"Le Snub" - New Cold War In Eurozone Confirmed: Sarkozy Gives Cameron The "Cold Shoulder"

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Last night, when headlines hit that it was the UK's "fault" for vetoing a joint dictatorial Fra-Ger "compromise" and in essence making the Eurozone summit a total failure (with a follow up summit scheduled for March), it became clear that a new cold war has broken out in Europe: between France (not so much Germany as Germany frankly does not want to bailout Europe if its has to pay for the bail out) and the UK. We now have official video confirmation that the latest conflict in Europe is between the countries just across the Chunnel. The video below of a diminutive Sarkozy giving David Cameron the proverbial cold shoulder (described in painful detail here) will achieve nothing but merely inflame further the animosity between the two countries: just what Europe can least afford right now.

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that is B A D. arrogant little shit.

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a pathetic little bridge troll.  something straight out of a Grimm fairy tale.  how his wife gets that done, i have no idea.

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This childish discourse is an accurate reflection of Europe’s lack of sound governance and fiscal union. European leaders need to GROW UP, overcome this political gridlock and work TOGETHER to craft decisive and bold fiscal policies. While these politicians play their childish games, many value investors are sitting on large sovereign debt exposures and are worried sick.

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I was told yesterday that the big deal that NO ONE is discussing is the likely exclusion of France from the reconstituted euro. This exclusion has scared the shit out of Sarkozy and, thus, he is doing all that he can to prevent it.

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That has to happen no matter what. It'll be clear after the downgrade and/or failure of one of the banks.

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Once again, fellow ZHers, it's all baked in the cake, in the late 1990's and early 2000's. There is NOTHING they can do. They are not physically or politically capabable of printing (not data entry, PRINTING) enough currency to patch over the problems because the paper regime is ending and confidence in plastic and acccount balance illusion is waning.

See this:


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france:  thumbs up

sarkozy:  thumbs down

england:  thumbs down

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Zeez eeez like a...how you say?....Waterlooooo...

....all over zegain!


Where is ze Nathan?

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I see nothing in this video that the text tells me im supposed to see.

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Good thing its a Friday!

Otherwise, ZH, for the sake of your reader's sanity, please don't ever quote a British tabloid newspaper. These guys are such poor journalists, not only are they the laughing stock in the UK and almost exclusively read for titillation, but they have come close to making themselves extinct from the quality of their "journalism"! (you've all heard of the Phone Hacking Scandals and such, I trust)

Frankly, you'd get more realism and more fun from quoting The Onion. :)

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The offficial story now is that Sarkozeee had already seen Cameron while using the adjacent urinal in the men's room prior, and out of respect, mutual admiration and sincerity, graciously shook dry Cameron's gentleman's sausage.

Hence, no need for a redundant handshake later on the floor.

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Sarkozy is the caricature of a clown.  He is a fake politician with an inflated impression of himself.  Further he thinks if he does the bidding of the banks and the globalists, that he will gain standing and power.  In the end, he will fail, because he does not truly understand what he is doing.  Sarkozy is a fake, plain and simple.

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Oh c'mon Durden, don't be childish posting such crap. They were shaking hands just 3 minutes before that. Its just dishonest to post this movie and alledge implications that DID NOT HAPPEN. What are you trying to achieve? I check about 60 different news sites every day. Please do not try to fool me like this, it does not work!

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"le snub" is the lead caption at drudge right now.

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16.09 Early this afternoon (13.24) we mentioned how The Daily Mail was reporting that Nicolas Sarkozy had snubbed David Cameron, apparently a response to the PM's veto of the EU treaty. We also reported slightly later (14.51) that this seemed to be untrue, as the pair had shaken hands just minutes before.


DURDEN, are you kidding?

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 He_Who Carried ... "Le Snub" is a French Specialty. Watch De Gaulle's speech after the liberation of Paris.  No mention whatsoever that Americans, British, and Canadians landed and did the heavy lifting at Normandy. Trolling is a French specialty; second only to licking the boots of their German masters.
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Only in this case it did not happen as Cameron was invited to the table but refused to join....
As The Telegraph reported this piece about Sarkozy snubbing Cameron was a fabrication by the Daily Mail. Enjoy the good company.... ;-)

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I agree with HWC.  This is silly.. It actually takes away from legit articles that possess a degree of sensationalism.. This article should be taken down..

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

I agree, this much diminishes the credibility of ZH - thereby reducing the fun-factor by about 10% at least!

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Cameron has Swung his Handbag

That's my favorite caption from the site

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Cameron the new Iron Lady? LOL

ze British Press is childish as usual, that's all. Oh, by Jingo!


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And the German and French press Ghordius ? "J'accuse"

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no worries, it will get much more efficient once they announce the new Euro-Area Emperor.   Then he, together with President of the Americas Obama, will finally hunt down emanuel goldstein and bring peace and prosperity to the world.

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No Fairy tail.  This is an actual troll.

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No, Vladimir Propp: he's like a male Babba Yaga.

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Guys, Gentlemen - the divide between continentals and islanders is not new, but rather two thousand years old.

With the collapse of UK Empire the front office of western imperialism was transferred to US - since whence, UK has sucked US dick - hence my term for this co-dependent S&M "partnership", THE USUKs.

The USUKs mutually support each others' currencies and neo-imperialist strategies and institutions: the bankster operative, globalist financialization schemes of rigging the entire world with derivatives of non-existing wealth, i.e. the US & UK fiat currencies printed out of thin-air and with absolutely nothing backing them - except of course their native taxpayers slavery as well as the slavery of China's working masses - and the USUK goony capo-regimes.

Since the USUKs islander-&-new-world, corporate-bankster-elite-controlled USUK-FASCIST-FIAT, was decimated by the rising corporate-bureaucrat controlled continental EU SEMI-SOCIALIST-FIAT - the USUKs deviced and executed a plan to rig continental EU with USUK garbage paper - you all know the story: The notorious GS Squid rigged Greece and German banks en masse - as well as pretty much everybody else in the entire world.

It is nice indeed, to own the world's biggest printing press: The US world Reserve Currency, backed by 300 Million submissive US-Tax-Slaves - and - an ungodly huge, tech-monster, impirial, militarist global slaughter-machine military - and - a "Trojan Horse" wrecking the EUR enemy from the inside, i.e. UK obstructing any continued and significant EU integration, which would bring truth and downfall upon the USUK ponzi-mafia-fascist-globalist scheme.

Alas, the USUKs now, today, have won a significant battle: The Blowhorn reports "No write-offs for investors in European assets", meaning the USUK FASCIST-FIAT model - a.k.a. the "Anglo-Saxon" model of fiat-leverage-derivatives-financialization and its trickle-up of all profits and assets to the 1/1000s of their populations and transfer of all loses without exception to the bottom 99.99% of their populations - HAS WON.

At least for now. Congratulations to all of you/those, who live vicariously, that is to say, you who take pride in "having" - or, more correctly, being owned by -  the worold's largest military, largest fraudster-scum institutions and largest mouths of consumption and braggery, and a die-hard S&M complex.

Today - You Won. Are you proud? Are you happy? Shh - stop talking about UK bank debt, alone, being 400% of UK GDP, noyt mention UK sovereign and private debt adds more than another 600% of GDP to the UK ponzi - and stop talking about how US public debt is 500% of US revenue - 

That's right - forget debt to GDP ratio - GDP is all fraud and financial services - debt to REVENUE is where the ruber hits the road - after all, revenue is all you have to pay down debt with.... oh wait, I forgot, you just issue more debt...!!! COOL!!!

THE ISLANDERS RULE THE DAY - THE CONTINENTALS, or rather their populations, LOST TODAY. Of course, the USUK populations lost long ago.


(quoting any terms and or content and analysis of my present commentary without crediting my alias: EUREKA @ ZeroHedge is plagiarism - after all, I am neither a socialist nor a fascist - I am an individualist, i.e. I believe in the right to individual property, including intellectual property, and individual losses). 

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Yo Eureka, you're concerned people might be "quoting any terms and or content" without attribution? Not to worry, won't happen.


Also, do you *really* think that the EZ somehow reaching agreement and printing to infinity -- or at least to orders of magnitude greater than the sum total of outstanding sovereign debt -- is somehow going to help things?


More than a bit delusional today...

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Petty narcissist shits, all of them. 

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That moment pretty much sums up all that has been done so far to "fix" the situation. Its all about politics and power, I would guess that not one leader in that room has actually read the financials, as they would need to put the paper inbetween themselves and the mirror they are looking.

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Le Snub for Le Snub. Same thing for what's-her-nuts.

Good on ya Cameron.

Tell 'em to piss off.



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Scumbag Sarkozy took money from Gadaffi for his presidential election and now he has got Gadaffi blood all over his hand. I remember he used to embrace and kiss Gadaffi so passionately when the dictator last visited Paris. What proof do you need to call out a real low life?

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Excellent commentary from Jim Rogers on which industries in China will have a hard landing (Real Estate) and which are poised for growth (water treatment, agriculture, etc). Worth watching. http://djia.tv/jim-rogers/jim-rogers-the-street-com-06-dec-2011/

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Dont they use silver in water treatment systems?

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Midget with no manners. And they call him a leader? Uh huh...

eurusdog's picture

Sakozy, to himself "fuck you UK bastard"

Cameron "This shit is ooonnnnnnnnnn!"

Why further anger one of the guys that can veto and hold the whole thing up? Just further proof this isn't going to work.

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Napolean to reassemble troops at Waterloo? Wellington to form a pact with Prussians?

Haven't we seen this movie?

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They bailed out the frogs in 1914 and 1939 and Sarko is pissed becasue they won´t do it again? Show some friggin "le gratitude", Nicky...

Ratscam's picture

hm, that was just before the war.
Hope this is no harbinger

Kayman's picture

La France expects you to be grateful, for them letting you save their asses.  You obviously have limited experience sur la France.

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lol, did i seriously just wake up to german markets being up 2% overnight?  

am i in the fucking twilight zone?

Dick Darlington's picture

Yes You are, welcome to the zEuro is dead zone, we like to party!

Theta_Burn's picture

No, your in the "Euro Zone"

Hope the sequel isn't as disappointing....

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Did I hear Sarko say "putain"? Little frog.