Nasdaq Finally Sends Out FaceBook Trade Confirms... With Two Hour Delay

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Well, better late than never.

Note: these are not our trades.

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You lost 10% from what you paid. This is your confirmation.

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 I keep coming across articles indicating that the fraudulent sacks of shit on Wall St. are trying to value it the company at $100 billion. This is a absurdity of this assertion should be painfully obvious to anyone who takes even a cursory look at the numbers. The mathematics are simple enough even for small children to understand.


But of course on today, there is a mass IPO hysteria and all sorts of retards will bid the stock up to ridiculous levels, and yes, Facebook will reach and probably exceed that $100 billion valuation. Then I will wait impatiently for a week or two for people to write some puts. On a long enough timeline, I guarantee you, Facebook is a losing investment and I can’t wait to take the other side of that bet.

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What's two hours in the life of an algo?

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what happend at 1:51pm?

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What was really fun was waiting for the stock to open with the excuse being that traders were having trouble cancelling or modifying orders.

Cancelling or changing?

Where'd the old days go when you placed an order and the fucking thing was executed and if you screwed up, tough baggage?

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bunch of unemployed MBAs day trading out there on FB.


NASDAQ is down near day's lows and they aren't letting FB sink back down below $40 when it should be $39 about now.

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What a clusterfuck all the way round.
Cancelling, etc., late opening, no follow through, abysmal valuation, syndicate support of supposedly landmark deal, hype extroidinaire including hoodies on CNBS, excuses for long term valuation now that there's no pop....

Seminal canary in the proverbial coal mine.

Not to mention Europe coming fucking unglued.
China supposedly weakening.
Taxageddon due in the new year.

Bonds, bullion and cash, babe.

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2,000,000 + order by UBS on FB.... @ $40.00


some back stop sign for traders to buy all at $40


every 15min they try to pump this shit up a quarter.

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all support gone. free fall now until some last minute pump action by the close

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end of the day pump starting now

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How's that working out for them?

Well, currently trading at $ 38.02 and there are 12.3 million bid at $ 38.00 on nadq and 7.7 million bid at $ 38.00 on arca.

Update: 4.4 million bid added at $ 38.00 on ubbs and 1 million added on edgx at $ 38.00

Update: Edgx position taken out  - other three total of 25 million now at 21 million and dropping


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looks like the pump is just being used to prop up IPO price of $38.


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What kind of "stock" has an artificial $38 floor below it?  A floor DESPERATELY hoping that something good will happen on Monday so they can unload at a profit?

This whole manipulated thing is a joke...anyone playing with the machines deserves the losses they will eventually get - waterfall losses... 

What does this do to any shreds of NASDAQ credibility left?

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i am saving my money to get a piece of the Emily Chang IPO.

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FB fun lasts as much as FB friends.....

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$38.01 - $38.00 - $38.01 - $38.00 -$38.01 - $38.00.........................zzzzzzzzz unreality-land

Phones SHOULD be ringing at the SEC

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underwriters guarantee IPO price.


they just sell it to themselves

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Word of the day: Asymptotic

Use in a sentence: FB is asymptotically approaching the underwriter's floor price of $ 38.00 through the end of trading today.

Current floor at $ 38.00 is roughly 15 million shares and DROPPING


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6 million and dropping.

If this floor gives way, this is going to be a mega- disaster!


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It won't...but Monday will be interesting.  BTW, there's another $530 floor at AAPL...

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Nothing to see here, move along ...

... and with 4 minutes go - somebody threw a lot of "chaff" bids in up to $ 38.30 and the clearing trade rate slowed from  2.5 million/minute to under 1.0 million/minute ...

what a coincidence ...

All multimillion bid positions at $ 38.00 on all exchanges have been cleared on market close.



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and since everything comes full circle ...

lots of random bid positions being closed ... AFTER the market has closed prices up to $ 42.00

Gang rape, the horror never ends!


P.S. yep, ther went another one at 16:07 timestamp.

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ADF exchange just processed two 50,000 share positions at $ 42.00



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FINRA Alternative Display Facility (ADF)

is the place where all the ass raping trades are taking place.




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nakid sorting @ $42 afterhours

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Let Morgan and Goldman buy all the shares.  Dimon is on a roll, he can be the bag holder.

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You say all that stuff like it's bad.

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"Bonds, bullion and cash, babe."

We kindly suggest the following portofolio reallocation :

Bond, bullions and shotgun slugs.


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Basically trading flat. 5% Up from notional $38 start. The most anticipated DISAPPOINTMENT in IPO history.

NO likes or trusts Zuckerberg.

Zero safety of personal information.

The KNOWLEDGE that the ONLY way FB makes $$ is by SELLING your information.

It's a popular "free" site, that users admit they never click on ads.

They've been talking about how they can "monetize" all their users.....but they haven't done it yet.

MAYBE if and when they do, they'll have a BUSINESS.

Right now, owners of FB shares are just part of a popular (faddish) club.

Months of pre-pumping worked for "Twilight" movies, but NOT a company that HAS no product.

It was worse than even I thought. I expected a quick 2-3X before diving into negative territory. Even the SHEEP avoided this one.

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Well said!! There are no more stupid sheep to slaughter, well maybe a few but not enough to sustain the ponzi... everyone else got wise to the scam...

Which means, GAME OVER... which means, the world is going to war over something. I'm now certain that is their next course of action...

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IPO is now for insiders and banksters to fleece retail by flipping a hyped up company that nobody understands except some mythodical brand name of the startup.


basically banksters are selling a story.

banksters were having to eat their own story today.

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Global thermonuclear war in the horizon: USA and UK sank the Kursk in 2000.

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Aziz asked:

"What's two hours in the life of an algo?"

At least enough for a smoke break!

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Jeesus, Ebworthen, that pic just scared the bejeebees outta me!

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America needs an idolt..Zuckenburg is the new Steve Jobs, fall to your knees America, Z respresents everything great about America since self absorbed continuous meaningless posting about yourself is now America. FB is a garbage collector picking up meaningless free pieces of info about 1 billion people. Then reselling the junk to Advertisers. FB values each user at $110 while generating about $1 of sales from each users. Over time FB will prove to be a bubble, just like US Treasuries.

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Mark Z and 23487324 broke idiots LIKE this!

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"Like" thumbs up going to be jammed up your ass soon.


social networking giant created by anti-social kid.

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I only rent stocks so I would not agree to buy a stock with a 90 day lock up.  You have no control over the stock for 90 days.  Trade at a huge loss and you cannot sell.  What a sham.

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It is, and I'll go even further.  I think the reason why the orders both buy and sell weren't showing for essentially the whole day, is the fact the big banks where front running the orders and making sure that this stock stay up.  You see it would be hard to manipulate a stock if everyone is able to see there order is in or out.  If I bought it at 40 and I don't know if I have it or not, I would be slow to sell if it goes under 40 now wouldn't I.  They didn't want a massive wave of momentum on the down side to start if like it did today the stock went up and then started down. 

CNBC was cheerleading this stock all week and worse yesterday when it was all facebook all the time on CNBC or should I call it FBNBC.  They are wanting a new era to sucker people into the market and have the game start again, the problem is t hat it's not happening.  With this crazy IPO coming out it was only able to end the day 23 cents above the issuing price and the dow went red again at -73.  They where hoping to bring this in to boost the market and it didn't.  I feel sorry for FB and the idiots who own the stock, because Sunday night/monday morning the stock is going lower big time.  It doesn't make anything and it's ad revenue from last year was 3.7 billion I believe, but that doesn't mean the profits where 2 billion or 1 billion.  I bet after all the bills and such, their "net" profit was probably 180 million dollars.

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Filled at $58?

Yes. I'm even richer than I thought.

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Confirmed: Order to BUY FB; Ass partially filled

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"Full speed ahead. Damn the hemorrhoids." - Jamie Dimon

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watch out for PPT jacking up FB.


can't let big IPO  like FB flop....


2:22 just saw some of pump and dump action.


$40 seems to be the target. they are gonna keep ramping it up everytime at $40.01

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Due for another pump...and a bigger dump!

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nothing like end of the day (especially options expiration) pump for good weekend.


There is a massive barrier at $40.01

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They just went from 40.01 to 39.60 in a flash and added 5m in volume!  Wow, just a few minutes later and 5m more in volume and its trying to stay above 39!