Negligible Demand For Spanish Treasury Bills Leads To Plunge In Auction Bid To Cover From 7.62 To 2.47 In One Month

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And the 'markets' care not, only rumours not facts matter

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We wonder how long the idiotic market will go -- well, until the whole thingy collapses.

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'We wonder how long the idiotic market will go with rumors spread by former WSJ Moscow bureau correspondents, as opposed to facts spread by German ministers of finance.'

As long as is needed to keep the truth goblins away. The ostrich strategy is one of the more ingenious ways to replace actuality with a deranged fantasy...

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Yes, and people looking at the 'markets' would think all is rosy in the garden, all problems solved and the economies are booming again

BlackholeDivestment's picture's like somebody riding nakedshort wheelies on a Duck and hitting the next gear. lol

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In the Soviet Union, everything was all right also. Just like in Euroland.