Morgan Stanley CDS Curve Inverts As Risk Highest Since Q4 2008

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The Careless Whisper Morning Report


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You should post this in the contributer section.


I miss the Project Mayhem reports...but this will do fine.

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Warren to ring the NYSE opening bell? Who cares wasnt that sold to the Germans?

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I noticed when MS went up a buck over a couple days, the puts did not move much. I need a good payday. BAC falling is nice, too.

I can only imagine Brooksley Borne shacking her head about the cds ponzi.

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cramer just said Morgan Stanley was fine

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Said the same thing about bear stearns. 2008 Deja vu anyone?

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all we need is a confirmation from Bove and it's a lock

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Cramer Kiss of Death proclaiming a bank 'fine'...implosion in 3....2....

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If Cramer said it's fine, then it's definitely time to sell!

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This is like the market's version of margin hikes on banks.  Up, up, and awaaaaayyyy. 

Tee hee.

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Why doesnt MS buy its own CDS? As a primary dealer this would be cheaper than a stock buyback program no?

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And a great deal easier to keep under the radar. ;)

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Who would they buy CDS protection from? Someone else that already has exposure to them through swaps, etc? All that would do is tell the world they are throwing in the towel.

Good idea, but not workable. A stock buyback may give them a little bit of breathing room, but they are trying to shore up liquidty and capital. Doubtful that would happen.

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Probably just John Paulson pushing an illiquid market higher to hedge his totally fucked long posisiton in BAC from complete disaster. I am only half kidding.

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Fire in the run run

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Germany is rumored to have ordered printing plates to resume printing Marks, and is intending to walk. This does make sense, although the Germans would have to find a way to shield their banks from the impact of a massive shift off the Euro and into the Mark by Germans, which would spike the Mark higher and positively trash the Euro's value.

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They've got some experience with changing horses midstream.

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that would annihilate the European Union. I'm not sure it's really even "doable" in the sense that transfer payments within the Euro area would cease and ...well...then what?

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OFF TOPIC: It's amazing how pyschologically important the despots must feel the 11,000 mark is on the DOW. With this kind of completely rigged trading, it seems there should be a daily open thread for everything that appears to be bullshit trading. 

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"rigged trading"..

Why is that? Market moving up, except lots of moaning

from ZH members. Do you get lesson yet buying Gold at 1950?

Now you going to get another one by Selling S&P AT 1100.

Watch and learn.

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'Market moving up'? What kind of upside down monitor do you have? Markets havent gone anywhere all year.

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I sure hope you keep buying.  We do love trolls with bulleyes on themselves.

I will just break out the popcorn and watch this slo-mo trainwreck with my stash.

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And I hope you shorting huge like that BBC pink moron..
And wait for brain activity recession.

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P&L pics or you are just a troll.

Just an FYI, S&P basically flat since 2008. (despite $5T of fiscal and monetary stimulas) Gold on the other hand is up 96% in 3 years.

You seem like a clever guy, so I will let you figure correlation or causation.

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Look at that fucking ramp. Should end up at least 200+ points for the day.

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I'm buying some more ammo this weekend.

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Here is comparison chart between my feb 6th chart of DJIA and actual prices. After 8 months with mistakes in the middle, its for last 2 months within 0-5% of actual DJIA:


In original chart, the trend continues to go down with increasing speed. Recession in the USA is guaranteed in Q1 2012.

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Tyler is the man.

Very good analysis, even more professional than the Bloomberg one.

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Morgan's aggressive pricing in the structured world has been a give away for the last few months.