National Defense Authorization Act Debate In Progress, Vote Imminent

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Much has been said about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a bill which, as many are aware, permits the indefinite detention of Americans suspected of terrorist affiliations. As a reminder from the AP, "Congress is pressing ahead with a massive $662 billion defense bill that requires military custody for terrorism suspects linked to al-Qaida, including those captured within the U.S., with lawmakers hoping their last-minute revisions will mollify President Barack Obama and eliminate a veto threat. Leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees announced late Monday that they had reached agreement on the policy-setting legislation that had gotten caught up in an escalating fight on whether to treat suspected terrorists as prisoners of war or criminals in the civilian justice system. Responding to personal appeals from Obama and his national security team, the lawmakers added language on national security waivers and other changes that they hoped would ensure administration support for the overall bill. “I assured the president that we were working on additional assurances, that the concerns were not accurate,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich., who spoke to Obama last week, told reporters at a news conference. “That we’d do everything we could to make sure they were allayed, and met.” White House officials said Tuesday they were reviewing the bill. It was unclear whether they would hold firm on the veto threat." Unfortunately, the usurpation of America by the Big Brother state (more here) is no surprise to anyone, and this is merely the latest milestone. Regardless, those who wish to watch the moot debate on the topic as our elected individuals sell yet another remaining individual liberty to the corporate octopus, as well as the vote on the act due at 3:30 PM Eastern, can do so here (and read more on it here).

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Who needs a six amendment when you got DWTS

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Everyone needs to figure out an exit plan for this country. When it really starts to go, it will go fast. This is just the beginning.

The last place in the world you'll want to be is in a country when 300 million people who don't have a clue, go feral.


RIP Amerika.

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Was just able to get onto the WIlkow Majority program on Sirius.  They were talking Democrat this and Pelosi that.  I was ableto get on the program to discuss this bill being debated right now in the house.  The show quickly wentto commercial.

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If anyone is looking for me, I'll be in boxcar 56ARZ7, being transported to Detention Camp 3-B in North Dakota.

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I'll be in 3-C ND.  Do you think I will be able to take my guitar?  I call top bunk bitchez. 

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This will no doubt pass. It has already been done all thats lef tis the bread and circus, then vote, then law.

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It's the enforcement that would concern me.  With cops like this asshole - - I would assume they will be plenty of enforcement.

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"I assured the president that we were working on additional assurances, that the concerns were not accurate,” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin, D-Mich.

Montgomery County's sheriff's department got it's weapons-capable drone early.  Why would any American be concerned?

[Sheriff] Gage said he has no immediate plans to outfit his drone with weapons, and he also ruled out using the chopper for catching speeders.


"We're not going to use it for that," he said.


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No, no, no.  These aren't gas chambers - we just need you to take a shower.

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there never were any gas chambers either...........just another story for the telling......

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the spin is on full blast, every day.. everywhere.. and inescapable!

The Jews will be arresting all of you for telling the truth! You terrorists! They will be coming for you first!

The 2 largest contributors to the lobby in Washington DC are..

Wall Street.. Financial, Insurance and the like..


Jewish causes..

Guess who owns / runs Wall Street!

Yep! The Jews! Do I need to post the list?

And if say.. the Catholic Church was to fuck up and hire a bunch of idiots that made Churches un-safe! You would hear about it!

But when the JEWS fuck up Wall Street, nope we are just anti-semites for telling the truth!

My describing their actions makes me an anti-semite.. its funny because I like the 400,000 Jews who were protesting the Zionist One World Freaks in Israel. So I am just confused? Or is the biggest most well funded spin machine in the history of mankind on full blast?

You be the Judge!


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I'm as alarmed as anyone about this, but a) people need to do research on Habeus Corpus and recent SCOTUS decisions (even with a very much pro-Bush Supreme Court - I'm just telling it like it is, so don't get all political on me, as I hate both parties equally), and b) realize that Congress can pass whatever legislation it wished, but their act of doing so doesn't mean that it won't face an Executive Branch veto, or that if said veto is not forthcoming, the judicial branch won't strike it down (see the cases on Habeus Corpus challenges to indefinite detainer I cited below).

Having said all this, I fully endorse voting the scummy ass of any CONgressSCUM who votes for this abomination and affront to core American rights (as a floor, the least to be expected, as in "how dare you even pretend to try and strip away fundamental, constitutional rights of your EMPLOYERS & CONSTITUENTS, SCUMBAGS) so far out of office that they will need to move their own ass to a foreign jurisdiction.

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Vote of No Confidence

I agree.

I wonder what the govr figurehead will be like for the new govr of the US?  I mean it will be a Goldman Sachs guy right just like they did in Italy and just like they're infesting the US govt already anyway...HEY Corzine will be the next leader that would make perfect sense.

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I know where I will be.  My nearby super secure, brand new, somehow currently occupied, FEMA camp that I visited when I found out where it was.  As I pulled in I was immediately followed by a GEO Corp. security a-hole.  I drove in and parked.  The guard pulled up behind me and I backed out and around him and sped out.  He followed me out.

Also, local Sheriff are already practicing on undocumented, non- criminals.  Fema is upstairs from the County and you are whisked from County imprisonment to Federal in minutes.  The round-up machine seems to be gearing up to begin with political dissidents.  Otherwise why lie about the fact that they are only deporting immigrants with felons?  And why spend this money now?  This is happening in a State that has already fully implemented the draconian Real ID, which combines all available databases(local and federal) and makes them readily available to local police upon running your auto tags, which can be done hundreds at a time with new high-tech (letter recognition) tag readers attached to patrol cars.  I know this because I have seen it happening.


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Yes, but it takes a monumental fight through the court system to protect a right you should not have to protect.

And how will anyone know you need to be in court if you have been "indefinitely detained"?

In the years it will take to sort this out in the legal system and get our rights back many will be trampled.  And by that time they will have thought of a new gambit to violate our rights all over again.

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I suggest you rent Rendition and watch the little documentary at the end.  

It is coming here, if not already.


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Since when has permission been needed to exercise a RIGHT??               Milestones

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Luciferian Illuminati not Jewish people.  And more specifically the ruling families of the Illuminati.  The blame must be correctly placed when the magic entertainment box doest show the dancing or singing program any more, and the kids are saying they're hungry, but the magic food card doesn't work anymore.

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They're just trolls trying to divert attention from the subject at hand. Antisemitism does that pretty well.

kito's picture

jw--maybe you should be clear about which jews you dont like so that we dont confuse you for a rambling anti semite. perhaps you should label them....power-jews, or ruler-jews, or banker-jews. 

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When's Glenn Beck doing his show on FEMA Camps again? O, that's right.....

Eat shit Glenn

Cathartes Aura's picture

Eat shit Glenn.

ah yes, he does just that, daily.

unfortunately, he's bulimic. . .

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Don't you remember The Dirty Dozen?  You may get the guitar, but doubt any strings unless you volunteer for the suicide mission.

centerline's picture

Not a detentional camp.  It is a Re-education center.

Don't want to piss off the overlords so soon.

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Will there be free U.N. provided biscuits & hot chocolate?

data_monkey's picture

Just water and whatever rodents you can capture I'm afraid. That's all they'll be able to afford.

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This bill (National Defense Authorization Act) is a declaration of war against the people of America by their own government. All U.S citizens will immediately have the right to take up arms to reclaim their country if this law passes. None will be terrorists. All will be freedom fighters, fighting for a just society against an odious government, legal and financial system. If this law passes, America will no longer be a country governed by the rule of law, as it undermines the very basis of law itself, as a structure for maintaining civilization. When law is usurped for the purpose of tyranny, all bets are off.

The rule of law will die in America, if this law passes as it is. Full scale civil war, will only be a matter of time. Abduction, torture and murder is the cursed trinity at the heart of all odious systems of government. The passing of this bill will qualify the American government as a fully odious regime, with no remaining basis in morality. All of humanity and every American citizen, will be fully justified in opposing the U.S government and it’s enforcers, to bring about it’s downfall.

Every senator who votes this into law, is in reality committing the crime of treason against the nation and citizens of America and a heinous crime against all humanity, for which they can and should be tried and sentenced to life-imprisonment or death. Because together with torture and murder, this law puts in place the final element of the legal framework for the genocide of American citizens. “Legalized” Abduction, torture and murder, means that Satanic government is here. Therefore genocide is not far behind. No human being is obliged to obey the laws, of any odious regime.

WITH THE PASSING OF THIS LAW THE U.S GOVERNMENT HEREBY FORFEITS ALL AUTHORITY OVER THE CITIZENS AND STATES OF AMERICA. The passing of this law, will be looked back on as the day when the citizens and states of America became legally and morally free to fully oppose and ignore the authority of the government of the United States of America. Unless the ability to abduct American citizens is removed from this bill, the day that this bill is signed into law, will be the day when the rule of law ends in the United States.

Obama, you have been warned. When genuine (as opposed to odious) government is restored you will be tried in a court of law, along with the Senators who supported it, if this bill is allowed to pass, as it is. For it -along with the laws put in place by recent U.S governments – is treasonous and genocidal. Therefore, for all law makers who have supported abduction, torture and murder (thus creating the conditions for genocide) the day is not far away, when the sentence for your actions, will be life imprisonment or death.

You will not escape the restoration and elevation, of the legal basis of society, that is coming. In fact, your convictions and sentencing, will be the much needed proof, that civilization is restored. So don’t fool yourself that you will be walking away. The same applies to the previous administrations also. All odious rulers, Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Clintons and satanic politicians and bankers everywhere – your day in court is coming. You think you are protected by your corruption of the law, when in fact you are creating the conditions for it’s improvement that will leave you with no defense for your actions.

All odious politicians, bankers, bureaucrats, agents and executives will be sentenced and punished accordingly, when the time comes. You have been warned. Do not push the world over the edge.
Do not destroy the integrity & authority of the rule of law, if you want any chance of a reprieve.
The conditions of the French revolution are being re-created. You know what happened there !



Chupacabra-322's picture

"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men/women,
living together in society,
they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."

-Frederic Bastiat, (1801-1850)

CH1's picture

I can't disagree with you, but what % of the neutered populace will actually lift a finger against their oppressors?

After all, EVERY corp and media outlet will provide reasons to believe.'s picture

"Stand your ground. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here." -- Capt. John Parker

SheepDog-One's picture

Hey wheres you 'tarded son? Not commenting on the 'Santa Rally' he was so hyped up on last week? Why does he keep buying into sure thing rallys only to get burned each time?

kito's picture

robo is busy working his predictions for events that happened yesterday...........

Ratscam's picture

I miss Harry Wanger

fonestar's picture

I wonder if the latest Canada-US border deal where US LEAs are able to operate in Canada (under the supervision of the RCMP) is just so they can hunt down stragglers and those trying to flee?  In any case the CAD is done along with the USD, so anyone trying to run north is only going to be greeted by equally dire circumstance.

earleflorida's picture

i went to the social secuity office with my with wife today - she had to file for medicare [1st time/last time?] only - there were approx. 50 seats in the waiting room - outside was a migrant worker bus - inside there were 40 of the 50 seats occupied by mexicans

 *now, that's what i call homeland security?

James-Morrison's picture

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they detain you, then you rot in a regional FEMA camp.


Of course, if all Americas are detained, life in America wouldn't be that different than what it is like now.  The chains and fences would be just more visible.'s picture

Actor George Takei, who played "Sulu" in the classic TV series Star Trek, talks about his childhood experience in the "freest country in the world's" concentration camps during Banksters' War II.

Westcoastliberal's picture

We've never had this kind of bone-headed move before by CON-gress.  While I lean to the side that says our "elected representatives" are just doing the bidding of their masters (read: illuminati, mil/indust complex, etc), a nagging part of my brain is telling me that maybe they know of some imminent threat that would actually bring the "battle" here inside America and they're trying to get in front of that before it occurs.

Remember the arrest of Spc Millay, the MP stationed in AK?  Rumor had it that he made calls to family/friends to warn them TSHTF was about to occur and that's why the arrested him and charged him with espionage.  Apparently the NSA intercepted his calls and reported it to the FBI, who showed up to arrest him but the Air Force wouldn't let them take him.  This was around 11/5 or so, then the story went cold as a stone; no follow-ups.

I'm not the smartest one here but anyone else have any similar ponderings?'s picture

Government has always stolen more money and killed more people than private individuals ever could.

Citxmech's picture

If/when you think it's time to exercise that contingency - where is going to be any better?  The crap we're seeing, IMHO, is a clamping down in anticipation of global uprisings, riots, and revolution.  I agree, when it goes, it will go quickly - but I think it will go quickly everywhere.

LibertyIn2010's picture

Truly a sad day in our nation's history when the politicians who are bought and paid for by the global banks, Wall Street and the various multi-national corporations that make up the military-industrial complex are about to pass a law that potentially makes it a crime to express your dissatisfaction at the corruption and terror waged by the various groups mentioned above. 

SheepDog-One's picture

It signals the very end when the govt turns on the people as 'terrorists'.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Just spoke with my Congressman's office and he stated that the language pertainingto American citizens was taken out and that all posturing against this were using talking points and nohingmore.  LaTourette-Syndrom will be voting yes.  Cocktard, fuckstick, anal douche, bastard hole. cunt.

CH1's picture

They lie, they know they lie, and they don't care.

But... the sheep line up and endorse these pieces of shit every election.

redpill's picture

RIP Bill of Rights

kralizec's picture

Kill this abomination before it does the same to all of us!!!

prains's picture

Time to write a Bill of Fights