NATO Member Turkey Says Syrian Jet Take Down Is A Hostile Act

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Update: All 28 NATO Allies will meet Tuesday following Turkey's request under article 4 of the Washington Treaty

And so the escalation-cum-provocation-cum false flag is complete. There was a time when shooting down a foreign jet over one's territory was considered self-defense. But not when the one doing the defending is perpetual media bogeyman Syria, which "unnamed sources say" kills hundreds, nay thousands of its own people daily, usually in round, soundbitey numbers. Of course, the other side to the story is irrelevant: the Western-led media is never known to fabricate stories that suit the status quo's power and military industrial complex interests. All that is relevant is for the west, aka NATO, aka Hillary Clinton to get an angle to push for provocation. She just got it. As we suspected on Friday, there was much more than met the eye with the Syrian take down of a Turkey F-4 jet. Remember what we said on Friday: "The only question remains whether Syria's act was offensive or defensive. Naturally, its version is one of self-defense. Turkey obviously will claim it was in its right to be wherever the plane may be, and will say this was an act of provocation. Then NATO, read Hillary Clinton, will promptly step in, and make this a case in which Turkey was in its right and that Syria committed an act of aggression. From there, things will just escalate, and can potentially deteriorate to a far more troubling scale, because as we reminded earlier, Syria has recently become a major symbol for NATO vs the Russia-China axis." And sure enough, just out from CNN: "Turkey declares jet shoot-down a 'hostile' act."


Turkey officially considers the shooting down of one of its military fighter jets by Syria to be a hostile act, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said Sunday.


Turkey delivered the message in a diplomatic note to the Syrian consulate in Istanbul, calling the incident "a hostile movement," ministry spokesman Selcuk Unal told CNN.


Turkish search-and-rescue teams found the wreckage of the fighter jet in the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday, about 1,300 meters (4,260 feet) underwater, he said.


They have not reached the wreck yet, he added. There was no word about survivors of the two-man crew.


The incident raises the temperature between the two regional powers significantly.


Syria gave no warning before shooting down the F-4 Phantom jet which strayed into its territory, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Sunday in an appearance filled with tough talk against Syria.


He accused Syria of spreading "disinformation" about the incident.


"They have created the impression that Syria felt like it was an act of aggression and they shot it down. ... from our perspective that's not the case," Davutoglu told reporters.


The plane in the Friday incident was unarmed, not sending hostile signals, and identifiable as Turkish, he said.


"You have to first send a caution, a warning," he said in the first detailed Turkish statement on the international incident. "If the warning doesn't work, you scramble your planes, you send a stronger signal, you force the plane to land. There wasn't enough time to do any of that in the time that our plane was in Syrian airspace."


"We have to question how it is that an unarmed, solo flight got this response from the Syrians," he said.


He said the fighter jet was in international airspace when it was fired upon.


It had strayed into Syrian territory in a "short, unintentional violation," but was notified by the Turkish side that it had crossed the line, and returned to international airspace, Davutoglu said.

Next steps:

1. NATO issues formal complaint, with open-ended demands.

2. Russia, then China, respond in kind.

3. Geopolitical risk goes offerless.

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Global Hunter's picture

You'd better be prepared Hitllary, the people are awakening to your murderous antics...that goes for you too Obamba

Azannoth's picture

Un unarmend military figher(sic.) solo flight that just happens to cross the border for no perticular reason, happens all the time, no?

Global Hunter's picture

Syria Air Force jets flies over the US airspace all the time they come for the open skies and the warm welcome mat laid out by the USAF.

P.S. by Syrian Air Force I mean Central American migrant workers who come into US "airspace" on the ground on foot or in the back of a truck.

falak pema's picture

they don't carry bombs they carry free labour. Its yours to take or leave. You can always build factories in their home towns. Problem over. If the west invested in these third world economies instead of playing casino royal world wide in sterile derivative wanking to death plays, they could spot two birds with one stone.Develop the new markets, invest in local growth, its win-win all the way, but it ain't as instant sexy as derivatives. Right? ... we love a short bang in the dark going nowhere except to debt hell, than the hard walk to salvation. Saint Jacques de Compostelle and financial/economic  virtue. 

Paradigm change or die.

Global Hunter's picture

I do not disagree with you Falak.  My comment was pointing out the hypocrisy of "border controls" and mainly the west and NATO's crying out that their plane was shot down by a country they are openly fighting their airspace.  As for people from Central America we could learn a lot from them too, I was blown away in Mexico how many families I saw, multi-generational old grandparents, young children playing out for walks or picnics on the beach or parks or just out in the markets buying fresh produce and fish.  Didn't take a lot of imagination for me to see how that could be a good system for living...I'm crazy though.

malikai's picture

Yea, but do they have iPads, Snooki, internet porn?

Case closed.

Marginal Call's picture

Somebody wake me up the the Enterprise has been decommissioned to the bottom of the gulf. 

el Gallinazo's picture

When Captain Krk makes admiral?


I heard that she didn't even have any photon torpedoes when she left for the Gulf and her warp drive was crippled.

Colombian Gringo's picture

Here they come, the stinking Megaphoners. 


Instead of killing brown people, why doesn't America save the Trillions and help their own citizens. The US globalists have the money to destroy Iran but cut back funds on food stamps. Something is very wrong here.

citizen2084's picture

Would it be okay if America could afford both?

Pure Evil's picture

If Syria were to hand over its approximately 28 tonnes of gold, as a way of saying "We're sorry", would the shootdown of the F-4 be swept under the rug by NATO?

mick_richfield's picture

But with that other arab country we blew the place up and took the gold.

Isn't that preferable?

Nobel Peace-Making Prize!  You should hear how nice and quiet it is after the bombs stop falling.  And before the crows show up.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Turkey has already carried out numerous genocides in recent times.  Seems like Syrians are next in line.

Unless China-Russia give Turkey an emerald glass coating.

AldousHuxley's picture

Turkey is right wing capitalistic country with 3rd most billionares in Europe after Russia and Germany. More billionares than France, UK, Italy, Switzerland, etc.


they don't care about little people.

Tirpitz's picture

You can't call the ongoing murdering of the Kurds genocide. It is oil-related self-defense, nowadays.

The Third Man's picture

It's our boy-screwing goat herding overlords in Riyadh who are pushing to eliminate their back-slidden Alawite brothers.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Exactly!  Where are the leaders among these people?  Are there no Ghandis?  No one anywhere to guide these people into a peaceful existence?  Just war, fighting, hate, anger;  low-level vibration existence.  These people are genetically worthless.

AldousHuxley's picture

China and Russia know that Syria is the stepping stone to war with IRAN.


They already expressed displeasure on US colonizing Syria.


Nobel prizes are given for

Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and  Economics . Except one, all blacks' nobel prizes are in "peace" and in "literature" aka. subjective bullshitting and politically correct token award. In terms of contribution to human kind, they are pretty much worthless.

scientists say IQ is 75% genetic. And how many "blacks' are pure Africans versus mixed ancestry with whites?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AldousHuxley said:

Nobel prizes are given for

Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, Peace, and  Economics

The one in Economics isn't a genuine Nobel Prize®.

blunderdog's picture

Negroes built the Southern US states.

But I'm sure one could reasonably argue that nothing of any value has ever come out of any US territory south of the Mason-Dixon and east of the Mississippi.

nmewn's picture

"Negroes built the Southern US states."

lol...wait, you're serious?...negroes were not forced to build anything in the that your position?

All those powdered wig wearing English & Dutch cats up North didn't own slaves? Just as pure as the wind driven snow huh?

Massachusetts was the very first "slave state" BD.

"In the year 1755, a black slave named Mark Codman plotted to kill his abusive master. A God-fearing man, Codman had resolved to use poison, reasoning that if he could kill without shedding blood, it would be no sin. Arsenic in hand, he and two female slaves poisoned the tea and porridge of John Codman repeatedly. The plan worked — but like so many stories of slave rebellion, this one ended in brutal death for the slaves as well. After a trial by jury, Mark Codman was hanged, tarred, and then suspended in a metal gibbet on the main road to town, where his body remained for more than 20 years."

"It sounds like a classic account of Southern slavery. But Codman’s body didn’t hang in Savannah, Ga.; it hung in present-day Somerville, Mass."

If you're going to start picking open old scabs be ready to accept the fact you're gonna get some blood on you.

"Early 19th century New Englanders had real motives for forgetting their slave history, or, if they recalled it at all, for characterizing it as a brief period of mild servitude. This was partly a Puritan effort to absolve New England's ancestors of their guilt. The cleansing of history had a racist motive as well, denying blacks -- slave or free -- a legitimate place in New England history. But most importantly, the deliberate creation of a "mythology of a free New England" was a crucial event in the history of sectional conflict in America. The North, and New England in particular, sought to demonize the South through its institution of slavery; they did this in part by burying their own histories as slave-owners and slave-importers. At the same time, behind the potent rhetoric of Daniel Webster and others, they enshrined New England values as the essential ones of the Revolution, and the new nation. In so doing, they characterized Southern interests as purely sectional and selfish. In the rhetorical battle, New England backed the South right out of the American mainstream.

The attempt to force blame for all America's ills onto the South led the Northern leadership to extreme twists of logic. Abolitionist leaders in New England noted the "degraded" condition of the local black communities. Yet the common abolitionist explanation of this had nothing to do with northerners, black or white. Instead, they blamed it on the continuance of slavery in the South. "The toleration of slavery in the South," Garrison editorialized, "is the chief cause of the unfortunate situation of free colored persons in the North."[1]

"This argument, embraced almost universally by New England abolitionists, made good sense as part of a strategy to heap blame for everything wrong with American society on southern slavery, but it also had the advantage, to northern ears, of conveniently shifting accountability for a locally specific situation away from the indigenous institution from which it had evolved."[2]

You've been indoctrinated well...just remember, the St.Andrews cross never flew over a ship coming from Africa stuffed to the beams with slaves.

Thats on ya'lls heads, not ours.

Cortez the Killer's picture

20 years huh?

That's a hell of a deterrent

nmewn's picture

I get sick and tired of these US government schooled, spoon fed revisionist history buffs that pass off fiction for fact.

The truth is, without slave labor, there would be no "old money" in the North for them to play around with...and continually whine that someone else is not doing their fair share to put food in their faces...worthless fat fucks that they are.

I speak not of the common man here, they are just like me. But the "old money" class...the DeWolf's etc.

Without slavery (negroes) the docks of Manhatten back then would have had weeds growing through them and the shipbuilders of Rhode Island would have been dirt farmers.

And Boston, I always return to Boston...Peter Faneuil (endower of Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston) owned a slave plantation on what is now Haiti. The building was financed and built on the blood and labor of others...and it still stands.

The day Blunderdog (or any other self serving yankee mutt) deigns to stand before it and says...Boston, tear down this the day I will know the entire truth has been told.

Cruel Aid's picture

Right on!, I couldn't agree with you more on revisionism.

I worked with an Egyptian guy, before the internet, who had a radically different account on almost everything. America had accomplished nothing of importance.

How do you argue with a guy who is recalling his history books? You don't.

Just the truth please. 'Yes we can' handle it.

nmewn's picture

You saw what he did there didn't you?

Living in his bubble maybe, he's usually more considerate.

But this time he decided to whip up da "rednecks", create a little sectarian strife, promulgate a few Northern lies, assert a little dominance, get everyones eye off the ball perhaps...who knows what bones rattle around in peoples closets.

Reconstruction and the swarms of NYC bank cabal carpetbaggers unleashed afterwards was an attempt to pick the bones clean and bury the remains of local sovereignty and self determination out of sight forever behind the nanny estate failed.

For the same reason it always fails. Its impossible kill all the Indians.

There is always someone left who remembers and passes the truth down through time...for everyone...maybe even to him ;-)

Cruel Aid's picture

OK you said carpetbaggers. I just dealt with a 5 year carpetbagger (NY) real estate agent who thinks my state and city is booming because of all of the new high tech flooding in. I told him it is because of Oil. This is an Oil state first, therefore no state taxes, ergo, flood of carperbaggers. And I mean flood! He looked at me like I was nuts. I came back with a f***in idiot look, hurry up on this deal and move on.

Edit: He came here specifically because of the tax situation.

blunderdog's picture

You don't really think I'd care enough to read this, do you?  Your very first sentence is a complete mischaracterization of my post.  I said nothing about the Northern states, did I?

Are you one of them dumb Negroes?

obejoyful's picture

I think George Washington and the writer of the constitution Thomas Jefferson and the half of the founding fathers would disagree.   Without the south there would be not USA.

The second largest company in the world is in the south, Walmart.  Your nothern hero Abe lincon was a southner. 



blunderdog's picture

Yeah, Walmart.  Congratulations on that uh...accomplishment.

Jefferson didn't write the Constitution, dumbass.

barkingbill's picture

wow nothing like a bit of pure unadulterated racism. hitler would be proud...speaking of contributions to mankind. 

CompassionateFascist's picture

Whites - before the Jews tricked them into a self-destroying World War - created a World Civilization. Blacks and their Jew-masters do nothing but destroy.

Bunker Boy's picture

You are the epitomy of an ignorant, racist dipshit. Fucking unbelievable how ignorant someone could be. If there were a Oscar for the dumbest fucking person on earth, you would be a nominee and certainly the winner. So the Jews created Hitler, who subsequently butchered half of their population. Fucking brilliant logic, Mr. Compassionate.

Andy Lewis's picture

Watch out, folks.  Retardo's got a keyboard.

Vigilante's picture

Fuck Turkey.

I hope Russia nukes them.

lemonobrien's picture

well, turkey has always been a thorn in russia's side; since kennedy and blocking them from the mediteranian.

mjcOH1's picture

Well.....Turkey is a member of the NATO 'nuclear sharing' program with 40 or so B-61 thermonuclear  bombs sitting at the Incirlik Air Base designated for Turkish aircraft.   Mighty short hop from Incirlik to Moscow.

Cortez the Killer's picture

Id rather we bomb the people on food stamps

monad's picture

You barbarian! Just take out the foodstamp printers. In a public, grotesque manner that educates their replacements about their prospects.

Cathartes Aura's picture

go for it - enlist!  amrkn troops are already play-acting at war in the local neighbourhoods - get yerself a paycheck and go bag you some people made poor by the banking class - may be a medal in there for ya!

Questan1913's picture

Cathartes Aura,

"go for it - enlist! amrkn troops are already play-acting at war in the local neighbourhoods - get yerself a paycheck and go bag you some people made poor by the banking class - may be a medal in there for ya!"


You are addressing banking class psy-ops agents.

Jena's picture

There is always more than one audience at ZH, yes?'s picture


Id rather we bomb the people on food stamps


So you're suggesting a collectivist war on socialism? Brilliant! But what if I don't want to pay for all the ordnance you swipe on your tactical EBT?

Cortez the Killer's picture

collectivist nothing.

Id gladly pay my taxes for that kind of result.

GMadScientist's picture

But lifting a finger of your own, on the other hand...

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Cortez the Killer said:

Id rather we bomb the people on food stamps

My preference is that we bomb the welfare bums. So much welfare fraud could be eliminated by carpet bombing Wall Street, select other parts of Manhattan, and the Hamptons, that welfare expenditures for the rest of the country are but statistical noise in comparison.

On a side note, a snarky headline I'd like to see:

Secretary of State Clinton: Brazen, Unacceptable

ZeroAvatar's picture

Agreed.  Tomahawk missiles run, what, $1,000,000 apiece?  And they can't pay my social security?  WRONG!

fajensen's picture

Aieeeeee: Snooki, Porn -> my mind is flayed by such terrible visions!! 

falak pema's picture

the road to deperdition is paved wth good intentions, elmer gantry proclamations, of fighting the evil empire; and building its exact carbon copy at home over twenty odd years once that Berlin wall has fallen!

Who would have dreamt that the US having achieved its perceived world leader destination in 1989 would be heading to 2008 financial armageddon chimes. There is irony in the destiny of man! 

Randall Cabot's picture

Turkey sucked when the Muslims ruled it and it sucks even worse since the secret jews took over.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Erdogan and his buddies are kabalist?   Scoop!