Bad. Good. Bad. Bad. EXCELLENT! No - WTF? Good. Bad. WAIT-A-MINU...

***division by zero - core dumped (no space left) - %%%SYSTEM-FUBAR-KTHXBAI