Morgan Stanley Discloses $8.5 Billion In Europe Exposure, 8 Trading Day Losses, Lists Impacts Of US Downgrade On Market And Its Business

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Reality, bitchez.


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If anyone snaps a photo of Blythe or Jaimie on the way past their 42nd floor window, I'll buy a print. Thanks.

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-- Germany dashes hopes of beefed-up rescue fund
-- EFSF to remain at pre-July 21 level, government spokesman says
-- Strains growing within German coalition government


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That >200M day was from Sino Forest.  MS has been a huge buyer of it over the last month.

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Everyone have their Bug Out Bags ready?

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And now this important PSA brought to you by Sheila Bair & Suze Orman:

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i'm sure Suze has a ton of shoeboxes lying around.   wonder what she uses them for?

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you can't have zero days without trading losses unless you are cheating.  It is impossible.

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This just in from Japan as the populace tries to signal how deep the shit really is there...

Record number of fans imported in June

The number of electric fans imported by Japan rose to a record high in June, as many people are trying to save energy because of anticipated power shortages.

According to the Tokyo Customs, nearly 2.2 million foreign-made fans landed at the Tokyo port last month. This is roughly triple the figure for a year earlier and the highest monthly total since 1979 when customs began taking statistics.

The value of imported fans also marked a record high of about 2.7 billion yen, or about 35 million dollars.

More than 98 percent of the imported fans were from China, followed by Thailand and Taiwan.

The sharp increase is attributed to increasing demand for fans, which need less electricity than air-conditioners.

Japanese electric appliance makers have boosted their overseas production as retailers want to stock more fans.

The Tokyo Customs says imports of electric fans shot up in the 2 months before summer, and they will remain at this high level through the early autumn if the hot weather continues.

Sunday, July 31, 2011 22:41 +0900 (JST)

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thing about those fans is that it will be easy to collect samples to test for radioactivity.   just take a swab off a blade and voila.

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Tons of shit, need more fans.

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Bank run, bitchez.

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Bernie to Wall St Bankers "Take these PIIGS crap bonds and add them to the other crap on (or off) your balance sheets, You all owe me one!"

And US taxpayers will be stuck with another debt transfer. Gotta socialize those losses!

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JP Morgan is certainly getting a public relations downgrade at Blythe's new blog. Go read the comments if you need a bit of levity in your morning:

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Sad man,

Sooooooooo saaaaaaaaad for them.

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GS just cut Spoos to 1,400 from 1,450 but they did not mention what year that might be. Hmmmm

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could require us to post additional collateral on loans collateralized by U.S. Treasury securities

There it is. The primary problem. A whole bunch of European banks that were already on the edge will get pushed over by this very same thing.

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There is that old saying here on Wall Street All, It does not matter....till it does. We might be getting close.

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these criminal bastards have lied, cheated, stolen and purchased CONgress. Why do I care if their "risk" goes up? I hope their stock goes to zero and the doors are closed forever. That's all they deserve at this point. My sincere hope is that north of 20% of the American citizenry either borrows against or closes out their 401k/IRA's by weeks end and purchase silver and gold with the proceeds. That would be poetic justice.

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wow, losing trading days..I'm shocked


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Not a problem.  Is there any sentient being who doesn't believe that they will be bailed out if/when needed?   Much do-do about nothing.

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