NASDAPPL Crumbles Amid Sideways Volatile Week

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Take your pick of how to describe this week's action. The Dow was green, S&P 500 unch (ES closed right at its 50DMA), and NASDAQ down for its biggest 2-week loss since the rally began. Heavy volume and incessant selling pressure pushed AAPL to its biggest 10-day loss in over 8 months as it closed at 5-week lows just shy of filling the gap from 3/13 and very close to testing its 50DMA for the first time in 4 months. Credit and equity markets generally did a round-trip today closing near their lows after opening the day-session near their highs off the ubiquitous overnight ramp. HY is practically unchanged on the week as IG saw up-in-quality rotation and outperformed while the S&P ended in between the two as they all traded in a broad range for the second week in a row - even though volatility remains intraday. Treasuries slid to their lowest yields of the day into the close today (though off the week's best and unch today) once again somewhat range-bound but with a notable falling-yield momentum down a few bps on the week with the long-end outperforming and 10Y closing under 1.96%. Copper and Oil rallied solidly today but aside from a little volatility Gold and Silver trod water ending the week with Gold -1% and Silver +0.55% as WTI ended back over $104. The EUR kept rallying all week (more repatriation flows?) dragging the USD lower as JPY underperformed on the week (flat today as the rest of the majors tracked USD weakness) and GBP outperformed. Broadly, the Treasury strength balanced the Oil and FX market risk-on-sentiment but risk-assets proxied higher into the US day-session open only to give it all back and drag stocks back down. It feels like there is still hope for some re-liquification but the weakness in AAPL and the financials suggest at best rotation and at worst steady risk-off while earnings beats (of drastically lowered expectations) keeps the dream alive.

AAPL struggled - that is all...

The NASDAQ lost some of its shine this week while the DOW benefited from the MSFT rotation...

Credit and Equity markets chugged violently up and down all week to end practically unchanged - in the same range as last week - with IG modestly outperforming. Notably IG cash markets underperformed CDS this week (as financials lagged) but HYG bond spreads and CDS were generally flat and in line with one another's moves (as industrials and consumer cyclicals underperformed today).

Treasuries limped lower in yield with a late-day rally back near the week's low yields...

Commodities were not as range-bound as the rest of the asset classes - though Silver and Gold went dead in the last 24 hours or so. WTI managed to close above $104 again and Copper outperformed on the week...

FX markets drifted lower in USD all week (but that didn't help Gold) as EUR repatriation flows continue. JPY was flat (underperformed) today as the rest synced with the USD flow...

CONTEXT rallied early in the day on FX flows and Oil strength but Treasury yields dropping and flattening and credit stability rolled broad-risk-assets over and dragged equities back down into the close...

Charts: Bloomberg

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Where is Reggie Middleton !

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Whereever Zimmerman was hiding

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Still pumping your survival classes, eh?


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                                               I BUY CASH

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 Levadiakos          2362512   




I sell cash in return for PM, great looking hookers, and ammunition in 9mm and 308 winchester.


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AAPL is hard to value with the ever changing phone/computer landscape. It could be worth 1 trillion one day, but 200 billion another. Welcome to the volatility.

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If the Chinese keep working for slave wages the trillion may be correct. If a trade war started tomorrow it would be worth nearer the latter figure you mention.

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There's no such thing as "China" for what's in your cabinet. If you have one those of course.

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Eur is being held up. No question. With all the concerns, bond shit, markets tanking over there you'd think it would be much lower.

Waiting for the day they cant hold it above the 1.30

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ZH has pointed out over the last couple of weeks how Euro strength is sourced from repatriation of funds in Europe. Once that ends, the Euro is dead. RIP Euro

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Crapper under 567 is gonna be a quick shot down to 500...

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Like the Osmonds used to say, "One NASDAPPL don't spoil the whole bunch, girl!"


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Pretty sure that was a Doors tune

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So, when we get down to just the board of directors as the only employees left at the companies, will the initial claims number begin to decrease?

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 This article just reminded me to put my CNBS JIM CRAMER ( dart board) up!

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Japan is making noise at the IMF. They need the IMF to come through for Europe. Things are getting pretty ugly for Japan which needs strong global economic growth to survive. The Chinese aren't big buyers of Japanese products.

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NASDAPPL buhahaha no literally I am cleaning beer of my monitors....

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next wed:  F0MC rate statement

next fri:  GDPee

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 Lets get through the G20/IMF Cluster F..k first!

   Do you look like "Lion Heart" Slewie?

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Must.....have.....colorful....charts. These are my favorite posts from ZH.

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Please don't start with the Mel Gibson rant.  

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I wouldn't bet against apple this quarter. They will absolutely demolish even the best earnings estimates on Tuesday. People dont realise what huge demand for the Iphone in china which will more than offset any slowing growth in the US. Expect over 40 billion in revenue, well over the 32 billion of guidance.

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Silver dips = BTFD!!



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keep an eye on that Russell too.

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Apple is fucked. Jobbs is dead. That's all I need to know. Karma is a bitch lined with slave labor hallways where "good men die like dogs,"

Get some