Morgan Stanley Has Lowest Close Since December 2008, Down 40% From Jim Cramer's "Dirt Cheap" Level

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Little to be said here: everyone's favorite proxy of all that is broken with Europe, and now the retail investor, Margin Stanley just closed at the lowest price since December 2008. The move lower continues as Zero Hedge warned back in September of 2011. Compare this to Jim Cramer's February 2 pronouncement that Morgan Stanley is a "dirt cheap stock"... at $19.66!? The 40% prolapse in the four months since (120% annualized?) probably make it dirtest cheapest?

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Cramer recommending MS is like Obama recommending Obamacare.  Both are losers. Cramer should start blowing Obama and close the loop.

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Dear Jim,
Please give us a sign that you are reading this.


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Preferably by jumping off the top of 30 Rockefeller Center.

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Hey, Jimbo!

What's cheaper then dirt?

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Shit?  Actually fertilizer is not that cheap.  Biohazard waste? 

Cramer is embarassed all the way to the bank.

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Cramer's business model: hump your leg and bill you for a massage.

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Dear Jim,

Is it true the US Government agreed to stop its investigation of your company, if you became uber-perma-bullish to the tune of saying things like, "Everyone gets long here and nobody gets hurt?"

By "nobody" did you really mean you?


PS: When you die, say hello to Goebbels

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Time for a relief rally.  CUSIPS I cover narrowed after the mini-blitz of EU headlines today.  MS bonds have held up relative to shares - financials are oversold and a short squeeze is in the works.

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Cramers track record is documented here through March 29, 2012. Would love to see the update through May. Significantly trails S&P 500 index over 3, 6 and 12 month periods.

Any serious investor knows he is a complete tool.

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someone needs to get the sheep to buy at the top..  he is great for his team

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A retard in a group home watching CNBC rocking and drooling knows Cramer is a complete tool...

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I totally forgot about that investigation, his but almost went to jail.  I bet our right, I bet your right. 

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Goebbels said what he believed- didn't spout somes pseudo-crony-capitalist bullshit. And he had the stones to put a bullet in his head when the shit went down.

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Q:"What's cheaper than dirt?" A: Your portfolio after listening to this asshat.

I quote Michael O'Donoghue, "I don't think television will ever be perfected until the viewer can press a button and cause whoever is on the screen's head to explode."

A small child, with Down's syndrome, flipping a quarter would give more accurate stock advice than this douchebag.

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In all fairness, my brother-in-law started taking Cramer's advice last year and now he's a millionaire.

Problem is, last year my brother-in-law was a billionaire. 

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In Jims defense he thought he was talking about buying Multiple Sclerosis!

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I would pay good money on pay per view for Cramer, a lamp post and a rope.   He is a POS.

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Double post but let me vent about the queen's jubilee:

I can't believe so many taxpayer dollars are going to support this parasitical family. And Canada is the worst!

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As long as it is not your money what's your problem?

In actual fact I would be willing to pay extra tax to have Brittania re-commisioned.

I would rather we spent money on that than giving £15bn pa to the EU

The total cost of being in the EU is £48mn a DAY.

Arkadaba's picture

Thought you said you hated ZH and were going away a few days ago - just asking?

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Faggots don't jump, they die of broken priorities, marginalizing themselves one lost and broken argument at a time.

The fact that Fag-Fan #1 has any viewers at all is testimony the market bitch has a long way to fall.

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Oh come on, cut the guy a break.
It was dirt cheap.
Now dirt cheaper.

Pretty soon people'll be wrapping fish and chips in the cerificates.

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IMO there are plenty of people on Wall Street who are either (1) incompetent or (2) grossly dishonest and lacking any moral or ethical standards.

Now, I don't know which of those 2 Cramer fits into. My guess is both.

Cramer = Buy what's going up + sell what's going down + Buy financials, but only TBTF financials b/c those are his overlords.

Could it be that I've cracked the code?

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If you averaged down, it's a GREAT DEAL!!!


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your money is safe at Bear!

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Actually, you gotta love this guy. An in- your-face huckster, the real life Flim Flam Man, and the lumps keep throwing money at him. As Eli Wallach said in The Magnificent Seven..."if God had not wanted them to be shorn, He would not have made them sheep."

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Gringo Viejo




Really?    Your ethical and moral compass permanently points south, and celebrity is EVERYTHING, right? 

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Sarcasm...that's how I read it.

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You're assuming he hasn't already done so.

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Cramer is a manic depressive blowhard. This is just fact. If you have ever met him and tried to look him in the eye, you would know he has serious issues.

Some viewers of his 'showmanship' are mesmerized by him. This is not uncommon, as some manic depressive personalities can be alluring during their mania.

Rapid speech, pompous, arrogant, in control, etc.



Jake88's picture

when is he ever depressed. i think you may be a blowhard as well.

JimS's picture

Large groups of people were mesmerized by Hitler too. I think you are on to something here.

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Ah, I get it. So the stock picking and blowing up trillions of dollars of personal wealth is some extroverted gestalt therapy for him. Wonderful.

Can't we give him a pill instead?


Its_the_economy_stupid's picture


You win. THE funniest post I have read today


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The fact that Cramer still has listeners never fails to amaze me. I heard one guy call in once and say he made money off a stock tip, but I figured he was a friend of Jim's.

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He threw in the towel on fb today, after his viewers lost 40% on his advice.  The dude can't win.  Luckily for him, he will always have a job fluffing the Bavarian Illuminatti in a castle in eastern Europe.

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There would be the signal to buy FB.

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<< Luckily for him, he will always have a job fluffing the Bavarian Illuminatti in a castle in eastern Europe. >>

By God, that was classic.


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Cramer should pack up shop.

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speaking of pompous arrogant assholes, jim cramer walks on stage....

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Multiple investigations will do that.

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How anyone can still stand to look at this douche is one of life's abiding mysteries. I swear when he looks in the mirror, his reflection blows him a raspberry.

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Him Doug Kass and Dick Bove have to get a new CNBC show for all the winners out there who want to make fast $$$

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"Big Time Blow'd Up Trading" - coming soon to CNBC?  But the only thing that gets blow'd up is your acct if you're mindless enough to take the advice.

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Fade this Carnival Barker...

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I watch Jim Cramer because he has funny buttons to push...just like Ben Bernanke.