The New Jersey Jobs Neutron Bomb

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And the payroll propaganda was going so well until... New Jersey happened. As the chart below shows, in the month of July the state, arguably the Tristate area's most employer friendly, saw a sequential drop of 12,000 jobs, which was the largest one month drop since June 2009. Outlier? Or the harbinger of things to come at the national level? We will likely not now for sure until after the presidential election at which point the endless data fudging and manipulation finally ends.

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We will likely not now for sure until after the presidential election at which point the endless data fudging and manipulation finally ends.

Not likely, but it is nice to see that one can still dream.

Jersey needs some of Galvin's Magic...

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I hear if you take a whole bottle of it, you get green sharts.

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We don't have any jobs but we created or saved 5 million of them yesterday....where were you?


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The loss of jobs is more of that Christy magic.

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That's a pretty useful template for an article lead:

"[Insert whatever] was going so well until...New Jersey happened."

So many option, so little time.

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@Hedgeless - Best one yet!  I bet it makes burgers and steaks smell & take like bullshit, too.

mmmmm!  BBQ bullshit.

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"until after the presidential election at which point the endless data fudging and manipulation finally ends"

What makes you think that this practice will end after the election lol?

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I was going to say that it would depend on who wins, but I'm not so sure that's tru anymore...

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Yeah - NJ needs Corzine to come back.  NJ is a liberal hell hole and no one would want to live there.  It has become and is becoming quite islamic as well.  Tthank liberalism. 

Christy is a RINO and a huge Springsteen fan which means he has an infantile mind.  He is light years better than Corzine.

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Akkk, dont' spin  that stuff, please.  Liberal, conservative, whatever label you put on a crook... they're still a crook.  THE problem:   indistry was packed up and moved out of the state decades ago, leaving fewer and fewer taxpayers to pickup the tabs for school, police, fire, etc.    If you read history, and skip the propaganda (and unfortunately 99.999% of mainstream news is propaganda and crappy propaganda at that), then you'll get someplace.   

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Economic data continue to show ups and downs. It is normal in times of crisis in which the government tries to "fix" the situation. There are reasons to be optimistic, but there is not sufficient reason to be too pessimistic. My vision of trader leads me to not get ahead of reality but if actur on it. If the market goes up or down, there are always opportunities.

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AKA "Ben's Homemade Keynesian Aphrodisiac".

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Tastes just like bath salts.  Hmmmm....

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looks like somebody got the +/- sign backwards. Easy fix, just multiply by -1.

call it "Algebraically adjusted".

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Welcome to the recovery!

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I luv the smell of recovery in the morning....smells a tad bit like napalm.


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remember that garbage waste index?  

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Why would the propaganda end with the "election" of another banker/financial house puppet (Romney or Obama)?


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Ironically, suggesting that the propaganda is Obama-centric or party-centric is itself part of the propaganda.

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I vote for the Wall Street Party. Hence, my party always wins.

LawsofPhysics's picture

That is exactly what I am saying, thanks for agreeing.

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Wrong again Randy. It's suggesting that in recent times, election year data is notoriously more fudged, more so than regular data. No partisanship or other dialectical fantasy explanations needed, thank you. The real propaganda is the massaged data itself.

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I agree the data tends to be more fudged during the election cycle, but to me the broader point is that the two party system itself is the Big Lie and the most damaging propaganda.  Most people believe they are making a choice in November.  It people realized it was a flase choice between two candidates who serve the same masters, the slant on employment numbers would be inconsequential in the scheme of things. 

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Still up compared to 2008! Bullish!

And in other news, South Korea 30 biggest businesses are in emergency operation mode because of the state of the economy, which they say is as bad or even worse than in 2008...  so bullish... or something.

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Better wake Momo up and tell him the S&P is RED. He and his PPT need to get some cafe and go to work.

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Quick, get Corzine back!!!

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waiting for the spin-- daily humor--

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We are keenly aware of the precarious grip that equities hold on this rally. Yesterday's key reversal in the Dow futures has triggered a Commitment of Traders sell signal.

You can see the annotated chart here.

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The stock markets discounting mechanisim seems to be broken.

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Paging Governor Christie...  paging governor christie...

Fat robber barons, bitchez...

LetThemEatRand's picture

I heard he's going to blame Bush.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Well, at least that would be something different from his blaming obama.  Left... right... left ... right...  stupid sheep.

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"Paging Governor Christie...  paging governor christie...

Fat robber barons, bitchez..."

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...... Forever .... and beyond.  Forward comrades.

Please report for duty to your local Valerie Jarrett Council.  Photo ID required for confidentiality purposes.  The news media will be invited in at end of council meeting with pre-scripted questions

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NJ is a Democrat felching state.  They love their 2008 Muslim.

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Everything is proceeding as planned. The fact that we are not privy to the plan is part of the plan.

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Yup expect really bad data rolling post elections.

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The MSM will say... so what, it's only NJ, the hell hole of America!

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NJ is another Democrat anus state.  It is becoming very much a third world sh*thole with lots of muslims like their dear leader.   Fat Christy needs to stop going to see that loser the "Boss" in concert.  Springsteen is a libard pile of shit like NJ.  Christy needs to go to a gym or weight loss place versus wolfing down a pizza listening to Springsteen's crap.

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See what happens when you put the GOP in charge ;)

ReactionToClosedMinds's picture

were you a former Corzine employee taking the 5th?

lizzy36's picture

Why, yes how ever did you guess?

I am guessing the wink from my sarcastic comment gave me away.

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Snooki is pregnant and looking for the father?

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So..., she backed her ass into a buzz saw, and now she's trying to say which tooth bit her?????

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+1, still laughing, now that is funny!

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No, but she DID get a little behind in her work.