New Independent Research: Gold Is Crucial Diversification - Hedge Against Monetary and Systemic Risk

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Gold, bitchez...

though I'm liking Pt as a convergence trade, Pd if you like to think further outside the box (both are far rarer than gold)

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Sounds good. I'll tell you what'll really make you rich though...silver!

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You got that right Maxi, but sort of.

I think when the revaluation scenario is at hand (almost there), rich...poor....perhaps meaningless words.

There will be survivors and there will be Thrivers.

Thrive or Die, how about that for a motto?



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This is a prettty good place to insert my question. This morning a friend emailed that he has decided to start buying gold and wanted my advice on what form and the best place to buy it. I realized I didn't know. Silver is all I have. Physical stored at home is most likely although futures delivered and held somewhere else are possible. So what are your favorites, collectable coins, newer coins, bullion, mail order, brick and mortar store (in the Bay Area). I'm embarassed I've been on ZH as long as I have and I couldn't spout the answer off the top of my head.

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DeadFred...For any person new to the physical metals...The best advice is to get as much as you can with as little money as possible...Buy Krugs (1 oz)...and buy 1 oz. silver rounds...You can't do much better...Some people like junk silver...But buying Eagles or Maple's carry a high premium...

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@ DeadFred,

I have bought almost all of my gold in 1 oz American Gold Eagles.  All of those Eagles have been from various coinshops as I have moved around through the decades.  Eagles command a bit higher premium, but I like them because they are a bit more durable, stack nicely in those US Mint tubes and are easily recognized here in the USA.

Re the coin shops, look to buy either from the biggest one in your city or the oldest one.  Pay cash and don´t buy a whole lot at once if you want a minimal trail left behind you.  An ounce here and an ounce there, every week, will build a decent sized stack before long.   And you build a relationship with the coin shop, may come in handy someday.

Store it close at hand, and be creative!  Once I saw someone suggest storing it in the frozen spaghetti sauce in the freezer...

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Frozen spaghetti sauce in the freezer!!!  Awesome...........

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pawn shop...chains and rings, 14k minimum, preferably 18k.

If he wants bullion, any major coin from any major dealer.  CNI is probably a favorite.  22kt coins are scratchproof.  24kt aren't.  May pose a problem unloading Leafs as a LOT of dealers are discounting them for damage and some won't even deal with them anymore bc ppl they tried to sell them to complained that THIS IS DINGED UP.  And so they have issues moving inventory via mail order and just don't want the hassle.  Find whoever has the lowest spread

fiddler_on_the_roof's picture

Platinum will go down priced in Gold. Platinums's rarity or usefulness is not going to help it compared to useless Gold.

Anyone short Platinum and long Gold will make money in my opinion.

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this may be true but would be contrary to most of history.  The GPR is a bit overbought right now

fiddler_on_the_roof's picture

We are making history.
One more contrarian play - buy Italian bonds

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Repatriating Venzuela's gold might be the smartest and best thing Chavez ever did for the country.

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@ trav,

I too like some Pt and Pd in my PM holdings.  Both are for optimists, in that they get used more as the world economy grows.

And it´s diversification, a concept of great importantance to me.

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Pt and Pd from my perspective are just flat fucking rare as hell, maybe 4-5% of gold's production and the russian stockpiles that buttressed world supply are nearly depleted.  There is ONE major Pt producing mine on the planet and only a couple of secondary ones.

Platinum cards, platinum this and that (just like phrases like "gold standard") speak to platinum's historically higher price than gold's.  From purely objective terms either Pt and Pd are way underpriced or gold is overpriced.

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Trav...The PGM's are good for a trade...A little tough to get coin shop boys to give top $ though...But then again...In 2005 Pt was double Au so maybe a 15-20/1 Au/Pt?

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yeah, spreads suck on Pt.  But ask yourself if the doomers are correct, are they going to seize this?

Pt is so astoundingly rare compared to gold that such a move would be utterly pointless.  Risk/reward.

Go out and bing annual Pt production and compare to gold.  Compare the proverbial all ever mined cubes.  Pt is a 19' cube.  You can visualize this by looking at a 2 story 20' townhouse, and just mentally chop off half its depth.  This is a ridiculously small amount

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Days like today aren't that fun. Stocks down and gold up makes the comments section not as animated.

I like it financially, just not from an American craving entertainment standpoint.


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Not as animated?

Just wait.

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He's waiting for the fireworks and groupactivities in the street ;)


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New Independent Research tells us something we've all known for four years, awesome

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LONG: PMs, canned food, bottled water, antibiotics, weapons & ammo.

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My biggest shortfall in my preps is the medical situation.  How can you get antibiotics without a prescription?  I have tons of meds I'd like to get....but can't.

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Research Hydrogen Peroxide.

You'll be set for life.

And spread the word. Google Healing with H2O2.

Good luck.


GubbermintWorker's picture supply stores. There are antibiotics available for pets that can be used by humans.  Here's an antibiotic for fish that is a popular human antibiotic....cephalexin. Made in convenient 500mg caps too!

DosZap's picture


Had a young Doberman that had a hell om a rash, would lose his hair,and when I took him to the vet,Cephalexin was what was prescribed.

A couple of years later, I got sick, or one of the fam, and got a Scrip...........same shit, 10x's the price.

sskid's picture

You can get antibiotics without a prescription on line.


google it

tion's picture

Colloidal silver as an antibiotic ftw.  Bentonite clay and activated charcoal are also very handy to have around.  All of these can be used in various ways, both topically and internally.  Please consider learning more about them. Don't use silver in conjunction with the bentonite though, as the clay will just adsorb the silver.  Charcoal may not taste great, but it certainly helps get a bad hangover under control :)  IMO everyone should have activated charcoal on hand, just in case little Johnny gets into the cleaning chemicals and thinks that green juice looks tasty, or dear Charlie is 'winning' a bit too much at your next bash and ends up with a bad case of alcohol poisoning, or your wife Jane catches you in bed with the pool boy and swallows a couple bottles of pills...etc.


And as far as emergency medical care goes, it used to be back in the day that if you were at battle and encountered an injured soldier who was down and out, you peed on his wounds.  Not out of disrespect, but rather because urine is very effective at helping wounds heal, even gangrene - this was once common knowledge.  This may warrant down arrows from the closed minded, but those who take survival seriously should consider doing some research on urine therapy and it's uses, especially if you live in a disaster-prone area.    

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Not out of disrespect, but rather because urine is very effective at helping wounds heal, even gangrene - this was once common knowledge.

Well, it certainly seems to be common knowledge among all the banksters, at least --- I feel like I've been pissed on by them for years now.  But I don't think respect, or wound-healing, had much to do with it.

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Use colloidal silver can make it yourself.

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This is New cutting edge Research? For once in my life I feel ahead of the curve.
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Imagine what would happen to the price if more than 1% of the sheeple were invested in gold!  Get it while you can.  And don't forget silver which will be hard to find when the price takes, found a cool new silver price site called  It will save me some money on my next order.

Very long ammo as well, just in case shtf.

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What Iriestx said. Short everything else cuz it's comin' down.

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NEWSFLASH - "The Beatles" broke up.



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Ya think? Only for the last 5,000 years or so.

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Gold also means you have to have a siege mentality. Build the walls high,place the drums of hot oil at the tops of the walls and cup your balls. God help you if you have to bug out ASAP, the relic can slow you down when faced with a dynamic front. ie. doesn't travel well.

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Gold means you aren't stupid enough to believe paper currency, whose ultimate demand is derived from debt payments that will never be made due to defaults, is going to ever trump real money.  People that hold gold are not winning.  Everyone else is losing. 

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That's why they have gold coin.  Portability.  You don't have to create Fort Knox, unless you prefer to keep lots of gold bars. 

Coins are easily concealed.

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God help you if you have to bug out ASAP, the relic can slow you down when faced with a dynamic front. ie. doesn't travel well.

Yeah, if you need help carrying out 3-5#'s of Au, you indeed need help.You got a lot more n that, you should already be SOMEHWERE ELSE.


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someone go tell bythe and jpm to take their foot off the brake already...........gads.....

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Eventually, the break releases on its own, and then extends 6 feet into the drivers seating area.

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Gold Bitchez!

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goldcore strikes again!

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

So why is gold getting "bitch slapped" daily...? And anyone who says gold is in a bubble is full on fucktard. Do Central banks buy gold when it is in a bubble? And Kitcos gold lease rates chart shows the clear desperation for to get the bullion banks to lease gold for negative rates,like (Negative) -0.5679 % the fuckers just lease it and keep rolling the lease over.

Who the fuck leases gold? And for negative rates...WTF...?

Besides jewelers possibly a bit and Gold miners that need to meet demands of gold that  they sold,that  they did not have yet.(forward sales) i think thats called.

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While I agree with the importance of Gold as a hedge against disaster, it is also important to consider that when that disaster comes, its going to be liquidation time.  And Gold will get sold off along with everything else.  Sure it will come back, but its going to be a big hit first.

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Provide any historical evidence that has ever happened in any crisis.  You need to turn off the TV.  It simply doesn't happen that way.  It didn't happen in the thirties.  It didn't happen 2008-2011.  It never happened during any war.  And it sure never happened during any sovereign currency/debt collapse.  Gold is what people sell their other garbage off to get into.