The Mother Of All Infographics: Visualizing America's Derivatives Universe

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A month ago we presented the latest derivatives update from the OCC, according to which the Top 5 US banks held 95.7%, or $221 trillion of the entire US derivative universe (which in turn is just a modest portion of the entire $707 trillion in global derivatives as of June 30, 2011). And while the numbers of all this credit money, because that's what it is, and the variation margin associated with all these trillions in bets is all too real, appeared impressive on paper, they did not do this story enough service. So to present, visually this time, the US derivatives problem, we go to our friends from Demonocracy, who put the $229 trillion derivative 'issue' in its proper context. For those curious what a paper equivalent of bailing out the US derivatives market would look like, now you know.

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You're just posting to ZH in between surfing the free porn, aren't you?

I can't imagine you're getting much..."I've sworn off...."  Yeah, right.

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You'd imagine wrong, but then you don't have all the pertinent facts either.

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"Thank God I've sworn off american white women myself.   99% of them are overpriced bitches."

Drudge had photos of the $47 Colombian-Secret-Service hooker earlier today, and I must admit she looked like she might be good value for the money.

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$800 vs losing one's stellar job and outted by Drudge by name? I think I would have paid the exorbitant charge.


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Relatively speaking, worth every penny.

I've seen pictures of "escorts" here in the USA, listed at more than $800 per hour who didn't look nearly as appealing as her. And I'll bet she is a lot more pleasant than the ones here.

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well, if you your friends on facebook are really your friends, go ahead and post it anyway.  You never know who might be paying attention.

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Forgive my ignorance; but(t) outside of a sex tape I can't recall any reason why that completely fucked up family is always in the snews? I mean, they're not singers or athletes right? I guess there is no accounting for no-talent 15 minute famers in the US. 

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There's a very easy answer to this. Women are the worst women watchers going. They are obsessed with the competition. It's in their genes.

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and if that's true, then there are more women on ZH than we thought. . .

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... and some of them are actually women, and not simply over-estrogened guys in their parent's basements.

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Someone has to lobotomize the masses. Remember, they were born and raised around Hollyweird.

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Things of absolutely no consequence are what get the most media attention.  The sports-entertainment complex is one of the best examples.  Huge coverage all the time, and it means virtually nothing to anyone which team wins or loses any given match or season.  The "cousins" in the teevee room from Farenheit 451.

Important stuff that affects millions of lives is way too risky to publicize.  Might upset an advertiser or something.

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Post this on Facebook beside one of the Khardashian Sister Cunts who just had fat sucked out their fat ass, and guess which post 97% of Americans will have a thought on?

well Eireann, one needn't even go to deFacedBook for TeeVee news, particularly when it involves anything about the various women portrayed there - all one need do is read ZH threads, continuous updates, 24/ 7, including links.

you lads seriously haven't got much to do any more, do you?

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Looking, looking, looking... Nope, nothing abt credit money in my neo-classical economics 101 text book so this has to be irrelevant.

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That's some serious stuff, derivatives and whatnot.  I have no idea what they are or how they're going to get me.  But I do know something even more serious.  Check this out:

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Think of it this the time Uncle Warren "resigns," BofA's $50T exposure will be worth about 9 loaves of bread.

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He will never resign ... the question is how long he can be kept alive or, alternatively, has one of his many companies figured out how to transfer his consciousness into an android?

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Das a fuckload of paper mang!

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Too bad the real product of this can fit on a key-chain flash-drive.

And to balance this out, they should have put a cube of gold on one of the tennis courts, to denote the sum total of gold production throughout the history of mankind.

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that was a soccer field and a football field... would be even more dramatic, becasue a tennis court is nothing in comparison.

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My bad.  Wonder which one the existing supply of silver would fit on?

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Fits in a ZH comment, notice. I can do more too. But my finger got tired.

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Should have thought of the shorthand before I got a finger cramp.

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And by the look of the count according to Elliott Wave, we're about ready to go for a slide...all that built up value of 700T in unfunded liabilities.

Enjoy the ride.  It's going to be rough.


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Actually ... it looks like a jail to me

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There's no criminal negligence in banking and finance!

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And so there has been a "Get out of jail free" card in Monopoly since the 1930's ....

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I thought it looked like a maze. Or a trap.

The little guy standing next to the pallet of $100's won't get out alive.

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Derivatives = hidden losses.  They are the error account of the US banking system.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Quinvaris, "Derivatives = hidden losses."

In its simplest form.  Derivatives = holding a one dollar bill and stepping into a house of mirrors. 

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Derivatives = Ponzi scheme = Hyperinflation/total wage destruction for people/wealth without end for bankers = earths population enslaved by bankers for perpetuity = the military-banking-complex has turned the earth into a radioactive prison labor death camp


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I like that analogy better.  Derivatives are hidden leverage - potentially losses and potentially gains, but exposure all the same.

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Nothing to see here people.  Move along.  Net derivatives exposure among the systemically important entities is reasonable relative to their capital bases.  I would be shocked, simply shocked if one of 'em blew up in the next five years because of their net exposure..

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Hidden losses = Pensioners and Tax Deferred account bagholders

H. Markopolous (chased down Bernie Madoff) has stated that the first 2 in the picture (Bank of NY Mellon and State Street) have been stealing from people for decades with creative siphoning.

People here will wait for their slaughter....rather than just taking the penalty, and getting the fuck outta dodge

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soon the only thing left to bet on will be slewie's derivatives of the big5 derivative "holders"

this will become the basis of an entirely new credit system called: whoMe?seeYa!

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Ahoy slewie!

Expect an email from Corzine by morning.

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Why does Demonocracy hate freedom?

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I love their motto "ignorance is bliss, reality is not." 

It's so true.  The period of a few weeks that I began "waking up" were fucking crazy and I havent been the same since. 

Its part of the problem people like us face when trying to expose others to the fraud/corruption that exists today.  The average person doesn't want their idea of a fair, decent world to be completely shat upon by the truth

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The average person WANTS to be sold a fairy tale with a happy ending. The truth is too harsh to grasp, so they turn back to the fairy tale.

brettd's picture


Once you get used to dealing with the truth, it's simple, efficient, friendly and 

so much easier than all the work that goes into the theater of bullshit.

It'll set you free!

But it does take some getting used-to.  It's certainly counter-cultural.


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Just had one of those conversations today.  Today's really important truths are just too overwhelming for the mind of someone steeped in the "american dream" belief systems. 

Little by Little.

My conversation today was one of several that have shown some progress, however.  The progress report: when she told me she simply could not decide on Republican or Democrat, I congratulated her for having a subconscious that protected her from picking a "side".  That she did NOT succumb to the propaganda of either. 

I got a curious "HMM".


Little by Little...


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Because there is no such thing as freedom in a Bureaucracy.

engineertheeconomy's picture


there fixed it

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I thought the WTC were knocked down.  Were they moved to DC?

pods's picture

In keeping with the meme, when those fall they will implode just like WTC7.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ pods,

The humungous false flag of 9-11 conveniently got rid of lots of records ... money laundering and all kinds of deals on various floors of the Twin Towers, records of a very alive investigation of particular parties by the Office of Naval Intelligence in one of the towers and Building 7. Many Naval intelligence personnel were killed and records destroyed when the new offices in the Pentagon were blown up, allegedly by a humungous, hi-jacked commercial airliner making an impossible flight path even by an expert pilot with "the plane" making a hole in the wall that obviously was far too small for its size. And all those plummy C.I.A. records and IRS records also went down with the demolition of Building 7, which took 7 to 8 seconds for the fall; 10 and 12 seconds for the respective Towers.

Wherever now there is a major building blown up or an unexpected fire in countries in which the U.S. has an "interest," I look to the United States and the C.I.A. and Blackwater and Zionist Israel and their demolition experts, the Mossad, as the culprits to set various factions against each other, to keep chaos and destruction going to confuse the population, etc.

In some way Cheney will get his because it works that way, if not this lifetime, another or another. He has all the traits of a psychopath which makes him somewhat less than human, but since neither you nor I are in charge, we have no idea what awaits him or who he really is.

What a collection of diabolical ones have come together in these years of the beginning of the 21st Century to destroy. Maybe that is necessary to birth something new. We'll see. Ultimately it's really up to The People, masses of people who have had enough of oppression, and hunger, and strife and injustice and all those lousy things that a $mall percentage of the population engineer for their own ends and their own gains.

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Agreed. I have argued with many about the 911 topic over the years.  Mainly to make them think of things that they cannot comprehend.  Like having something this terrible being carried out on purpose so that the worlds remaining superpower may unleash vengeance upon the world.

I know that nothing will happen in regards to investigating this, but I do hold out hope that once this mess is over, people will be able to once again try to live for their own benefits, instead of a malevolent state married to a banking oligarchy.